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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • Evah.Linear

    What are your insomnia remedies?

    I tried exercise but still I can sleep and it makes me more tired at the end of the day. Has anyone tried microcirculation therapy? Does it help?
  • staygrateful

    finally finding out I'm not alone

    I'm 26 and I've been suffering from insomnia and gradually panic attacks and prescriptions for 6/7 years now. I always had a bit of anxiety as a kid but it hit me like a ton of bricks my sophmore year of college when I suddenly got motivated in school and my roommat would come in at 3am each day. Then my doctor threw some ambien at me, who was an uneducated very young adult at the time, and...
  • almostvisable_1988

    why am i still awake

    hell im new to this but it feels right. i have been suffering from insomnia for so long it seems like its just how i was. i started noticing it was something wrong after i had my 2nd child, it seem whenever i am really stressed out i cannot sleep but its funny i dont care for sleep at all but i know its not healty to not get sleep but my body dont crave sleep until i have been awake for atleast a...
  • kayxx

    I feel like this is destroying me

    ive had insomnia for a month now.   Some nights no sleep atal and when I've took a sleeping pill it only sometimes works.   Maximum 6 hours is when it has worked.   I don't want to get addicted to them I'm just so scared and anxious about everything I don't know what to do anymore 
  • DailyStruggle1979


    Does anyone know if rehab facililities help someone get off of ambien? I know that sounds like a crazy question since there are much worse prescription drugs that people are on and need help with but i dont know what to do as far as my sleep. Ambien works for the most part but not alone. It is in addition to melatonin and zquil and sometimes two ambien if i have a lot of stress like last night...
  • BrianBalance

    I Cured My Insomnia 3 weeks ago, maybe you can too

    See if this sounds familiar.  My sleep has been bad as long as I can remember. Some of the things that happen to me are: getting tired at random times during the day like 3pm, wanting to go to bed at 6:00, and then not being tired anymore at bedtime. At bedtime, I watch the clock and seemingly fall asleep right before the alarm goes off. Oh, and if you wake me up right after I get to sleep, just...
  • Talos4

    No sleep

    It's now 1am Friday.  Been awake since 7am Monday morning.  Taking prednisone for ulcerative colitis and wham here comes the insomnia.  Truly an experience I'd like to forget.  Been going to work everyday coming home exhausted but no sleep in sight.  Wide awake nightmare.  I don't no what to do.  Any advice would be much appreciated. 
  • TillAllAreOne3

    Unable to sleep

    It is very hard for me to go to sleep right a way so I mainly stay up reading my books. 
  • Rickyd


    Unable to sleep, was on Ambien. Short period. Now on 2mg lunesta. Plus I take 16mg of trizanidine.  No sleep. 1;30 am
  • Sun5

    Any sleep aids that don't affect seraton?

    I am wondering if there are any OTCs for sleep that don't affect seratonin.  5-htp has helped me a bit, but sometimes it is not quite enough, but since 5-htp affects seratonin levels I worry about taking anything else the same night because I don't want to get seratonin syndrome.  Any ideas?
  • Lonewolf363

    another hour another day

    Wide awake since sunday
  • Lonewolf363

    Sunday monday tuesday what day is it

    Too tired  to form coherent words but im onna try. i lie in a business my rents alwasy time and im their 25th year tennent and they tell me im the best ever. But my heat broke too hot broke out my skin disease called  follicilitous and been waking dripping in sweat  everday I knocked and asked when I dont ask them for shit. I am pissed off i began here at 500 a month now wtf caused ot to raise...
  • BlackSheepFullbuster90

    Sleep Deprived

    Is it normal to not get sleep from being TOO stressed out?
  • Angelamarie111

    Seroquel for sleep....Worth the side effects?

    HI all, I've had sleep issues for 30 years and nothing has ever worked except Seroquel. However, the side effects for me are weight gain, depression and general lethargy. So, Im beginning to wonder if I would just be better off getting sleep just once or twice a week rather than being a lazy zombie. Any thoughts, experiences?
  • DailyStruggle1979

    Sleep medicine addiction

    does anyone feel they have been on medicine so long that they don't know if it's insomnia or addiction? Anyone have sleep medicine rehab?