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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • mlr0853

    Have you tried?

    I no longer use sleep medications..took me time to intergrate the below routine...give yourself 30 days to create a new habit.No Electronics at all 1hr before bed. I have a set routine for night...put out cloths for the next day...pj's, listen to at least a3o minute sleep/anxiety removal meditation on utube..or any calming music, shut down computer, read a book for an hour, then bed at the same...
  • Fly304

    Running out of options

    Ive been on a lot of sleep aids and havent found a solution yet. Now im at a critical point where im only getting a few hours of interrupted sleep. Currently on ambien er. Sleep studies, done a couple, never turned up anything. This is making my depression crazy and am afraid of self medicating. Im eating right, exercising, going to therapy...i feel like im going crazy with anxiety and dont...
  • pam640

    Please Help My Friend--No Sleep Almost a Month

    He has not been able to sleep in three weeks.  Medications are not helping.  Can someone please give some help?Also, does anyone know of a really good online CBT program?   There used to be one at but it is not there anymore.Thank-you so much for anything at all you can do to help my friend.
  • Jennifer2233137

    No support!I don't know where to turn?

    Please if anyone can give words of wisdom , any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!  Sleeping during the day for the most part as I have this dreaded insomnia during the night!  I live with my mother, I also suffer from depression but she thinks I am just plain lazy with no back bone!  I have no where else to go and she is coming to the end of her rope!  She wants me to leave!  I do...
  • betcrow1


    I need an insomniac friend, someone that I could talk to in the middle of the night.  Need friends!
  • muskrattiger

    hi I am new to the group

    I was woundering if anyone knowes ..if there is a group ware you can talk at night when you can't sleep in here .......i have had insomnea most of my life ..but it has gotten worse in the last cupple of years .....I dident sleep for a month straight and finaly had to do somthing so I went on sleeping pills the first time ...not happy about it ..but now I am cut do went to half a sleeping pill and...
  • DailyStruggle1979


    has anyone weaned themselves off ambien or tried cold turkey? Since Sunday I have been working on 2-4 hours of broken sleep a night with ambien in addition to melatonin and zquil. I have even tried drinking on top of it and can't sleep more than that. I am physically and mentally exhausted. I have a toddler so I can't be like a useless zombie. I feel I am addicted and have a tolerance to it. I am...
  • DailyStruggle1979


    would love to email people who understand steph@rlilly.comthanks 
  • Melatonin-Momma

    Have you ever tried Melatonin Sleeping Strips ?

    I found them recently .. little bitty strips of melatonin.. all natural.. and it puts me to sleep so good.They are on ebay I am soooo grateful to have found them!INSOMNIA BE GONE!! 
  • Evah.Linear

    What are your insomnia remedies?

    I tried exercise but still I can sleep and it makes me more tired at the end of the day. Has anyone tried microcirculation therapy? Does it help?
  • misleadingsmile

    Let's all celebrate!

  • Vocklobster

    Insomnia is ruining my life

    I've struggled with sleep problems since I was a kid, but this? This is new since last year. The constant fear of bedtime, knowing I'm just going to fail when I lie down.And the agonizing, lonely hours spent in bed or on the couch while everyone else in the whole goddamn WORLD it seems is asleep but you. Just waiting for the clock to tick to a reasonable hour so you can....get up? Be productive?...
  • alianazli

    I'm severely anxious and cannot sleep

    Neuro had me on 20mg Prednisone but my symptoms flared up and had to stop it. I now take 10mg and its been 7 months since I have been taking 10mg prednisone. My neuro then started my Imuran I take 2 and a half pill daily in the morning and its been 6 months. But my symptoms are not under control. I can walk and talk but don't feel much strenght like I had before the disease. I am severely...
  • mtfuji

    Any suggestions for natural aids

    I've tried Somnapure and Alteril and Valarian Root with no success. Has anyone tried another natural sleep aid that has helped them (if all others failed)?
  • Vocklobster

    Use of Stimulants (e.g. Adderall)

    Does anyone else used their (legally prescribed) stimulants after an insomniac night? I find it often works for me if I take it at just the right time. Backfires, though, when these extended release drugs fail to leave your system and keep you up another night...still, any other experiences?