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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • Edgar_2

    To those who say they sleep for 2,3,4 hrs a day...

    Does that include daytime naps?I've never been able to nap and the older I get the bigger the toll it takes on me...I sleep somewhere between 5-7 hrs a night, occasionaly even 8, excluding the rough patches of less sleep that come and go.When I sleep for 5 hours or less, like last night, I am pretty much useless the next day. I am worn out, walking like a zombie, hardly able to focus on anything...
  • missdoglady

    Can't sleep per usual

    My sleeping schedule is fucked up again. I can't sleep until around 2 or 3 am. I guess that's some sort of progress...since I couldn't sleep until 6 30 am all of last week. I have no clue how to fix it. I try my best to stay up during the day, but I end up knocking out for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. ughhhh. In other news, I've been obsessed with watching paranormal and alien series on Netflix....
  • jek1862

    "STINGING" Sensations While Trying To Fall Asleep

    I am experiencing something that is extremely annoying while trying to fall asleep, and frankly, I am quite worried about it as well.  For the last 3 months or so, as I am trying to fall asleep, I start to experience what I can best describe are "stinging" sensations that last about a second or two.  They typically begin about 15-20 minutes after I turn out the light and my head hits the...
  • muskrattiger

    good morning ....

    I have been up for about three hours ..maby a little longer ...I tryed reading ..dident work ....I even had a hole sleeping pill still no sleep ...I found yesterday very stresful and it schouldent of been stresful my h drove me every ware ..we took my father to a doctors apointment than went out to supper ..I went to a drumming circle I had a hard time keeping my self together .....but made it...
  • Derek7

    WHY can't I fall asleep?

    What can I Do? I been thinking positive and trying to change my mindse. And not dwell on sleep even tho I feel tired as sh*t. What the hell!?! I feel like I'm sick today but I'm just tired. Ima take Tylenol PM tonight to fall asleep. Why do I need something in order to fall asleep tho? I don't want to keep taking pills or sleeping aid to fall asleep but I feel like that what I might have to do...
  • deleted_user

    milk of magnesia for sleep

    I have been sleeping like a log for the last 6 days. I usually suffer from the usual insomnia and have tried every thing known for insomnia that has been mentioned on this forum.What is causing me to sleep soundly for 6 days?The only change is that I have been taking about 1 teaspoon or less of milk of magnesia before I go to bed.....I am taking it to coat my stomach which gets irritated by the...
  • Have you been strughling to get a good nights sleep for a while? Have you tried lots of supplements and not sure what to do next? Save Money: Good Health are looking for people with sleeping problems in the South East England area to take part in the show testing some of th lates sleeping aides. If you would like to explore new ways to tackle your sleeping prblems and cut the cost down on how...
  • Derek7

    Going to the doctors for sleeping pills

    I'm nervous about going to the doctors since I know they will prescribe pills and they can be addicting for the rest of my life and don't want that. But I'm getting to the point where I don't care anymore and just want to sleep. The good news is I been sleeping 4 nights in a row. 2 good night's  of 6+ hours of sleep and 2 bad nights of 2 - 3 hours of sleep. In a way I think of it as a positive...
  • gdp86

    Can't sleep on my own bed

    Hi All, I'm very new to this group. I've seen people helping each other. This insomnia forum came across as a hope and light in my life. I've been suffering from chronic insmonia from 1.5 years. Initially, it started off as a very nomal sleepless night, which eventually turned chronic. I made it worse myself by thinking about it and getting anxious about being sleepless. With a lot of self...
  • LAwoman

    Relapse from sleep restriction

    Trying so hard to get my sleep under control without drugs but it's really hard. I had about 2-good weeks with cbt then stayed in a hotel, could not sleep, then relapsed. now I'm back to square one and hate it! Starting my sleep restriction therapy again. I took xanax, trazadone, seroquil, ativan, mirtazapane, lunesta, and ambien, most of them I only took briefly because I didn't like the way...
  • Jeanine

    A lifetime of suffering BETTER now.

    Read The Effortless Sleep Method. I got it on Amazon. I can't believe that after all this time, and so very many years on meds and trying everything, I found something that is helping me. The book is great. It's simple. It's smart. It's EASY. I'm going to do Shuti online too. It's cheaper than my co pays for in person CBT. I'm a medical social worker and I believe that the online CBT will be as...
  • cheech1992

    Please help!-Can't fall asleep-Any meds that work?

    I've had insomnia since I was a child. I have worked with therapists (and still do), tried meditation, white noise, neural beats, support groups, not eating /drinking after a certain time and a long list of medications. The challenge is I'm in recovery from pain meds and have to be very carefullMy physician is helping and managing closely. We've tried the hypnotics (ambien) and I have binged and...
  • Sleepless_in_UK

    My Story, I Hope to Help

    Hello all,I wanted to share my story on this forum in the hope that my experiences can be of benefit to others who strugle with their sleep and also, I won't lie, for my own benefit in trying to deal with my current struggle.I have chronic, debilitating insomnia and have had for approximately 3 years. What started with a difficult period in my career and personal life developed into a problem...
  • also104

    been awake for 2 straight weeks now

    Hi. The truth is I've been struggling for a month now.. the first 2 weeks was quite manageable. I was able to sleep for to 2 to 3 hours.. and quite frankly,  I was okay with that. I've been drinking every night to ease this out but then lately my booze is not working out. It all started after I moved to a different place to study... currently living alone. I don't know... maybe I'm not just used...
  • possible

    Chronic Insomnia, Relaspe

    Hi, I've had insomnia for a majority of my life now, currently 22. I had numerous episodes like many of you where it was almost unbearable. I've recently relased again without any warning and am now currenlty 3 days without sleep. Usually when i relaspe it's my anxiety overreacting, which i do believ its affecting it but this feels alot more physical as i wake up every hour or so and only manage...