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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • Ash1007

    Overcoming Insomnia & Ambien

    I've been reading the posts on this board for the last few months and they have really helped encourage me & prove to me that I'm not alone in this. So thank you everyone for sharing your experiences here :) Now I figured I should share mine.After 7 years of taking Ambien every night, I finally quit and am finally sleeping again.  It took me a longgg time to get here but it is possible! Last...
  • becca11

    I need some people who can relate...

    I'm having a really rough day today, and it's hard to find people who can relate to the suffering that insomnia brings. I'm hoping some people on here can empathize with what I'm going through. It's been 15 months of severe insomnia for me--it started a full night I just didn't sleep. Then the next night too. And so on... I either can't fall asleep or I'm waking up constantly, or I wake up in the...
  • christinamarchi

    Will I ever sleep without prescription meds?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on here and am a little unsure of how this works. So I'm just going to go for it, I have been struggling with insomnia for almost 2 years now. Have been on ambien to help cope with it. I have tried everything: yoga, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture, lavender oil, sleep stories/music, sleep routine, EVERYTHING. I'm starting to feel helpless...
  • mickeymeow

    A Test......

    Try this this android app at "Highway" 2.disable all others sounds3.adjust the vol up to the point that you can't hear other play and count up to 300would you feel sleepy and fall asleep within 300 counts ?I think the "buzzing" sound will put you to sleep , it's impossible to fight it .try it and let me know your result .
  • ThatOne

    Me, right now

    It doesn't happen often and I used to think it was just the caffeine but now it is happening again that I can't sleep because my mind is just too active and I'm just trying to steer it away from all the potential horrible thoughts I could have right now like repeating traumatic situations in my head over and over and concluding that the world is a bad place overall. I just try to do something now...
  • Aussie1982

    I can fall asleep but wake around 2am most morning

    Im just at the end of my tether all i want to go back 3 months and go to bed at 11pm and wake around 7am but this just isnt happening.Its impacting my daily life and especially my Bipolar! my GP has just moved me onto another sleeping pill i cant remember the name and have lost the box but its 10mg i was previously on 7.5 of zopiclone but that stopped working but this new one is just as bad....
  • Derek7

    WHY can't I fall asleep?

    What can I Do? I been thinking positive and trying to change my mindse. And not dwell on sleep even tho I feel tired as sh*t. What the hell!?! I feel like I'm sick today but I'm just tired. Ima take Tylenol PM tonight to fall asleep. Why do I need something in order to fall asleep tho? I don't want to keep taking pills or sleeping aid to fall asleep but I feel like that what I might have to do...
  • johntheone

    severe insomnia

    How many days of no sleep does it take to die of insomnia?2 weeks, 3 weeks? ive gone 8 days with no sleep about 4 times and i tought i was going to die each time. I was seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, i was very depressed and kept crying, my body felt really cold and had other symptoms.Ive been traumatized by insomnia and now i have anxiety when i dont sleep, as i feel that im going...
  • 7hrbliss

    Midnight awakenings

    I've been suffering with insomnia basically all my life (I'm 27). I've only recently realized that it was linked with anxiety and have been working hard to cope with the triggers. Since my last bad episode in June, I've started going to yoga, been seeing a psychologist and taken the occasional ativan. I haven't had much anxiety since and find these couple things have really been helping.ATM my...
  • whalefromtarget


    I used to stay up for days on end, I just wouldn't feel tired. Oddly, my moods were often not disturbed by lack of sleep. I would just stay up all night cleaning, reading, watching movies. I finally told my doctor about this and he suggested Melatonin. You can buy it at any pharmacy, usually on the shelf. I take the 3mg, 1 pill an hour before I want to sleep and within that hour I'm passed out....
  • Moondreamer1988

    Nothing helps..

    Hi all, I'm new to this group. I've had trouble sleeping for many years, it gets worse when I'm stressed out, depressed or have anxiety. My psychiatrist has prescribed me a handful of different medications but unfortunately none of them worked. In the past I've tried things like Emergen-ZZZ, tea, melatonin, etc and nothing has worked. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've stayed away from...
  • Justitia


    Remeron has helped me sleep without any side effects. Trazadone helped but made my nightmares so much worse and I could never wake up. I'd reccomment giving this a try. It took me forever to get prescribed something different because god forbid a doctor listen to a patient about their symtoms... But anyway... I'd reccoment this. Once I get up I don't feel groggy or anything either. 
  • demo7878

    Magnesium helped my insomnia

    I've tried countless remedies for my insomnia over the past 18-24 months including trazodone, Xanax, melatonin, Benadryl, valerian root, skullcap, St. John's Wort, lemon balm, nettles, meditation, and techniques from a few books on insomnia.  I just stumbled on something which appears to work for me: magnesium.  Last night I got a solid 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and woke up feeling...
  • beached1

    CBT this is mainly targeted at Hypnos

    I've read so many of Hypnos' responses and they all sound so encouraging and reassuring. I have used CBT in the past and saw results, but it never lasted long. After a long battle of drug swapping I finally tapered off everything completely over 18 months but the 4 months without pills haven't really been the wonderful sleeping bliss I'd hoped for.  I would like to know what CBT program you used...
  • adrian13

    insomnia and death

     Has anyone ever died of insomnia because they could not sleep. Ive read about rats being deprived of sleep and dying after 2 weeks. Ive looked online and haven't seen any deaths that had symptoms of insomnia except FFi. The reason im saying this, is because im currently taking ambien to sleep and i can't sleep with out them.  And i feel that i if stop taking them i will not be able to sleep...