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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • Elle2618

    At a loss

    so this entire week I've been basically taking 2-3 hour naps twice a day. Last night, after sleeping 2 hr 45 min, I moved furniture for about 3 hours. I came home, relaxed, ate, was actually tired so I took my sleeping pill early and thought finally ill sleep normally. Was in bed for 4 hours, slept 2. I have to work tonight. I guess I'll attempt to nap again when I'm feeling a little more tired....
  • This is the first time I have posted on this website. I'm suffering from severe insomnia. It started in February this year, so I feel like I've had this problem for 10 months now. I live in China, teaching English. I had teaching experience before I came to China and had also travelled around Asia for three months, so I feel that I was properly prepared to take on this job. At night I just...
  • reerose

    ive had it, i cant do this anymore

    no sleep, cant eat, totally alone.  no family or friends. mysweet dog passed,  i cant do this anymore.
  • For me the only thing that has worked so far is cold water. I have insomnia for 13 years now. I think it runs in my family but it was triggered by lots of stress and never went away. I tried everything. But nothing really worked so i had 5 antidepressives and a lot of zopiclon. I use about a fifth of that now. Another insomnia patient recommended the Wim Hof method to me. I was quite anxious...
  • shaunac

    Insomnia and nightmares

    i can't remember not having trouble sleeping. I'm 44. It's been worse for a few years after my mom committed suicide. Both my parents worked night shift growing up and they are night owls. I believe that I am genetically wired to be up at night. I am always tired. And then there are the nightmares. Almost every night, sometimes more than one. Waking up in sweat. I very rarely have a neutral or...
  • BlackSheepFullbuster90

    Sleep Deprived

    Is it normal to not get sleep from being TOO stressed out?
  • PaleOxymoron

    I just joined.

    I just created this account.  I'm a single 26 year old mother.  My son and I both suffer from anxiety and insomnia, probably related to each other.
  • the meanderings of an insomniacdid u know that if u threw a frog into a boiling pot of water he would instantly jump out to save himself- however, if u placed that same exact frog into a pot with room temperature water and gradually increased the heat he would literally just sit there until he fried to death. This is called adaptation. So now ask yourself, about any given circumstance in your...
  • It has been a while since I've posted on this forum. I have struggled with insomnia off and on since 2010. Today, I am better at managing it and coping with it. I have tried many things to treat my insomnia some have helped and some have not. Over the past 12 months, I've used Kundalini Yoga to treat my insomnia. I've tried a particular exercise named the Sat Nam Kriya and have been amazed at how...
  • Elle2618

    Fearing sleep

    Does anyone else out there sometimes fear going to sleep? I, at my worst anxious times, often have stress and anxiety dreams which wake me up in a panic. I also find that when I try to sleep I start thinking about everything bad I can possibly think of. It's a constant struggle bc while a lot of my down time I hate being awake, the dread I can get from worrying about not sleeping enough or waking...
  • Elle2618

    Chronic insomnia

    i have always had bouts of insomnia, usually secondary to my anxiety or depression or both. But since I started working nights it has gotten out of control. I usually sleep 3-5 hours a day, 5 is a good day and it's usually very restless. Ive tried melatonin, fans, sound machine, sleepytime tea with valerian, essential oils, meditation, you name it, I've tried it. Last month I finally caved and...
  • Brandy

    Sleep problems

    A part of my prroblem is my head. It drives me nutsKeeps running like it's in a marathon.Anyone have this?Where your head literally won't shut up?
  • Ksenija


    Hey, I am new here. Suffering from insomnia. Anxiety doesn’t allow me to sleep, it wakes me up. I feel tired, but every time I am trying to sleep it doesn’t work, because when I am falling asleep then I am suddenly get woken up by a terrible feeling in my chest, like someone is squeezing it, and I feel my heart racing and I feel scared and terrified for no reason. I try to calm down by saying...
  • thatanonymousguy

    New here

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with depression and insomnia together? Are there other methods other than medication I can try or anything anyone recommends? This is affecting, my studies, my life and most importantly my health!
  • jennypenny6000

    I Feel Bad About Missing It

    I'm only 16 but I've been dealing with chronic insomnia since I was 10. In the last year, it became an every night struggle leaving me with very little sleep. Towards the end of sophmore year, I was down to about six hours a week. I recently started medication to treat my anxiety, insomnia, and mood disorder. Now exactly thirty minutes after I take it, I fall asleep regardless of what my mind is...