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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • Babyblues

    My dreams were broken.

    Here's where my story begins. I won't give all the details cause it would be way to long, I'll try to summarize the best I can. Back in 2016 i was stable on meds for anixety, depression and sleep. Wounded up getting pregnant. Doctor said I could stay on my medication for sleep...trazodone. but I wanted to see if I could get by without. So I successfully got off my medications for the first half...
  • Sleepless_in_UK

    My Story, I Hope to Help

    Hello all,I wanted to share my story on this forum in the hope that my experiences can be of benefit to others who strugle with their sleep and also, I won't lie, for my own benefit in trying to deal with my current struggle.I have chronic, debilitating insomnia and have had for approximately 3 years. What started with a difficult period in my career and personal life developed into a problem...
  • Toad

    Update on my insomnia

    After a month of being on cipralex and two weeks of clonazepam I'm finally getting good night sleeps. I would highly recommend if you have insomnia caused by anxiety to ask your Dr about cipralex the side effects didn't last all that long and my life feels 100 percent better now that I'm getting regular sleep.
  • Moby85

    Benzo Horror Stories

    So I've read a lot of posts here that hint at horror stories involving the benzo family of drugs. I was prescibed 20 pills of 30 MG Temazepam (like Toad) a month ago. I've taken between 2-3 per week. I use them to knock myself out if I'm not asleep by 2AM (I hit the hay at 10PM, sharp).But my experience with the Benzos is different than others. I don't feel a "pull" for them and I have been able...
  • Moby85

    Chamomile Energy Drink

    Tried to come up with a fun little title but yeah. Out of the many non-medical insomnia techniques I tried was Chamomile tea. Long the grandmother's choice for a good night sleep. But it completely backfired with me. It felt like there was an initial calming effect but then a similar effect as becoming "un-drunk" - I got an energy boost that wasn't manic but made me not sleepy and led to several...
  • Wegotthis

    What do you thino of my sleep hygiene?

    Im trying a new thing. It's called "if not asleep or close to it within 15minutes I get up and do something"And I plan on repeating this until I either go insane or I fall asleep within 15 minutes.What do you think will happen? Can we open bets here?Thanks for reading. Any encouraging words would be great, I'm going on two days no sleep and yesterday I walked 12 miles and still nothing!
  • HeidImarie1

    Another Night

    Another night only 2 hours sleep. I have no problem falling asleep. I wake up 2 or 3 or 4 hrs later & can't fall back to sleep. I'm beginning to believe my husband coming home from work 2nd shift is waking me up. He says he's always quiet, but I hear the creek floors when he goes to bed. We sleep in separate bedrooms for years because of his snoring, which he refuses to do anthing about. When IM...
  • Moby85

    Getting Better

    Hi All,My sleep I can say is finally showing improvement. There's still up and down days (or periods of the week) but overall I am seeing real improvement. While I'm "only" getting 5-6 hours per night, 6 hours was my regular weeknight sleep pattern (7-8 hours on the weekends) and this has left me at essentially 100% functionally in my energy and how good I feel. Instead of 4-5 bad days and one OK...
  • Moby85

    Sleep Deprivation Effects?

    One thing the internet tells me about my insomnia is that sleep deprivation should cause a number of things: irritable mood, nodding off at work, "microsleeps", forgetfullness. But for me no matter how it gets (and unfortunately it's been getting worse the last week) I don't get too many of the symptoms and somehow, mercifully, stay mostly functional.When my insomnia became chronic I got a near...
  • Odetoanxiety

    Best sleeping aids?

    I've been suffering from insomnia since late 2012, after I graduated from high school. I tried all sorts of OTC medications, and it was a hit or miss. Since January, I have been taking amitriptyline. It was originally 25mg then upped to 50mg because 25mg stopped working. Some nights are good and then other nights are today. I feel like I am at my witts end. I am not meant to sleep...
  • kristinaPS

    Insomnia Survey

    I am starting a small business and am looking to gain some insight from people currently suffering from insomnia. It would be of great help if you could answer the questions in the quick survey linked below! Thank you!
  • Toad

    Update on benzo intolerance

    Took 30 mg of temazepam and only feel mildly sedated not nearly enough to want to sleep. Not getting a paradoxical reaction but not feeling tired at all. Anyone know what I should ask my Dr for Wednesday since I tried 3 different benzo's and neither worked? Thanx
  • Exhausted59

    Chronic Insomni

    I have been suffering from intermittent insomnia since I was a child. I have tried every concievable strategy. Acupuncture, hynotherapy, meditation, relaxation, medications. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and now I lay awake all night with a machine strapped to my head. My doctor recently started me on amytriptoline which has proved as equally useless as everything else I've tried. Not...
  • Toad

    Medicinal marijuana

    Last night was the first time in a month that I slept all night. It is such an awesome feeling that you can take for granted. After trying 3 different types of sleeping meds my brother suggested smoking marijuana which I haven't did since my early twenties. All I took was 3 puffs before bed and I felt calm and relaxed not so keyed up about worrying about not sleeping. Also today is one week since...
  • Moby85

    What HAS Worked?

    It seems we have a lot of people here whom whether their insomnia is chronic or acute, have severe insomnia. I guess that's what it takes to find a group like this!But my question is: has anything worked for you; however, temporary or even self-destructive? Such as self-medicating with a certain pill that wasn't prescribed, getting flat out drunk, staying awake for 72 hours until you collapse,...