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Insomnia is a symptom, rather than a disease, and is characterized by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep. People with insomnia complain of difficulty falling or staying asleep, which results in significant impairment of daytime functioning. Insomnia is categorized as transient (shorter than one week), short-term (one to three weeks) or chronic (longer than three weeks).

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  • atBrandy

    Come To Terms

    I've more less come to terms with this unpleasant beast.Perhaps given up would suffice. Years and years of sleepless nights. Then one day the doc perscribed me Seroquel.Worked wonders. I had no choice but to discontinue it due to my pregnancy. (I am not upset about that) My boyfriend however isn't so fond of me returning to it. He describes me as a "zombie" during the day. It's hard to get...
  • milklover

    Time To SING

    What does this title have to do with INSOMNIA.4 a fact and by no means is this pointig a finger. A time when things appear to be great you are living in a plastic bag. My friernds do it reach for that bag and keep it with you. Do not lose sight of what you are or want to do because you can not sleep. I realize that people have all kinds of problems and honestly I did not no ...
  • Hey i have come here a couple of times,in desperation because for the past nine months i have been suffering from severe insomnia...had a sleep study done,only confirmed what i already knew,and the clinic had no help for me...For many years i have lived with severe refractory OCD,90% pure obsessional,which means i get either *just* annoying nonsenical intrusive thoughts,or terribly...
  • triplewater11

    New to the group and new to insomnia

    I have been searching the internet for information and ideas about how to battle and eventually get past this insomnia I've been struggling with for over a month now.It started the night before I was due to started working a new job - not really a "new" job, but a transition. I had a weird breathing feeling like I couldn't breathe right, and had the thought "what if I die in my sleep?" and it set...
  • For years I have suffered with chronic insomnia, both falling and staying asleep. By accident I have found something that works so well for me and I wanted to share it with the group. It's simple, natural and it doesn't cost much at all. SEEDLESS RED GRAPES. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for me every night. I've been freezing them and using them as a snack late at night to...
  • betcrow1

    Who's awake?

    Hey out there! I see that 5 people in this group are online, anyone care to chat to pass the time before morning?
  • Ksenija


    Hey, I am new here. Suffering from insomnia. Anxiety doesn’t allow me to sleep, it wakes me up. I feel tired, but every time I am trying to sleep it doesn’t work, because when I am falling asleep then I am suddenly get woken up by a terrible feeling in my chest, like someone is squeezing it, and I feel my heart racing and I feel scared and terrified for no reason. I try to calm down...
  • mszach


    This is a foregone conclusion, still, has anyone had trouble sleeping after a move and if so, how long did the issue take to resolve? I moved about a week ago, the place I'm living in now is noisier early in the morning as opposed to later at night, so I'm trying to adjust my sleep schedule accordingly. In addition, I start a new job in two days working 8 to 4:30 pm, traditionally I work a...
  • ICantSleep

    Medication not working

    I've had trouble actually falling asleep since the beginning of the month requiring usually over an hour to finally sleep. 4 days ago, however, I told my doctor about it and he prescribed 50 mg of Trazedone for me to take daily before bed and I'm scared because it's not working when everyone says it should have worked on the first night. Do I need to just stick with it or is there something wrong...
  • an.e.wr.27

    New To the Group as well....

    Hey folks, college student here. I've had insomnia for about 8 years now...I take a sleeping med called seroquel. Some days it works some days it doesn't. Some days I'll struggle trying to even get out of bed...but the one night(s) I don't take them I can't get myself to sleep for the life of me...does anyone know of any effective natural remedies I could take if it gets too late to take my meds?...
  • SmokinJoe

    I'm new to the group

    I'm new here and have battled insomnia for nearly 20 years. I recently started using a sleep calculator and it is probably the most beneficial tool in my life right now. I just wanted to pass that along because of its tremendous impact it has had for me and I know anything is worth trying. It might not help everyone but as long as it helps someone I will be happy.
  • lgray53

    I need sleep before I die

    I've posted serval times here but not for a while, my insomnia is back after like 6 months after falling sick with the cold and flu. I got some sleep on the first 2 nights of being sick, the doctor prescribed me day and night cold and flu tablets. They have not done much for me. I think the tablets have made me heart flutter for the past 2 nights as I haven't slept the past 2 nights and it's...
  • LeLaLuna

    Sleep Deprived!

    So i've just joined this... as i am up... again... i have had less than 24 hours sleep in over a week... and i feel like im losing my mind... i have just taking two sleeping pills... which i swore i wouldn't take again... but there is only so much you can do at 2:25am
  • Brianna72

    Sleepless, stressed, and lonely

    its 1:34 am and I can't sleep. I have had trouble sleeping since my mom went into the hospital. I have always sleep issues over the years. I think I have more problems with not being able to sleep because I knew my mom was in the other room sleeping. Now she's in the hospital and not doing well which stresses me out. I have tried all kinds of sleeping pills like somninex, NyQuil sleep, and the...
  • emilyemma5


    Hi everyone -It's good to have just joined this group, I really need the support/a nice platform to vent my lack of sleeping frustrations. Please feel free to reach out to me via inbox, 'hug" me, whatever (I love hugs, even air) Here's my story summarized, my best friend took her life in '08, fast-forward about 5 years, the pain from her death still wasn't getting any easier to bear, finally...