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Primary hyperhidrosis is the condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. Some patients afflicted with the condition experience a distinct reduction in the quality of life. Sufferers feel at a loss of control because perspiration takes place independent of temperature and emotional state.

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  • Dhaawal

    Finding someone like me

    I am 27 and never dated a girl because of the gift., would love to meet anyone near Mumbai, India. Just forgetting it is the best cure.
  • Lauren2

    Improved in less than 1 week on magnesium!!!!

    . Hey everyone!I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for about 6 years now. I have sweat dripping down my face/neck/back after doing even the simplest tasks (ex. walking to class) Like most of you probably are, I am so embarrassed every time I leave my house because when you have sweat literally dripping down your face it is mortifying. I have gone to my doctor about it and they don't seem to...
  • Hi everyone,Just wanted to share my ebook with you all. I am unsure if I am allowed to promote material on this forum however for a few days I will be giving it away, so I hope this is allowed. If not, my sincere apologies. I suffer myself from hyperhidrosis, and have wanted to write about my experience. The book is only short  (20 pages) but gives an overview of the condition, along with some...
  • Gammyleglady

    Tips needed please.

    I suffer from HH on my head, face, neck and upper torso but mainly face & neck. can anyone recommend the best foundation for us HH sufferers please? I've tried from cheap to expensive but can't afford to keep throwing my money away. so it needs to be sweat resistant/proof, long lasting &/or have an antiperspirant content.Any other tips all great fully received . Many thanks.
  • sharpenedpeanut

    My story, your thoughts please!

    Hi, my name is Jack and I've suffered with Hyperhidrosis since puberty. I've lost count of the amount of visits to the doctor to try everything from magnesium based antiperspirants to different pills to changing diet and finally ETS. Non of this has helped. Before ETS I had sweating on my hands, face and underarm. After the operation it seemed a success but within a few days I noticed a lot on...
  • countrylove86

    treatment for hyperhidrosis

    anybody had any results from ionotopheris machines? I suffer from hh in my hands and feet the only thing I've tried is hydrosol gel doesn't really work for hands and feet I could see it helping out underarm but for me still moist using hydrosol. I am a little iffy on meds afraid of side effects like don't want dry mouth or anything. don't think I would consider the surgery because if I got my...
  • Cloud_Gazer

    Dating website ?

    Hi! I'm a 23 y/o guy who has had palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis for quite a few years. I was just wondering if there's a dating site that allows you to filter people based on the condition. I figured that it would take out a lot of the anxiety associated with meeting someone new.Thanks!
  • Rachie25

    Hyperhidrosis and Pregnancy

    I have been a HH sufferer my whole life, and I recently found out I am pregnant. I underwent ETS surgery about 12 years ago, and it helped tremendously with my palmar and under arm HH. However, I now suffer from compensatory sweating as a result of the surgery, and gustatory sweating. I have been relying on Robinul for the past year and it helps amazingly with the sweating and gets me through the...
  • PJ123

    Sweaty back!

    Hi there, I suffer from severe sweating very specifically on my back. I've had it for about four years now. It really is a pain in the ass to deal with. I was wondering if anyone on here has the same thing and has had any success in managing/treating it? Or has any suggestions? It would be great to talk. I have a trip coming up to Africa, which means it's going to be a sweaty one no doubt, so I'm...
  • ariyanusman

    What is Iontophoresis and its machions uses

    What is Iontophoresis?Iontophoresis is a therapeutic treatment for excessive utter sweating used by physical therapists that interferes by electrical stimulation of the sweat glands just below the outer layer of the skin.Iontoderma iD-1000Today, we’re not going to talk about food but how about that if you have sweaty hands. You all know it's very difficult to touch the food with that sweating...
  • PalmSprings101

    Selling my Iontophoresis machine!

    My name is Lauren and I am selling my Iontophoresis machine. If you are interested in buying or have any questions, please contact me at HersheyKiss95@optonline.net 
  • Shubi

    Try it!

    PLEASE try Oxybutynin!!! I have had some miserable years  with this horrible condition. I still cant belive that this is over, but it is. Please talk to your doctor and good luck! :-)
  • kkteezy

    Compensatory sweating - dating

    UGH. I underwent ETS in 2012 because I had bad cranial HH. Now, I regret getting ETS. Its so embarrassing and I am so insecure about it especially when it comes to dating and making new friends. I would really like to meet people who also understand this struggle and can relate to it. I live in Dallas, TX so if anyone lives around here by chance that would be awesome!
  • No_sweating

    don't sweat in silence !!!!!!

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  • ghost12345

    Botox for palmar HH

    Hello All!I've just had my first botox treatment for palmar HH. MY HANDS ARE DRY!!! I am very happy with the results thus far. This is a temporary treatment, but it is worth the try if you have tried everything else but surgery. If you do opt for the botox for palmar HH, you may have to have your doctor submit an authorization request to your insurance company. Your insurance co. may cover some...