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This community is dedicated to many issues that can appear in high school, including relationships, academic issues, questions about college and future plans, pressure from friends or parents, or anything else you want to chat about. High school can be stressful and overwhelming. This is a safe place to say what's on your mind and find support.

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  • BrownBear213

    Am I the Only One?

    Do you guys ever get that feeling where you want to tell the people around you that you need support and help, but you don't want to give anyone excess stress and problems that are not their own. Well, thats how I feel. There are people around me that ask if I'm okay or if I need to talk, but I can't tell them the truth without causing extra stress on their end. I know this sounds really stupid,...
  • deleted_user


    Does anyone else have troubles writing them? I seem to be able to sum up my thoughts in a matter of sentences. I like getting straight to the point. It's just how I am. I have the hardest time elaborating and explain. At this moment I'm reading about old folktales of the south and I have to summarize (easy) and find the morales and lessons in them. -- I don't get how someone can grade something...
  • savandann

    What do I do now?

    My life was so freaking amazing until jan 2017. I met my 1st "love". Anyway we were together for a day and I broke up with him because my friends had told me things about how bad of a person he was. I wish I would've listened. A couple days after i broke up with him he told me he had changed and I was different. I believed him. why? because i was in love. no boy had ever talked to me before. He...
  • hoping_for_the_best

    Someone help

    ok so there's this boy I've liked so much for three years, and I shouldn't like him because he's a waste of space. He dated my best friend to see what kind of reaction I'd have, he told me he loved me and broke my heart to the point where I cried for 5 hours and I couldn't sleep. He would say things to hurt me and I would cry myself to sleep 5/7 nights a week because of him. He has caused me to...
  • dharma

    Ok I'm just get this all out

    Since last year school has gone from my favourite place to my living nightmare. Last year I was popular, I had a hot girlfriend, and everything was awesome. But this year has started off with no girlfriend and no friends. It's actually started with severe bullying. So I've gone from being a popular freshman to a loser sophmore and I don't know what happened?! I've tried to make more friends but...
  • mom246


    those of you who are in high school. what is the best way to destress? Having trouble finding what works, would like some ideas. 
  • ARickinMarks

    Starting Soon!!

    I'm going to be starting high school in the fall. Any suggestions?
  • _Catwoman_

    Charges against me

    So last year (sophomore year) I had this teacher where we had a very complicated relationship, we bumped heads a lot, we got along, we didn't get along. It was a very complicated relationship. So after my sophomore year over the summer, I moved to Florida and I only had 2 weeks of summer because in Flordia they start school early, anyway over the summer something happened to the teacher, where...
  • OllieTree


    The #1 reason I dislike school is due to my peers. Try being forced into the same building with a load of hormonal and insecure teens. Now, I know I sound condescending at this point. I'll try to explain.I have something like social anxiety. Interaction and indeed even being near strangers sets off something in me. This feeling is amplified a hundred times with my peers. I end up finding myself...
  • confusednewbie

    Needing some friemds

    ive had many many many toxic friendships. At one point it got so bad that I moved schools. It was all going well. And now.. not so much.  Don't get me wrong  I still have a lot of people surrounding me that care but. They don't understand it.  I became really close friends with this girl but now I've upset her every week by doing something different. A new argument every week is too much to...
  • sk8rboi


    hi guys, i'm trying to make more friends so if you guys want to talk or something add my snapchat: dantevale
  • hoping_for_the_best

    Can anyone relate

    The boy I mentioned previously ha recently said he loves me too, and for a week or so he kept saying it and it made me more happy than anything but then one of my friends messaged me saying he's been saying the same to 4 other girls. And god it hurts so much. I thought he loved me and now I feel like nothing and he didn't know how bad I felt before but it's even worse now, I just can't take it. I...
  • Asanator

    Push myself

    Ok so I'm a freshman in HS and I'm scared of my one math class. My teacher has this thing where if you stay above a 94% you don't have to take the final. I'm at 101% at the beginning of the semester. My worst fear is taking the final. Yes, I'm in the highest class I can take as in I'm taking honors sophomore math. And he goes over what's on the final with us but h has told us that this semester...
  • hoping_for_the_best


    i have felt so down since a few weeks ago, I just don't care about anything any more. I feel constantly like a failure and I don't wanna keep being a burden to my friends. I've recently started cutting again I can't stop. My friends are noticed by but I always brush it off, should I tell them? I don't fell happy anyomre, since my best friend recently experienced a loss of a friend I'm trying to...
  • jennypenny6000

    Best Friend Betrayal

    Someone who was calling me their best friend completely turned on me. She'd lost her close friends a few months back so I took her in and we quickly became very close. I poured my heart into that friendship. I cared so much about her and took so much time to help care for her emotional life. She was used to instability and was in an abusive relationship. So much of my time was spent caring for...