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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a medical condition wherein the blood pressure is chronically elevated. Persistent hypertension is one of the risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and arterial aneurysm, and is a leading cause of chronic renal failure. Doctors recommend weight loss and regular exercise as the first steps in treating mild to moderate hypertension.

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  • sonya0378


    Anyone try CoQ10 to lower blood pressure?
  • bayrabbit01

    Blood pressure meds

    Is it possible to withdraw from blood pressure meds, either tapering or cold turkey while keeping your blood pressure at a normal level? Or will I have to keep taking them for the rest of my life? Any thoughts?
  • Lisinopril is the only medicine I take which is why I believe it's the lisinopril causing me some anxiety. Anybody else experience this?
  • My blood pressure has been so high for so long now that I am expecting to have a heart attack or a stroke, I feel up tight and my heart murmur loud. I am on two medications for my blood pressure, and was given another which I had a reaction to, the doctor gave me another medication in the same group so I cant take that. So I am waiting for another gp appointment to see if I can get something...
  • Does anyone else have the feeling of their blood pressure being elevated at night, I am one of those people that is very in tune with what is going in their body. I know when its up, when I took it in the morning it was 170/90 goodness knows how high it was over night.Just wondered does anyone else get this
  • I had low blood pressure right up until immediately prior to my surgery. Then immediately before I flipped out and it shot up. After surgery, it didn't drop back to normal. It remained highish - 140/90 and sometimes higher. Apparently, this is a thing - the way you go in to surgery is the way you come out of surgery in terms of bp. I tried a number of solutions - diet, exercise, magnesium,...
  • My bp has sat at 160/90 for weeks now, it just wont go down, quite worried as my dad had major heart problems from which he died,at quite a young age, 72, these days its quite young, I dont know quite what to do, I am going back to the docs this week, I get regular headaches, flight and fight response clicks in most days, the tv makes me feel stressed, most of the time, I badly wont to get out in...
  • I'm trying to loose weight, and exercising but it still wont budge from 170/90
  • I'm taking three different blood pressure medication and still my blood pressure wont go down, I am going to the doctors this week to see about it but wondered if anyone had any tips, that might help, there is a lot of stress at home, medical mostly, my daughter is disabled and my husband has health issues too as do I.
  • Hello all! I am new to this site and am desperately looking for advice. My blood pressure seems to fluctuate between 140/80 - 145/90. I am trying to figure out what is causing this. a little about me:43 Yr old Male6 ft tall, 204 lbsAll blood work normal except Triglycerides, which are at 218 mg/dL.I eat a low carb diet, high in protein, not low in saturated fat however, but try to eat leaner...
  • sclark08

    blood pressure spikes

    I have had HBP for 15 yrs and it has been pretty well controlled. Last 3 months I am having these spikes 190/99 180/100. I have put on about 20 lbs. Will that do it. Thanks
  • Reed31

    And now I'm pissed.

    Over the past six weeks, I have completely changed my diet. I'm eating tons of veggies, have cut my consumption of meat by 2/3, cut out sugar and salt (apart from Himalayan which my doctor suggests), I'm skipping pot lucks, meals out with friends, foregoing desserts at parties and gatherings, exercising 3 days a week and building up to doing more, sitting in an Epsom salt bath a few times a week,...
  • I've got more medication to take, the doctor said we've been through all the normal blood pressure medication, so now we are on to more unusual ones, I'm trying to loose weight, exercise etc, anyone suggest anything else.
  • Today I have been hypertensive 170/90 again, also with this is breathlessness which has now settled, does anyone else get breathlessness with hypertension love to know your thoughts?
  • I have had hypertension since I had my first child at 25 yrs old when I had developed toxemia in that pregnancy , walked around with 150/100 for many years, once walked into the doctor for a checkup, felt great, and could not believe my pressure was 210/120 !! Was put on atenolol and amlodipine. (50 MG's atenolol and 2.5 MG's amlodipine. ) pressure fluctuated but I ran 140/90. 150/100 with meds....