Hidradenitis Suppurativa Support Group

Hidradenitis suppurativa (hi-drad-uh-NIE-tis sup-yoo-ruh-TIE-vuh) is rare, long-term skin condition that features small, painful lumps under the skin. The disease manifests as clusters of chronic abscesses or boils, sometimes as large as baseballs, that are extremely painful to the touch and may persist for years with occasional to frequent periods of inflammation, culminating in drainage, often leaving open wounds that will not heal.

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  • HSlife

    HS Treatment- Axilla Debridement

    Hello everyone,  This is my story, sorry for the novel. I am a 32 year old female who has been suffering with HS since my early 20s.  My HS began with blind pimples on my buttock, groin, armpits and inner thigh areas. Usually these smaller lumps would either dissolve or burst (Like blind pimples). I always just assumed it was ingrown hairs or something of that nature.  I have been using a...
  • JustLeanne

    I feel hopeless

    So I've pretty much known I have us since I was 21 and started looking for an answer as to why I get all these nasty boils. 11 years later I have one on my face. I can't do this. I already deal with this crap on my inner thighs and butt. It's horrible and my self confidence is zero. The left side of my face is swollen and nasty looking and I won't even leave my house. I started looking and came...
  • Preppy_g

    Panic attack

    Im starting to swell and drain again but where they supposly took one out. I am just crying to even think that it didnt work or it was unsuccessful. This huge scar y nada. Samething again samething again i am fed up ita hars to stay positive man this sucks. Man why me why me! 
  • BluJay13


    im in so much pain right now. I have a "flare up" in my armpit. I don't know about anyone else but mine get as big as a grapefruit!!! I did more research and found out about prid I'm not too impressed with it, but today is day 4 and I put Prid on and boil ease with a heating pad. Trying to keep myself elevated from my the middle of my back up... This shit SUCKS!!! I can't live like this anymore. 
  • Devastated93

    Any other support groups for HS?

    There doesn't seem to be many current members on here and no one to really talk to.  Does anyone know of any other more active support groups?Thanks.
  • pcar

    Journal situation

    Hi! Could someone explain the journal situation?  Is it a function that we can share our story at?  Can you limit who can see it?  I am confused because I see only one journal for the group itself and it seems odd that there are over 1000 members and no one else has shared one. Thanks for any info- I'm new to "daily strength" so learning the way around.
  • Devastated93


    I am getting more and more depressed by this condition.  I'm 50 and divorced for 11 years.  I will never be with anyone again because I'm so disgusted about how this is and looks....  Being alone and never having a sexual relationship again, is devasting to me.  How does one deal with this?  Does this always progress to Stage 3?  I've tried everything from Paleo diet, Manuka honey, Zinc,...
  • Mufaris1

    Face to face

    Hello HS community !!Question, has anyone ever met/ been in the same room with a fellow HS sufferer?? I HAVEN'T! We're pretty much always alone:(I  think it would be so nice to actually meet people in person who share this! To be in a physical setting surrounded with people that get it for a change! I just think it could be good for the spirit to be in an environment of understanding as opposed...
  • TheyCallMeTaco

    Interested In Trying Humira...

    I've dealt with my condition physically and mentally for long enough and am trying to find new ways to handle such. The main struggle for me is how badly it's messed with me mentally what with the depression, stress and anxiety it has incited. I have no intention with seeing a therapist as I can't afford it at this time and I don't feel even most doctors understand what I'm going...
  • NickyS

    Hi HS Family!

    I'm 17 year old girl who has been dealing with this for about 6 years. I just found out about this support group and I cried looking over your stories that are so similar to mine. I had a pionital cyst on my lower back nearly 4 years ago that got the process of HS diagnosis going. Dealing with this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. For all my SoCal friends, if you've had surgery, where...
  • HsParish

    New to the daily

    Im here to share my stories and experiences with others that go through the same thing I do with  #HS.  I've been dealing with it heavy for about 10 years and learned alot on my journey and learned somethings that help me personally and now I would want to know what do you do to handle your #HS. I came to realize that we need each other cause we deal with this everyday, doctors can only do so...
  • JacNic28

    HS pain

    Hi my name is Jackie. I've had HS since I was about 13-15 can't remember when I got officially diagnosed. I know my mom has HS and I inherited it from her. I've so far haven't had any surgeries just a biopsy done years ago... I'm starting to consider surgery. Right now I'm in a really bad flare up that seems to be going deep into my nerves under my left armpit. I've tried heat and cold compress...
  • DixieMyra


    How is everyone doing?
  • hssurvivor

    Surgery concerns

    I have had hs since a teenager. I am now 47. I had hs surgery on right arm 12 years ago. Things went well no return boils on that underarm. I needed and surgeon wanted to do surgery on left arm at the time. Couldn't do it because recovery was hell. So boils were coming non stop 2-3 at a time left arm. Had surgery on 8/16/17 most of drill holes were 3 inches deep 5 holes. As of 09/13/17 wound just...
  • QQQ

    Helpful solution

    I struggle with this too! I read that tea tree oil can help with symptoms! Tea tree oil is antifubgal and antibacterial oil! And it has other properties as well (great for regular acne!) Ive tried it and it does help shrink the lumps massively. Depending on the size Your skin should go back to normal in a few days! If you have sensitive skin I recommend diluting it first and trying it on a small...