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Hidradenitis suppurativa (hi-drad-uh-NIE-tis sup-yoo-ruh-TIE-vuh) is rare, long-term skin condition that features small, painful lumps under the skin. The disease manifests as clusters of chronic abscesses or boils, sometimes as large as baseballs, that are extremely painful to the touch and may persist for years with occasional to frequent periods of inflammation, culminating in drainage, often leaving open wounds that will not heal.

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  • Mygel2Jersey

    How I manage my HS!

    I used to be on this group years ago and posted about something I found that managed my HS but nobody was interested.  I still manage to control my HS using this same method so thought I would post it to you guys yet again and hopefully some of you will try it and get some relief. I'm not selling anything or any site that sells anything so it's your choice if you want to try it.  In the past...
  • dgkallday0537

    Help with pain killers with HS

    Hi I'm new to this group, I have gotten a years supply of antibiotics for HS forgot the name I have to pick them up at the pharmacy in a bit here. I only get 10-22 50 mg tramadol every time I go to the surgical clinic here they barely kill the pain , and they expect those tramadol to last until I get to go back to the surgical clinic the next month I want to ask for something stronger and at...
  • Devastated93

    Treatment, only topical ointment??

    I was just diagnosed with this a few weeks ago.  I had one lesion when I tried to get into a dermatologist.  They were all booked up for about a year!  I finally got in to see a nurse practioner.  By the time I got in, I had 3 or 4 lesions.  She has me using a topical gel and washing with Hibiclens twice daily.  About a week later, I called her office and told them I had more lesions.  She...
  • Mufaris1

    Face to face

    Hello HS community !!Question, has anyone ever met/ been in the same room with a fellow HS sufferer?? I HAVEN'T! We're pretty much always alone:(I  think it would be so nice to actually meet people in person who share this! To be in a physical setting surrounded with people that get it for a change! I just think it could be good for the spirit to be in an environment of understanding as opposed...
  • cindy1


    You people are highly misinformed and quite frankly sound very ignorant.  HS is not an Autoimmune Disease and you can say it is all you want, but perhaps you should get yourself educated a bit more!  It is contained to the hair follicles and glands and has nothing at all to do with your immune system.  Perhaps you also have an autoimmune disesase as well, but it's not HS that is the Autoimmune...
  • Kayla432

    I want this to stop

    I wake up every morning  and I'm a in pain I have them all under my breast between  my legs under my arm and they hurt so much I'm only 18 years old and it's hard for me  I'm scared that I will never be able to be  intimate with someone   do these ever go away ? What's the best way of making  them go away or hurt less? I just want to be normal

    HS is the worst

    I have had HS since my early teens. But in the last 3 years, i feel like its running my life. I mean i think about it countless times everyday. I constantly have sores. I dont remember the last time i had clear skin.I have always been a clean and hygienic person. I have always bathed once a day and i never wear dirty clothes, but i still have these horrid breakouts. I have tried washing with...
  • menaa

    Does HS spread if i m taking the medicine?

    I m not making that long but i ve just joined your support group guys and you re making a great job here, i just wanted to ask you as probably most of you said that their HS is in more than one place in the body, now i have HS for more than 4 years and it is only under my armpits, to be precise under my left arm only, you made me quite concerned that i don t want this disease to spread to the...
  • bhxx2

    Turmeric and HS?

    Hey everyone, i'm new to this group and have been reading all these comments in depth. a lot of people are saying they're taking turmeric capsules and it's working drastically for their HS, so i'm curious on everyone else's experience? aside from reading a million of these responses, i've done my own research on turmeric, however, I am still a little confused and looking for some help. I went out...
  • menaa

    I m using Humera nowadays for my HS

    hey peeps, i m always absolutely grateful to find any support groups for HS, as we are not alot in the world and it sucks as you all know, i ve had my HS under my armpits for 4 years now. I used every every antibiotic possible and topical creams but it worked for a while then stopped and an outbreak occurs. My last time was so hurtful and i was totally under stress like hell, so my doctor...
  • piscesgal

    HS and deodorant, your experience?

    I am incredibly happy I found this group.. many days spent inside in physical pain along with depression): never a good mix...  I've had HS for a couple of years now but it didn't really get bad until 3 years ago, thankfully it's not so bad now. I haven't had an active cyst for about 4 months which is insane!! I saw a reduction in them right after I stopped shaving and stopped using deodorant...
  • deleted_user

    Found a treatment that works! - Turmeric

    Hi, I'm new to this support group. I came here to tell everyone that I used to suffer from HS, including all the "treatments" that didn't work. Antibiotics, draining, surgery, etc. About a year ago I stumbled across a natural food website that said the spice Turmeric cures boils. Well, I consider my HS sores boils so I tried it.I couldn't believe it. I freaking works. I cyst that I had near my...
  • 123mags

    HS sucks

    I've been dealing with HS for approx 10yrs; breakouts began when i was 15 yrs old on groin and chest then took over my armpits. I wasn't overweight when it all began. However I did gain weight after having two kids. It seems like diet does play a role... I read about nightshades in a different blog and it made total sense to because I love potatoes, tomatos and peppers. I dont know of its a...
  • HSlife

    HS Treatment- Axilla Debridement

    Hello everyone,  This is my story, sorry for the novel. I am a 32 year old female who has been suffering with HS since my early 20s.  My HS began with blind pimples on my buttock, groin, armpits and inner thigh areas. Usually these smaller lumps would either dissolve or burst (Like blind pimples). I always just assumed it was ingrown hairs or something of that nature.  I have been using a...
  • deleted_user

    Not healing under stomach

    I am morbidly obese, 399lbs, with a very large pannus apron (gut) and I have had an abscess that will not heal I have been keeping clean, and taking antibiotics not working I tried hydrogen peroxide and no healing. I would like to know what you all do when a spot won't heal? Normally I can get the boil to open in 24 hours and in a week it heals but this stubborn bastard has hung around stankin...