Hidradenitis Suppurativa Support Group

Hidradenitis suppurativa (hi-drad-uh-NIE-tis sup-yoo-ruh-TIE-vuh) is rare, long-term skin condition that features small, painful lumps under the skin. The disease manifests as clusters of chronic abscesses or boils, sometimes as large as baseballs, that are extremely painful to the touch and may persist for years with occasional to frequent periods of inflammation, culminating in drainage, often leaving open wounds that will not heal.

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  • stevethebear23

    Derm appointment finally scheduled!

    I never thought setting up a dermatology appointment would take that much courage. I'm honestly terrified. Anyone have any tips to try to ease my mind about my first dermatology appointment? What to expect? How to get over feelings of embarrassment? What to say initially when I meet the doctor for thI first time? (((Ugh am I overthinking this?)))Also, I know it's a long shot. But I'm curious,...
  • PositiveAsPossible

    I was just recently diagnosed with HS

    I cannot get the "abscesses" or whatever you call them, to go away. I've had the exact same ones for almost a whole year and can't get them to go away. I have tried alcohol, tea tree oil everything. I don't know much about HS. Can anyone help me??..
  • Hopefull77

    Phosphorus Drops

    Hi everyone I'm new here! I have had HS for 15 years :( but recently by some luck I found something that has worked for me. PHOSPHORUS DROPS! I'm like all of you I've tried everything under this earth and just accepted that I was cursed with this painful disease for life. Going on 2 months with only one bump during my period (when I was the worst) I usually on average would have up to 15...
  • shenjon2

    Another clueless doctor

    I've suffered with this condition since my early teens (I'm 44 now). At that time, my doctor had lanced a few of my abscesses and lectured me on hygiene. I was so embarrassed that I always hid my problem. This last year, I developed the worst abscess ever. A huge, painful lump in my groin area that made it hard to move. I was finally referred to a gyno who diagnosed me last month. She gave me...
  • jenniferrsg

    Been a hard month..

    Hey guys. It's been a hard time lately. For the past month or so, I've had what feels like little cuts in my right armpit. I already can't shave, I can't wear a bra (I tried yesterday) and it's gotten to the point I am in pain wearing regular t shirts. The sleeve rub on it. I am wearing my only long sleeved shirt to try and help. This morning my left armpit is starting to feel the same. I am...
  • Blue01

    Any luck?

    I've recently stopped taking birth control & I'm now 2 days smoke free. Has anyone noticed a difference from stopping the pill or quitting smoking? I know it's going to take time to see anything, but I'm just wondering how your experience with either one has been. 
  • jenniferrsg

    Best soap/bodywash

    what's the best (and affordable please) soap or body wash that you've found that doesn't irritate your skin or cause the bumps? 
  • Cb13

    Dealing With Hs

    Ive Been Dealing With Hs For about 7 Years Ive been Doing Trials Trying to Invent Soap that Helps out With H.s Thats Been Pretty Affective Anyone Interested In Purchasing the Soap I will Have Some Avaliable Within a Month Any Questions Please Fell Free To Ask
  • Jessbella

    So tired of this !

    So I've had been suffering since I was 16 years old I am 28 now. As we speak im sitting here with hot compress on my armpit. October thst just passed got a massive one under my arm which had to get lanced it was the most painful experience it always is. 1 month after thst surgery I got another I was able to control it and it went away. 3 weeks ago got another and  been trying so hard to get rid...
  • macdenise

    Humira? Anyone taking it?

    Ive been thinking about starting Humira, but I know there's so many side effects with taking it. Anyone here taking it? Does it work? I'm a serve suffer. Let me know. Thank you. 
  • jenniferrsg

    Turmeric capsules

    i just bought some because I've read people saying it helps them on here. For those that it's helped, how many pills/mg do you take a day? They are 500mg but I'm willing to take more. Ive developed the worst rash I've ever seen under both my armpits. I have less than half function of my arms due to this. I'm so down. :'(
  • stevethebear23

    Emotional Distress From Physical Pain

    Not sure how this works. This is my first time joining an online support group. Unfortunately, this is where I've found myself at 1:15am on a saturday night. I've been dealing with Hidradenitis for the past few years on and off (perhaps a breakout once every few months). But within the past month my pain has been severe, annoying and ultimately causing emotional breakdowns. I did not know that...
  • hssucks

    Living with HS and THINKING there was no help

    I have lived with HS for 8 years. The first few years I tried everything, went to every doctor, tried so many different creams, prespcriptions, diets, cleanses until I gave up. I hated life and was so miserbale. I could go on and on with my story but we all know how it is to live with this disease. Well 3 1/2 years ago I was at the end of my rope and was approached about essential oils. At first...
  • Sand

    Hello other sufferers .......

    I'm new to the group, but I need to share an ointment that appears to be helping with the healing and speeding up the process somewhat: Emuaid max. I have suffered HS for 29 years, most of which have been absorbed with my daily struggle fighting this disease and trying to maintain my determination to just get on with my life, to ignore the pain and discomfort with very little remission over the...
  • Whizz

    Does turmeric work?

    This is my first post in this and any support group. Just looking for some advice on how turmeric works. I read a lot of posts and thought I'd try it but my 'lumps' just seem to be worse. I have a number of lumps in my groin which all seem to be connected and in the last few days the whole area has swollen and very sore. I don't seem to get large abcesses like many people describe but 'pockets'...