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This community is dedicated to an open discussion about healthy sex and sharing thoughts and feelings about sexuality and improving one's sex life. Most active adults desire to have an active and fulfilling sex life, both for themselves and also their partner. Here we discuss common sexual challenges faced by both men and women.

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  • theyjavu

    To Eat Or Not To Eat??

    Hi Everyone,I'm new to this..just joined the other day! Having read thru the topics I've got one to ask the boys..and girls...I love an experienced lover who knows his way around a woman's body but as a newly single lady in the last 12 months I've noticed that the fellas aren't too keen on going down on me, especially the younger this a trend?? And those that have tried don't really...
  • DepressedRecluse


    I seriously need help...I don't know what to do...My husband and I haven't had sex in over two years!!!During those two years I have satisfied my self through masturbation.However, over the last four months, no matter what I do, I can't cum!!!And I NEED to cum!!! I need that release...But I can't get there...I am soaked...Literally dripping wet...But I just can't climax!!!! And it is driving me...
  • sexysub56

    Emotional Rape

    Emotional rape has many similarities to physical rape, particularly date rape. Date rape involves the sexual use of someone's body without consent. In a like manner, emotional rape is the use of someone's higher emotions, such as love, without consent. However, in the case of emotional rape the lack of consent is contained in what the perpetrator doesn't say... his or her hidden agenda. Emotional...
  • SleepyKoala

    Sexless Marriage

    There is no easy way to say it. I'm a 50 year old man who has been married for nearly 15 years, and I have never had sex with my wife.We dated for a year or two and had some romantic evenings that involved touching and light sexual foreplay, but i was determined that for once, sex was not going to screw things up for me. we would wait for marriage. we would do it right. i told my fiancee that...


    Is anybody gettin' any?
  • Spiky

    "morning wood" is all I get

    First I apologize for the expression "morning wood" as I've always hated it.  Anyhow I feel like lately I am in a unique and confusing situation.  My boyfriend of the past few years have had fantastic sexual chemistry, even when we were driving each other nuts.  No amount of arguing or friction could douse our attraction to each other.  Recently however we have fallen into a depressing...
  • Maiden17

    Performance anxiety

    Hello all. I suffer from performance anxiety when it comes to sex. I will be hard, then either I will lose my election as I go to penetrate or I will lose it during sex. I have tried a couple of things including cialis which has sort of worked, and I'm trying some herbs such as horny goat weed. But this is tearing my marriage apart, my wife has told me she cannot stay in this relationship...
  • That man who claims not to be interested in plus size women admitted just the other day he is having a lot of health problems.  He says he has to get up every hour or so at night to toidy and his stomach is giving him a lot of problems.  Since he was born, he has had stomach trouble.  He says he takes 8 pills every morning as soon as he gets up.Also I think his late wife was a nag or pushy. ...
  • MaryContrary


    Do all men judge women by their looks, weight, and general appearance?  I'm one of those who don't necessarily do that.  I do like people who have bathed recently and have clean hair.  But size, and general appearance doesn't matter as much to me.I have a "friend" who only judges women on their weight.  He thinks I am too fat to date or have a physical relationship with.  We only talk and...
  • Though it doesn't happen as often as I'd like it to, I loved that my fiance` and I actually had a few intimate moments alone while our 8 year old daughter was outside playing across the street with friends. I love having sex or making love with/to him because it really helps me feel emotionally connected to him like I used to feelwhen we first dated and that was what happened tonight. It was like...
  • sexysub56

    Question for the women

  • sexysub56

    Well folkd. this takes the cake

    Rape and domestic violence, ccordng to the goverment, are now prexisting conditiona,
  • ShannonJ96

    Postpartum sex and some relationship issues

    So I just had a baby 6.5 weeks ago. My fiance and I  are already having sex again, but it hasn't been very good. I'm having a lot of trouble having orgasms, which is very unusual for me. Part of the problem is that my fiance keeps wanting to skip over foreplay. He gets so over-exited, and just doesn't seem to realize that just because he's completely aroused doesn't mean that I am. So, of...
  • Hey everyone! My husband and I have been married for over 30 years, our sex life was starting to get a bit boring. We found out from a friend about this great service called BoomerBox. We started receiving a box every month filled with interesting toys, games, lingerie and other fun things to spice up our sex life along with instructions and guides on how to use them. It's really made a big...
  • simpleman4321


    I am here to listen to anyone who needs to talk. No judging by me. No criticism. Even No advice if you don't ask for it. You can vent, cry, joke, or just message about anything whatsoever. I am very open minded.Just offering friendship and an understanding heart.