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This community is dedicated to an open discussion about healthy sex and sharing thoughts and feelings about sexuality and improving one's sex life. Most active adults desire to have an active and fulfilling sex life, both for themselves and also their partner. Here we discuss common sexual challenges faced by both men and women.

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  • shyguy


    I've only had sex with one person in my life (I'm 19) and I was wondering how important size really is. I'm recently single and don't want some girl to laugh at me or something. I think I'm just nervous about having sex with someone new. I feel like there's just so many things I don't know about sex and porn isn't the best place to learn about it. Any helpful advice? 
  • kmlslolo3

    Not sure where to start...

    First, I want to warn you this will be a long post, and my first in this group.  I haven't had sex in 3 years.  Barely even touched sexually.  Only orgasms have been self-made.  And for the most part, I've been absolutely ok with that.  When I got pregnant in 2013, I lost all drive for being touched in any way.  At the same time, my partner started his transition to male, and started...
  • Aronia


    i have some questions for people who have a lot of experience with this subject. Please PM me, I don't want to discuss this in a public forum.thanks 
  • fitbunny

    Frustrated about feeling lonely

    I'm new to this site.. just in desperate need of support and advice :/My husband and I will have been married 1 year next month, but we dated for 6 years(high school sweethearts). During our engagement we decided to abstain from sex till the wedding night (it was about 3 1/2 months no sex). But once married it's like his drive for sex had disappeared. Our entire dating days we were like rabbits,...
  • MaryContrary

    I just can't make up my mind

    Having been brought up in religion which says sex is only for married people who were virgins or widowed before.  That is almost impossible!!!!  Especially at my advanced age these days. Anyway, I hesitate to get involved more than friends because of fear of pain, loss of respect, and a really bad memory of a man who tried to tear my clothes off at about 2 years old.I fear giving my trust...
  • knsample

    21 year old female virgin with social anxiety

    Hi one of my triggers for anxiety and suicidal thoughts is sexuality. I attended an all girls catholic school for middle and high school and during this time I didn't date. This didn't bother me because of the setting I was in and I thought that once I got to college my luck would change. I'm now 21 and I still have not been kissed, dated, had a bf or had sex. I'm not into casual sex because I'm...
  • jr29

    genital warts

    i think i have the thing of genital warts. idk how the last time i been sexually active was this past March i always use protection. i haven't have sex since just masturbate. but the warts appears just recently last couple of wks. my questions is if it curable and can i still have sex?Thanks Advance
  • DailyStruggle1979


    I am 37 years old, married 7 years, together 10 years and have a soon to be three year old. I have had minimal interest in sex probably for the last ten years. More so since having my daughter. I have always been on anti depressants more so than not and birth control pills as well. For a stent of time i would become very irriated after sex sometimes during like a burning fiery feeling so that...
  • becca19


    I have been with my partner for just under a year now, we have our up and down but I love her. She was my friend for a year before we got toget and we got along great. She's the first girl I have ever been in love with. When we got toget the sex was good, not great but I wasn't complaining. She is nearly 28 and I'm 19. I thought this wasn't a big deal at first. It I'm becoming weary that this may...
  • anonymouse

    Unsure about Sex

    I'm 17, and have been with the same guy for almost 3 years.  I told him in the beginning that I planned on staying abstinent and he has always respected that. We've done a few things but never actually had sex. Call me a hypocrite, but despite our fooling around I feel like sex before marriage is wrong because of our religious beliefs. The problem is that I told him I was staying abstinent when...
  • hauntedgirl25

    Do any other women get this during sex?

    For the past month my sex drive has been through roof,to the point where Im not even thinking about it and my vagina is trying to orgasm. Im 30 years old and sex has been getting too intense no matter how slow we go. At first I thought I might be getting an infection but everthing seems fine. I have also noticed pressure in my rectum like Im going to orgasm in my anus,its highly disturbing and...
  • almosthopeless


    I've gotten bored with porn. I don't know if that's good or bad. lolSeems as if now I enjoy just talking on here more than visiting porn sites.Is that good or bad?Opinions, please.
  • sandpiper

    Masturbation, porn, trust, privacy, HELP

    Really hoping to hear from both men and women here, and warn everyone upfront this will likely be lengthy.  I am a female, mid 30's, not married but in a serious, committed relationship with a man a few years my senior and we live together.  As have most, he and I have both been through very tumultuous relationships in the past with people who have lied to and betrayed us.  We are both...
  • guitarman79


    Hi,I Am new to the group,  I am 40 year's old, I'm still single And have Cerebral Palsy, still a virgin,  But, Am  ready to loose it.I Don't want a one-night-stand, I feel like I have to really care about the girl,  Problem Is, I still live at home with my  parent's and am unable to drive, So, It's hard to get out without anyone knowing.  Idea's?
  • NewBegin2012

    Premature ejaculation

    I have premature ejaculation. Has anyone had some real success fixing it for themselves? I have researched everything on the internet and feel that none of the rememdies work. Granted I haven't work one them too extensively. The only thing that I found the works is a supportive partner that is willing to have sex multiple times. The more sex I have, the longer I last.Has anyone out there...