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  • deleted_user


    What are some good free places to go? Cause thats always fun to do when youre bored! (:
  • HopelessInlove

    Seeking opinion

    My ex is obsessed with mastabation. He mastabates every day and thinks intercourse is tiring. He says he is worried that he would make babies but doesnt dare to get vasectomy done. He likes to go without condoms but with affair partners he will always wear one. He washes himself very often even during the day at work and he is thrilled whenever he finds a toilet with a bidet. He loves oral and...
  • strongasicanbe3

    Porn in a Relationship

    So I am new to this and would like some advice from anyone on my issue in my relationship.. my boyfriend and I have a fairly healthy sex life I feel. At least 2-5 times a week sometimes more sometimes less depending how busy we are. Anyways... over our relationship I have snooped a bit and noticed he watches a good bit of porn. (We have an open policy of not hiding anything so we can go through...
  • arielariana

    Help! Impossible situation??

    Maybe this is truly a dead end.  I'm beginning to think so.  I married a man I wasn't very attracted to.  It's been one year.  Before that, in our first year, at the beginning, I was semi-attracted.  I at least could enjoy sex.  But these past six months have gone to the point that I can't even orgasm.  I tried showing him how to touch me, but that didn't work at all.  I love him so...
  • arielariana1

    Libido Loss

    There's two things going on here.  One, I married a man  I was only semi-attracted to, but he seemed wonderful.  I still could have sex and orgasm.  It's been two years.  Now, the last months, it's gone down, down.  I haven't came in months, and I have no interest in masturtbation or never get turned on by anyting.  Someone suggested I was in perimenopause, but nothwithstanding that, I'm...
  • dyinginside35

    Much needed sex

    Why am I craving sex so much? Im single maybe thats why. I need to just have a guy ravish me make me his. Is it nornal to want sex every day
  • deleted_user

    openions please

    Ladys which is better in bed older men or younger men? Men What about wemon which would you perfer?Please be honest!
  • soccerbrent43

    orgasms better with masturbation or sex

    My question of the day
  • MaryContrary

    Dream about a friend

    This guy is single so I'm ok with the dream.  I dreamed we were sitting on a bench outside and just talking and he reached over and carressed my boob for a long time.  I had to make the decision to let him or not because it meant it would lead to more intimate situations.  I was happy to let him do this.  Then I had to leave.  The dream ended. I saw this man today.  He was happy and told...
  • Emerald0743


    I got Nexplanon inplanted after a D&C and I have not had a period in 3 months. I dont know if I should feel worried or blessed. Everything on the internet is mostly about irregular and excessive bleedeing is there anyone out there with a similar experience to mine?
  • dyinginside35

    For beginners

    What is a great g spot toy for beginners? Females, women help even males thank you
  • mrcolz

    No pubes

    Ok Iam a guy who likes to keep my self hairless down their I have met a very nice girl and been dating for some time now and i have somewhat got nervous when it comes to the bedroom department we have not seen each other naked yet and Iam afraind she might think iam a weirdo or something has any other girl or person been in a situation like this ? 
  • StephJ77

    Post Hysterectomy problem

    Good morning all.  I had to have a full hysterectomy in March, 2015.  It seems the doctor took more than my baby making apparatus.  He took my desire and all my sexual desire.  I had a very high sex drive before the surgery, now I cringe at the thought of being intimate.  My husband is a wonderful man.  Love him very much.  We never argue, we never have angry words..ever.  But when it...
  • lostsoul72

    Debunk a myth about ED

    I spoke with my urologist a few weeks ago and I had asked her about some of the things I have read on here and other places about LOW T.She said Low T can cause low libido, but does absolutly nothing for ED as in testosteron has nothing to do with being able to get an erection or maintain one. I just thought I would help educate on this subject.Have a great day.
  • homerdonuts22

    Need help!

    Hello,I have been married for 10 years.  I love my wife with all my heart and would do anything for her.  We have not had sex in months and I don't know why.  I try all the time to do extra nice things and get things rolling but nothing!  It all seemed to have started when I got my vasectomy.  It was her choice for me to get it done and I feel that things have only gotten worst since then....