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This community is dedicated to families that have been disrupted by prison. Having a loved one incarcerated or having been incarcerated comes with its own unique challenges that require support and understanding. Join the group to find others who know what you're going through, and to seek advice or share your experience.

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  • I don’t even know how to begin. I have a really good friend, my best friend really, who has been accused of murder. Right now he is still in county jail awaiting trial. He says that he acted in self-defense, and while I know that this will sound cliché, I do believe him. I’m not certain of what the exact legal definitions of various crimes are, but I do not believe he acted...
  • stndstrg22114

    the waiting begins

    Well they moved m my man from county to department of corrections yesterday I no where he is processing at but that it.... I didn't even get to see him but one time only had time to. receive one letter and he gone I don't no how long it be before I get to hear from hiim or see him it could take months to be approved for visitation I don't know how long before he cam write or call and I'm missing...
  • ok once again in waiting by my phone we set up a time yesterday for him to call so I wouldn't be in the middle of anything as he puts it.... The time has come and gone I'm worried angry my mind is going thru all kinds of things us he playing games with me is it intentional when I no in reality there is a good explanation but I dont in If I can do thins for 10 yrs the not knowing the waiting I...
  • hey guys! Sooo I'm not sure how to feel or what to say about my situation but my boyfriend has been in jail for about a month now. Words CANNOT even describe how much I miss him! We have been bestfriends since I was 14 and he was 16. I'm 22 going on 23 now and he will be 25 in a week. We used to spend time together everyday and I just miss his company so much. We are pretty much inseparable. I'm...
  • Lioness45


    I met my King five months ago while he is serving out 7 more years on a twenty year sentence. I joined this group to learn how to cope. The emotional rollercoaster is real and the need and desire for him drives me mad. I know these emotions will settle down but I sure woukd like a friend in the same situation so we can hold each other up. Does anyone need a friend?
  • deleted_user


    I just wanted to check in with you to see how you are all doing on the other side of this journey. I am so appreciative to see you post out here, but just wanted to hear, if you are willing to share, how it's been for you. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your time together.
  • It has been 14 days he has been "away" and I must admit has been an emotional roller coaster for me,missing him, mad at him, sad moments with the reality this did really happen and not a bad dream and naturally I worry about him, how is he sleeping, eating since he only fish etc. He is in minimum security for poor choice business transaction with his business and resulted in mail fraud...
  • my fiancée. was incarcerated 13 days ago ..I. send a. letter every other day.. He was v in a head in collision killing the man he hit resulting in a m manslaughter 1 charge. .. He was j injred himself critically... Before the wreck we traveled for his job always together after his wreck I never left his side e have been together everyday 24 hr a day fior almost 3yrs. ..I turned him in 12...
  • LadySmith87

    Lost him

    my best friend has been given 14 years in prison. He is a true soul mate and we talk everyday and he's gone... I can't cope
  • Kimberlina81


    My partner was arrested on tuesday afternoon from home. 5 officers came and took him in his bloody slippers. He was held at the local police station where i was allowed to visit and they were very accommodating letting me stay for 45 minutes instead of the alotted time. I was then allowed to see him the following day still in police lock up because they were looking to extridite him interstate....
  • stardreamerdrea

    Falling apart

    I feel like I'm on an island..alone..the person I leaned on..is in prison...my family and friends want me to "just get on with my life" how do you make people realize that the person you love is still the person you love who made a mistake and you don't just stop loving them. I want to be there for my fiancee encourage him and be strong but his do I do that when I'm falling apart? All I do is...
  • stardreamerdrea

    Need my friends

    So im nort a fan of this new setup...took me awhile to get signed back in....and of course thats when I needed you guys the most. Alex finally got transferred to state on 4th of july...and until yesterday I hadnt hard from him since....I was going crazy...I know he has to be classified but I wasnt prepared to have to wait so long for a call.. Aletter..anything. I got this really short letter...
  • I have no idea what that is a picture of in that little circle, nor do I have a clue how to change it. Help!
  • brandnewangel

    we broke up

    We broke up,I'm really hurt even though I ended it still hurts...
  • I am new to this group and trying desperately to find some support.My 19 year old Son has been charged with drugs and weapons offences. This is his first offence however the Crown is seeking 10+ years. Our lawyer thinks more likely 4-6, I thought with everything we are doing to make him look better, tutoring, counselling, support groups, that he would magically get house arrest. I now know this...