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This community is dedicated to families that have been disrupted by prison. Having a loved one incarcerated or having been incarcerated comes with its own unique challenges that require support and understanding. Join the group to find others who know what you're going through, and to seek advice or share your experience.

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  • Suchaslife

    The holidays

    Ok i did this for 4 years  (yes i know some have done longer) this is how i got through it. Took a mp3, ipod, walkman.....something to listen to other then Christmas music.Asked him for ideas for gifts.......yes including them helps you and himLots of photos to send in to himSend him cards!I hope this helps some.
  • lucille8736

    Confused and sad

    Hey so my partner is in jail since september 27th, he called me on october 7th and I have hheard absolutely nothing from him since. I had to investigate for myself where he was, how long would he be in there and everything. I have sent him two emails but havent heard a word from him. I'm just so confused, I don't know if he doesnt want to talk to me or what is going on... the last thing he said...
  • throughthickandthin


    anyone know of any movies that relate to having your boyfriend/husband in jail?
  • Webb

    noone understands

    morning all,so trial ended, my partner got a hung jury and now will be getting re-trialed with 3 of his co-defendents in feb. i feel like im on this rollercoaster and when i feel like im going to get off it goes back round again. i just pray he comes home. im so sick and feel down. i broke down the other day but ill be fine good days and bad right? but regardless im going to wait as hes worth it...
  • Crowgoddess

    Bond for my husband today

    On my birthday my husband got put in jail. Today was his bond hearing and they said no and no to ever seeing his kids again. Lawyer is going to try again but how long is to ling to wait. He didnt do anything why is this happening to us? I have 2 kids no job cause he was the provider and i homeschool im gonna loose everything. Is there any advice what to do.  Thanks so much
  • throughthickandthin

    Federal Sentencing

    heyso today my boyfriend was given a 10 month sentence in federal prison. He has already done 7 months and 1 week. How do they calculate what a month is in the fededal system? When I asked his lawyer when he would be released they said that the feds had to calculate it. I’m just wondering if anyone has an idea on how many days 10 months would be and how to calculate that?thanksYou have all...
  • Chessy

    22yr daughter in prison

    Help.  I'm new to this situation.  My 22yr old daughter was held at a detention center in another country.  I'm distraught and cried all night.  It's day 2'. I don't know yet how long she'll stay there before being deported.  It's her first offence. 
  • Paris666

    31 year old son in prison

    I guess I'm reaching out here because I don't know where else to reach out I was able to briefly speak with my son which were not able to do very often. He is doing way too much time for what initially occurred to cause him to be there. But I get the most awful verbal abuse from him and I am the only one that helps him and obviously as his mother will always be there for him but he treats...
  • Husbandback

    Need help

    I am new to this. My husband got 3 yrs and I feel lost. He took care of everything for us and now I have to. We have been together 17 yrs and have 2 kids. I don't know what to do. I have not worked since 99. I feel like I lost everything.
  • Husbandback

    When does it get easy

    It has been a week since my husband went away. When does it get easier? I can't see the light at the end. I'm scaring everyone and I don't know how to stop. My family tries to help but I feel like I'm failing my kids. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I have never been alone before.
  • McKnna12

    New here

    My husband has trial in a couple of months and is looking at hard time. Anywhere from 2-15 years. I have mostly been doing ok, but sometimes I break down and cry. I also sometimes focus on other issues instead of this issue because it is easier. My husband is not drinking or using drugs. He is in counseling working to resolve his issues. I go sometimes with him to see his counselor. I also have...
  • Husbandback


    Can charges be dropped after sentencing if the victim comes forward and says they were forced to lie about the crime.
  • BrownBrokenhearted2001

    Prayers needed

    In need of prayer. My husband filed for an appeal about a month ago and an attorney has been assigned.  Praying this goes my quickly and smoothly.  Asking for prayers and support and I promise to do the same in return. 
  • SadLady1976

    New to me

    I have been with my boyfriend for a year. Prior to meeting me he has a long, sad history (criminal and personal). The worst of which is he's on Megan's Law list because when he was 25 yrs old he picked someone up in a bar and turns out her ID was fake. He has had a rocky history since. The last of which was for tattooing a minor, a friend of his girlfriend at the time, they both lied about her...
  • lovelove2017


    My 17 year old is on the way to prison. Possibly 20 years... Lost