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This community is dedicated to families that have been disrupted by prison. Having a loved one incarcerated or having been incarcerated comes with its own unique challenges that require support and understanding. Join the group to find others who know what you're going through, and to seek advice or share your experience.

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  • _ANA_

    Still in Transit

    Thank you all for your replies to my last post. My fiance surrendered about two weeks ago and still hasn't made it to the prision yet. Because of this, I can't communicate with him- or send him commesary money. The first week he was gone- I had a lot of angery toward him - and now I am overcome with concern for him. He was able to write me a short letter using someone else's commesary. I got...
  • SDL

    Illinois Support Groups

    Hello, I just found out my boyfriend is to be sentenced early next month.  Is anyone here from Illinois (Chicago) and know of any face to face support groups to attend?  Talking about some of these feelings would really help.
  • _ANA_


    I just joined this group because I don't have anyone to talk to. My fiancé was incarcerated last week. We moved to our current city about two years ago. My old friendships have faded- and I haven't made any new ones. I've never had a relationship with my parents. I work from home and I’m feeling incredibly isolated in this. The situation that led to his sentence came out of nowhere. During...
  • Webb

    29th july..

    Hi guys, sorry i havent been on here alot. 29th july is the date hes coming home. 288 days, or he coukd come home march 17th if he gets tag. So im really excited. Just want this year to end! Its been such a shit year. Roll on 2017 new friends, new life, new job, new car!
  • Playckplay

    My GF is at SAFPF

    She and I met whilst she was incarcerated. We have been together for a year or so off and on. But since she's started her Substance Abuse rehabilitation program I scarcely hear from her. I'm worried that the circumstances changed her feelings for me.
  • Webb


    Its funny how i have friends in the UK, its a friday night its 8.40pm most of my friends are getting ready to go out clubbing. Im not ready to go out to a club and act like a single lady. They just dont get it? They cant accept it. I just want to do what makes ME feel ok. And i want to learn how to deal with it. The next time i have a drink i want my babe next to me, and a banner welcome home and...
  • angeladam

    Shock Incarceration

    So, it's a possibility that he'll go into this program, which is a lot like boot camp- early morning wake ups, strenuous physical workouts, hard labor, being treated really badly by the COs who are trained as drill instructors, then some kind of counseling/classes, and early lights out. No packages from home, no commissary, one ten minute phone call every two weeks, one visit every two weeks. The...
  • fireckr


    My son was brutally beaten while he slept. Spent 7 days in the hospital and after he was discharged he was placed in isolation for his protection, he is in his 6th week of isolation.  He now suffers  from PTSD as well as ongoing pain, and getting no proper medical attention at all.  Six weeks!  I feel so helpless.  I can't even begin to imagine how all this time in isolation is going to...
  • LivinOnAPrayer

    Back Together

    So I met my guy while he was inside. We had a terrific relationship but broke up when he moved prisons. It was a bunch of arguments and making up, it drove me crazy. I cut him off cold. Changed my number, mailbox. Etc. Now three years later things have changed. He's been asking about me to people we know and i think about him often. Over the last 3 years I've written him dozens of times and torn...
  • Webb


    Court today was better than what i expected. He has to serve 10months. And will be out by my 21st! So grateful as the max sentence was 2years, and there were 2 accounts.
  • Lioness45


    I met my King five months ago while he is serving out 7 more years on a twenty year sentence. I joined this group to learn how to cope. The emotional rollercoaster is real and the need and desire for him drives me mad. I know these emotions will settle down but I sure woukd like a friend in the same situation so we can hold each other up. Does anyone need a friend?
  • Suchaslife

    Cover picture

    I want to know if anyone else finds the cover picture on this group depressing? To me its like ds is throwing it in our faces as to where our people are.Anyone else want to see that wall gone???
  • Webb

    Advice really

    Friday is approaching quick, before i was really feeling a lot better about it knowing what hes going to get, but now he called me saying if he gets 3 years will i wait?  it just made me feel awful. Because i wanna wait, i dont think he will get 3 years but i cant be sure until friday can i get any advice on how people deal withbthe couple of days approachin to the sentence and how they deal...
  • Webb

    Really confused.

    just reading up on the death penalty excuse my ignorance, but i dont understand it? Im from England and here he dont have none of that.. so where in the world does it happen? Why does it happen? Its not an eye for an eye. I dont agree with it. Eg if a murderer is given this its the coward way out. Make him suffer everyday for what hes done. If someone could explain it to me thank you x
  • Ebony

    I don't know if I'll make it

    Nobody understands what I'm going through! They say they do followed by a dumb response like "it'll get better just think positive!" My brother was 15 years old when he got sent to prison, FIFTEEN!!!! I was 19 going on twenty! My brother was my best friend. I say was because I'm pushing away and I can't help it! I'm the oldest of four and my brother was right after me four years later! Same mom...