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This community is dedicated to families that have been disrupted by prison. Having a loved one incarcerated or having been incarcerated comes with its own unique challenges that require support and understanding. Join the group to find others who know what you're going through, and to seek advice or share your experience.

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  • rock6531


    On my way home from work this morning I really wanted to call my man. I miss that a lot. I had a very stressful shift and it was always nice to tell him about times like that. He was the one I'd cry to when we couldn't save the person, shared my joy about the ones we did. And I realized this morning that I can't talk to him whenever I need his support. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fill...
  • Scatterbrained

    Housing Ideas?

    Hi Everyone! I haven't been on in a while. I've been working like crazy here lately and today is my first day off in over a month. I hope everyone is doing ok and all of your loved ones too. My guy is still waiting on the Community Corrections so it's still a waiting game. But, I do have a couple of questions for anyone that might have gone through this....Right now I rent a room, not an actual...
  • rock6531

    Blood tests

    Has anyone ever heard of a blood test for a DWI taking over 5 months to come back? 
  • poohbay


    So last night I overheard my mother kind of bad mouthing my relationship to my grandmother. I had told her I probably wasn't going to see my fiancé this weekend because he told me not to come. Well she's tell my grandma that 'heck he'd only have to tell me that once' and just talking slick. She really getting on my nerves. When I went a few weeks ago he called and asked if she was coming. She...
  • eyedeekay

    So scared

    The DA is goning to offer a plea deal tomorrow and it isnt going at all how it was suppose to. It sounds like now they are trying to throw extra chargers, they are saying he has to go to prsion for his time and i have no idea how far away he will end up being.... they also are most likely increasing the time from what it was suppose to be they were saying 18 months but they are adding more time...
  • Webb


    Hi guys,The waiting is really starting to annoy me!! He was meant to come home july 28th! But due to this shitty case the sentencting will be august/october time. So all in all he would be away from me for 14months! A year and a half. Bloody hell its so crazy. But so far so good, everything is weak atm on his case i just hope they have insufficent evidence on him and he can home. I keep praying....
  • LeanOnMe

    Parole hearing today

    Hi all,My son has been down 10-1/2 years and today is his 2nd parole hearing. His first one was in 2011 and he was denied. He's done all he can do while inside; completed every program offered, stayed out of trouble and has kept a steady job since 2009. Just asking for positive thoughts and prayers to help get me through this day. I live out of state so I'm unable to attend. I miss him so much!!
  • poohbay

    Just Don't Know

    I'm so upset. Me and my bf talked and made up Monday. But he didn't call me at all yesterday. That's so unusual as he calls me several times a day. So he just called. He was sounding kinda down. So he asked when I was coming to see him. I thought he was being sarcastic because we've talked about this. Any way we were suppose to visit him this Saturday. He told me I don't have to come. After me...
  • poohbay


    Little background: Back in December my fiancé was coerced into taking a plea (30 to life). Now he's finally situated at his prison after that long transfer period. This is absolutely the hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my life. I try to find ways to cope but I haven't been that successful. It doesn't help either that I have no one to talk to about this but him. And of course I don't always...
  • rewdiazepam

    Prison Relationships

    I am a guy who discharged a 20 year sentence in prison, so maybe I can shed some light on your situation.Most inmates are very insecure.  Many have lost family, their self-esteem is gone, all their finances have dried up, and now they are in the one place nobody really wants to be----in prison locked up, day after day, week after week, and year to year.Couple that with the fact that they are...
  • poohbay


    Ugh so my guy has been acting real crazy. So we're talking last night and he gets a attitude, hangs up. Calls back and tells me to find someone else. Calls back and apologies says he didn't mean that. And we talk through what's bothering him. Then he calls back later on and tells me he thinks I have someone else. That there's no way I don't text, talk, or something with anyone else. No way that...
  • rock6531

    staying positive

    I'm having trouble staying positive and he can hear it in my voice. At times I feel as though I'm not allowed to feel sad or upset. That I'm supposed to be positive all the time and smile. Why is it so hard for people to understand what this does to a person?
  • MrsLS2016

    Does it get easier?

    Hi all,I'm new to this website thing. I have been a complete wreck without my Husband. I have talked to him once in the last week and it's been extremely hard on me mentally and emotionally. He told me to stay positive and "keep your head in the books" (I'm graduating with my B.A this May lol), but I literally can't do anything. I can't eat, can't sleep, I can't study, my stomach hurts, I'm...
  • Sheenabeena


    My husband was accused of something 6.5 years ago that he didn't do. We had been dating only 11 months at the time but knowing the man he was I knew this was crazy. The case went on for YEARS. During that time I got pregnant, had our daughter, got engaged and then We got married October 2015. I married him knowing there was a chance things could go south with this case but I didn't expect it to...
  • LadyJay

    Waiting for visit

    So I'm at visit. I'm number 57 and they're on 15. What do you guys do to occupy time while you wait to go through processing and all that good stuff? Dont get me wrong I'm excited I just hate waiting and I got here an extra hour early.