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This community is dedicated to families that have been disrupted by prison. Having a loved one incarcerated or having been incarcerated comes with its own unique challenges that require support and understanding. Join the group to find others who know what you're going through, and to seek advice or share your experience.

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  • Ebony


    Every prison in the state of Florida is on lock down!… I miss my brother so much! Its been eight years and I swear the pain only gets worst! Not sure if I can stay sane for another seven 
  • Adia

    Young & In Love

    Hello everyone,Me and my girlfriend have not been together long but I am completely in love with her. Unfortunately, she is in county jail due to some poor choices she made before we knew each other awaiting sentence for her charges. She has also been in and out of jail since she was a child, but this is the first time she will be facing some possible heavy time. I have never been with...
  • eyedeekay

    6 month update & losing support

    ugh, i cant belive i have been dealing with all this for half a year now.... seems like shorter and longer all at the same time. The worst part is we still dont know how long he is going to get, and trail now got pushed to August. Because of this my mom has decied to flip sides saying that i shouldnt be wasting my early 20s on some boy, where i dont know what will happen when he gets home. She...
  • Hthrmh87

    My poor daughter

    My daughters dad hasnt really been in her life that much and shes 12. In 2014 he was released from prison. He started spending time with her and she loved it. Only for him to go back to prison in 2016 and sentenced to 15yrs. Does he even love his own daughter?!?!?
  • Leile

    Fiance is on trial for murder

    Hi, I wanted to share what's been going on with me. Last month my fiance had a psychotic episode in which he shot and killed a woman. I was a witness on video chat up until a few minutes before the shooting and I *know* he was out of his mind and thought he was in danger from this woman. Because I was a witness I'm not supposed to share any more details than that but suffice it to say I know my...
  • katzekitkat

    My beloved brother-in-law arrested for rape

    I feel raw. I've known my brother-in-law for 9 years and he's always been my favorite member of my husband's family. He is my husband's odler brother and he has always looked up to him: very smart and very social. Has a house, an industrial job, and another job doing what he loves. He likes tinkering with computers, reading fantasy novels, and games with stories at its core, very similar to my...
  • Mariuuh

    Missing my Boyfriend :'(

    My boyfriend was arrested but hasn't been sentenced. It's killing me not knowing. I want to at least know for how long but everybody keeps telling me I won't find out till many court dates later. How long does it take to find out? I've never been through this before so I have no idea. If anybody can lift my spirits I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Chrissy1987

    Adult child who has a mother in jail

    I have never been on any type of site like this or even tried to communicate with anyone else about this subject. However it has become very hard to handle on my own. My mom is in jail for drugs. I am in my 20's and so obviously I am not a child, however this is really affecting me. My mom and I because of her problems have not been close for several years. I have spent the majority of my teenage...
  • JessicaMorris94

    Boyfriend Locked Up Again

    To anyone who is reading this... I have never posted on any type of forum but often found much comfort reading through other similar situations. I hope that my post can both bring me some relief by sharing as well as others reading it. I am currently at a loss I feel that my life is a total mess and as if it will never be normal again after all of this. For the past ten years, I have been...


    Hi I'm new here. And this is my first post. A little about my situation.I met my now Fiance' on a chat line almost two years ago. He was different and interesting. We talked ofter and I visited him regularly. He's been in for 9 years and we have recently obtained a lawyer.We talk, write and email often when their not on lockdown. Last year about 6 months ago he asked me to marry him, I accepted....
  • LC627


    Over the weekend I got to visit my brother. It was the first time I've seen him in over 5 years since he went to prison. He was given a life sentence and he has a parole board hearing on the 4th and they will decide just how long he will have to serve before he can have parole. I feel a little scared which is normal but I am OK. It was so good seeing him. I am still processing the whole trip and...
  • bigsister1977

    My brother charged with stabbing his wife to death

    4 weeks ago my family had one of the biggest hits a family can ever take , we found out through various media and then confirmed by the police that my sister in law had been stabbed to death and that my brother 35 years old had been arrested for it, he's now been charged with murder for her and also attempted murder of one his step children (one of hers from a previous relationship) he's set to...
  • indigee

    son need someone his age to write to please help

    my son is 22 years old  and need someone his age to talk to ,all his friends has let him down.he is in clinton annex and i'm in brooklyn,ny
  • bugout62

    My son is waiting to be sentenced

    My son is currently in county jail waiting to be sentenced. I am terrified. He is a non-violent offender and may have to go to prison for multiple duis. I hear horror stories about the transition from jail to prison and about prison itself. Any advice??
  • LC627

    Family: what not to do

    I work as a prison chaplain and I want to write a quick post on "what not to do" when it comes to families who have someone in prison. I want to start off by saying I understand where you are coming from. My father is doing 30 years in prison and my brother has life, I understand the frustration and worry of not hearing from your loved one, the messed-up phone systems, and even being turned away...