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This community is dedicated to families that have been disrupted by prison. Having a loved one incarcerated or having been incarcerated comes with its own unique challenges that require support and understanding. Join the group to find others who know what you're going through, and to seek advice or share your experience.

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  • Webb


    Court today was better than what i expected. He has to serve 10months. And will be out by my 21st! So grateful as the max sentence was 2years, and there were 2 accounts.
  • fireckr


    My son was brutally beaten while he slept. Spent 7 days in the hospital and after he was discharged he was placed in isolation for his protection, he is in his 6th week of isolation. He now suffers from PTSD as well as ongoing pain, and getting no proper medical attention at all. Six weeks! I feel so helpless. I can't even begin to imagine how all this time in isolation is going to affect...
  • Webb

    Advice really

    Friday is approaching quick, before i was really feeling a lot better about it knowing what hes going to get, but now he called me saying if he gets 3 years will i wait? it just made me feel awful. Because i wanna wait, i dont think he will get 3 years but i cant be sure until friday can i get any advice on how people deal withbthe couple of days approachin to the sentence and how they deal with...
  • Webb

    Really confused.

    just reading up on the death penalty excuse my ignorance, but i dont understand it? Im from England and here he dont have none of that.. so where in the world does it happen? Why does it happen? Its not an eye for an eye. I dont agree with it. Eg if a murderer is given this its the coward way out. Make him suffer everyday for what hes done. If someone could explain it to me thank you x
  • Ebony

    I don't know if I'll make it

    Nobody understands what I'm going through! They say they do followed by a dumb response like "it'll get better just think positive!" My brother was 15 years old when he got sent to prison, FIFTEEN!!!! I was 19 going on twenty! My brother was my best friend. I say was because I'm pushing away and I can't help it! I'm the oldest of four and my brother was right after me four years later! Same mom...
  • Webb

    Mixed emotions

    A week today my boyfriend is going to get sentenced. Im hoping for the best. Yet expecting the worse. Its just the not knowing that gets me because i need time to mentally prepare for the long journey ahead. Im thinking of it as im lining up for a ride at a theme park where i have so many butterflies im nervous, excited, etc. And i dont really like rollercoasters but i just need to do one this...
  • Playckplay

    My GF is at SAFPF

    She and I met whilst she was incarcerated. We have been together for a year or so off and on. But since she's started her Substance Abuse rehabilitation program I scarcely hear from her. I'm worried that the circumstances changed her feelings for me.
  • Webb


    The other half called today and i missed it. I told him to call me at 630 or after and he said thats fine, but he called me at 430 whilst i was at work. I dont know wether to be angry with him for it? So many mixed emotions.
  • Waiting86

    New to this...

    How do i even begin to cope and wait? My fiancee been incarcerated for three weeks now and im in this alone :(... Any ideas or suggestions to help me cope?
  • This2shallpassD

    Adjusting to spouse away

    It has been 14 days he has been "away" and I must admit has been an emotional roller coaster for me,missing him, mad at him, sad moments with the reality this did really happen and not a bad dream and naturally I worry about him, how is he sleeping, eating since he only fish etc. He is in minimum security for poor choice business transaction with his business and resulted in mail fraud...
  • stndstrg22114

    the waiting begins

    Well they moved m my man from county to department of corrections yesterday I no where he is processing at but that it.... I didn't even get to see him but one time only had time to. receive one letter and he gone I don't no how long it be before I get to hear from hiim or see him it could take months to be approved for visitation I don't know how long before he cam write or call and I'm missing...
  • Webb


    Hiya,Im new to all of this. I need some advice im feeling really low atm, my boyfriend is in remand and looking at 3years max in prison. Im from the uk so he gets half of that for good behaviour and 1/3 off that for pleading guilty. I feel sick all the time, very lost. My world has flipped upside down i feel as if i have no-one to talk to.
  • Amyk318


    I have been seeing this absolutely wonderful, loving, patient, caring man for 6 months and on our first date he opened up to me about his DUI past. He did 5 years in prison for a DUI about 7 years ago and his wife of 25 years left him when he was in prison. Since he was out he had a very strained relationship with her and his kids and I fell head over heels in love after the first week we were...
  • lillyannabelle


    I wish the posts were more frequent on here last
  • lillyannabelle

    Still waiting

    I've been without my other half 4 years now I have one more to go it almost seems like it's getting harder rather than easier for his release date to arrive and having a mental illness makes it even harder. I have cycle so many times this past year and without Ihim here to help me makes it 100 times harder to get through each cycle he knows every time I'm not well. I hate him dealing with my...