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Teen depression is marked by persistent sadness, discouragement, loss of self-worth, and loss of interest in usual activities. Depression can be a temporary response to many situations and stresses. Teens may be more susceptible to depression due to the normal maturation process, the stress associated with it, and conflicts with parents as they become more independent.

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  • lookingforEmy

    I don't know what's wrong with me.

    Recently I've hit as low as I can. I've been having more panic attacks and I've felt like crying every five minutes. I'm scared to talk about it to people and I don't want to be put on medication again.  What do I do. 
  • Misfit111

    Ready to die

    All I feel now is depressed everyday and I just hate my life anfor overall hate myself. I hardly talk to anyone anymore and life seems so meaningless now. Just ready to die..
  • Systemfailure

    Who even cares?

    I keep trying to make myself better but nothing seems to be working, I'm so over myself.. I feel so empty. 
  • lolamb


    I feel like I'm going crazy because i have absolutely nobody to talk to. No friends that I can just text or hang out. Not even a single person online. At this point with how things are going in my life I just feel like life is not worth living anymore. I hate this feeling of loneliness and that I can't just have a best friend or even a friend at least to chat with about stupid stuff.  All I...
  • lolamb


    hi. i'm new to this website referred by the Crisis Text Line. well i've been dealing with depression for 5 years now and throughout those years I never had anybody to really lean on or in better words I never ever had a good friend. I'm always, always there for people but now I got to be selfish and now I need someone to just talk to. 
  • jengirl08

    I can't win

    Recently it feels like I can't do anything right. I'm slowing falling apart and closing myself from the people around me. I don't want to but I can't help what I'm doing. I'm being a very negative person that people don't want to be around. I don't know how to stop this. Someone help me. 
  • Mand841

    No more therapy....

    Im so annoyed! My mom doesn't think I need to see my therapist anymore, bc she thinks I''m fine and I should be fine.  She can't just assume I'm cured.  So annoying, hope everyone is doing okay.  
  • afileah

    My life sucks

    I hate myself and my life and want to die. Im to scared to tell anyone face to face how im feeling and wish to just disapear. I have no friends and am only alive thanks to music. Idk what to do anymore
  • melany

    I HATE

    I'm Melany and my new to this site and I  actually got my hands on this wedsite because I was feeling sad and  depressed  one night so I went online to look for a number I could text and talk to someone that could help me feel better so I found crisis textline and the number is 741-741 it works In all states and when I was talking to this person she give me this wedsite and said that this can...
  • hannah_marie

    new member

    hi everyone im new here. my mom made me look for some online support groups because of how bad my depression has been in the last few weeks.
  • sofia160


    Hi everyone,I'm new to this website. I've been depressed for 2 years now and at school I feel like im a very easy target, because I don't really fit in that well.Anyways, I hope all of you guys have a good rest of the day  :) 
  • RachelApples

    Well...This Is Life

    Hey so im new to this site and idk what to put honestly, today was a hard day. I suffer from a lot of depression and anxiety and I just dont fit in at school. Depression makes me see the world in a worst way than it actually is and i just cant seem to get past it. :l
  • corinne.elise


    Hi I'm Corinne, I'm in high school in Florida, diagnosed 3 months ago with major depressive disorder and anxiety. I'm looking for someone to talk to who has been though this kind of thing, and can help me through it.
  • Halya


    Hi,I think that I need to talk to someone who will be able to understand me... I feel alone after some people dropped me...I've got no body for talking left and it makes me very desperateI don't know what I should do...
  • salata

    toxic friend

    I feel so depressed and alone and all i want is to cry. I feel that nobody understands me and i dont know if the people that surround me are the  right for me. I stopped being friend with a guy that was really important to me, because he manipulated me and judged me all the time, two months ago and since then i am always sad. I am afraid i will be alone without friends and people to support me...