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Teen depression is marked by persistent sadness, discouragement, loss of self-worth, and loss of interest in usual activities. Depression can be a temporary response to many situations and stresses. Teens may be more susceptible to depression due to the normal maturation process, the stress associated with it, and conflicts with parents as they become more independent.

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  • ReclaimedHope

    Will to wake-up

    Every day I wanna wakeup and put everything behind me. I don't want to walk into that school everyday and face reality. I don't have the will to wake up anymore.Every day i wake-up it just gets worse and worse. I don't selfharm. I can't I promised my mom and I never break a promise to her. I just don't know what to do anymore. Theres a girl that I go to school with and I saw the scars on her arms...
  • i am 28 and have suffered with depression horribly and want to be here for anyone who needs someone to talk to or a listening ear. please reach out to me. love you all
  • I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. It seemed we had everything. I was in love with him, he was in love with me, and now in the blink of an eye it's just gone. It feels wrong. Like it shouldn't have happened, he told me he didn't wanna do it, but upon talking to his parents he broke up with me. Over text too. I feel that this is not fair to me at all, I had no say in any of it. I'm...
  • ihateeverything

    I hate myself

    I ruin everything and I want to die, im crying and mygirlfriend trying to help me over face time makes it worse because she is just frustrating me. I want to hurt myself and kill myself i hate being alive i hat putting on a stupid fake smile and pretending life is great i want it to end.
  • Cassidy

    Suicidal thoughts?

    A month or two ago, many things went on in my family. My dad's girlfriend (now fiance) had a troubled past and present, I was bullied at school, drama at school, and I got broken up with my boyfriend. I thought my only way out was suicide. I talked to three of my friends, who managed to talk me out of it. Talk to a friend or family member, that usually can help, but don't rely on them for...
  • josefk

    foster kids?

    anyone else here been through the foster care system, or still in it?wouldn't mind talking to people who have had to deal with that.also anyone who's had to deal with abuse of any kind.
  • I don't have any support at home from either of my parents. Most of time I'm in my room burying myself into the lives of fictional TV characters because I just can't stand my life. Things are just getting from bad to worse. I need help just getting it all out!
  • I can't deal with the fact that my mum loves me less for being bisexual .. When did parents stop loving their kids because their kids weren't happy .. Why dose life have to be looks this .. Why can't anybody love me... My love for my self has dropped so much I look in the mirror every morning thinking why am I here ... Then I realize I have to face another smile .. When will I know when I've...
  • Hi there,I've been friends with this guy online for about a year. For privacy reasons, I'll call him John. John and I talk every day. If I was to describe him, I'd say that he's a really compationate guy, showing genuine care for others if they're kind to him. He really cares about college too and is actively healthy, being in a sport for several years. He's currently going to an all boys school...
  • liampm

    Help? I feel so alone.

    Hi there, my name is Liam. I am 22. I have been transitioning from female to male for a year now. (1 year on hormones). Until pretty recently I had an amazing supportive girlfriend, but that has changed. She walked away with little explanation, and left me alone. I feel extremely abandoned. Her leaving has brought up a lot of difficult things for me that I was able to cope with while with her,...
  • My mom died and i was depressed from that. but it was on and off. i didnt feel like that all the time. recently i have been feeling down and sad. i have been crying alot even at school. i cant get out of the depression. i havent been hungary at all but at the same time im starving. im always tired no matter how much sleep i get. is this clinical depression?
  • Hi. My name is Stephanie and I'm new here. I've been dealing for some time with some problems that I can't just discuss with those around me. It started all two years ago, when I told my mom I didn't pass to the next phase of a contest which a year before I had won. What hit me so hard was the disappointment on her face, that until today I couldn't explain to myself, I couldn't get to understand...
  • unknownteenager

    Why am I here

    As I write this my wrists are bleeding u do not know what it is that I am needing. I'm not loved by anybody my family recently died in a fire and I'm the only one who wasn't home when it happened ive never had any friends only people who would bully me I've been bullied since I was born lived in foster care most my life after my father took up drinking and my.mother drugs the friend I ever had...
  • I'm struggling a lot with my depression. I feel like killing myself a lot of the time and I generally feel sad . Although I can fake being happy at school (I'm a senior), sometimes things get to be too hard and all I can do is stare off into space. I've already been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but it doesn't seem like I'll be getting any sort of treatment until I can provide for it...
  • starlettexo

    It's happening again

    It's been a while since I last written here but I'm pushed to the point where I need to start back up. Depression been a b*tch this year. I can't go to anyone I can't even talk to my sister about it anymore. I find myself getting worse and there's no help. I try to talk to my parents about it and they refuse to listen and if they hear it they think I'm making it up. Why would I even make up or...