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Crohn's disease is a systemic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) of unknown cause, that results in chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract. It can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus, and can also cause complications outside of the gastrointestinal tract. There is no known medical or surgical cure for Crohn's disease, but there are many medical treatments available.

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  • I recently had the capsule endoscopy test. That's where you swallow the pill camera and it travels down your g.i. system until it's excreted. It takes a whole bunch of pictures and is supposed to be the best (supposedly according to this g.i. doc) in determining whether you have Crohn's in the small bowel. FYI, when you have an endoscopy and colonoscopy, they both do not reach the middle, the...
  • Scooby3

    Mom of child with colitis

    Im new to this site and wondering there are others who have children with colitis. Although this is not new (my son was diagnosed at 5). He went for almost 3 years in remission on pentasa. Then he flared in June and was hospitalized twice. He is now on Remicade but because it's new the dose was increased and third dose given 2 weeks early because the symptoms are back. I have wonderful friends...
  • michelle22

    Serious fear of dying?

    Hi there. I'm 20 years old, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was sixteen in 2013. I have had only one surgery and only a few hospital admissions. Currently, I am not on any medications. On the whole, I have been SO lucky. I don't know why, but the biggest struggle I have with crohn's disease is my fear of colon cancer/early death. Right now I live a very very active life, and my disease...
  • shelleyk

    Newly diagnosed and so scared

    Hi allIn early July I got bronchitis and was put on prednisone for 5 days. After 3 days of taking it I noticed a lot of blood on wiping and My GP told me to stop the prednisone and never take it again. A few days later runny tummy with mucus started. I was put on the antibiotics Cipro, flagyl, Kantrexil and told to use Smecta (antidiarrheal with diocmectite clay) to help firm up my stools....
  • susiecat.pat

    Feeling of Internal Hot Flushes

    Can Crohn's cause feeling of internal hot flushes?   I wake up and start to feel internally hot. almost like my bodyis going to burst into flames.  I don't really sweat a lot.   If I get up and move around , it helps.  I am way, way past menopause!!
  • Luke444

    UC and the decision to marry - Adivce Please!!

    I was never good with decisions, to begin with, but deciding to marry someone with a chronic illness has outdone me. It's paralyzing. Over the last two years, I discovered a deep struggle and beauty with my girlfriend's ulcerative colitis. I am convinced that her beautiful character and soul have been refined through her struggle with UC. I knew we were a match by our first date. She was...
  • deleted_user

    Drinking filtered or bottled water

    I have recently found that when i was going through a flare up tap water tasted really discusting, which is why i had a bottle of water instead. now has anyone found that drinking bottled or filtered water healps with the flare ups n symptoms of crohns diease? i find that if i drink tap water then i will go into a flare up so i drink bottled water and filtered water religiously now. Has anyone...
  • survivorDawn

    What Medicine works and what foods to eat?

    I am trying to help my daughter with the chronic illness she is now suffering from. Diagnosed with UC July 2016 and not being able to take any longer Predizone and recently Ramicade infusions not working!She is unable to eat everything except ichiban soup and pudding. She will be having her 3rd scope but I am wondering what other people are taking for their treatment and has anyone had bad...
  • Committhis2memory

    Do IUDs help with Crohns?

    I just had a baby in April. I read articles about IUDs helping with people with crohns. Does it really help? I know they trick the body into thinking its pregnant. When I was pregnant I didn't have problems with my crohns. Now that I am breastfeeding I cannot take the steriod Uceris. Not sure if that helped but I feel pretty horrible. I have taked to my doctor and this flare up is going on way to...
  • jonge

    Did a Sudden Shock or Stress etc. Cause Your UC?

    Hi Guys,I was in remission for three years then a mate sudenly passed away from a heart attack and I lost a big client at my work.The combo of both were very stressful to take. I was under a lot of fincancial pressure and then started thinking about life and death etc. especially as my mate was just a year older than me.It's made me think how big a role does stress play in UC. I first started...
  • mitzi56

    remission or misdiagnosed?

    i haven't had any symptons of crohn's disease in two years. two different doctors have said they can't see it and they think i was misdiagnosed. i also been constipated for more than a week several times instead of having diarrhea. can people with crohn's have constipation instead of diarrhea?
  • deleted_user

    Hair loss & Prednisone?

    I have UC & I was taking 60 mg/day of prednisone for a few months and finished tapering off the first week of January. Since I stopped taking prednisone, my hair has started falling out - all day, everyday. Has anyone else experienced this when coming off the steroids? If so, what can be done about it? How long does it fall out before it begins to grow back- or does it grow back?I try to stay...
  • plumedehibou

    is it crown's or just ibs? afraid of colonoscopy

    Hello! I'm new here.Some background: I'm 25 years old, female, Canadian and I teach grade 3 French immersion. Since I was a teenager, I've had what my mum called a "sensitive constitution". We'd go out for dinner, and I'd get diarrhea. I'd get nervous for something, and I'd get diarrhea. My grandmother has IBS so I'd always just assumed that that is what I had too.But then about 6 months ago, I...
  • Amonett

    UC and chronic sinusitis

    Hi, I'm 34 and in the last two weeks have been diagnosed with two long term conditions, Ulcerative Colitis and Chronic Sinusitis. Wondering if anyone else has this combo as it doesn't seem coincidental to me. About a year ago I started with cold symptoms that never got better. My PCP thought I had allergies but I tested negative. I got to an ENT who gave me large amounts of antibiotics and...
  • DeeD

    Can't Breathe

    I've had crohn's disease for 38 years.  Have taken so many medications it's unreal.  My latest, Humira and methotrexate injections weekly now for 2+ years.  I started having shortness of breath a few months ago.   Cardiac work up including heart cath was negative.  Finally, just last week Dr stopped my injections.  I see a pulmonologist next week.  Have any of you guys had these side...