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Cleft is a congenital deformity caused by a failure in facial development during gestation. It can be treated with surgery shortly after birth with highly successful results. Cleft occurs in somewhere between one in 600 and one in 800 births. Cleft occurs in several severities and is divided in two major categories: cleft lip and cleft palate.

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  • Maiaaa


    Hi my name is Maia I am 15 and was birn with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. I go to high school/college so I have to deal with the normal teenage stuff and the cleft palate stuff at school and It's horrible
  • incurrentstanding


    Hello, My name is Angelo Miller and I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and pallet. I am 25 years old, air force veteran and working on a business degree. I've been in denial about the look of myself for as long as I can remember. For so long I would look in the mirror and somehow convince myself without much thought that I was like everyone else. This has been a great survival tool for me!...
  • I have a one month old daughter, Emma, with a cleft palate and Pierre Robin. She also has reflux which contributes to her feeding issues. She is finally gaining weight slowly with a Dr. Brown bottle. Her weight increase is no where it needs to be so doctors are wanting to place a "G tube" and tack her tongue. Has anyone been through this? If so was it worth it. Useful advice welcomed.
  • I was talking to my gf the other day & this question came up. Obviously she would but when she asked me if I would I couldn't answer. Either as someone with a cleft or even if I didn't have one I wasn't sure.What brought the question up was I saw a young gal (18ish) or so who had a left. She was @ work but seemed so sad. I told my gf I had half the mind to just walk up on her & ask her if she was...
  • mnabdelg

    The struggle with congestion

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. My name is Mariam, and I was born with a cleft of the hard palate. I had two surgeries, one at four months and one at eight years. My cleft was the result of teratogens in my mom's environment, which cause the timing problem during my embryological development. And.... walah! A cleft.Because I don't have a cleft lip, my cleft is "invisible". However, I...
  • Hi, everyone.I wrote and recorded a song recently that I wanted to share with all of you.It's not about the cleft experience directly (although I do have a few of those in the works). It's more about the human condition in general and it means a lot to me. Usually I feel more uncomfortable with the sound of my own singing, but on this one I don't mind.It's based on a Ray Bradbury story called...
  • Hi,I'm new here and I feel weird and funny admitting that I have a cleft lip/palate. I'm 27 and for the first 12 years of my life I had no idea that I was "different". I was never treated differently, I was never told I looked different, I was accept wholeheartedly by the people around me.It wasn't until I was in middle school that things started to change, I started to notice I was different....
  • SpecialEd67

    A lot about nothing...

    Hello All,Have surely noticed that this group has been sort of "dead" lately. Possible that the regulars here (I'm a lurker generally) have either moved on or are too busy in their lives to post. In a way I hope it's the latter as it means that they're doing well and don't need this group anymore. I came here somewhat by accident about a year ago when doing research on cleft palates. I have...
  • KimiF

    Being me

    This is the first time I've ever joined a support group. My life has been one disaster after the other. I must admit that I felt alone and no one can possibly feel the way I feel, but after reading so many posts, I realised that I'm not alone. I live in South Africa, here cleft palates are not so common. Anyhow, I have always been a glass half empty kind of girl, I can never see the silver lining...
  • Woodoow

    Speech Problems

    Well guys, hope you all spend great late holidays.However, the start of a new school year is bound to bring upfront the issues I've been sleeping on this last months : speech problems.I did practice speech therapy, and had a surgery (soft palate lipofilling) on July 8th, but as the surgeon struggled to find fat in my body, it comes out it was kind of vain.Back from an appointment today, he told...
  • my son was 4 months when he had his lip repair he was struggling to keep his wait on we were going to gilletts children hospital in st paul he had his lip repair and ear tubs on october 19th and on october 25th we found him unresponsive.his autopsy came back and they said it was from natural causes its been almost 4 months since we lost him and i think about it every day that maybe there was...
  • erinnn

    It's been awhile.

    It has probably been a few years since I've been on this site and multiple years since I've posted anything. Just wanted to say hello and see if people were still using this! I hope everyone had a great holiday and happy new year!
  • Cspot

    Jaw Surgery

    My whole life the people around me convinced me that there wasnt any more surgeries available to me, Ive also been without health insurance for quite some time, so it is not something that I ever considered. I spend most of my energy working on feeling better about myself as a whole, and I really have come a long way with this. It wasnt until recently (and by accident) that I stumbled upon a...
  • Cspot

    Hip Pain

    I've had the Alveolar bone graft done when I was 7. I haven't had any problems with this until a few years ago when I got into fitness/ contact sports, but it was just popping noises and a weird elastic feeling. I have since ditched the contact sports and relaxed on the fitness a bit, but my job is extremely physical and I am on my feet all day. I get pain in my hip so bad sometimes, it's...
  • ZombieT

    Chking in @ the start of 2015

    Just wanted to shoot everyone a hey. I've not posted much recently. Life & all way just loves to pull ya away. Plus how often do we come on here & post when we're feeling all bad and doubtful. So I thought a post of just all =)s and grins. I hope everyones having a great life/day...and share any success stories if you feel the need.I'm sitting here watching a 3hr youtube video. It's raining and...