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Cleft is a congenital deformity caused by a failure in facial development during gestation. It can be treated with surgery shortly after birth with highly successful results. Cleft occurs in somewhere between one in 600 and one in 800 births. Cleft occurs in several severities and is divided in two major categories: cleft lip and cleft palate.

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  • NICUMommy25


    My twin sons were recently released from the NICU. One of them has cleft lip and palate. It was such a struggle to get him to eat and he had to stay longer than his brother as a result. I'm concerned that he has a negative assocation with taking the bottle. He also has bad acid reflux and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is for him when he spits up. So when it comes to feeding him its such...
  • outlaw708

    Adult with speech issues anyone relate to me?

    Hi, was born with a cleft palate and lip. I had surgeries as kid, but life move on and I put it away when I probably should not have. Now I'm adult and have a short palate, I speak nasal it's basically taking down my life I know it's bad and being aware is really bad to. I have went and saw 2 cleft teams, the second has the approach of the speech bulb to cut air off. Anyone gone through anything...
  • Elvieflower

    Changing specialists

     how difficult is it to Switch specialists and or cleft team?
  • deleted_user

    living with a cleft palate

    Hi, my name is Matilda. I'm 20-years-old and I was born with an incomplete cleft palate. I had my first surgery when around 9 months old in Anchorage, AK where I was born. They decided to leave the cleft palate partially open for growth. It was about five years ago that I started a palatal repair and orthodontics process through Children's Hospital in Seattle. Having one surgery to expand my...
  • Elvieflower

    Adult with cleft

    My daughter had her cleft pallet repaired when she was 11 months old. She is now 2 years old. Are there any speech, behavioral, or physical issues she will most likely have in the future? As a teenager, as an adult?
  • chrislawrence


    i am so sad to say this about my shallow self but to be truthful. I'm embarrassed by my  baby with cleft palate/lip/jaw. She looks like a creature. I'm having a hard time looking at her and won't take pics or let people see her. I'm ashamed I am struggling and think I'll always feel this way. I think my parents and family feel the same way. She'll be a freak all her life.i knowi'm terrible but...
  • miyi007

    Losing faith in true love

    Being a woman in today's society is hard enough..however being a woman who has a cleft lip in todays society is far from challenging...I'm 33 and was born with unilateral cleft lip & palate. I would think that my life would be better by now after years of going to school and managing a normal life around mean and shallow kids one would think that it has prepared you for the real world...but truth...
  • badger

    I'm new here

    Hey loves,I'm new to the daily strength forum but not new to living with bilateral CL/CP. Lately, I have been struggling to cope and feel beautiful. I find myself holding onto years of agonizing memories and anger from countless surgeries and bullying. After reading your posts, I was immediately comforted to know that I am not alone. Some of the posts are word-for-word my exact thoughts and...
  • DinaK

    Future mother to a future cleftie...

    Hello everyone,First, I admire all of you for what you're going through and how good you take it.In three weeks I'm going to become a mother for the second time and am due with a little girl who has a unileteral cleft lip (Doctor's 99% sure the palate isn't involved).I'm so nervous, for her and for myself. I must ask, as selfish as it might sound: Are your daily life infected by the clefts? If...
  • AmaraSwane

    Just a normal teenage girl

    Hey everyone,My name's Amara, i'm turning fifteen on the 23th and was born with an unilateral cleft lip (and palate).     And i'm new!This is actually the first time i've joined a cleft group, but i'm really excited to know that i'm not the only person who has struggles. So the first thing i would like to talk about is my appearance. I think this might be the worst thing about a cleft lip. Cuz...
  • mynameisnotlily


    Hi, my name is Stella and I'm in middle school. I have a unilateral cleft lip and palate. I'm really self-concious about my looks and I'm worried that people will find me weird looking. I'm also worried that people will put my birth defect before my personality. I'm scared no guy will ever like me because I'm "too ugly." Do you guys have any tips for me so i can be less self- concious?
  • Z94

    Just need to get stuff off my mind

    Hi I'm 22 yrs old was born with a cleft lip/ palate. My life has always been hard from the daily struggle to gain acceptance from parents to simply being different from everyone. I use to be able to keep my head held high with all my plans for the future but recently life has been really hard and my whole appearance has really been getting to me. Well I don't know what else to say this is my...
  • AmberIrenex3


    My lips have always looked a little different throughout my 17 year treatment for my bilateral cleft lip and palate. My upper lip has ALWAYS been extremely thinner than my lower lip. When I had my jaw surgery, the discrepancy between the two was minimized greatly however, my upper lip remained much thinner. When asked if I wanted to surgically change my upper lip, I declined. That decision is one...
  • AmberIrenex3

    A Welcoming

    Hey!! I was born with a Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate. My treatment lasted about 17 years and included multiple surgeries and many years wearing braces. Upon finishing my treatment, I decided to dedicate my time to helping others born with any variety of a cleft given how rough treatment can get. I have created my own YouTube channel (username: AmberIrenex3) where I speak about what it has been...
  • Woodoow

    Nice holidays

    Hi !How's everyone doing ?This place has been quite dead lately, hope it's because you're all busy enjoying life and making plans !It's a shame, that place really helped me, especially during 2012-2014 ; and I'd like newcomers and old-timers alike on here to feel the same. (The redesign of the site didn't help neither, I'm learning graphic and webdesign and one of the few accepted rules if any is...