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This community is dedicated to those involved in child support and custody cases. There are a myriad of challenges involved in any case and this is a safe place to talk about what you're going through with others who may be going through the same. Join the group and seek advice, find or provide a listening ear, or just share your feelings in this support group.

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  • ninamn876

    Continued Verbal Abuse by Text

    My ex-bf is has filed for 50% legal and physical custody after I filed for child support. I do my best to provide him visitations and every other weekend. Since he has received the child support notice he has been very difficult to deal with and has continued with verbal insults calling me a bitch, idiot, dumbass, etc. He even slammed the door in my face when I went to pick my child up one day....
  • brandyjones55


    My ex husband hasn't seen my kids in over 6 years. He was ordered to pay child support and never has.  Now suddenly he wants visitation rights. It's not fair. My kids don't know him. They were 18 months and 2 years of age when I left. They are now 7 and 9.  This is crazy. He was a very abusive person towards me and my oldest son (who is not biologically his kid).  He was even mean to my...
  • Christabel17

    Moving rules and custody

    Background: I got a job in 2005 in the suburbs. Later that year I married. My ex didn't want to live near my job, so we lived beside his workplace. We moved again in 2007. We bought a house in 2009 in the city, (in a horrible low-performing school district), 25 miles away from my workplace and a mile from his, in spite of all my frustrations about commuting. I had been told years before that I...
  • miranda88

    New here

    hello I'm new here my husband just recently left our home we have a 6 y/o daughter and of course she stayed with me. We haven't file divorce when he left I told him I didn't want a penny from him we both live day to day but I earn enough to survive with my little one, I just thought that if I receive any monetary help he will fill with the right of anything, but my close friends that know our...
  • disneyfan7

    new here, need advice and support please

    Two years ago, my ex husband and I separated and filed for divorce.  He used my past history of mental illness against me even though I was on medication and seeing my doctors regularly, in order to obtain temporary custody of our two children.  He also forced me out of the house, kept my car and drained our joint bank account, what made things worse was that I was to have no physical contact...
  • HopefulSM

    Change in Custody

    Hello All!  I am new to a support group and I would just like to share my issue and see if anyone else has gone through anything similar, or if anyone has any type of advice.  The history on this is as follows.  I have been with my husband for 10+ years.  He has a son through a previous marriage.  My husband, step son and I have a great relationship together and this kid is just flat out...
  • Ellen1981

    What to expect...

    I am in the very beginning stages of a custody case over my two children. My question for all of those who have gone through this, how does your debt effect your case? I am filling out my sworn financial statement now. I have a lot but am able to stay afloat financially, all the while taking care of my children and all their needs by myself. Just curious so thank you in advance!
  • Smokey54

    Any suggestions on what I can/should do?

    I recently went through a divorce after a 10 year marriage. It wasn't a healthy marriage at all. Since the divorce my ex wife has run my name through the mud on social media, has bad mouthed me constantly to my children/friends/family, has prevented me from seeing them on any of my holidays, going to any of their performances/school events, seeing them on birthdays. She's denied my weekend...
  • DLandry1502

    Advice needed, I'm so lost and beat down

    I need help, my fiance and myself have been fighting my mother for almost 4 years (this December) for custody of my daughter. It all started (my mother lives in Texas) when my mother and I got into an argument which in turn resulted in my mother telling me if we were going to continue arguing and fighting then I needed to find another place to live. At the end of our argument I told my mother...
  • deleted_user

    Anyone out there Cant see kids for false reasons?

    Anyone else out there have a Restraing order there ex made outta spite and they actualy won and u cant see your child(ren)?
  • margy

    Where to Start My Fight for Custody

    My ex husband and I have joint custody of our child and my ex has physical custody while I see our child for alternating holidays and for the summer. My concerns of possible neglect, abuse and alienation have been proven true and I need to begin the process of getting sole custody of our child.I don't know the first steps.   I need a starting point, a person to contact, a place to begin...
  • TheMoma08

    I'm new here.

    i plan on reading a ton of posts on in AL.i tried finding a group on Facebook but most child support groups are U.K. based. How long does it take to get intercepted tax money from the father or the child? His money was intercepted and it all should go to my son. He's behind over 10K from when we first started and over 3-4K from the past few months of missing payments.court is in...
  • daisyette

    Abusive ex husband, causing alienation of sons

    Ok here goes my story...I was married 9 years to my High school sweetheart. He got injured, then addicted to pain killers and other medications, became physically abusive. Refused help. He has always been controlling and mentally/emotionally abusive. We have since both remarried and I am expecting a daughter with my new husband on July 29th.So now my issue. Since our separation almost 3 years...
  • VannaBelle

    Just had my parental rights terminated...

    I have been fighting a custody case for my daughter against the state since December 10th, 2015. She was removed from my home because me and my ex (not the father of my daughter) got into a domestic dispute that was becoming violent, he was knocking over the christmas tree and breaking stuff in the house while I was trying to get my 7 month old daughter to bed, so I called the cops. CPS showed up...
  • stormbornlion

    Does the man have a choice?

    Hey guys. So, long story short, it is what it is, I had a one night stand, six years ago, which resulted in a beautiful, amazing, brilliant baby boy. The man I slept with gave me a fake name when we were together, so I spent four years turning the world upsidedown to find him based upon this fake name, with no results, obviously. Then I ran into him in town, four years ago, and asked him over (he...