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This community is dedicated to those involved in child support and custody cases. There are a myriad of challenges involved in any case and this is a safe place to talk about what you're going through with others who may be going through the same. Join the group and seek advice, find or provide a listening ear, or just share your feelings in this support group.

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  • jess209

    Need advice

    i have joint custody of my seven year old son. Father is custodial parent for last four years . In court papers we are suppose to switch this yearly. Father of my son keeps son away from me for months and wont even answer phone calls till he feels like it. I finally just picked up my son yesterday after two months of not seeing him. Father is on drugs and the house is full of grown known bad...
  • Krstn1213

    Custody fight after 17 years

    So, I am looking for some advice... My ex and I were never married and have been apart pretty much the entirety of our 17 yo sons life. I have been the primary care giver for 17 years and niw because I finally had to go to court for finacial support, he has gone to court and has had me served with custody and child support papers a month later... I am not the "fun" parent, but the relationship...
  • Ok here goes my story...I was married 9 years to my High school sweetheart. He got injured, then addicted to pain killers and other medications, became physically abusive. Refused help. He has always been controlling and mentally/emotionally abusive. We have since both remarried and I am expecting a daughter with my new husband on July 29th.So now my issue. Since our separation almost 3 years...
  • stormbornlion

    Does the man have a choice?

    Hey guys. So, long story short, it is what it is, I had a one night stand, six years ago, which resulted in a beautiful, amazing, brilliant baby boy. The man I slept with gave me a fake name when we were together, so I spent four years turning the world upsidedown to find him based upon this fake name, with no results, obviously. Then I ran into him in town, four years ago, and asked him over (he...
  • trailrunner72

    Child support and job loss

    My former husband's job was terminated (not fired...position terminated w severance) and he has chosen to go into business with his friends making half of his prior job salary without looking for something comparable and wants to adjust child support accordingly. We have been divorced 4 years. Does anyone know what my rights are? I work, too, but it is currently not enough to make ends meet for...
  • Mickr4710

    17 year old boy

    My son was kicked out of his mothers home and now she wants him back. He does not want to go back and tells her he wants to stay with me going forward. What rights does my ex wife have to make him come back to her house?
  • 123456switch

    I've made a big mess :(

    his is my first post. I'm very scared and overwhelmed and I don't know how to cope. I had a live in bf. We have been arguing for almost our whole relationship and recently had an argument which got loud and police were called. Nothing came of it (no charges or anything). But bc the children were present (it was at night and they were in bed but they did hear) child services wants to meet with me...
  • ladybug1

    fighting for custody

    I have a two yr old girl that im fighting her dad for custody of. can any one give me some insight on what to expect next he has been served now wondering if he will even respond. what am i looking to have to do next and how much of a fight could i be looking at please any insight would greatly appriciated
  • Lopezheather

    Mommy fighting an abusive for custody

    I have sole custody of my baby firstly...I am a mom to a 2 yr old girl. My husband seemed like the perfect guy allbeit illegal from honduras bus still. Together 7 years and we brought his then 10 year old daughter here to the us for a better future or so i thought. . we brought her may 5 days after my baby was born in 2014. He changed complely. He beat his daughter when she brought bad grades...
  • oscustody

    All alone facing custody battle

    I'm new here. I'm French and have been in the US two years, married two years, with daughter. My husband has filed for full and permanent custody stating I am a flight risk and that I'm an unfit mother. I'm not an unfit mother. My husband is emotionally abusive and controlling and has not supported me financially during our marriage. I have had to support myself with money sent from family back...
  • Messicana

    Mediation went all kinds of wrong....

    I went to our first mediation about 3 weeks ago.. I was sooo nervous... i found myself in the waiting area with my ex( who is an illegal immigrant and with Stage 5 kidney disease), his sister(who hates me to death) and his lawyer... I panicked and texted my lawyer "Where are you".. The mediator called us in. and i walked in and my ex walked in and his lawyer walked in... I felt like i was being...
  • margueriteh

    why this country is d-o-n-e

    new to this forum.need support desperately. my elderly parents and my ex-husband banded together and took custody of both my children away from me, and I am not allowed contact at all with either child.they hired a lawyer who has ties to the governor of our state, and they misused the government powers to assault and harass me and my partner.they also routinely exhaust the children,...
  • For many years i have been looking over my shoulder, preparing myself for every and any move they possibly try only to be blindsided by my child in this struggle to keep my child. You try to give them what they need and teach them the responsibilities of life as they grow up, but at the same time other people go around and tell them that life is about fun and getting what you want when you want...
  • Hi, I need advise my current boyfriend wants me to leave the issue alone with my youngest child and get my 2 children back and never see my ex again but I'm not sure what to do. I divorced last year after a long struggle with my ex even while we were divorcing he was making me believe he wanted me and to be my youngest father. He's not her biological father because I got pregnant while he was...
  • mysticrose

    anyone dealt with parental alienation

    My ex has custody of our seven children and I have access on weekends and regular phone contact three nights a week. On Tuesday I left for a holiday with my fiance for nine days to go interstate. I sent the ex an email stating that I would still call the children at the set times as per the orders. I have tried to phone my children thirteen times and my ex won't pick up. His phone is the only...