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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia and characterized by progressive cognitive deterioration with declining activities of daily living and neuropsychiatric symptoms or behavioral changes. An early symptom is memory loss (amnesia), usually manifesting as minor forgetfulness that becomes pronounced with illness progression, with relative preservation of older memories.

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  • Rachellecooper

    Memory care

    My dad and I were successfully running a restaurant for the past 5 years. 7 months before he suddenly started having serious memory problems. On consulting a doctor, we came to know that my dad was suffering from severe Alzheimer's and the situation was quite bad. Within few months I lost my dad. I was left alone, totally blank, with no idea on how to bring back my business back to it's prime. My...
  • des10ed2b

    early onset

    It is with such a heavy heart that I type this all out, but I feel it needs to be done. I work in Alzheimer's care (and absolutely adore it) but obviously by the time they reach the facility the progress of the disease is relatively well advanced. However, it is not one of my residents I am speaking of. It is a family member. I am curious to everyone else's experiences as to when they started to...
  • gesar0909

    Fight Bad Tau

    Check out www.Cogwellin.comIt's a pharmaceutical development and testing company dedicated to preventing, slowing and reversing Alzheimer's disease and related Tau associated neurological disorders.
  • deleted_user

    bed sores

    Hello ladies.I am wondering if any of you have had to deal with pressure sores.And if so ,do you have any tips.My MIL has gotten so frail.There is literally no muscle or fat left on her behind.I change her position numerous times a day.Yesterday I noticed an area of redness,and today the skin is broken.I have tried so hard to avoid this,but she is down to 100 lbs,and her bones put pressure on her...
  • GeorgiaBulldogs

    just lost wife...

    After being with my wife for 8.5 years and married one year...I lost her last month to dementia...I just found out her condition after she was found die...I was never told...what a lost I have now...trying to cope is like taking small steps at a time...
  • X10

    Need an urgent advice....

    Never expected this to happen in my life but things went downhill when my sister was diagnosed with Alzheimer. Her husband is a busy business man and so I took the responsibility of looking after her. I really find it pathetic when she behaves abnormal. She was working as a teacher at school and gradually she began suffering memory loss. She was admired by all her students for her passion and...
  • Isabel2310

    Stage 4 bedsore..

    My mother in law has been in the emergency room for a stage four bedsore for the past 3 days and should be discharged soon. Im looking for any tips or advice from anyone who has successfully treated and healed a sore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Rudy

    Wife has Dementia

    I'm new here so please bear with me.  We have been married since 1971,  I am 72 and still working.  I have a couple of pensions but I'm trying to keep my wife and her little dog happy here with the home that we have been in for 20 years.  Trying to keep aflaot with the mortages.  My wife is 82 and her dementia started in 1988 with her acuseing me of taking her pots and pans to work to give...
  • Isabel2310

    Life insurance

    Is it possible to find affordable life insurance for a person with alzheimers disease?
  • chronic99

    Amyloid Kills AND Traps Microbes?

    Some of the researchers who made the discovery a few years ago that amyloid can kill infections:The Alzheimer's disease-associated amyloid beta-protein is an antimicrobial peptide.Soscia SJ1, Kirby JE, Washicosky KJ, Tucker SM, Ingelsson M, Hyman B, Burton MA, Goldstein LE, Duong S, Tanzi RE, Moir RD.PLoS One. 2010 Mar 3;5(3):e9505. doi:...
  • stephen63

    Does this sound like Alzheimer's?

    I admit to being a butterfly brain but don't think i was ever as bad as this. I lose things most days.If I come in from work and put things in the bowl by the front door it is fine but if I put my glasses, keys or wallet somewhere else then I usually have little recollection of it.I think my wife has moved things as I have no memory of doing it but eventually realise I did.Some times like...
  • 1111volcano


    Hello my great grandmother had this disease. Then my grandfather had dementia. My brother thinks my mom will get it, he lives w/ her. I heard it skips generations, is this true? I'm afraid it will hit me!! I have TBI and already repeat myself because of that.
  • jazzkeys

    Mom passed today at 2:20pm

    I am grateful her suffering has ended at 93 years old. Thank you God.
  • ihatewisconsin

    What other things cause memory loss?

    My mom says my dad has Alzheimer's. I worked with Alzheimer's patients as a CNA.. and I sure don't see my dad acting anything like they did. When he was tested and questioned by the doctor, she even said she told the doctor most of what Dad was supposed to say. I think it was highly unprofessional for the Dr to even let mom be in the room when he initially tested dad. My mom loves attention....
  • sensations8457

    Going Crazy.

    My mom has gotten worse over the past two years. then over the past few months seems like she's dropped dramatically. She know's something is wrong. She cries all the time, saying "she can't think" and she is trying to figure out what is wrong. She says she was fine a few days ago, and she thinks someone is trying to kill her. or gave her some kind of pill. She keeps saying my dad is...