Alcoholism Support Group

Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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  • catskyn

    I slipped

    had 70 days and slipped. Now I have 5 days . I had to start all over again. I only had 4 beers but it doesnt matter drinking is drinking. So here I go again but at least I am trying. 
  • xx._Cierra._xx

    I need to stop.

    I drank again last night. I drank until i was numb, until i couldn't feel anything. i promised myself after 1 beer id stop. but then i kept going beer after beer, shot after shot. My sister found me hungover laying on the bathroom floor this morning and ill never forget the look of disappointment on her face.. i wish i knew how to quit but i dont, AA meetings dont seem to help me..
  • are free for the taking and I am is very hard more often than not to resist the sweets like cookies or tonights meeting is candy freely laying on the blood sugar is out of control and recently I was switched to Levimar Insulin for first time....I am still having high tonight I did damnedst to not grab any candy....I actually sat on love seat on wall and...
  • gottastop

    I drank last night..

    I drank last night. I don't even know what in the world made me go buy it. The horror of waking up this morning knowing that I have done it again. Possibly losing the support now of my sister who I fought with last night. It makes me sick. It's hard to keep forgiving myself. 
  • Gratefulee

    Brand new and scared to death

    Hello all... i just joined this group today.  It's my first attempt at seeking help.  I HAVE to stop drinking but I don't know if I'm "there" yet.  I know everyone has their own "bottom" but I don't know if I've hit mine yet.  I also don't want to wait to hit mine.  I am a functioning alcoholic but it's starting to get me depressed.  Every morning I struggle to get out of bed because I'm...
  • gubgub


    Well thank you to everyone for all the great posts I just come and read Its twelve days so Yah I will hopefuylly bite the bullet and go to a steps meeting I have been reading the big book online I especially like the idea of all my muck has been preventing me from a connection with a spiritual/ higher power  Just wanted to say yahI am still thinking every day  oh a wine might be nice not...
  • I had over five months sober and then I had a few slips.  Now I'm afraid I'm in full-blown relapse.  It's so scary.  I feel like I can't get off of this miserable merry-go-round for even one day.  This past time I got and stayed sober without meetings.  I went to a few meetings after month four.   Now I'm living in a place where the closest meeting is over an hour away taking a bus and two...
  • SassyGrace

    Phone numbers?

    Can someone please tell me why they give you their phone numbers in AA if no one is ever available to talk?Im so emotionally raw right now and trying to not stuff myself with alcohol and distract myself to get through this.I drink because of fear and abandonment and rejection anyway.If I'm panicking the alcohol was always there.  My husband was at work, my sister was busy , of course I didn't...
  • Jmdpeace

    Not sure how to title this

    So I was diagnosed with cirrhosis about a decade ago when I was 22.  I was a heavy drinker, consuming at least a fifth of liquor per day, blow and pills on top of that.  I quit drinking fit about five ninths, got healthy enough to have normal labs and resumed my party lifestyle in which i experienced a very violent relationship, dropped out of university, list jobs, typical alcoholic poor...
  • it is the Illinois/Missouri mens breakfast that is first Sunday every november for years and years now...I think 19 yrs....this year I am scholarship co chairman for MO side and selling tickets as well....I am not doing so well with selling tickets...I have some I have sold to groups so in one night I think I sold 16 then another treatment center bought 10tickets from me...but the ticket sales...
  • gottastop

    I need help

    I need to stop drinking. I haven't been able to and I have been trying. Multiple attempts and every time I end up going on some major binge. It's so embarrassing and I know I can't drink anymore but I haven't been able to stop. All I can do is try again but I am feeling so discouraged at this point. I am going to lose everything in my life and the most important things to me.. My kids. Somebody...
  • nursefirst

    How does this work?

    I've been trying to figure this out and I see there is someone online but I cannot find you.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday.  I had stopped drinking 2 weeks ago because of my husband's new health problem.  I know that alcohol can feed breast cancer, but tonight i am on my 3rd glass of wine.  Help me.
  • SassyGrace


    I've decided to stop self medicating with alcohol.  I know drinking is a temporary fix for me, and i must stop.I know no one on this forum is a medical professional, or an expert.I need some healthy advice on how to stop.  Please understand that a treatment center is not an option for me. and your suggestions would just encourage and support me.I have chosen to detox at home.  Any info or...
  • Can't stay sober for more than a day:( Why is that?
  • Paula4444

    I'm new, spiritually sick

    can you please explain the term for Alcholics being classed spiritually sick thanks in advance x