Alcoholism Support Group

Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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  • Nmmiller17

    Looking for some help on the road to recovery for

    .xHi I just joined this website and am pretty new to this. I have been to like 3 meetings in my life. I am an alcoholic and I use cocaine as well. I have been struggling with this since I was 19. I am 32 years old now. But I would say I have been more serious about getting sober for the last 2 years. It seems to just keep going down hill or gets worse each time. I always thought there would be 1...
  • Nmmiller17

    I did it!

    Well guys I made it to an AA meeting. I was a little nervous but I felt so much better after I went. Everyone is a little older but they all have great insight and they loved how there was a youthful person there. We read some article and talked a bit. I def cried, im emotional but I think I needed to let it out. I will be going back tomorrow and I really am all about recovery. I also love this...
  • 1is2many

    Life is so f ing boring

    i really am having a lull. I want to drink but I know that I will be back to daily drinking and don't want that. But I want some fun. Life has become like groundhogs day. Wake up, go to work, go to a meeting, go home, eat dinner, go to bed.  I am somewhat disenchanted with life right now.  I want to have that feeling of no worries again. Fk. I guess I will go to bed early ( again ) and try to...
  • minja

    Please help

    im new to this,  but I really need to stop drinking.  I keep thinking I can but doesn't happen .  I have a child and I need to be the best mom I could be for him
  • Impermanence

    Hooked and Unhooked

    I have always recommended mindful meditation for recovery from alcoholism, even for the AA guys. Bill W said that for the 11 step AA doesn't have the resources to teach meditation. You must go outside AA to find a
  • Impermanence

    Living in the Now

    This is an important part of my sobriety. Here is my blog post:Note: This is my Buddhist blog
  • james5201


        I noticed quite awhile ago that my environment has a profound affect on my sobriety, my emotions, my frame of mind, and so much more. When I'm in a good environment, I feel really generally good about things. It motivate's me and inspires me. It instills an aura of positivity with me, and feelings that life is good. It can also give me a false sense of reality if I'm not careful about...
  • msmermaid

    Just wanted to share.

    I truly believe my higher power has been watching me this last year and if I pay attention I will see it. I am not a true believer in horoscopes, but on my 9mo anniversary I happened to be reading the newspaper at my in laws house and always look at them for fun. I took a photo because it moved me so. It was just what I needed to hear at the time. It read...You are still forming a habit and it is...
  • Nmmiller17


    Why is it that certain people can drink vs.people who can't? Is it genetic or how our brains are wired? What is it that alcoholics have that other people who drink don't? Just wondering the psychology of it all. 
  • TailorSailor

    Character defects as mistakes

    One of my favorite parts in the big book is on pg. 67 where it says we "resolutely looked for our own mistakes."  The author calls character defects mistakes, and suggest earlier I forgive others for their mistakes.  How fitting for Easter Sunday!  I appreciate the story of Jesus, despise how mega-churches profit and judge others in the name of christ, and really am comforted when I think that...
  • judgefitness

    Feel torn ..........

    So after 12 months sober, avoiding triggers and risky situations like the plague, I let myself down by having two drinking sessions in the last couple of months - both resulting in hangovers from hell, downward spiral of depression, anxiety and even suicidal after the most recent binge session. My husband says he'll give up drinking to support me if I asked him too but I would never ask that of...
  • secondbest

    Pregnant and married to an alcoholic

    my husband and I tried for a long time to get pregnant with no success. My husband and I needed to go through IVF to become pregnant. My husband was drinking a lot all of the time and was very ugly to me when doing so. He cheated, verbally abused me, and destroyed property while drunk. I couldn't stand it but I still stayed. I decided we needed to hold off on having a baby until we got him help....
  • tony6

    Day 70

    Day 70 today... This is the longest stretch in my life... Today has been difficult, but can't compare to the first month of no sleep and sweats.  Must keep pushing forward. 
  • Kerela

    40 days sober

    I havent had a drink for 40 days and feel great. still taking one day at a time but feeling very positive.
  • J2789

    Guys can't cope with emotions....

    Is it true that alcoholics are pretty much alcoholics forever? I mean, does this apply to every single person? I ask because my boyfriend has an issue with alcohol. I"m observed on days and/or occasions where emotions seem to be too much for him to cope with or manage he reverts to alcohol. Also, when his back pain from multiple herniated discs is at it's worse he reverts to alcohol and more...