Alcoholism Support Group

Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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  • judgefitness

    Bitter sweet

    It's been a tough week emotionally - from feeling celebratory to feeling pretty damn sad!! No matter the length of sobriety, it's how we deal with the emotions that stimulates and guides the direction we travel! I'm fortunate to have found an incredible support network to include sponsor/counsellor from external sources to great mentors/friends on DS - it's about reaching out when feeling low...
  • Sunhaven3

    Denied cravings twice

    Hello all,Sooo I wrote last week that I had a bad relapse. I finally told my husband that I need to stop drinking. He was like "Oh you don't have a drinking problem!" But he agreed that in solidarity he would give up his daily glass of wine. I also prayed for God's help to quit alcohol.I was doing well, and then BAM, the obsession to drink hit last night. I was able to resist it. Then this...
  • westcoastTL

    Alcoholic Family

    My sister is an alcoholic and is ruining her life.  It's getting to the point where her friends are starting to abandon her and I'm not sure how long my parents can take her wrecklessness.  She doesn't want to hear anything from me or our family, she believes she doesn't have a problem.  That she's just partying like a normal 25 year old.  It's not normal to constantly drink till you black...
  • Kcauley

    Confused about the role of a sponsor

    I want to go back to AA for the support I need, but had a really disappointing experience with a woman who in as much asked to be my sponsor.  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around??  She gave me all of these "worksheets" that were supposed to give details of everything I have ever done wrong.  There wouldn't be enough paper in the county to outline that subject if you know what I...
  • timoA

    Some good news

    Hi,A little more then 3 weeks ago, I messed up and had a beer. But then again, half way through a 25oz can, I stopped and threw the rest of the can down the drain. Since that moment, I haven't had a single beer. Almost a month for me now
  • MotherElectric


    im just now joining groups to help. I've spent so much money on alcohol due to stress. I don't know how to control myself.There's been way to many days that i wake up at one of my friend's house, or even someone a friend knows.Its too much for me anymore. How do you guys do it?
  • AD80

    Looking for support

    Waking up to a hangover that I didn't not intend. Was so looking forward to today...feeling good and getting some things done and now I am going to feel like crap for the next couple of days. I have been wanting to quit for so long. I don't have really anyone that understands this in my life. My husband is a functioning alcoholic, my friends all drink, the city I live in is very boozy. And all of...
  • Kevin105

    This meditation really spoke to me today...

    and I wanted to share it with my friends here:"May I be a conduit for greater possibility, for myself and others, now and always. Surely the future will be abundantly blessed if we envision it now as a beautiful thing."-M. Williamson
  • tinydancer02

    Good day

    Yesterday I felt extremely low. Was one of the worst days for me in a while. But today is day two of sobriety and I'm in a much better mood. I'm telling myself this time is it. I will not ever give in to alcohol again. Telling myself this makes me feel strong,and I finally believe in myself. I'm also surrounding myself with family. I'm battling alcoholism and severe depression so Im doing...
  • hati

    Looking for support

    Hi I'm starting over again. Its day 9 for me with no alcohol. I know I've been here many times before please don't have a go at me I'm trying. I think I've finally hit my rock bottom and know I can't continue on that drinking path. I tried AA before and don't want to do that again. I know I have to work through emotions and find things to keep me busy and be kind to myself.  Hoping there's...
  • mrmitchell5000

    Relapse after 5 months

    Hi,I went to rehab in January after a 20 year serious drinking problem.  12 years I combined the drinking with anxiety medication xanax.  It was a deadly combination and I'm lucky to be alive.  I'm a father to a 6 year old boy.  I'm divorced of course she was the love of my life but I didn't love her enough to give all that up until it was too late.  A marriage rarely works with serious...
  • TailorSailor

    Step 10 and 11

    The promises place us in a position to consider the 10th step.  The promises are what happens while doing, or allowing courage to grace us through the 8th and 9th steps.  The promises are the healing portions of recovery, in my opinion.  The thought that healing will happen if we decide to make recovery a priority in our lives, and it will happen like clockwork work if we follow the path...
  • tinydancer02

    Feeling weak

    I was almost a week sober and drank last night. I didn't have liquor though, just beer. Typically I binge drink vodka. I was with my family, who were all drinking, and I felt I couldn't resist. I was the only one who wasn't drinking at first. I wish I had been stronger and resisted. I also wish though that they hadn't decided to drink around me because they know I've been struggling with...
  • iamheretoo


    Last week I made decision to cut back from drinking everyday to drinking two nights a week. I drank Fri and Sat. Then I snuck one beer yesterday while working outside. I'm really irritable. Nothing seems to be going right. Is this a normal thing?
  • itsjustme8

    Why not in AA?

    i see NBC has a feature on treating alcoholism and alcohol abuse disorder set for next Sunday evening. The trailer appears to point to medications such as Naltroxone.   I've been in and around AA since 2012 and have never heard it mentioned.  Why not?