Alcoholism Support Group

Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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  • Bendnotbreak16

    Is it possible?

    So I've been battling this whole 'alcohol' ordeal and I realize I have a problem with it, but it's also physically easy for me to quit drinking cold turkey. What's hard is that I truly enjoy having a few beverages...what gets me is it becomes habitual and I get caught up in it and before I know it, I'm having a few drinks everyday! Not just a few beers but I like the stronger stuff because I like...
  • Joyce4


    I keep setting quit dates and then failing. Promising myself I will only have a drink or two and then looking and I've pretty much finished a bottle of wine again. Have been drinking 1/2-1 bottle for years every single day. I have quit in the past and not had withdrawal but I'm fearful of that. However, I can't seem to wean down... once I start , I just keep pouring. Are most people able to just...
  • itsjustme8

    Day 90 ~ where I'm at

    ive been sober for 90 days.  My desire to stop drinking was finally bigger than my desire to drink.What has been interesting is that I have not been feeling well.   In the past, I chalked it up to the bottle or two of wine the night before.   Now, with some clarity, it appears I haven't ever fully addressed my sleep apnea.  I wake up tired and have bouts of crushing fatigue during the day....
  • Shessad29

    Holding on

    I'm going through steps and trying to live in this hour of this day and so far it's going well only 16 minutes left and then I'll start again this is all I can manage right now so hopefully it's good enough 
  • abcdefg

    28 days sober:)

    I'm 28 days sober today and besides fighting off a dumb cold,I feel great. It really does get easier for all of you guys losing hope.Stick with sobriety.You got this.
  • Kevin105

    Day two - a little house cleaning

    Decided to rid my home of any temptation in my recovery and flushed about 1/2 ounce of weed down the john as well as some oxycontin I had left over from surgery a few years back.  I don't keep any alcohol at home, so good there.  Went to the grocery after lunch and restocked my fridge and pantry so I don't need to be going out every evening for dinner, where temptation lingers.  Baby steps...
  • UtahMamaBear

    Feeling depleted and stuck....

    My husband is a hard working, funny, playful, loving man who just happens to be an alcoholic which at times negates all of his positive attributes. We have a 5 year old daughter and 8 year old boy. They are my world.My hubby will go to work every morning, albeit late, and either come home buzzed/stoned OR will proceed to getting buzzed/stoned upon his arrival home. Sadly we have had 14 years of...
  • clss

    Day 1... I'm gonna try one more time!

    Today, I'm going to try and stop drinking again.  I've tried before and never been successful, even going to rehab.
  • Kevin105

    Rudderless feeling...

    My psyche seems a little dishoveled lately with the second restart (day 6) of my recovery in two weeks.  A general feeling of restlessness.  I usually have a fairly strong sense of direction and now feeling a bit rudderless.  Can't seem to make decisions.  Feel like I'm doing too much thinking and not enough doing.  Will make a consciencious effort to be more proactive starting today and try...
  • Kevin105

    Could use your input

    Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Today is Day 6 for me and it's going fairly well.  Planning on going to my first AA meeting this Thursday with a wonderful group I use to attend during my previous 10 months of sobriety.  Looking forward to reconnecting with people there.   The cool thing is that I will have one week behind me to celebrate as well.  I could use your opinion on...
  • maverichter


    Hi,It's taken me a while to truely realise that I have a problem with alcohol and it is continuing to develop more and more. I'm sure you've heard similar stories but I need to get this out and admit to myself that I've really got to stop altogether. I can't stop at one. I am finding it increasingly difficult to stop once I've started, I make up excuses and fool myself into thinking "oh I've been...
  • hremy


    im new I have joined before and didn't have the strength to further my progress. I have finally hit rock bottom and reached a point that I have ruined and shredded so many possible lasting relationships I could have had. Everyday I work through withdrawals my best helps me through just for that poison. It's always on my mind when's the next one? I see her everyday and I feel so guilty for all the...
  • judgefitness

    ........................ and I'm feeling good!!!!

    What a difference that one little decision can make.  A simple choice of what we do and where we go and how that choice can change our mood, our anxiety levels and our focus.  For years I have been a people pleaser - doing things to make others happy and often putting myself under pressure in doing so. I'm not only talking about going to parties where there is drink but in general, like...
  • SamPaulo


    I quit drinking 10 weeks ago and it's been going ok - but I live in a city where there are no support groups and I'm finding it hard to access support that I need.  I have been doing it alone, excersizing like crazy, telling friends I gave up for lent and then just kept going - but not being able to talk about the real reason is leading to struggling alone. Any advice? 
  • mechengr55

    ONE YEAR!!!!!

    Today is exactly one year since the "Vodka Binge From Hell". That night was the 'two-by-four upside the head' moment that made me finally admit I had a problem. A lot of soul-searching the next day led me to the internet search where I found Daily Strength. Reading all the stories here made me realize I wasn't the only one with the desire to get control of my life again.I sit here tonight alone...