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Recently unemployed or frustrated with the job search? Unemployment can affect more than just the bank account - it has a negative effect on motivation and self-esteem, even sense of identity. This community addresses the challenges associated with unemployment and how to cope.

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  • LifeIsGood84

    Job Opportunity

    Hey everybody! I have a truly amazing job opportunity that would be mutually beneficial. If you're interested message me. Specifically looking for people who life in Utah. If you don't life in Utah and are really interested or simply in a desperate situation message me anyway! Hope to hear from some people, again this is a really great opportunity for those who are unemployed or even employed. 
  • Deanna33

    Unemployed with a master's

    Hello. Everyone I am new here. I am Ashley. I have been looking for a job going on 3 years this January. I have token advice and suggestions from every one. Family,  friends, career advisors, job representatives, and staffing agencies. I have also went on job fairs during that time. I have volunteered to. I have went on about 15 job interviews during that 3 years. I have also traveled out side...
  • Mtnwoman

    Help. Old supervisor bad mouthing me

    I had a job as a front desk clerk for a timeshare resort for almost four years.  While the job was stressful because guests could get abusive, the managers and supervisors were supportive of us.  All of the managing staff happened to be women.  After working there for three years, the timeshare switched managing companies. The work environment changed quickly.  After a few months, the front...
  • kdrahman

    Easy Second Income of for 6 hours a week

    Hi all! Interested in an easy Second Income of for 6 hours a week Side Gig? Aged 18+ and looking for a diverse set of individuals. Everyone is welcome :)  Register As A Social Recruiter Go To www,ejobxchange.com/register-2/
  • theletter12

    Tired of everyones opinions and thinking I'm lazy

    I am so tired of people and their reactions to my unemployment. I have now been unemployed for 10 months. I have not had any job offers in this time. I have been applying for at least 3 jobs a week sometimes over 9 a week on a good week. (Over 200 applications and counting to date.) I look through about 70 email feeds from job sites about 5 days a week. I don't see what else I could be doing. I...
  • Hello Community Members, My name is Charlie. I'm a journalist and graduate student enrolled in the CUNY School of Social Journalism. This program pushes journalists to think of ways media can serve communities.There are thousands of articles about people being unemployed and underemployed. In my view, few actually offer constructive advice, or help readers stay in the right frame of mind. I'm...
  • bonusjack

    Not Getting Anywhere?

    Don't despair.  It might not be you."Your not the reason you didn't get the job. I worked for a number of years as an employment counselor, and know all the reasons people don't get calls, call-backs, and job offers. Very often they don't have much to do with the job candidate.I don't know about your specific situation, but very often, managers know who they're going to hire before the job is...
  • Hi, my name is Graham & I am a Key Worker for a project that is EU & Lottery funded that is aimed at helping people finding it difficult & challenging to get back into work. Anyone that has barriers to gaining employment such as age or disabilities & health issues would welcome access to training, mentoring & other support would be very welcome to contact me. My geographical patch is north...
  • blazefly12

    Returning and Still Unemployed

    I am highly infuriated with how everyone lies and keep a smile while doing it.I am not going to be the happy camper type of individual, I am coming with the truthso you want a feel good story it is not me and not coming from me.The ECONOMY is a joke, the job market is a lie, and these so called experts are a bunch of cons.They put all this confusion and disinformation in books and online to...
  • kayjay123

    Not winding down at 58

    I'm 58 and was a full time mother for most of the 35 years of marriage, never finishing my degree or accomplishing much other than raising good citizens and doing constant service at church and putting my husband through school while we had children. My husband recently passed away and now I am faced with providing for myself. I moved across 3 states to be closer to my married children and have...
  • MadPsych34

    Hard time finding work after earning Masters

    Hi.  I'm new here and I'm looking for advice as well as support.I graduated with my Masters about 3 months ago, and have been struggling to find work ever since.  I had two interviews, but didn't get hired for either job.  A few days ago, I had the most infuriating conversation with a job recruiter.  I responded to her request to send an updated resume via email.  Two days passed and I still...
  • coolsean88

    Need a job, please help me. :(

    I have a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from 2011, and I was then one of ten people selected nationally for a technology apprenticeship program based in Washington D.C. in 2012. I didn't get my first job in the broadcasting industry until a year later up in Dallas (I moved there from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas). But that career never panned out, and so I did a few temp jobs...
  • Riley23

    Not Working is so hard

    Not working is so hard, especially around your birthday, when you enjoy working on your birthday. I wrote a poem that conveys how I feel. Sense of PurposeHow should I feelWhat should I doI miss being, I miss doing, I miss feelingDoes a job matter that muchDoes a job/position define who we areIf not, what doesI was a Case Manager, I was a Student, I was a Sales Associate, I was a Data Entry...
  • Gregory1

    Rebuilding during Unemployment

    While I am unemployed; I have decided to just take care of myself and refocus. I will eventually find a new job, I am learning that you have to change yourself. I admit to have made mistakes on my old job and will do better the next time. I am watching movies and documentaries on my Amazon Fire and getting in touch with myself which is good.Anyone reading this post should do that and continue...
  • bonusjack

    Train Up

    From my experience, finding training is the best indirect way to get a job.  I did that twice after college, once to get a certificate in Information Technology, and once to get a Commercial (Truck)  Driver's Licence.   Coincidentally, they both cost about $3K and took about 6 weeks, and I soon got a job each time.  Employers wait at the doors of good training programs to pounce on the...