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Trigeminal neuralgia, or Tic Douloureux, is a neuropathic disorder of the trigeminal nerve that causes episodes of intense pain in the eyes, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, and jaw. Trigeminal neuralgia is considered by many to be among the most painful of conditions.

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  • sanjeet

    need suggestion on condition after MVD

    My father ( age - 63) undergone MVD last friday 20th Oct 2017, it is 3rd day and he is in hospital only.Everything seems normal except below :1. He is talking about old memories, how is use to go to college, how much respect he earned in his village and all. Currently we live in different city but do frequently visit our native.2. No talk about place where we currently live but he remebers...
  • charlottemonroe

    Any advice?

    I recently visited the hospital for my high blood pressure. I've had it for years, but I felt something odd this time. My lower left jaw was feeling tired. No pain, no numbness...just like you've been chewing something for too long. Well, I discussed this with intake, the doctor, the nurses, etc. and I received an EKG, a Chest x-ray and some blood work. Then I got to lay there for 4 hours. All...
  • Mikey1014

    Microvascular decompression surgery

    My wife had microvascular decompression surgery for trigeminal neuralgia on May 6th 2016 and for over a year and a half she has nausea and vomiting along with excruciating head pain that never goes away. We have over 50 trips to our local ER and no one can tell us what is wrong with her. She has lost 130 pounds. Doctors think her vestibular nerve may have been cut by mistake causing this. Was...
  • beachiekeeen


    I've been researching this on my own for a few months now. This seems to be the only answer to the sudden and extreme pain I have in my face and jaw. I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers in getting a dr to take you seriously about this? In my experience with trying to get chronic migraines treated, you're always treated as if you're just seeking pain meds. Truth is, I just want the pain to...
  • Carmen22

    Cannabis, aspergillis and Trigeminal Neuralgia

     Hello, My husband may or may not have tn. 3 doctors have no clue.  Originally thought it was an infected salavatory gland.  MRI, xrays and ultrasound show nothing.  The pain is getting worse a friend told me about TN and I've been researching it.  Ill be making an appt with the mayo clinic tomorrow hoping for some type of answer.  Anyways thru my research thus dude was saying TN could be...
  • Misery17

    Numbness and tingling in my face for over 2 months

    I was diagnosed in 2015 with TN2. Had all the MRI's, MRA's.  In June 2016 I underwent Gamma Knife Radiosurgery.  The pain resolved for a short time.  Ended up going to pain management and acupuncture. Very costly. Now I have constant numbness and tingling. Called the neurosurgeons office.  Inquired if the numbness could be from the Gamma. They stated not that many months after. You need to...
  • lily1216

    Looking for some advice, scared and confused.

    I am a 25 year old who was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia a week and a half ago since then my body has given out entirely I can barely walk and the pain in my face comes and goes but is absolutely excruciating. I was diagnosed with permanent vertigo a year and a half ago and now it seems the two are working together and it's absolutely miserable. I have gotten all tests done just waiting for...
  • evadecember


    I don't even know why I'm typing a post, I never get any replys!! I'm going to post anyway.  So my first appointment for acupuncture is Tuesday 9/6/16.  I'm a little scared of getting poked with the needles.  Don't know why, I guess it's cause my face will be getting poked with needles!!  I really wish I can ask someone with TN if they've ever had their TN treated with acupuncture, or if...
  • ceesue

    New to this

    I was just diagnosed with TN recently.  Actually I self diagnosed after getting shock-like pain in right side of face. My primary confirmed it.  I haven't seen a neurologist yet.  She prescribed 200 mg. carbamazapine twice daily.  My symptoms were not bad yet but they were getting consistent. I had many "jabs" in side of mouth when I talked or ate.  I lost weight as I only ate when I had to....
  • dreamer22


    I was diagnosed with this at the age of 21(it's been going for 3 years). It started with a slight burning sensation on my right side of the face. Then it worked it's way up to my scalp. Now it's working it's way to my left side of the face. I've tried the meds prescribed by my doctor's only to have complications with the side effects. It's a struggle everyday. I can't have a conversation with...
  • kdickerson29

    MVD Surgery

    I am scheduled for MVD surgery in a week but I have been reading post-op comments across several websites about post-recovery issues. Can anyone share their experiences? I would be so grateful. I am not feeling as confident as I was previously. It seems there are a number of lingering issues and hence, trade-offs. The upshot is that one really compromises their quality of life. What can I expect?...
  • mar5116

    Homeopathic Remedy

    Just received my homeopathic remedies in the mail today.  Have been on carbamzapine, but want to get off due to its side effects.  Have also had gamma knife surgery and it was very effective.  I was pain free for about 3 years.  Pain has since returned.  Want to avoid MVD, so looking for alternatives.  Have also been reading lately about the harmful effects of gluten and sugar on nerve...
  • deleted_user

    omura protocol

    Has anyone used the omural protocol to relieve their pain? if so what was is like? did it help? thanks, niku
  • Hawaiian


    The unfortunate position l have is not being able to drive anymore. I miss driving my Ford pick up truck and taking photos with my Olympus camera. So, far not driving for 10 years is a lesson to adapt to. God helps me survive. I am up for an MRI soon which l put off for 2 years because I wanted to see if I could do with out. Yet, ll will try again and see the outcome. I know God will be with me...
  • ingelo

    Repeated attacks of TN after lengthy remission

    Does anyone else experience long periods without attacks and then they suddenly re-appear? I wish I had some idea as to the triggers if there are any but my episodes have always started in the early months of the year, mostly around March. I now go on Carbamazepine as soon as I get symptoms which are shocks in the mouth/tongue when eating, brushing teeth, drying face and soreness around the nose...