The Financial Crisis Support Group

This community is dedicated to discussing the financial crisis of 2007-2008, which has had a worldwide impact on wealth, jobs and personal security. Our hope is that this community will focus on positive thoughts, real advice for adjusting your expenses and investments based on these changes, and support for one another as we go through this painful period.

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  • chloegirl46

    Entertainment costs

    I have justified spending 60$ month for my internet connection and a small alloance for online games as well.My justification is that I don't go anywhere movies,shopping,dinner,drinking so therefore the money I would spend doing that is probably far greater than what I am spending to keep this doorway to the world open.This is the only thing I will spend my money on because it entertains me and...
  • mycroftt

    interesting prospective

    I just sort of stumbled onto this support site,,and am suprised that so few people on DS even know about it ,,,There is the four parter on frontline which I think everyone who is in the financial industry or have been affected by it, which is everyone, should watch,,,also the BBC has a two parter I saw called THE DAY THE PARTY ENDED or something like that ,,,and THE CRASH OF THE EURO,,,All of...
  • MorganBlack

    Issues With Social Services

    On July 24, 2012 I had an appointment to go to the Riverhead Dept of Labor to turn in my job search sheets. My worker told me they couldnt accept them because I had done everything online and did not provide contact names and phone numbers. I had started the job search before my childcare was even approved so I had no choice to do it online. I do not always have time on my cell (its a pre-paid...
  • deleted_user

    Connect the dots - Consider a solution

    I'm hoping people will spare a couple of minutes to view this trailer and consider attending one of the many screenings taking place across America and around the world. Screening map: is an unprecidented, non commercial, peoples release - brought to you...
  • 4manyhorses

    Where is the support?

    Having heard that so many have lost jobs and homes, etc., where are they? It appears that everyone else is doing just fine, yet my life has been destroyed. Why are there no support groups?
  • deleted_user

    family homeless

    I have no where to get a loan tp secure housing where do I go
  • deleted_user

    started a new job want to move out later on

    i haven't been in here in a long time. i hope i can get some sound advice. i started a new job in the middle of last month at the college where i graduated from(graduated in 2010) with training and pays good but it's part time temp. it will be 3 weeks this tuesday since i have been there. i finished therapy last month as well which i am glad it is over nothing but arguing and projection towards...
  • newstarttoday


    I'm a single mom, lost my old job two years ago and my new job pays half of what I made two years ago and to top that I spend 500.00 a month on gas commuting. I need to start over. I have not paid a bill in two years. I am so tired of money problems. My question, does anyone live or work near Sacramento California and know about a bankruptcy group, lawyer, legal advice? I need to take this...
  • itsallajoke

    does it seem like there's no point?

    There is zero job stability anymore: they will lay you off to hire someone else if they will work for one dime less an hour than you. They will work you to death and never give you a raise or promotion, because the bottom line is more important than employee retention. This is because ever since the Great Recession (started), they have us by the balls, and they know it.All these new jobs...
  • rrmcgarry

    Financial Accountability Partner

    Hello, I am currently taking a class through Dave Ramsey's, Financial Peace University. I am seeking out someone who is serious about budgeting and working on their finances and would like to be my financial accountability partner. Serious Inquiries Only Please.
  • deleted_user

    40-hour work week

    Hello,I've been trying to get a message out to anybody who will listen. Of course, we all have financial difficulties, but I've been trying to think of something that might help everybody, and this MIGHT. It's time to think about phasing out the 40-hour work week. We have mechanized and automated until there's just not enough work left for everybody anymore. Simple supply and demand tells us that...
  • deleted_user

    An at home job

    I have been looking for an at home job that is legit for quite some time. I was told by my doctor that I am not ok mentally to go to work though I still have bills to pay. Disability is taking forever and I have no idea what to do. I am so stressed because of it. Does anyone know of any at home jobs that are trustworthy? Please? Anyone?
  • deleted_user

    Great Depression the second

    Do you think this recession is as bad as The Great Depression was?
  • abdulmominp

    Support Mackenzie Walters

    Here is an opportunity to support an teenager who has faced adversity and prospered. She holds dear place in my heart and her ambition inspires me. With your help, money should never be an obstacle to stop someone from achieving their dreams.
  • deleted_user

    deep and profound peace to you

    Deep peace of the running wave to you, Deep peace of the flowing air to you, Deep peace of the quiet earth to you, Deep peace of the shining stars to you, Deep peace of the gentle night to you. Moon and stars pour their healing light on you. Deep peace of Christ to you. Deep peace to you Deep peace to you