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  • Cyberis

    I Have A Disease.....?

    Last year, when I turned 12 I found out I wanted to be a boy. I cut my hair and started to wear my brother's clothes and I was happy. Untill my family members began acting strange.  One time my mom and I were fighting and I came out by total accident, after that incident we went to this Indoor Pool Place quite alot. Since I was a shy kid and my mom didn't have enough money. I didn't get any...
  • livingly

    Struggling with my gender identity

    Hi everyone I’m struggling with my gender identity. It’s hard because I’ve gone through a period of feeling like I could be different genders but now I’m not sure what it is again. Anybody have advice on how they figured out there gender identity. 
  • livingly

    Should I come out or not come out

    Hi everyone I've figured out that I identify as genderflex. It means I can go from feeling genderless to genderness. Dose anyone think I should come out or not.
  • manictrip

    Teen testosterone prescription [FTM]

    TLDR; I'm 16 in southern massachusetts trying to start testosterone asap but the program i'm in is way too long of a process i have blue cross blue shield and want to hear from people in the new england area and where they got their prescription and how the process wasLast year my mom and i were searching for an endocrinologist in my area we ended up calling Boston Children's Hospital but it was...
  • livingly

    Gender identify

    Hi everyone right now I'm questioning my gender identity. For most of my life I thought I was female. Then for a short period of my life I wondered what it could be like to be a boy. Then for another period of my life I thought I was non binary now I think I'm female again. I'm just confused and frustrated because I can't seem to figure out my gender identity. 
  • livingly

    Sexuality and gender

    Im pansexual that's one thing I know. I'm not so sure about gender. I thought I was female then I thought I was non binary now I think I'm female anyone have a simalar experience.
  • trans_newbie

    Wanting to come out as FTM to Parents

    Hey my name is Gabe. I am a 14 year old trans guy and for the past 2 years I've been hiding that I'm trans from my parents. Last year I finally cut all my hair off. It felt like I was becoming who I am supposed to be. And I came out to my friends and pretty much the whole school knows. Well at least. My grade knows. But I've never had the balls to tell my parents. And I really need to tell them...
  • Uric


    Hi... Recently I came out to my father as a trans male, I talked to him about it a bit and he seemed to ignore me and just brushed it off. So I tried talking to him again to make sure he understands that I'm serious and for a second time he brushed it off... So today since I was having a hard time telling him everything, I just recorded what I wanted to say and showed him... he responded by...
  • comfr3y


    So I'm gay. I know that, I'm aware. I'm not denying it. I've known basically all of middle school, and I've just finished eighth grade. Let me just say, middle school was the worst three years of my life and it wasn't for my paranoid fear of blood I would have started harming myself a lot earlier than I did. (There was a period of about a month when I scratched myself until I bled every day. I...
  • Anomymous


    I'm 15 and I met a transgender for the first time and I'm really into him but I have a few questions but I don't know how to ask I'm scared I might offend him
  • Findingoutme


    I an a girl in my early teens and i dont know if im gay, bi, or straight. I dont know how to find out either, I  never had a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Im so scared.
  • keninthedreamhouse

    Tired of Bullshitting Myself

    This is my first post. At this time in my life, i just want answers. I'm tired of questioning myself. Who I am and what I want. In the middle of my freshman year, I discovered that I had a small interest in girls. This is the first time ever that I've actually written that sentence... I feel more lost than ever...
  • Pastelphann

    I'm v confused please help!!

    So I am genderfluid but am afab and want to change my name. It's samantha and I know I could go by Sam but it just makes me uncomfortable. I'd like to go by Blake with they/them or he/him pronouns. Would it be okay to change my name?
  • bnrokenandlost


    I'm doing work experince for my grade ten subject and working at a school with the preos. I met this nice girl in grade 6 yesterday, she complemented my outfit and hung out with me  (I was happy to have company)... today she acted weird like she was almost trying to avoid me and then she came up and said hello and we started hanging around again, the kids were holding my hand and we were...
  • Oliver101

    Sexuality and Relationships

    I'm Oliver, 14. I'm not only an ftm but I'm pansexual. If I date a boy, that still makes it "a gay relationship" right?