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A stroke is an acute neurologic injury where the blood supply to a part of the brain is interrupted, either by a clot in the artery or if the artery bursts. The brain perfused by that artery no longer receiving oxygen carried by the blood and dying with cessation of function from that part of the brain.

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  • lancercleo

    Looking for ways to support from far away

    Hi there, everyone. I'm new to DS, hoping to get some ideas and different perspectives here. My Dad endured a terrible stroke a few years ago, and he's had a few more since then. We live in different cities and so I am not his primary caregiver. He has all of the medical and financial support he needs. I am trying to figure out how to best comfort him from far away and only being able to visit a...
  • LTL

    Just joined, hello.

    I am five years out from a subarachnoid hemorrhage at age 44 that has left me with panic attacks, depression, migraines, visual or optical illusions (rapid flashing of lights and colors in my eyes 24/7) and emotional swinging between anger and extreme sadness.  I have problems with overstimulation to the point where its very difficult to be out in public longer than about 2 hours.  I find...
  • Wayne

    Confused ,bewildered

    had a stroke July 21,2016 .. Since then I can't understand how one second I'm flying in a helicopter to a hospital and the very next day I'm sent home ??? Gave me a bloodclot busting drug and within 3 hours I'm completely normal again . Only thing is I'm a trucker of close to 25 years and now the DOT won't let me do my job . Totally understand but WTF am I supposed to do now ?
  • Phoebesfriend

    Bringing my husband home.

    I have been here at DS since my husbands first stroke over 6 years ago. He's had 2 more and now he's paralyzed from the neck down.At first I thought I would let him be placed in a long term bed in a nursing home when he's released from rehab. But now I know in my heart I can't let that happen. He's only 68 and I refuse to let him feel I've abandoned him.I'm going to bring him home and rent a...
  • walrus

    “one size fits all”

    It’s been four years yesterday, February 22, 2013 since my first stroke and I am no closer to knowing exactly what I had. Was it a stroke, a mini stroke or a tiny stroke? Yes, there is a difference but I still can’t determine which I had. The bumbling doctors (two) that I had since, didn’t seem to know or care. They were more concerned with the “one size fits all” type of “western...
  • barnowl1110

    My dad's stroke 5 days before my wedding.

    My father had a stroke last month. It was just 5 days before my wedding. It was so severe it almost killed him and the only reason he is even here is because his co-workers recognized the signs. My father has always been a superhero to me. He was always larger than life. A natural athlete who regularly exercised well into his fifties. A police officer for almost 30 years. Charismatic in a way...
  • melbsman

    Pons Brain Stem Stroke

    My 73 yo mother had a hemorrhagic stroke in the pons/brain stem area about 2 weeks ago. She is still currently in ICU. She has weakness on her left side but is quite strong on her right side and mentally she is all there. Unfortunately she is still on breathing pressure support which is the only thing holding her there. We are hoping that as swelling continually goes down that she regains further...
  • deleted_user

    Thanx for my warm welcome

    THanx for my very warm welcome itll be nice to get to know all of you I have acquired brain injury from a coma and enchephalitis but have frontal and parietal lobe damage hope to meet you all soon thanx jane
  • BigSarge29420

    New Survivor

    Hey, y'all. Don't try to adjust you monitor or keyboard. I'm Southern as the day is long and tend to type the way I speak.I suffered a massive stroke on December 15, 2016, while I was work and driving a forklift. Thanks to a truck driver for Estes Express, 911 was contacted and EMS arrived within minutes. I was dang lucky enough to get the TPA shot in less than an hour after the stroke began. So...
  • BrokenHeartedMom

    Stroke from trauma

    My son was killed in a tragic car accident on October 18th, on Nov. 2nd I had a small stroke.  There was no medical findings to support me having a stroke.  I have fully recovered, they have me on Lipitor which i don't want to stay on.  I am also on aspirin 80mg.  I am still in a profound state of grief over the death of my 18 year old son. I am scared it will happen again.  Anyone else had...
  • sickntired2016

    So frustrated>>>

    Hi there....I am new to this group.  Back in Feb of 16 my husband has his first stroke (he is 54, fit, never smoked....).  He went on to have another two with this most recent one in Oct 2016.  He is really devastated by this onen in many ways but I am struggling so SO hard with is his personality change.  He used to be such a take charge kind of man....a "yes" man and now he is depressed,...
  • Sweetdreams


    I had an embolic stroke in August 2016. The stroke affected my left side (leg, arm, hand). I requested physical therapy, occupational therapy and in home care from my doctor. The first week after I got home from hospital I was pretty much on my own. My friend stayed with me until therapy came in to help. I was frustrated, depressed, cried and was scared I wouldn't be me again. I needed help to...
  • mike1958


    I had stroke 3 months ago on my left side I still have weakness on my left side I'm not stable I have to have walking aid and my wife help me long would it take to get to somewhere normal, 
  • Tired

    Does anyone still post here?

    My husband just had a stroke.  He is still in the hospital.  And I'd like to talk to others.
  • deleted_user


    i had a stroke over a year now,left side left weak,unable to walk without aids,i do not put my left foot down i stand tipitoed,i am to see a ortherpedic to see if i am suitable for a leg brace, does anyone know if this will help me to walk has i once did? and will i ever walk unaided again? the pyso i had say i have to find the middle has i lean to the right for balance if i try to stand striaght...