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Sports injuries are injuries that are caused by participation in a sporting activity. In many cases, these types of injuries are due to overuse of a part of the body when participating in a certain activity such as runner's knee or tennis elbow.

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  • jrk1288

    Stress Fracture

    Hi all, I'm a runner who was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with a stress fracture on the neck of my left femur. Once the x-ray results were back my PCP instructed me to stop ALL exercise, including low impact activities like yoga. I then had an MRI, bone scan, and a consult with an orthopedist. After practically begging, the orthopedist said I can do easy exercise like swimming, low-resistance cycling,...
  • TikiGIrl

    Energy Healer -

    Bunim/Murray Productions, producers of Project Runway and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is CASTING people with CHRONIC ILLNESS, RECURRING INJURIES, OLD INJURIES THAT WON’T HEAL, VIRUSES, OR AILMENTS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN CURED BY TRADITIONAL MEDICINE. We have an amazing ENERGY HEALER, Charlie Goldsmith (, who has been studied by doctors, used by many celebrities and...
  • MsSlackera

    Waiting for Knee Surgery

    I tore my Meniscus/ACL/MCL rock climbing 2.5 months ago.It had improved with physio but in the past week the pain has become pretty intense again. I am still wearing a full leg brace to walk.I just want to get this surgery and rehab over with. Wait times are so long in Canada itll likely be another year. I still haven't heard from the surgeon to book a first visit. I'm hurting and feel like I've...
  • jordansmamma

    Question: injury leading to chronic pain

    Hi guys!I'm new to this group but not new to DS -- participate in chronic pain, back pain, etc support groups. So I apologize if you all have already discussed this in depth before, but have any of you experienced sports injury (or just injury) that probably should have not been a long term ordeal, that In fact did turn into just that? Long term chronic pain...and even more than that,...
  • drzaxis

    Extreme sports injuries?

    Hey gang,I just recently (as in today is Thursday 5/19 and recently is Monday 5/16) got out of the hospital after a 12 day stay following a TBI that I sustained while downhill skateboarding (going 30-60 mph on a skateboard down an open mountain road). I don't necessarily want to get into the details of it yet but the accident was really psychologically traumatic for me and I'm just now kind of...
  • loisdavid

    Does cycling cause vericocele?

    Hi all, I am 34 years old and a little obese too. One of my friends suggested me to do cycling for a healthy living and Im cycling for the past 3 weeks. Im feeling pain in my abdomen and lower back for some days. Today I felt pain in my left testicle too. Is it varicocele? Im thinking to attend a sports therapy treatment from AESM, Toronto ( ). Will it cure...
  • gummey


    I had fluid under my knee cape and them I went to slow down form running to get the ball cuz someone had already gotten it and I fell and a girl tripped over me an broke my foot she like stomped on it and she was not light but not fat either but in the end there were three girls on the floor and they were all on me like a pb and j and I broke my wrist and my mum said that was the end of b-ball...
  • sbellina

    frustrated with rehabbing, looking for advice

    Last year I suffered the worst injury in my sports career. I tore three ligaments in my ankle, had a complete lateral construction, lost my whole competition season, was really freaking depressed, my eating disorder came was devastating. I tried to pull it together, went to physical therapy, pushed myself to get better and focus and go back, and I really thought I could do it. Like I...
  • tryingtobestrong5

    ACL Surgery?

    I just need to know how many people have gone through this. I'm having a lot of trouble getting through this it's very hard emotionally I'd really appreciate any responds.
  • BackToGood

    Support from fellow runners please

    Hi. I'm 35 years old and I have been running for about 4 years now. I usually run at least 3 days a week. I have done several 5k races and I have been training for longer distances. I love to run. I wish I could bottle the feeling you get after a good run and keep it for emergencies. I obsess over it. When I see a runner while I'm driving I get insanely jealous and I want to park my car and run...
  • deleted_user

    Baker Cyst

    Hello,with all of the sports I do, I injured my knee a few months ago by squatting down and getting something out of a kitchen drawer. It made a "pop" and then I felt a knot develop at the side of my inner left knee. When I went to the Doctor, he believed I tore a meniscus, but the MRI revealed that it was just a bad sprain causing a baker's cyst. Physical therapy was recommended. Stretching...
  • kaylareneeparker

    L5-S1 Disc Herniation and Nerve impingement

    I don't know what I'm expecting out of this. All i know is that I was a collegiate volleyball player who lifted wrong and tried to work through the pain and it ended my career. After trying to play through my injury for 2 months, the pain in my back got so unbearable that I couldn't even move without screaming after practice. I got an MRI the next day and my disc was herniated. An epidural was...
  • Courtss

    struggling to get back in the ring

    I fell off of my horse in January. It happens. Falls don't typically scare me and this one was slow and expected. I was practicing for our winter circuit of competitions to start. The team just moved south (horseshow's are typically held in the warmer southern states in the winter and up north for the summer) it was the fist day of the first week.. We were jumping a course and I messed up, my...
  • laluna

    chronic tennis elbow treatment

    i have tennis elbow for over a year in both arms and may quit my jobs. has anyone tried surgery, prolotherapy, prp injections, or rest? which of these worked and which didn't work? Many thanks for your input!!!
  • joyfullady46

    Tear in my left shoulder

    Just to let everyone know that I have a medium sized tear in my left shoulder. I got a telephone call from my Rehab. Doctor's nurse this a.m. and now I have to make an appt. to see one. Will post when the appt. is so that everyone can keep me in their thoughts and prayers.