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If you or a loved one has skin cancer, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, and meet others going through the same. Skin cancer is a malignant growth on the skin, which can have many causes, including repeated severe sunburns or long-term exposure to the sun. Skin cancer generally develops in the outermost layer of skin so a tumor is usually clearly visible.

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  • imirishred


    Has anyone been diagnosed with squamos cell in or near the anus/rectum?
  • Hi all. My name is Lauren. I've been using Edudez on the back of my neck all the way down my back to my underwater line and then my entire left arm down to my knuckles. On Tuesday it will be 3 weeks. I haven't had a huge reaction yet but I've read that these areas are slower to react. Today has been harder in that I'm very itchy and uncomfortable. I had a punch biopsy on my forearm and back....
  • Hello everyone,I've never used this forum before, and I'm feeling full of fear and anxiety following a visit to my GP today. I had her look at a skin lesion (about 4mm across, half pink and half dark brown with black splotches in it: mostly regular and divided into two oval-shaped parts, somewhat raised and a little glossy). She said she didn't think it was "anything really terrible like...
  • ladym

    Skin biopsy and lots of anxiety

    I am trying to keep myself distracted while I wait for the results, but I am an anxious person and it is really hard. I went to the dermatologist last Friday to show her a mole on my shoulder that looked like basal cell carcinoma. She agreed that it looked like it, and she performed a shave biopsy. Then, she proceeded to do a full-body exam and decided to biopsy two more moles: one on my back (I...
  • I've been helped by reading so many of the questions and answers as well as other experiences here. I read a thread where several people commented that they wished people would give their entire experience so I'm attempting to do that. PRE-DIAGNOSISI had what I initially thought was a bug bite on the top edge of my left ear. While at a GP doctor visit I asked him to check it out. My GP said,...
  • Hi all. I was opening up a post/discussion to find out if anyone has had any corrective surgery or cosmetic enhancements adjustments etc for their skin cancer surgeries to improve the look, feel and appearance of the grafts. So that they blend better and are less noticeable from your normal skin. For example have you used any medical grade tattooing to hide the appearance or blend the...
  • WarriorGal

    BCC Question

    I had a basal cell carcinoma removed in December ( 4 mis ago).It left a RAISED scar that tingles/itches sorta...more tingle. Calls attention to it causing me to softer ub it.Is that normal???
  • Hello, I was recently diagnosed with melanoma and the spot is on my lip. I'm about as fair skinned as one can be and covered in freckles. About 5 years ago I lost my father to leukemia . It started as lymphoma and they did the initial biopsy and with in two months the cancer had metastasized to his lungs and stomach. Which leads me to believe the once air hits cancer , it spreads like fire. Some...
  • KCxo

    Feeling down

    Sux that my partner might be cheating on me while im stuck at home recovering after my skin cancer surgery.Feeling so down.
  • First post.Just had mohs surgery on 10th March 2016. Had a full thickness skin graft done immediately after the surgery. Had basal cell carcinoma removed from area just below my left eye.I did not expect to see such a big gaping hole after the bandage was removed post surgery 1 wk later. My surgeon was on vacation when I returned to have stitches removed . ( moist cotton ball bandage was stitched...
  • I have had two minor removals of pre skin cancers, and one replacement of an entire lower eyelid...woke up this morning with one of those dry crusty spots that to me look like the others...can this pop up over night?My son gets married April 9th and I do not want the forever pictures with me with scabs on my face. ugh
  • WarriorGal


    I had my biopsy on Oct. 20 and surgery to remove BCC will be 12/17.In the two month interval, the biopsy site has HEALED!Q: How will the surgeon know where to cut and dig inasmuch as there is no x-ray or MRI to guide him to the tumor???
  • savvyscrapper

    Fluorouracil 5%

    I am on Day4 and started wondering if NOT a good idea if dog licks my face or if ok to be kissing/cuddling with my boyfriend?
  • newdrake308


    I've had a few biopsies and small cancers removed. But the changes of different spots on my face and in other places causes me some concern. So yet again there will be more biopsies and probably a bit of cutting too. I just hope that this nagging feeling is not grounded in anything serious. I just feel that this time it could be melanoma .
  • hott24girl

    Could this be skin cancer?

    Hello all,My daughter (9) has a mole on her back that is dark in color and edges are oddly shaped. It is not very large but has me concerned.We can't get into the dermatologist office for another month, so I am pretty worried since we have such a long wait.Any help is apperciated