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Herpes zoster, colloquially known as shingles, is the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, leading to a crop of painful blisters over the area of a dermatome. It occurs very rarely in children and adults, but its incidence is high in the elderly (over 60), as well as in any age group of immunocompromised patients.

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  • puffy1976

    A Shingles Recurrence

    Hello, I am new to this group but not the site. I had shingles a few months ago very badly... so much so that even the doctors pointed out what a bad case I had. Well, I am sitting here again with the rash popping up all over the same side of my back as last time and if I am lucky it will wrap around my side and onto my stomach and chest again as well! :) I am only 40 but I do have MS and many...
  • deleted_user

    Abdominal swelling from shingles

    I have had shingles since the beginning of February (2012). After the rash scabbed over I got the most horrible pain imaginable for a week and then it lessened geadually but won't go away. (I also have had rheumatoid arthritis and gout for 40 years so I know bad pain) Besides the pain I have two areas of swelling on and below my waist. Has anyone had swelling from shingles? Also how long...
  • Hello! I am 28 years old and I just got diagnosed a week ago. I have an 8 month old daughter and I exclusively breastfeed her. I have been sick on and off with colds/fever/stomach bug/bronchitis since mid-November. I still have bronchitis. My shingles started below my bra area from the middle of my front, around my ribs and to my mid back. It started off me thinking I slept wrong in bed and my...
  • deleted_user

    Muscle weakness

    Has anyone suffered with weakness and fatigue in their leg muscles throughout this? The rash has healed but still burns him and even reddens a little.
  • Soquilii


    I contracted shingles at age 69, having foolishly gone unvaccinated.  I went on what I call the Trip From Hell with a friend, a 'vacation' that turned into a nightmare, and it is believed that the stress I suffered during that week brought on shingles the following week.I thought I had pulled a muscle in my back on the left side.  It wasn't that.  It was pre-shingles pain before the rash...
  • I was recently diagnosed with shingles, but thankfully we caught it early due to the fact that I had a prescheduled appointment with a dermatologist at the same time I got the rash and got on meds quickly. The rash only lasted a couple of weeks, but the deep pain in my shoulder and neck, which preceded the rash, seems to have returned with a vengenance today. It fact, it has made the left side of...
  • raleanne

    Never want them again

    Shingles !Ouch ! Painful ! Long lasting !  Dabilitating , and I never want them again ! Hi my name is Raleanne and I have had a couple bout of shingles . Once with out the rash ( scalp ) and second with the rash ( scalp eye , and forehead )  ( Both events were right sided )  I had an idea it was shingles and got medication as quickly as possible to prevent further complications. I was lucky...
  • shinglehand

    Shingles in the hand

     I am 76 years old and experience shingles in my right hand and arm 18 months ago. When the sores  disappeared, my hand was frozen and swollen and painful. The doctor put me on gabapentin for the nerve pain and I went to occupational therapy to move the joints. The pain has subsided but the hand is still somewhat useless.  I cannot grasp anything, exert pressure or write. The muscle near my...
  • Padrick

    How long before you went back to work?

    Hi    I am a 59 year old male from uk got shingles (quite severe) about two months ago after the rash had cleared I am left with postherpatic neuralgia and I am in constant pain still not well enough for work ,even going back on reduced hours.anyone been off work as long? I am currently taking gabapentin 1800 mg a day peridisolone 15 mg a day. Thanks
  • Hello everyone,I am 29 and I have been diagnozed with zoster virus 4 weeks ago. I had a small rash on my lower back on the right side. It was itching and burning from time to time but the pain was not unbearable. I saw a dematologist few days later, and I was put on antivirus medication Acyclovir 800mg 5x, which I unfortunately started after one week of the rash appearing. Two more weeks and the...
  • jimg2

    Getting better

    I am a 75 year old male. I have had shingles for about 8 weeks. I was out of town when I first got it and didnt know what it was. On day 3 or 4, I went to emergency care and got a prescription for Valtrex, I hoped it would be over in 2 weeks, it wasnt , then I hoped it would be over in a month, it wasnt. At first I took 1 Advil a day for pain. My back was quite painful at first with lots of...
  • kk11

    Scalp, hair color

    I was diagnosed with shingles on my scalp and around my eye about 6 weeks ago.  Thankfully my eye is fine and blister scars around my eye socket are healing well.  About a week ago mild pain and itching disappeared, but have now flared up again - still mild.  My scalp is red and has one small red bump but was at no time blistered.  Now I'm wondering if I can have my hair color touched up?  I...
  • juliettagirl

    eternal phn

    Helo Friends,I have posted here since my phn in April 2012.I am still suffering. My head is still numb and feels like it is ina paper shredder.Are there sufferers out there in pain for this long a duration ormore?I am beginning to think I will never feel normal again and I will have to live this way until I die. I am now 67.Can anyone on this list share their long-terme experiences. Has it gotten...
  • bayrabbit01

    Haven'the been formally diagnosed yet....

    Hi there, I am new to this group.  I have self diagnosed myself  with shingles...because I have all the classic signs.  My question is " do you have to get prescription for anti-viral drugs, or if I let it be, will it go away on it'so own?Any answers you can give me would be greatly Appreciated!!Thanks
  • raleanne

    What should I watch for.

    Just diagnosed a few days ago . I have shingles on my forehead , my scalp , my eye , my nose . bumps behind my ears , and in front but not sure that is shingles or swollen from something else. The pain is excrutiating . I am devastated. I don't have time for this crap . Is this true it can last for months? My eye is closed shut every morning .I am on valtrex and eye drops ... is there anything...