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Herpes zoster, colloquially known as shingles, is the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, leading to a crop of painful blisters over the area of a dermatome. It occurs very rarely in children and adults, but its incidence is high in the elderly (over 60), as well as in any age group of immunocompromised patients.

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  •  I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes  four years ago and HIV positive six(6) years ago, which was turned a full blown AIDS! as I held of Dr. Aziza traditional medicine, i decided to give it a trial since he said he can cure any diseases. I've also suffered from breast cancer! that almost ruined my life because of the virus.  I was so depressed and thought my life was finished. I couldn't bear...
  • raro15


    I  was diagnosed with shingles 5 weeks ago.  My doctor has prescribed  me Valtrex twice during this period and have been on  Panadeine Forte and Endone for the first 2 weeks and since then Lyrica for the nerve pain and Nurofen also. My rash is on the right side of my back and right side ribcage. At first the rash was very puffy and raised and is now flattened out but still noticeable. I am...
  • rugbyfan

    Do I have shingles

    i was diagnosed by GP 5 days ago with Shingles. I have a red inflamed area on my inner left arm, which was hot too touch and sore. I was given anti viral news, but I have no blisters/spots. The area under the red patch is like a very hard lump, so I'm not totally convinced it is Shingles. Can anyone help?
  •  I have had two cases of shingles in the past three months. The first was on my left arm and relativey mild.The second, though, was much more paindful and was on the right side of my neck and followed emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. After that, I had to resume a business trip which had me pretty much driving 5,000 miles cross country in a relatively short period of time. My doc...
  • Slim325


    I'm on my 10 day with shingle's rash is diminishing but the pain is still pretty bad on my shoulder and the back of my neck and runs up the back of my head. It also attacks my chest. How long will this last or how long before I know it's now PHN ? 
  • deleted_user

    Shaking with the Shingles??

    I was diagnosed w/ the shingles on August 1st the blister showed up July 30th. Started taking the Valtrax Sunday August 1st thru the 8th. I am still have side effects, not sure if its from the Valtrax or the Shingles. I already been to the doctor twice and wasnt happy with the answers given to me. I have constant shaking throughout my arms, hands, legs, bad taste in my mouth, stomach ache, my...
  • Girlicat

    Memory Problems After Shingles

    Hello!  Five weeks ago, I had a case of Shingles Zoster-Oticus (started as a bad earache and then spread to face.) I've since healed and just have mild tingling, itchiness and ear pain sometimes.  However, I've been having a hard time remembering things since then, even though I review the things I'm supposed to remember daily.  In the evening when I try to recall the details I reviewed...
  • Fsirabi5

    Exhausted from shingles, new member

    Hi all:I'm 73 years old & recovering from shingles. I didn't go to the dr. cause I don't take meds unless absolutely necessary. I took lots of vitamins, especially B & C, apple cider vinegar(with "Mother"), oatmeal powder for the rash, baby wash to shower. Rash has cleared up, pain almost gone but I am totally exhausted.  It's been 2 months. What can I take holistically to get my energy back????...
  • Ssumpter4

    Shingles on scalp

    At the end of January I was diagnosed with shingles on scalp. I got on the antivira around the 4th day. Most psin i have ever endured. Im in my third month and still have red skin, that is painful and itches eventhiugh shingles are gone. I may have phn. Any solutions to get rid of pain after shingles are gone? 
  • jol

    Mum suffering with shingles

    Hi please can you pray for my mum who is 87 and suffering from shingles. She is in so much pain . She is still vomiting and pray that her body is able to fight the infection. I believe that even though she is weak that God can heal her and that she will get better. It would be great if others can pray for her healing too. Thanks jolly. 
  • chub

    Shingles in eye

    i have severe shooting sharpe pain in left eye and left side of my head. I've never had shingles. Does anyone know how long I'll be off work and will the doctors give you pain meds until the pain leaves or will they just cut you off after first prescription? I can't move til I take the meds. The pain is horrible. I feel like my eyeball is being squeezed! So glad to have found this group. Just...
  • amyall

    Why did I get this??

    I'm 46 and in good health. I hardly ever get sick so I assume my immune system is pretty good. I'm always under stress but haven't been any more than usual lately. Since I don't meet any of these risk factors, why did this happen? I know no one can answer that but it seems like there are others in my same situation so I'm really just looking for assurance!
  • juliettagirl

    eternal phn

    Helo Friends,I have posted here since my phn in April 2012.I am still suffering. My head is still numb and feels like it is ina paper shredder.Are there sufferers out there in pain for this long a duration ormore?I am beginning to think I will never feel normal again and I will have to live this way until I die. I am now 67.Can anyone on this list share their long-terme experiences. Has it gotten...
  • TexasNana

    Deep nerve pain in shoulder, neck and face

    I was recently diagnosed with shingles, but thankfully we caught it early due to the fact that I had a prescheduled appointment with a dermatologist at the same time I got the rash and got on meds quickly. The rash only lasted a couple of weeks, but the deep pain in my shoulder and neck, which preceded the rash, seems to have returned with a vengenance today. It fact, it has made the left side of...
  • puffy1976

    A Shingles Recurrence

    Hello, I am new to this group but not the site. I had shingles a few months ago very badly... so much so that even the doctors pointed out what a bad case I had. Well, I am sitting here again with the rash popping up all over the same side of my back as last time and if I am lucky it will wrap around my side and onto my stomach and chest again as well! :) I am only 40 but I do have MS and many...