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Sensory Integration Disorder is a neurological disorder causing difficulties with processing information from the five classic senses, the sense of movement, and/or the positional sense. Sensory integration disorders vary between individuals in their characteristics and intensity.

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  • missdolli

    Adult with SID

    I just wanted to post this and see if I can maybe find anyone else like me or anyone else's input or similar experiences with symptoms or disorders... I was previously misdiagnosed with Meniere's Disease. I went through many treatments and after a while of nothing working for me, I went on the search for a new doctor that could help me. After more testing I was diagnosed with hypersensitivity to...
  • Gabrielconnor

    BloGTK blogging client

    One of the most tedious when publishing articles on a blog is often the need to constantly enter the interface specific to each server, BloGTK in the same environment have the ability to write our posts without opening the browser .The interesting thing is that it is compatible with both wordpress blogger as thus covering the vast majority of blogs that exist today. The handling is very easy...
  • deleted_user

    Trouble with wiping after a bowel movement

    Our 13 year old son with SID has always struggled with this. He seems to have the capability I believe of keeping his bm's clean when he's out at school and in public but at home he smears his feces all over the toilet lid. Sometimes it falls down his pant leg and he ends up tracking it around the house. Ds seems to go through periods of time (about 2 weeks) where his SID symptoms are really...
  • mrmangru

    I'm unsure if my child has a sensory disorder

    I was reading a blog about how a mother has a really hard time getting her child dressed. This really peaked my curiosity because I too have a difficult time with it. But it's not all the time. But it is often. Just today I tried to get my 2 1/2 year old dressed and she had an absolute melt down. Absolutely refused. I quit trying and went back to it later and she still refused. An hour...
  • liezel

    The Day my child was diagnosed with SPD

    I have two wonderfull childern, and healthy. As Grade 1 approached for my daughter many red flags came up. So the teacher suggested to take her to a Occupational Therapist. Long story short , she was diagnosed with SPD.And so my little world came crashing down, MY KIDS are very healthy and stunning, never in the hospital (exept for birth.) and once a year at the docter. To See my daughter...
  • myawesomelyfe33

    Sensory seeker with oral defensiveness

    My 4.5 year old is a BIG time seeker! He cannot self regulate whatsoever. He doesn't so much have "fits" but angry outbursts when he doesn't understand something or when making a mistake and will harm himself. I don't know what I need to do for him as far as his sensory needs... OT? As far as foods, he constantly gags on food, will NOT eat anything cooked-all has to be cold. Crunchy textures he...
  • deleted_user

    Getting sad with my son's symptoms

    Hi all, I am really getting a little depressed with my son's SPD and speech delay. I recently took him to Elmo Live and he had the biggest tantrum that lasted about 45 minutes, it was a nightmare. I consulted some other group members here shortly after and the head OT therapist at his school and the feedback I got was not to take him to anything that would overwhelm him, i.e. Elmo Live, Sesame...
  • deleted_user

    Omega 3 and food intolerances

    I will apologize now if this topic has been exhausted however I can't help but going back to it. How many of you have done the dietary changes and increase the Omega 3? We have done the necessary changes like remove gluten, food dyes, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and started to supplement Omega 3 since our son will not eat, or be anywhere around fish or the smell of fish. To date we have not seen...
  • imbalanceman

    functional neurological disorder

    Anyone out there suffering or beaten this illness.I know it comes in many forms and can affect people differently.Ive been having difficulties now just over a year after a virus wiped out my balance and inner ears.They are all clear now but I am left with a horrid imbalance sensation especially when turning or spinning to my left.eye visual problems again left eye only.I am unable to tolerate...
  • deleted_user

    Get the services your child needs

    I just want to make sure that everyone knows that our kids with SPD CAN GET an IEP to address their specific needs. True, we missed the DSM V Diagnostic Manual, but our children can still get services as OHI - Other Health Impaired. You can have whatever diagnosis your doctor gives you and have the school write an IEP under this umbrella term. Along with SPD my son has a seizure disorder, but...
  • please help! my 4 yr old has just been diagnosed with SPD and we are now waiting till 25th Nov to be seen by a specialist regarding therapy. In the mean time we as a family are struggling with my daughters behaviour. She is very aggressive and vocal (screaming, grunting, shouting at us)She feels the need to control everyone including me. Her melt downs sometimes go on for up to 4 hours. She...
  • MomDeeDay


    Hello...I am very new here and new to my son's diagnosis. He is a loving little boy with TONS of talent and strengths. But, from the day we adopted him, I knew something was not quite right. Now we know what. He has SPD and we are overwhelmed by the range of ways this is playing out in his life. He is fine at home, generally. We have experienced some defiant behaviours but essentially, as...
  • Hello,I am new to this group and wanted to find out how y'all deal with/or do you deal with insurance companies who continuously deny OT for your SPD child. We were approved a few times, but my lil guy still needs it and has been denied 3 different times by an internal medicine doc who doesn't feel it's medically necessary. This PCP, OT, Counselor and us all know he still needs it, but this one...
  • deleted_user

    Advice for newbie

    Hi, I have suspected my 4yr old son as having sensory processing issues for a while and requested an OT referral last year through our health visitor. I believe he sensation seeks, craves deep pressure and struggles to regulate his system. He can be very aggressive and very loud. He seems to get very worked up when he sees older boys and will either hit and push them or try to get on top and kiss...
  • StrongerWithEachTear

    New to this group

    Hello all!! I am pretty new to this group, and would love some advice from someone (or someones) who have a little more insight to this than I do. I have a 2 yr old daughter who has global delays. I noticed the delays when she was about 4 months old, she wasnt attempting to lift up and would fall asleep during tummy time. When she didnt hit her milestones of sitting up by herself I urged the dr...