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Raynaud's disease is a condition that affects blood flow to the extremities which include the fingers, toes, nose and ears when exposed to temperature changes or stress. When exposed to cold temperatures, the oxygen supply to the fingertips, toes, and earlobes are reduced and the skin color turn pale or white and become cold and numb. When the oxygen supply is depleted, the skin colour turns blue.

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  • worldofblah4

    gloves and socks and shoes

    After my ice test from my vascular guy he showed me the results. It is like a sine wave that showed good circulation before the ice, after the ice it was almost a flat line which would mean almost no circulation. I have been researching gloves and socks and shoes. Any advice?
  • pearlbeth

    Treatments for Raynaud's?

    Hi everybody! I'm really glad everyone is so welcoming here. I'm agrandmother suffering from Raynaud's disease. My symptoms haveworsened as I have aged. I often have attacks that can last hours. Inthe wintertime, sometimes it's every day. I don't make very muchmoney, and I am not old enough to get medicare. I have tried everyhomeopathic cure, and nothing has helped. I am afraid I may need...
  • KoalaBear

    Hypersentitve to touching cold items

    Hi fellow Frosties,I have been dealing with my Raynauds for the past 20 years.  However, this year my feet and hands have seemed to have gotten worse, or a bit more sensitive to touching anything cold inside.  I was at a new gym with my friend, that was pretty chilly and we did our usual workout on machines and weights.  I know I felt chilly, but my hands didn't seem cold.  Anyhow, the next...
  • deleted_user

    does anyone with raynaud's on here also have fibro

    does anyone on here with Raynaud's also have fibromyalgia. I have both already. I wear two socks on my feet. have to run them under hot water.
  • CaseyMollie

    What to do about my hands..?

    Hello everyone! I'm so happy there is a site like this to ask advice :)My name is Jackie...I'm 54 and have experienced Raynaud's symptoms for about 20 years...maybe more. Initially, and for most of my life, I've had sweaty palms...embarrassing to say the least! I've avoided going to church because I can't shake hands during the sign of peace!Now, not only do I have sweaty palms, but sometimes my...
  • hergma

    Nitrile medical exam gloves help!!

    quite by accident (or should I say out of curiosity and need) I discovered that wearing nitrile (not latex) medical exam gloves under my mittens, my fingers stay warm and I can avoid a Raynaud's episode.The gloves I have are made by Medline and I have them in size medium. The drug store sells a couple different brands of nitrile medical gloves, but they all were in one-size-fits-all sizing,...
  • akr965

    Nose and Ears COLD & HURT

    I am already having problems keeping my extremities warm and it's not all that cold out. My ears hurt but between my hair and headbands I don't look too ridiculous in my methods of keeping them warm.Hands and feet are easy enough fixes (most of the time). The real problem is my NOSE! It gets cold so easily and then HURTS. This will last from minutes to hours!Any suggestions or ideas?
  • mlgibbs9

    Wound inside right ankle

    I have a terrible wound inside my right ankle that has been getting worse for over a year. I have been to many doctors and even the wound specialist is beginning to get discouraged that the treatments don't seem to be helping. Has anyone had any success treating something like this? Can you recommend a specialist or clinic specializing in Raynaud's treatments that may be able to help me?
  • deleted_user

    Heated gloves and socks

    Hi, Has anyone bought anything that they would recomend? Ive never bought a product for my Raynaud's before and would like advice?
  • IceRideMA

    Biofeedback App?

    Hi everyone,Do any of you know of iPhone biofeedback apps for Raynaud's symptoms? Or health problems generally?I am seeking something that might help me control my freezing cold hands and feet.Thanks!
  • toothless

    Raynaud's attack symptoms?

    Hello everyone.I'm new here and was diagnosed with Raynaud's 10 years ago. I'm currently on diltiazem, but only take it as needed as it brings my blood pressure down too low. I started the medication 5 years ago as the nerve damage in my hands was so painful that I wanted the doctors to amputate them. The medication was a godsend and as of today the nerve pain is practically gone and I feel...
  • kjoy510

    Verapamil not working

    I normally take verapamil when I have a flare up. This past week I had a bad flare up and started taking my normal dose of verapamil. Typically I only have to take it for 2-3 days. This time, it doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone else have this problem? Or perhaps does anyone take Verapamil for longer then 3 days? I've never had a flare up last this long since I was first diagnosed....
  • deleted_user

    One Episode Made It Worse

    I am 66 years old. I have had cold hands for as long as I can remember. At least since I was 16 years old. Last winter while skiing, it was a particularly cold night and I had a hard time keeping my hands warm. Most of the night I made one or two runs and went into the lodge and put my hands under the hand dryer. That night, driving home, I couldnt get my hands warm. I held them over the...
  • akr965

    Skin hurts?

    I have had Raynaud's for many years so I expect my hands, feet, ears and nose to be cold. My new problem is the fat part of my upper arms. The skin is cold to the touch, often, and it HURTS. Anybody else?
  • josie106


    Hi everyone. I am pretty uninformed about Raynauds as it has pretty much been secondary to my many other issues but I have had it for about 8 or 9 years. It has mostly affected my hands and feet with coloring and numbness. All of a sudden in the last month, every single one of my fingernails has gone flat and is almost bending downward when it grows a little longer. Has anyone else experienced...