Rape Support Group

If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • NotHisToAbuse96

    My Story....

    I was repeatly raped by my ex boyfriend when we were together. I was with him for three years, and was abused by him sexually, physically, and emotionally. I have a daughter with him, and left him in May of last year. I charged him for all the abuse in Feb, and his trial was set for June, but it was put off. It was then set for Sept 21 but his lawyer stated at the trial that he is unfit to stand...
  • I was raped at gunpoint about 13 years ago, and am still struggling with trusting people and believing they can help and protect me. Are there any suggestions on how to trust people after a traumatic incident?
  • pol39

    Too Long Ago

    18 years ago as a young man of 21 I qualified as a holistic therapist and was qualified to give aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage and all sorts. I had a client who came to my house for treatments. One day he asked if I would include his chest in the treatment and I agreed. Part way through it became apparent that he was enjoying it a bit more than was appropriate. As the treatment...
  • Bre14

    how to find courage to share...

    I dont tell my story and if i do its not detailed. Its just the facts like its something I read in a history book or a police report. I joined this site to find support I suppose. I am looking for some support.
  • stillfighting2016

    Looking for support buddies

    Hello,I am new to the site and I have been dealing with the effects of rape alone for quite some time. Talk therapy does not seem to work and neither did EMDR treatment. I want to have some other women who know what I am going through to help build a solid support system, not only for me, but for the other person as well!I do not want to discuss the details of my rape, due to possible triggers in...
  • Janine78


    It was 23 years ago, but still this one evening has a hold on my life. How do I stop it?
  • nicole2014


    I was sexual assulted 2 weeks ago. And I think he gave me something. I'm scared now. I'm only 20 and my life is probably over. I got tested for stds. The results are pending right now. Doc thinks I caught something. Herpes is what she thinks it is...it's not fair. He hurt me and I'm the one suffering.  I'll probably die alone...who wants to date a girl with something like that? 
  • Preciousbabygirl

    is it really my fault??

    my therapist said I need to start taking responsibility for my childhood being messed up instead of blaming others for it. my trauma therapist said that it isn't my fault but this other therapist is putting the blame back on me. say what?! so which is it? is it my fault or isn't it? i feel so heartbroken. i called crisis and they said that i needed to make another appt with my therapist but he's...
  • Amanda_J

    Reach out

    I've been reading the posts and gathering the courage to share my own. Even as I'm typing this I am tentative and scared. I'm looking to be able to talk about my experience without judgment or being broken down in any way.I'm finally at a point in my life I can stand the person in the mirror looking back at me. Its been 11 years since I'm now 23 and i still have triggers. only nightmares I have...
  • Preciousbabygirl

    My sister set me up TW

    This is really hard to talk about and I haven't told anyone but i have to tell someone so here goes nothing.My uncle was raping me every day and sometimes every night so this one day I hid at my other uncles house to get away from him. My older uncle had taught me how to break into his house in case I needed to find refuge from my younger uncle. This one day I went over there to get away from him...
  • kittycat57

    here goes nothin

    I was raped by my neighbor/ family friend several times. The man was about 2.5x my age and 3x my weight. I went to court several years for it but he got off with probation and now he has video cameras angled at my house and he will sit in his driveway and just stare at me. At first I was very secretive about what had happened because I didn't want anyone to know because I feel like less of a...
  • aucahk

    I don't know wt to say

    I'm broken n finding someone who had the same situation that I did but had gone through it talk n give me advice,please
  • lost1227

    Sex after rape

    The last incident was almost exactly 4 years ago to this day, but I'm just now opening up about it with my therapist. I have a hard time talking about it and feel stupid most of the time sitting there not able to say how I feel. Until this time I had dealt with the years of abuse by keeping everything inside which allowed me to live somewhat of a normal life. I still had my bad days but for the...
  • CountryAngel56

    I Don't Know What I'm Doin Here...

    I've never been open about my emotions and what happens in my life but lucky for me my fiance was always a good listener and hes been helping me through every part of this. i went to a party last weekend and it was probably the worst decision of my life. i went to the party alone thinking i could handle myself but as it turns out i cant.. i ended up getting raped that night. it wasnt someone i...
  • csajourney

    Male - Male Rape (triggers)

    As a man, it is hard to "out" myself about my past experiences with going from boyhood curiousity to molestation, incest and various rape situtations that have haunted me for decades but only recently been flooding me with recently diagnosed mental illness conditions and symptoms. Only over the past few years have I been waking in the middle of the night from flashbacks, nightmares, sweats, chest...