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If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • Blue2211

    New here can anyone help

    I am new here and don't really know where to start. I just realized after i don't know how many years and how many rapes that,  each of them decided that is was ok to do what they did to me. The first time I was 22 straight off the farm didn't know anything and he knew it. I packed it so far away, that I still can't rememeber it all. I have a mind block. I always told myself he loved me so much...
  • Tibbseeboo

    I never thought it would happen to me

    I was working out really late and I posted which gym I was at on FaceBook for fun and to be funny. Someone I had known for over a year messaged me on FaceBook and told me to stop by to say hi because we havent seen each other in over a year and he recently just moved. I went by and I noticed something was off. He smelled like alcohol was on his breath. And I could tell when he groped me and...
  • cockatiel22

    Telling Therapist

    I was raped and physically abused when I was 15 by by exboyfriend who was 17/18. The only person I ever told is my husband. Well, this past Monday, I told my therapist (whom I adore) that I was raped and we talked about how he tied me up and held a knife to my side while he raped me. This was a HUGE step for me. Ever since I told him, I feel dirty all over again. I'm afraid he's (my...
  • deleted_user

    Do the rapist ever come back?

    I want to know have anyone rapist ever came back to hunt them? Even after months of no contact did the rapist return?
  • misunderstood4601

    New and need some advice

        some background......... I am 15 almsot 16 i was raped in 7th and 8th grade by my step brothers best friend and he let it happen. I was molested by 3 family members from the time i was 6 to about the age of 11 when I could actually understand what was happening to me. I still have nightmares, but they are not with those people they are older strange men that I never see their face in my...
  • Sghi

    Losing all my friends after the rape.

    I start saying I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me for any mistake writing.I’ve been sexually assaulted twice in the past, the very first time when I was 17 and the second I was 21 but I never talked about it and alway thouhgt it wasn’t a big deal. It actually was.It was a BIG deal but I couldn’t understand that the feeling of loneliness, emptyness and sadness was a result of...
  • ScienceandDogs

    Help Please! I Need Advice From Incest Survivors!

    Please, can anyone offer advice to anyone starting his or her journey toward healing? I was abused emotionally, psychologically, and sexually by my father-- and the memories of his abuse will not leave me. I have tried meditation, exercise, actively see a therapist (I returned to therapy a month ago), take medication to manage anxiety and depression/PTSD, and yet... I am still suffering to a...
  • youcantcontrolme


    i feel as if no one understands. i was raped my 9th grade year by a boy i never really liked who bullied me a lot. i was pretty sure he slipped something into my drink because i was fading in and out of consciousness and i woke up to my clothes off and him next to me and then forcing himself in me. to be honest i would of rather still been passed out so i didn't have to feel the pain. i didn't...
  • Vicky92

    Lots of Flashbacks

    I've been on this journey of healing for awhile now and I've made alot of progress. But lately the flashbacks have been coming back and my depression has been seeping back into my life. There are some days I can't open up to my partner. I fear I'll either scream like a crazy person or just cry. So I remain silent and my partner I'd growing more and more frustrated with me. What can I do???
  • Cry

    Minor Victories!!! (TW maybe)

    I've never been so proud of myself. My boyfriend and I were hanging out when he asked if he could take my pants off. I said maybe. He was gentle and loving. Of course he got maybe a quarter of the way down before I panicked, got them up and ran to his bathroom to throw up. He was right beside me the whole time. He rubbed my back and helped me past it. When I calmed down, we got some good and we...
  • Cry

    Sex thoughts...

    When I was little I was raped, and it showed me I was worthless. I never thought I'd have a normal life. No sex like or anything like that.I now have a loving boyfriend of 9 months and he's the most patient man I've EVER met. He sees me as beautiful and not a whore or slut or prude. He tells me it's okay for him to wait. I've never done anything sexual with him (unless you count him kissing me up...
  • brighteyes

    " Naughty Sex...." A bit of a long read???

    I have been assaulted many different times, I have always been...... lets say timid, nervous, when it comes to love making. I have a wonderful Partner who loves me and is great at listening to not only my words but my body.(it took us 10 years to get to this point) Lately things have been going towards a "naughtier" side in the bedroom.This has brought up so many feelings and i am hoping...
  • Randa76

    Past Attempted Rapes effecting now

    When I was a teenager I experienced 3 attempted rapes by 2 people. The rapes were 9 days apart. The second guy tried to rape me on my 16th birthday. the second guy tried 2 days in a row. The other was a someone I had been friends with for 4 months. At the end of the school year the school put us in the campus therapist's office and told me to forgive him and become friends again. I reported...
  • deleted_user


    How many have regressed and may not want to say anything about it or deal with it?
  • hopelessandscarred

    Raped on my Birthday

    I was 14, it was almost two years ago and now my parents are all excited to celebrate my sixteenth birthday, but I don't know if i can sit around acting happy when all i can think of is the first time my then boyfriend raped me. Before that i remember he would push me to do things or slap me around, but that was the first time he forced himself on me. It was the start of an abusive relationship...