Rape Support Group

If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • Blue2211

    New here can anyone help

    I am new here and don't really know where to start. I just realized after i don't know how many years and how many rapes that,  each of them decided that is was ok to do what they did to me. The first time I was 22 straight off the farm didn't know anything and he knew it. I packed it so far away, that I still can't rememeber it all. I have a mind block. I always told myself he loved me so much...
  • rainbowsushi

    Raped 2 times

    it started when I was in 7th grade, this boy I use to be in class with pulled me aside and raped me. It was at the library next to my school. Then the other time was during the summer, and I was on a 5 hour break from my job and I went to my school to work on some music. That's when my ex raped me in the closet I was working in. I've been sexually assaulted and harassed and most things you can...
  • Paulie13

    Multiple Rapes

    I've been raped on 3 different occasions by 3 different men. Does the fact that I've been raped more than once mean it's my fault? Like do I put myself in situations where this can happen to me? After the 3rd time I can feel myself getting worse and acting out. I feel like I'm swimming through a fog of thoughts and memories in my head. Zombie like at times. Does anyone else feel like this? Please...
  • Anomymous

    My Story

    I was 5 when it began at first it was just touching me in places then it escalated quickly soon they were making me do things to them with my mouth and hands then they sexually assaulted me they would use stupid things like how I stole a piece of gun from my mom to make me do what they wanted all I ever wanted to do was be there perfect child I remember I would say this is the last time and they...
  • Paulie13


    I work with the guy that raped me. He instant messaged me today asking if we could have a conversation. I told him I was busy, but in reality I just don't want to speak to him. I originally thought of him as a friend and after "that" night I thought I could separate our friendship from that night. Turns out...I can't. Speaking or seeing him instantly puts me over the edge. He walks around and...
  • wavemasterjeff


    in febuary of 2016 i was raped by someone who i thought was my friend and someone who i could trust, it has been a whole year since he has been in jail and recently I just came from trial and it was a mistrial but in 2016 at school i had to deal with being called names and being disrespectful by his friends and being called a liarer but i would never lie about anything as serious as this and the...
  • simplysad

    I need help forgiving myself

    I was violently raped by my ex-boyfriend 8 years ago. He had guilted me into going to a party with him and he got incredibly drunk, I didn't drink back then so I was sober. I made the mistake of going to a bedroom with him because he wanted to talk. He did not want to talk. I'm currently in a very healthy, loving relationship but for some reason I still just feel broken. I feel like I don't...
  • Dancer101124568


    Why do I keep thinking it's my fault. I have emotional ups and downs. I'm not gonna get over it. 
  • W_M_D_8818


    Have you ever confronted your rapist? How did it make you feel? If not,if you had the opportunity ..would you confront your rapist? I have the oppprtunity and Im being told I shouldnt confront the person.I want to see if he acknowledges it/will apologize..it was someone I knew of for 10+ years.I didnt say anything to him afterward,I was in a state of shock and really did not believe it even...
  • Manoio

    help me

    I need someone to talk to about what happened to me . it's been a month and im not even sure if it was rape. I kept telling him no no no and he still forced me too. he is in the Navy stationed here for idk how long.. what do I do? ruin his career? what if I'm not the only one he's done this too? I'm terrified someone please help me out 
  • PreciousQueen

    Is it?

    I feel really dumb for even asking. You would think that since I've survived one, I'd be able to answer this, but was it rape?I feel like I want it to be anything but. (This is only part. So much more happene)He kept pressuring me to drink. He brought me to the place I was raped before. I told him and he said he would never bring me back, but he did four days later.he wouldn't stop touching me....
  • Maddy95

    i helped my friend so he raped me

    On Monday night I was meant to meet my friend but they cancelled because it was raining heavily, I was fed up as I love the rain but said it was okay, put on my fake tan and went to bed in just a black towel whilst it dried.Whatsapp went off at 00:30am Tuesday morning and it was my friend saying they'd had a row with their family and were locked out in the rain, so I offered them to sleep on my...
  • mitzi56

    raped by ex boyfriend while high

    i just need someone to talk to about my rape, even though it hurts to talk about it. i just need some understanding about it. just need to vent about it.
  • vckfree

    raped while unconscious...

    I am looking for some help with my situation. I was drugged by my brothers and was raped that night, but have no memory except that one brother cleaned up the evidence (bloody clothes) and lied to me about what happened. I was still loopy due to the drugs and my subconscious pushed it down for decades. Three years ago I started to TALK and have been trying to piece together what really happened....
  • pandora77

    Why did this happen? (TW) TRIGGER WARNING

    I had been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We started having sex, when I lost my virginity to him. We had sex a few times and he couldn't get all the way inside. I was always too dry. He had started getting impatient because we'd waited so long to start having sex. So he had been suggesting anal sex and we tried it. Neither of us had done it before. We didn't communicate very well and...