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If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • rubyrocco

    First post and first time I am speaking publically

    So this site is anonymous but this is the first time I am speaking about all of this and hiding none of the details. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Audrie & Daisy about two girls that were victims of sexual assault. One commited suicide and the other had to move out of the country because the case was thrown out and she was vicitim shamed so much she attempted suicide many...
  • hopelessandscarred

    Raped on my Birthday

    I was 14, it was almost two years ago and now my parents are all excited to celebrate my sixteenth birthday, but I don't know if i can sit around acting happy when all i can think of is the first time my then boyfriend raped me. Before that i remember he would push me to do things or slap me around, but that was the first time he forced himself on me. It was the start of an abusive relationship...
  • simpleandlovely

    My first post

    I'm 19 and the summer of my senior year in high school i was sexually assaulted by my boyfriends best friend. Someone I had complete trust in. Someone I had known for years. After reporting it, none of my friends beleived me. Neither did the police. I lost everything. My dignity, my reputation, every single one of my friends, and I had to leave high school. I'm lucky to have gotten my diploma...
  • shavedflowers


    i've become hypersexual at times since my abuse and i emotionally abuse other people now without meaning to. i'm manipulative and i can't be in a stable relationship for a long time. i feel depressed, like i can't get out of bed a lot. i feel useless and helpless and the worst part is i feel like i'm faking my abuse. all my friends and my therapist tells me that's just because it messed with my...
  • Tesfa

    has anyone suppressed being date raped?

    I am new to this group. When I was 18 years old my dad kicked me out of my house. When I was 19 years old I was with my boyfriend he was older (30) of over 6 months when he decided to date rape me.. I told him no and that I didn't want to do anything yet because I was still a virgin waiting until I got married. He said it wouldn't happen then all of a sudden he wouldn't stop... Afterwards, I...
  • darebearsworld

    Will It Ever End?

    New Years Eve I decided to go to a friends house and plays cards, eat pizza and wait for the ball to drop. I ended up staying still about 4 in the morning. 2017 was going to be my years. I promised myself I was going to change and become better. Better in my job, saving money, and building relationships. But, as im driving my 30 minute car ride home. 30 minutes. I became depressed and was getting...
  • wntfree33

    I have no clue what I'm doing

    This is my first post. my first time ever even in a support group online or otherwise. truth being that typing this in itse'f terrifies me more than I can put into words. I'm 4 years into therapy now and I still can't speak about the details to anyone. at times I can barely stomach the word "rape." clearly I have a long way to go.
  • eladnama

    I'm new here (:

    It has been 6 years since my assualt and I honestly am still dealing w/ it every day.  I am pretty good at disassociation, & that's how I've been able to survive since I was a kid.  I think that's where my problem lies though, I never really deal with things.  I almost feel as if I should be over it by now, but even the slightest thing triggers me.  I can't talk to my friends about it, they...
  • victoria567765

    I need to tell someone my story

    a little over a year ago I was dating this boy. It was on Halloween of last year. We were hanging out at a friends party, but before he gave me an edible. I took it myself. That part was all on me. As the part continued he started drinking.i did like him and all there were no signs that he was different than any average boyfriend. I told him I didn't want to have sex with him, I wasn't ready. But...
  • beccapolanski

    New and Sharing

    I just joined the sight for some support from people who know what it's like.  I'm surrounded by a great group of people...I'm in a clinical psychology doctoral program, so literally everyone is a psychologist, but do not share the experience.  It's been about 3 and 1/2 months since it happened.  I went to the hospital and reported it to the police and I should be hearing about charges soon....
  • FindingSolace

    Starting This Battle

    I was sexually abuse a number of times while I was living and performing in Las Vegas. I was dancing in an amazing show, my ultimate dream job, and was at the peak of my career as a professional dancer. I had what some would call a perfect life. I was insanely lonely, very young and often put myself in situations that were not safe. I always felt in control. Until I wasn't. Until I woke up in a...
  • Cakeasaurus

    Help Me

    Tonight, my boyfriend went out for dinner with his mom and grandmother. They didn't tell him where they were going but they took him to the house of my rapist (K). When my boyfriend told me where he was, I freaked out. I cried. I was at the hospital at the time and the doctor called crisis in because I was hysterical. I told my boyfriend to leave and never have contact with K again. Instead he...
  • annecinron


    Last night my kids had me watch a movie, I agreed not knowing what it was about.  It was absolutely horrible!  It was a very very graphic gang rape and revenge movie.  Well this scene lasted a long time and it trigged me so bad that I was frozen in my seat, I could not move. I have been struggling all day to stay focused and in the present, but continuously flashback to my rapes.  Shame,...
  • lethargicsweetheart

    Rape Trauma (Venting-- Trigger warning)

    I can not get a diagnosis for my trauma. I can not talk to others about my experience. I am constantly told I made it up. But from age 11 to age 14, I was raped, beaten, and abused on a daily basis, and no one noticed. When I have flashbacks, I feel like I'm there again. It's just like being sucked back into it. Reliving it. July 13th, 2011. I was 12. My rapist sexually assaulted me while...
  • Sm860

    New here

    Hi everyone.  Just joined this site.  Does everyone feel comfortable here.  I'm new to this..