Rape Support Group

If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • sunshine_00

    Feeling Dirty

    I was raped years ago. And I never dealt with it. When I got married last year it started to cause many problems so my husband and I attended counseling. He was the first person I opened up to about my rape and the feelings that came with it. He was the only person I talked to about my self mutilation. I never told anyone ever besides my counselor. Whenever I was reminded of my rape or had a...
  • takeahint


    I just want to be numb, I want nothing to do with reality. Im over being consciously aware of being violated and having no control over it. I've had enough, enough of the flashbacks, enough of the physical pain I get when my unconscious decideds it's time to to think about the horrors that have multiplied throught my life. I've just had enough.
  • Sghi

    Losing all my friends after the rape.

    I start saying I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me for any mistake writing.I’ve been sexually assaulted twice in the past, the very first time when I was 17 and the second I was 21 but I never talked about it and alway thouhgt it wasn’t a big deal. It actually was.It was a BIG deal but I couldn’t understand that the feeling of loneliness, emptyness and sadness was a result of...
  • cockatiel22

    Telling Therapist

    I was raped and physically abused when I was 15 by by exboyfriend who was 17/18. The only person I ever told is my husband. Well, this past Monday, I told my therapist (whom I adore) that I was raped and we talked about how he tied me up and held a knife to my side while he raped me. This was a HUGE step for me. Ever since I told him, I feel dirty all over again. I'm afraid he's (my...
  • dance03

    I still can't believe it happened

    About six months ago while I was away at college one weekend me and my roommate decided to go to a party.  We both got really drunk and I decided to go home while she stayed back with some of her friends.  I wind up getting home around 2 and about an hour later i get a facetime from my roommate in a different dorm with multiple guys.  She had gone back to their suite.  She goes into the...
  • jesi

    multiple rapings over past three years

    I never have done anything like this but I feel like I can't keep it in anymore two people know now but I feel like since I let the first person know I can't stop the feeling of just gushing it out everywhere. I'm not sure if anyone even reads this or anything... I'm just going to say what happened I don't even know what I expect to get out of this. I was 15 years old when I was raped the first...
  • deleted_user

    Anal Rape Symptoms/pain??

    Dear all,I went down to Panama, and was invited to a party at a guys place that I met a couple of days ago.Thinks something was put into my drink....I woke up in the place, fully dressed but with a slight pain in my anus. Dont know what really went on that night.Could you please let me know what were the physical symptons from being anally raped?Can it be possible not having any pains and still...
  • apple0409

    Can't stop thinking about it

    This is hard, I have never publicly told anyone, and it took me 13 years to finally tell my husband and my mother. When I was 16 years old I was sexually active, my boyfriend at the time, let's call him John, was in to trying new things! One night I went over to hang out with him and his friends, he insisted that we go play man hunt ( a form of hide and seek), well when everyone left the house he...
  • mendesqueen989

    the pain wont stop

    when i was 16, i was dating an 18 year old, well call him peter. he forced me to have sex with him. I wasn't ready at the time and  was a virgin. he slammed me across the wall and forced himself on me. no one was home and I was scared out of my mind I begged him to stop but he didnt listen. He shoved broomsticks up my ass and vagina and shattered my bones, that was the first time. The second...
  • Coolgirl26

    How do I live

    How do I live without every time someone touches me freezing? Without every time I get in bed thinking about what you are doing? Without feeling worthless? Why do I feel so powerless weak worthless filthy? Why me? Why are you doing this to me? 
  • Blue2211

    New here can anyone help

    I am new here and don't really know where to start. I just realized after i don't know how many years and how many rapes that,  each of them decided that is was ok to do what they did to me. The first time I was 22 straight off the farm didn't know anything and he knew it. I packed it so far away, that I still can't rememeber it all. I have a mind block. I always told myself he loved me so much...
  • Tibbseeboo

    I never thought it would happen to me

    I was working out really late and I posted which gym I was at on FaceBook for fun and to be funny. Someone I had known for over a year messaged me on FaceBook and told me to stop by to say hi because we havent seen each other in over a year and he recently just moved. I went by and I noticed something was off. He smelled like alcohol was on his breath. And I could tell when he groped me and...
  • beautifulbutterfly

    what is wrong with our justice system

    04/03/2017Mood:  Bad mother going through this for the 2nd time with my youngest now and losing faith in justice systemHello I'm a mother of 2 beautiful teens..13 and 15 and they're my life. This story is one that I feel so alone in because the Justice System has let me and my 15 year old down twice..As she came out with her first offender 5 years ago..It was my ex husband and I did my...
  • unicorntears123

    I need clarification

    Could you all read my journal/story and tell me if this is considered rape or not? https://www.dailystrength.org/journals/the-revival
  • almostvisable_1988

    who cared

    i was raped by my brother when i was a little girl and it still hurts me to this day he killed me.....or some days i wish he had i cant say im living but i am alive what he did killed my spirit and the bad part is that my father the man who i thought was my protector proved he was the worst monster so how do i keep going truth be told im on auto pilot a constant state of survival mode which means...