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If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • clarabethh

    i feel like i deserved it

    hey guys, im clara and im 16 years old. i was raped when i was 14 on christmas eve. i feel like it's my fault and i feel like i deserve it because i think i'm a terrible person. i can't stop thinking about it, i feel like i belong to him. i haven't told my parents or the cops. literally NO ONE. knows. i want to tell people but i'm so afraid. i'm scared they'll judge me. i also developed PTSD ( i...
  • PreciousQueen


    One of the worst things I heard when talking about my rape was "how do you think he feels about you walking around talking about it?" They kept saying I needed to be quiet because it angers him. 
  • hopeful97

    I can't move on

    I can't seem to move on from my rape. I feel like I am currently stuck and that I am dragging myself through the day. Someone please just tell me that it gets better and that my rape is not gonna destory my life.
  • Dan7427

    Advice for a dad

    3 nights ago my daughter let an ex boyfriend into her room thru her window after everyone fell asleep. She thought he was there to make up, he came to convince her he was rotten and she should stop trying to get back together with him.  The next day she told a teacher he choked her and raped her.  Police are investigated, she has been examined, and therapy is set up for all family members.For...
  • PreciousQueen

    Is it?

    I feel really dumb for even asking. You would think that since I've survived one, I'd be able to answer this, but was it rape?I feel like I want it to be anything but. (This is only part. So much more happene)He kept pressuring me to drink. He brought me to the place I was raped before. I told him and he said he would never bring me back, but he did four days later.he wouldn't stop touching me....
  • NowhereGirl

    In shock please help

    I don't know what to do. I can't say it. I don't want to think it I need to turn back time I can't live this it did not can not happen.
  • animallover205

    How do i move passed the damage

    Hey, I was raped back in the fall by my jiu jitsu instructor who was supposed to be teaching me how to fight and have self defence but instead figured out that i couldnt beat him and used it to his advantage. it weighs on me everyday and im not sure how to move past it.
  • So_Many_Ants_Outside

    Just Wanted To Introduce Myself

    There's a myth out there that women never force men into such things. At the age of 17, 5 women forced themselves on me and I couldn't escape, but my friend whom just happened to be walking by took me seriously when I shouted to him for help, and he yanked me off the ground. See, I am a short, young-looking guy. Haven't aged since I was 13. Women both younger and older than I have tried this on...
  • PreciousQueen


    so tell me exactly how this is okay? Everyone keeps telling me to calm down but I think that's the worst thing they could ever say right now. I was raped two years ago and recently found out he had syphillis. Now, medication doesn't work and doctors just told me it's going to eat your brain and you'll die in a mental hospital.He texted me "I raped you because..." Two. Years .Ago saying that and...
  • ShadowsEclipse

    Three Years....

    Hi everyone, Im new to this website. I felt the need to be able to talk to someone about what I was going through because I havent ever really been able to speak to anyone else about it. For three years starting from the time I was 8 till I was 11 I was raped by a group of older kids in my school, by a kid in my neighborhood, and by my best friend. I havent ever really forgiven myself for what...
  • captainanon

    My ex

    Last year in ninth grade I was depressed. I just wanted to feel wanted. So when a junior was interested in me I was so happy I was finally getting attention. I would brag about it to my friends. But one friend warned me. He soon became aggressive he wouldn't let me text certain people he'd take my phone. He pull my hair. He'd force me to kiss him. He'd speak for me. It got to the point where he...
  • catullus

    Alone and confused.

    I feel really alone. I don't know anyone who's in a similar situation, and I've never gotten professional help, so I've never really healed. I'm a lesbian, and in my freshman year of university I believe I was manipulated, taken advantage of, and raped by a close male friend.It's been three years and I still feel like it was my fault for being stupid, oblivious, and so desperate for acceptance...
  • PreciousQueen


    Hi all,I'm not that great at introductions, so just wanted to get it out of the way. I have been raped twice. I am not really ready to talk about the second one. It's too soon, but will be talking about the first for now. Thanks. 
  • DaisyBug68

    How do I help her?

    My daughter was raped last Summer. But was groomed by him for 3 years.He was my boyfriend. I had no clue. We did the whole trial...He got 24 years. But she is still a mess. Night terrors, flashbacks, digs at her scalp until she bleeds.She's had 4 counselors, and they keep shuffling her around.She was close to suicide 3 times before it all came out.I don't know how to help her...She doesn't know...
  • Sghi

    Losing all my friends after the rape.

    I start saying I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me for any mistake writing.I’ve been sexually assaulted twice in the past, the very first time when I was 17 and the second I was 21 but I never talked about it and alway thouhgt it wasn’t a big deal. It actually was.It was a BIG deal but I couldn’t understand that the feeling of loneliness, emptyness and sadness was a result of...