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If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm new on here. Here is my story... I was drugged and date raped almost 2 years ago. I never went to the police or to the hospital and I've never told a therapist or anyone trained to help me cope with it. I've only told a couple of friends and they had no idea what to say. My boyfriend knows it happened, but he doesn't know any of the details. I finally mustered up the courage...
  • lizdoggylady

    Marital Rape

    I am new to this group as well as to this website. I am learning so I hope this post actually posts.  My rape story is maybe different from most on here.  My rapist was not a stranger or a blood family member. It was my husband of 5 years. We had been together for almost 10 years before I had the courage to leave.  I have heard that during the leaving phase of the relationship it can be the...
  • deleted_user

    Do the rapist ever come back?

    I want to know have anyone rapist ever came back to hunt them? Even after months of no contact did the rapist return?
  • hopelessandscarred

    Raped on my Birthday

    I was 14, it was almost two years ago and now my parents are all excited to celebrate my sixteenth birthday, but I don't know if i can sit around acting happy when all i can think of is the first time my then boyfriend raped me. Before that i remember he would push me to do things or slap me around, but that was the first time he forced himself on me. It was the start of an abusive relationship...
  • Madi15

    Raped by a stranger and molested by my cousin

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm Madi (Madison) and im 15, i was recntly raped by a man that was like 50 and he wasnt caught so my parents moved us away from where we lived and before that i was molested by my cousin when i was like 12 and 13, he was 20. I have NO idea how to deal with any of this, my parents are great and they try their hardest but they dont understand what i went threw and i have no...
  • deleted_user


    How many have regressed and may not want to say anything about it or deal with it?
  • yollie

    Despondant Mom

    My daughter is 19years old and I dont know how to help her feel safe anymore. She was sexually molested when she was 4 years old and although I reported the case nothing happened to the guy who hurt her. She went for counselling with a child physocologost, but that came to an end when he relocated to Australia as she didnt want to see the new phycologist. She went from a happy child who spoke to...
  • buckshot5025

    tired of trying to cope on my own.

    I am 47 years old. As far back as i can remember i was molested and raped by two different male cousins at different times.till late teens they forced me to do things. I fought my whole life to convince my self i could be a normal man but i know i am not. I really have never known who i was. I dont know where to turn. Or who to turn to. 
  • shavedflowers


    i've become hypersexual at times since my abuse and i emotionally abuse other people now without meaning to. i'm manipulative and i can't be in a stable relationship for a long time. i feel depressed, like i can't get out of bed a lot. i feel useless and helpless and the worst part is i feel like i'm faking my abuse. all my friends and my therapist tells me that's just because it messed with my...
  • Tesfa

    has anyone suppressed being date raped?

    I am new to this group. When I was 18 years old my dad kicked me out of my house. When I was 19 years old I was with my boyfriend he was older (30) of over 6 months when he decided to date rape me.. I told him no and that I didn't want to do anything yet because I was still a virgin waiting until I got married. He said it wouldn't happen then all of a sudden he wouldn't stop... Afterwards, I...
  • Tadba

    Sexual adult very young. DID as a result

    As a small boy in fostercare I was forced into a type of sexual slavery. As a result I have developed desiocitve identity disorder.  I didn't realize that is what had happened to me. My alter never came out until later in life. He was always there. Apperntly my wife has been talking to him for a long time and never told me. She didn't want to freak me out. I've never been mentally solid. She...
  • brighteyes

    " Naughty Sex...." A bit of a long read???

    I have been assaulted many different times, I have always been...... lets say timid, nervous, when it comes to love making. I have a wonderful Partner who loves me and is great at listening to not only my words but my body.(it took us 10 years to get to this point) Lately things have been going towards a "naughtier" side in the bedroom.This has brought up so many feelings and i am hoping...
  • still_alive

    My mom doesn't believe me

    I was raped by my ex boyfriend this past summer. I am eighteen years old and am at my second semester at college. Because I didn't "fight him or scream loud enough" it's my fault or I'm making it up. I was molested by a family friend when I was eight years old, and she believed that.  I have fucked up, I know. I've made stupid decisions. But the nightmares and flashbacks I get affect my every...
  • rubyrocco

    First post and first time I am speaking publically

    So this site is anonymous but this is the first time I am speaking about all of this and hiding none of the details. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Audrie & Daisy about two girls that were victims of sexual assault. One commited suicide and the other had to move out of the country because the case was thrown out and she was vicitim shamed so much she attempted suicide many...
  • darebearsworld


    Do you ever get into that feeling where you feel hopeless. Like, no matter how many times people tell you that you are loved and cared for, nothing matters. That person who broke you matters more. As many times that I look at my friends and family, and tell myself I love them and that they love me, I think of my rapist, or picture his face and instantly hate myself. I see that rape and play it...