Rape Support Group

If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • jonlybonly

    I need advice.

    Hello everyone. I just found out that my girlfriend of 5 months now, was raped in the past a few years before we met. She was also sexualy assaulted a few years before that. She is still recovering from these events and having some trust issues. Up untill now I thought it was me, that I was doing something wrong because we have yet to be sexualy active. But now I know the true problem. I want to...
  • KittenAshley

    How am I supposed to feel?

    When I was 11, I was gang raped. When I was 14, a "friend" of mine raped me. I have been told my whole life that it was my fault, and that I should just learn to grow up. I always go into a frenzy when I hear there names, and I can't stop the nightmares that keep poking at me relentlessly. Am I supposed to just not feel at all. Are they all right, should I just grown up. I feel weak and...
  • EES

    New to this

    Hi everyone. 20 years ago I was raped. I never discussed it with anyone and overtime figured I had managed to move past it. Mostly I guess I had. I married and now have 3 teenagers. but now that my daughter is 16 (the age I was when I was attacked) and I'm coming up on the anniversary (December) I feel a bit out of control. I've never cried over it and instead became a pro at burying it so that...
  • jsylves

    my daughter was sexually abused

    I'm jacky, this is my first time joining a support group online. My daughter was sexually abused by a friend we all trusted. As a mom I have a lot of guilt. I'm trying to help her and help myself to cope. She was 11, her abuser was 14.  She's disclosing more and more about the abuse.  She is 14 now. What can I do to help her and help myself? We have a lot of services in place already but I feel...
  • Sm860

    New here

    Hi everyone.  Just joined this site.  Does everyone feel comfortable here.  I'm new to this..
  • Jenny1995

    Rape Rape Rape what happened to me?

    hey everyone im knew here. are we allowed to say swear words. I dont usually swear but when it comes to this subject somethings this is the only way i can get my message acroos on how badly i feel. but if not thats okay . i will work with it. so my life is a big mess augg :/. i dont want to live anymore and im planning to killl my self not anyy time soon hopefull because i have soemthings i have...
  • theflying400


    My girlfreind was raped by her at the time boyfriend. She finally is at a place where she recognizes it for what it is, but im having a hard time with it. I'm so angry at him I could really really hurt him and i just don't want to be angry anymore
  • Ske050814

    My life is a total mess.

    I'm sarah. im new. i joined because I'm not allowed to talk to friends and family about any of this due to an on going investigation. i found out a week ago my boyfriend had been raping  my 10 year old daughter for around two years. it started right  after our daughter was born and i started working the night shift. my 8 year old was the one to tell me. it seems he did it all in front of her...
  • deleted_user

    Gone Mute?

    Has anyone here stopped talking after the rape due to the trauma? If so,then why? What do you use for communication?I'm seriously considering to just stop talking and just using sign language and writing as a means of communication.It's just too hard to talk now.
  • useless20162

    new and needing support

    hey everyone. im new to this site. and i am in great need of support right now. im struggling, its getting worse. the flashbacks are happening so much and i cant cope with them. i was raped when i was 12, but things happened to me before that and ive never really been able to tell anyone what actually happened. can someone message me? im breaking.
  • Benny

    I'm Benny. I am new here.

    I was raped May 10th 2016 by a group of men. A friend and his roommate sold me to them to pay his dealer. My worth was only $450. They drugged me with seroquel and Klonopin. I was doing meth and the police believe it very well could have been heroin they laced with seroquel. I am having flashbacks and have PTSD, Rape trauma syndrome and anxiety. I also am Bipolar 1. I am here because the...
  • I was male raped by my parents friend when I was 11 he was locked up but still to this. Very day I have flash backs
  • anonymous666


    I don't expect anyone to read or reply to this. I just need to get the words out. It's eating me up inside.It was a Friday night and I went out with my girl friends. We were having a great time but as it got later we realised we didn’t have a way to get home. I tried calling a friend but he couldn't give us a lift. We had met up with a group of guys on a stag party. They were nice and...
  • Hi, I'm new here so I'm still not sure how this works...It happened 4 weeks ago and I keep getting really intense flashbacks. Like, I can physically feel it happening all over again and I don't know how to make it stop... Is this normal? and does anyone know how to handle this?
  • I'm Melanie. I'm new here and really struggling.I went through a vicious, hideous attack in August. Multiple rapes, multiple monsters doing it. The worst was my stepfather. But my cousins did things to me too. There was taunting, bullying, laughing at me, mental torture... I feel so dirty. The shame and humiliation is like nothing I've experienced before.