Rape Support Group

If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • wallflower9


    I wasn't raped but I found all of the sexual assault support groups to be fairly dead, most likley because people think it isn't a big deal. At least it wasn't rape. Thats what I always get, but if it wasn't a big deal I would be able to move on. I was 14 at the time, was in a relationship with a bad guy because thats what I thought I deserved. One day he got me a little tipsy then took me on a...
  • actuallynervous

    Triggered by all the sex assault news

    Is anyone else having trouble hearing all this focus on abuse and harassment in the news? I hope it’s helping people who want to come forward do that, but for me it’s so stressful. Worst of all, my family is very pro-rapist (“women are liars, everyone does it,” etc.). So all I hear around me is how these men are victims and women like me are opportunistic sluts.I was first raped almost a...
  • Luvbear

    Coming out about rape...

    So I was supposed to have a meeting with the detective and just didnt show up cuz i was too scared to.... I know what i felt and i know that i was raped, yet i just cant work up the courage to speak out
  • Amalthea83

    I was raped by when I was a 22 year old virgin.

    So... I think I should start off by saying that I wasn't just a virgin by happenstance, but went to great lengths to protect my virginity. That's why, when I was drugged and raped by fiance, it was so shocking... I thought I had finally found someone that I could trust; someone who shared my same values.When I was 22 years old; I entered the Job Corps to study nursing, because it was the only...
  • smallz

    I don’t know what to do.

    8 months ago I was raped. I was at a bus station I was using the ATM I seen him behind me and just thought he needed to use it too. So I finished and turned around and smiled at him as I started walking he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. He stuck a gun in my side and told me not to yell and to walk towards the restrooms. The station was almost empty but I fallowed him in the restroom...
  • ashbear105

    a family trip

    So, I went back to my home state for a week to get away from school for a while and I went with my sister. While she was at a concert I went to my grandmothers. one of my female cousins had just gotten in the shower and the two of us were hanging out in the back room. My male cousin shut the door but I didn’t find it suspicious because grandma was asleep just down the hall. I didn’t feel...
  • highanxiety

    thought it was poor decisions that led to rape

    I was 22.  Just broke up with a controlling verbal abusive man that I lived with.  I had just gotten my first apartment living alone. I went out one night, enjoying my new freedom.  I went out alone.  I talked to who i wanted when i wanted where o wanted for the first time in my adult life.  At one bar i was familiar with, me and another person i knew there went downtown to a club.  We had...
  • A_Whole_New_Me_2017

    Tired of it all

    I'm so tired.....  I will never get over these men and what they did to me...  I can't live with this... 
  • Brokenwrists


    I was raped from age 4 to 17 and than again 19 the worst part is that I thought college would be better but it wasn't I'm a freshman in college and was raped in September when I was 19. I don' understand why this keeps happening. I feel so alone right now. And I'm shutting myself down and I haven't been sleeping, eating, I've been having panic attacks flashbacks and nightmares and this one...
  • katejonesxo

    I'm not sure if I was raped

    hi, something happened last weekend after I went home with a boy I just met. I slept with him once back in his and fell asleep because I was quite drunk, but I got woken up to him on top of me having sex with me. I just froze, I have been raped once before and all the memories of it came flooding back because up until that moment I had completely blocked it out, I repressed it and even made...
  • Ariaflynn27


    Repressed memories of past rapes and sexual assault have been flooding back and getting clearer and clearer and the more I remember the more I can't handle anything and I don't know what to do I feel like I'm going crazy.  
  • Daniellem95


    my rapist has ruined my life... my inner self feelings towards myself and how others look at me. I'm left mentally damaged to which Everyone around me cannot understand and I feel myself alone and angry with myself because I can't force people to love me. I'm hard work
  • katejonesxo


    its been 3 months, but I’ve only really started to deal with it. I’ve been having panic attacks for about a month now and it’s impacting work, I’ve had a risk assessment put in place for when this happens, I can’t work alone or drive or do night shifts.. when it happens I feel like I’m annoying people. I feel like I’m dragging it on, but how on earth am I supposed to move on with in...
  • Alyblueeyes


    Why cant I get past this.... Its been 3 years.. Even tho i know hes not following me or trying to find me i feel like he is...... I can still rember everything from that night...... How numb i felt, how helpless i felt. It was like my body was in a freezer and froze in place. I was screaming but no on could hear me... SHHHHHHH is all i can hear him saying.... I want this pain to stop hurting. I...
  • rt1126

    Ups and Downs

    HI guys, this forum has really helped me know that there are a lot of people going through what I am. On one hand that comforts me, on the other it makes me sad. I gave in and finally started taking an anti-depressant. It has really helped with panic attacks and nightmares. I felt really optomistic the past few days, but last night the suicidal thoughts came againa and were very strong. I just...