Rape Support Group

If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape, this is the place to find support and get advice. If you want, discuss your experience, share your feelings, and meet others going through a similar situation.

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  • Alyblueeyes

    3 Years

    Its been three years as of the 13th of this month that i was raped by my ex boyfriend. I really have no one to talk to about it because no one in my family really believes me they all think it was something i did. I still get panic attacks and anxiety attacks from it all. I cant sleep and last night I was just ready to end it all.. I dont what to hurt anymore. 
  • rt1126

    Ups and Downs

    HI guys, this forum has really helped me know that there are a lot of people going through what I am. On one hand that comforts me, on the other it makes me sad. I gave in and finally started taking an anti-depressant. It has really helped with panic attacks and nightmares. I felt really optomistic the past few days, but last night the suicidal thoughts came againa and were very strong. I just...
  • Jezebel8

    Could it be rape?

    Years ago a man came to my door and said he impregnated my friend. I was concerned so i let him in. The next thing i knew i was on the carpet, he pulled down my pants and raped me. After the rape kit i felt ashamed and didnt press charges. My therapist even said it didnt happen " you look fine" so i let it go and pushed on.  To this day ive said it didnt happen to me, meaning it wasnt me ,...
  • RisingRach98


    Hi guys! Just started college in August, and since then my life has been amazing.. I mean, I love college- my new friends, my professors, so much freedoms, but there's a part of me that hate's it here. I hate it here because he's here. I was r----- (that word) at my first college party by some older D1 athlete. I consciously refused to admit it had happened until something triggered me and my...
  • Dawinya

    A night of horror

    I was 18 when this happened and now i am 21. I was drinking one night with my friends at his house because it was mutual friends' birthday party. At that night i was so drunk that i dont remember what had happened. I remember begging that guy to let me go and i remember him slapping me. I remember guys taking turns one after another on me but other things remain blury. A few months after, a guy...
  • gracyn_ashlee

    10 years after being raped

    When I was 7 I was raped by my dad. He made me have sex with him a couple times a week for 3 years. I am a totally different person today than I was before it happened. But I'm stronger now. Until a couple days ago I never thought of myself as a 'survivor' but I am. I got through one of the most horrible things someone could go through. I survived it, we survived it. We've been through hell and...
  • rt1126

    Can a prostitute really be raped?

    I know that if I answered this question, I would say yes- but only to someone else. I used to be addicted to drugs and also used to sell my body for money. I have had very horrible things happen by men- I am so messed up right now because of it all. I am scared all the time someone is going to kidnap and rape me. It has been over 10 years ago that I lived that way. I still can't bring myself to...
  • DejectedSurvivor

    I was raped...

    I don't really know how these things work... But I've been trying alot of new things to help me recover. I was raped a few weeks ago. It really crushed me. Crushed every aspect of me. Everything I once was is crushed into the dirt. My soul, my spirit, everything. I'm not handling anything well. I'm scared and paranoid. I can barely leave my house. My eating habbits are all over the place....
  • katejonesxo

    I'm not sure if I was raped

    hi, something happened last weekend after I went home with a boy I just met. I slept with him once back in his and fell asleep because I was quite drunk, but I got woken up to him on top of me having sex with me. I just froze, I have been raped once before and all the memories of it came flooding back because up until that moment I had completely blocked it out, I repressed it and even made...
  • confused11


    This is my first time coming out to others about what happened. It’s hurting my relationship and it’s been over 16 years that it happened. I was 8 at the time when a family member who was a little older than me starting doing some stuff with me. I didn’t think much of it and liked it. That’s the issue I’m having is that I liked it and have questioned sex ever since. It feels good but no...
  • oliviaantoinette

    Opening up

    Today is the first time i opened up to my therapist about my rape since it occured in April of this year.... Am feeling a LOT of negative emotions HELP
  • PreciousQueen

    Tell about rape or keep as is?

    hello. I have been training in jiu jitsu for a few weeks. I have told my coach that I was "assaulted" twice but didn't say rape. I've talked to him twice. He knows I don't like sparring with males and let's me sit out. Lately, he says a lot of things that are triggering. I was rethinking about telling him that is was rape so he could stop saying such triggering things, but wanted to see what...
  • vckfree

    raped while unconscious...

    I am looking for some help with my situation. I was drugged by my brothers and was raped that night, but have no memory except that one brother cleaned up the evidence (bloody clothes) and lied to me about what happened. I was still loopy due to the drugs and my subconscious pushed it down for decades. Three years ago I started to TALK and have been trying to piece together what really happened....
  • failure2017

    not sure if i was raped

    hey im new here...my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years and last night i wasnt feeling well and so i was laying down and then my boyfriend comes in the room and starts taking everything off of me and i asked him what he was doing and he siad dont worry im fine...but then he took his close off and started aving sex (rough) with me...and i didnt say yes or no and i didnt enjoy it or...
  • bp0622

    I need help

    i feel like I am in a low place. I have posted once before with my story but I feel like I am at a stand still. I cannot bring myself to speak about what happened to me to anyone. I am married to the most wonderful man, but if I told him it would destroy him in every way. He could not handle the thoughts I think. I want more than anything to move past this and never think about it again but I...