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Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease which affects the skin and joints. When it affects the skin it commonly appears as red scaly elevated patches called plaques. Psoriasis plaques frequently occur on the elbows and knees, but can affect any area of skin including the scalp and genital area. Psoriasis can also cause inflammation of the joints. This is known as psoriatic arthritis.

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  • westley

    Psoriasis and Depression

    I often feel that my psoriasis makes me feel totally depressed more than anything else. I am on disability for major depression. There are times that I just don't want to get up and look in the mirror and shave, because I know that there are some spots under my goatee. Do any of you people have the same problem? and, How did you handle this situation?
  • deleted_user


    I am new to psoriasis. I have never heard of this condition until I broke out with this rash all over my body a few months ago. I had this on my elbows and knees for about a year didn't think anything of it until now. If anybody can offer me any kind of advice would be greatly appriciated. I have been using a topical cream for my psoriasis and I noticed some areas of my skin are clearing up, and...
  • deleted_user


    I have psoriasis, recently found out my uncle has it too, my gran has rosacea, and my 2 little cousins from the uncle have exzema.Im just wandering if anyone has any advice for me?I have scalp psorisis bad, my stomach, and back are really bad, and my elbows and knees.Thanks,,Iv kind of found a bit of a help. Putting my cream on a band aid, then puttin it on the sore over night, the moistness of...
  • deleted_user

    Scalp Psoriasis

    Hi everyone,I have scalp psoriasis which keeps getting worse. Does anyone know of any treatments that could help? I wear to much black for this shit.. Thanks
  • jamick

    Is psoriasis cured for any one?

    Hi Friends,I have seen many discussion in this group.Any of your idea work outs for curing psoriasis.If so I am more happy. Is those ideas just controling or getting recovered?Because I was struggling for this past 10 years.
  • lunatic

    psoriasis of nails

    anyone out there have psoriasis in fingernails??? Horribly ugly, have yet to find anything that helps. i am currently on Costentyx. would love to hear if anyone has had any positive treatments.
  • I am working with a team that is producing a series of informational videos for the website Our goal is to be a resource for people who have moderate to severe psoriasis. These videos will feature healthcare professionals (doctors, researchers, etc) and patients and their experiences and knowledge of Psoriasis to help raise awareness about the subject. I would love for someone...
  • simonwarner42

    Inverse Psoriasis- HELP!

    Hey all – I have inverse genital psoriasis. I have tried everything under the sun on it. Tea Tree oil, coconut oil, hydrocortisone, steroid creams, etc. I’ve been getting the Xtracs laser treatment for at least four months and no major changes. I have huge flare ups and it even bleeds and crust over. My Xtracs technician thought it could be infected most recently.  It is very painful and...
  • DryDuck

    Steroid Shot

    I have had psoriasis for 50 years. I am now 62. Went to a derm the first time 35 years ago and had light therapy with good results. Eventually P returned and the light therapy would not help the second time. My dermatologist told me he would contact me if and when a better treatment came along. Never heard from him again.I went to a new doctor on September 3rd. She told me she would get me...
  • DryDuck


    How much money are the drug companies going to make on this?The same amount they have made on several so called diseases.If anyone doesn't thinks this is not a money making concept put on by Big Pharma are in the dark.Wake up people!If we can't find leaders that can stand up to drug dealers, we are done.Big Pharma are the real drug dealers. But no one has the balls to stand up to them.All of our...
  • Jonsparky

    Psoriasis shampoo

    Hi, Most of my Ps is on my scalp, has anyone had any luck with Cloden shampoo? Any other suggestions?
  • secretsnevercease


    I work at a salon as a receptionist and my co-workers complained to my boss about my scalp psoriasis. I was told not to wear black anymore...
  • TonyI

    Topical that will get results

    Dear Everyone who has or knows someone who has Psoriasis:My wife has developed a topical ALL NATURAL product that has produced results that not only impressive but are also sustainable.  Please contact us to be considered for a trial size of the item.God bless,Tony & Louise
  • makenewme

    Psoriasis on the sole of my foot

    I have psoriasis tarsis, my doc says. The affected area is my sole, the soft tissue of my foot, never on the top of foot, just the bottom. Its been there for 30 years. Can you share where you are affected ?
  • LoopDLoop

    Vitamin D3

    My adult son has had plaque psoriasis since his early twenties and is now 43. The patches on his elbows have got progressively bigger. At Easter we were on a ferry and the man sitting opposite us leaned over to my son and asked if that was psoriasis he had. He explained that he used to have the same but got onto taking Vitamin D3 one tablet a day and it cleared. We did some research and found out...