Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Support Group

Premenstrual Stress Syndrome (PMS) is stress which is a physical symptom prior to the onset of menstruation. PMS is exceedingly common, occurring in 75% of women of reproductive age during their lifetime, characterized by symptoms of mood swings, depression, anxiety and irritability. It is often accompanied by physical symptoms such as bloating and cramping.

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  • WNB125

    Little rant of mine

    I was diagnosed with bipolar depression. Well when ever i get my period now i suffer from PMS majorly. It's like my brain goes crazy and my emotions can't figure out what they wanna do and my thoughts don't stop. It's just constant thinking of random things. I can't barley sleep because of the constant thinking. I've tried listening to relaxing music, getting off all electronic devices an hour...
  • anxious-emet

    My symptoms, anyone else?

    About a week before my period starts I notice I get really moody and irritable for almost no reason, and I'm bloated. Then about 4-5 days before I feel sick to my stomach and nauseous and have occasional cramps for the remainder until day one. the first day of my cycle is the worst, the cramps are unbearable for at least 24 hours, I'm nauseous and don't want to eat at all but light bleeding. The...
  • I couldn't agree more with this article It's written by a male doctor actually. Have you had any of these experiences? Sometimes I coudn't help myself of becoming down for no reasons. There are instances that it does affect few of my relationships with other people. 
  • julieauthor

    PPMD is ruining my life

    Hi everyone :) The smiley face feels so stupid, but I don't want to seem like Eyore RIGHT off the bat. I'm 40 and PPMD has had me do everything from call suicide hotlines, suffer debilitating panic attacks, sobbing in public.... there's nothing that I can do it seems to help the utter hopelessness, and the worst of it is the isolation I feel and yet at the same time I push my loved ones away...
  • warriorprincess2412

    PMDD - doctor battles

    Hi all, I'm new :) Trying to find some help and support for my PMDD. I've been under a specialist for nearly 18months now who has insisted I try a range of birth control methods to try and help. The pill was flat out useless, depo injection has appeased the rage but turned me into a paranoid, crazy, depressive mess. Anti-depressants I am currently on but this really isn't the issue because its...
  • Hi ive been on the controceptive pill for 5 months now to curb my severe hasnt helped. I ended up in hospital the other day with very heavy bleeding and severe cramping,headache,nausea and dizzyness. That was 8 days after my last period. I wasnt really getting break through bleeding,i was getting 2 really bad periods a month. The doctor said he thinks i eneded up with two because my...
  • VioletOctober

    major PMDD and bipolar.

    So every single time I'm PMDDimg I get extremely depressed and very hostile. I have thoughts of hurting myself. Never suicide thankfully. But it gets VERY intense. I also have cyclothymia (lowest form of bipolar) and my moods get WAY worse during this time. I'm on new medication for the bipolar and they help me a lot but NOT during my PMS period. I've gotten to the point that I'll rip my hair...
  • I have asked for my GP to refer me to a gynecologist for severe ovulation and period pain and excessive bleeding. A previous GP put me on the contraceptive pill and it only helped the first time. My current GP keeps telling me to wait and keep using the pill. She also said its hard to see a gynecologist in NZ and there is a waiting list. I'm pretty sure i either have endo which runs in my family...
  • hauntedgirl25

    Found something that helps

    Hi I've been struggling with pre-period to the extreme 2 weeks prior to my period. I was in pain nearly 24/7 for 2 weeks with severe cramps and bloating and very irritated. I found a natural product called Harmony Balance,it helps with all PMS symptoms,took it about 5 hours ago and seems to be helping all my period today and am interested to see what happens....will let...
  • thundersoul

    PMS - tachycardia?

    Hi all, I'm new and I just joined this forum because I have a question.I am asking this on behalf of my wife, who is now asleep. It's past 3:00AM here. It's day 21-22 for her now, and she has the following symptoms: fever (reduced by Tylenol or on its own), tachycardia (115-125bpm at rest / 150-165bpm if she as much twitches a muscle), headaches, general body aches, very fatigued/tired, crazy...
  • time2reclaim

    Feel horrible during period

    Wow sometimes this is so bad I can barely stand it. I get migraine, aching legs, thighs, back, shoulders. I am dizzy and feel slightly feverish. I cramp and have 2 days of very heavy menses along with the days of more normal flow. I take iron because I keep dealing with anemia. I am irritable and a lot of that is the dizziness and pain. I can't stand my periods. I am 44 and they come pretty...
  • clamom

    PMS after having a baby

    Has anyone experienced terrible pms after having a baby? I have had excruciating pms for a little over two weeks now. My worst symptom is terrible insomnia. But I am also experiencing extreme bloating, pelvic pain, abdominal pain and cravings. The pain also keeps me awake. I have also had really bad anxiety. I should also mention that I experienced some postpartum anxiety prior to my cycle. I am...
  • Letloveflow

    Irregular period and given levsin?

    Ok so I've always been irregular but it was like I'd skip a month then I'd have 5 days of bleeding. The end. Now I've had my 3rd period in a month..thank god I have my gyno apt. wednesday. I have been having extremely painful cramping just not your average's been at a 10 before. I called my dr over the weekend and all he did for me was call in 800mg ibuprofen and Levsin. He could have...
  • Razor91

    What is this?

    So, for the last year I have been getting my period twice a month, I have no idea why, I asked my doctor and she sent me for scan of my uterus which came back normal, she wanted me to get my bloods done to check my Thyroid but I never got to go. It hadn't happened in a while so I thought the double period had ended, but it's back, I have been very stressed lately so I don't know if that's the...
  • erisairyce

    Just PMS vs Psychological Problem

    I feel really unstable when I don't get menses regularly. How can I tell if I'm just feeling extra emotional because of fluctuating hormones or is there really something I need to let out that's rooted deep within?Today I don't know how to call it I suddenly started crying and screaming and spouting out what I think my problems is. The more I shouted my troubles I start asking myself is that...