Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Support Group

Premenstrual Stress Syndrome (PMS) is stress which is a physical symptom prior to the onset of menstruation. PMS is exceedingly common, occurring in 75% of women of reproductive age during their lifetime, characterized by symptoms of mood swings, depression, anxiety and irritability. It is often accompanied by physical symptoms such as bloating and cramping.

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  • dyinginside35

    Pmdd possible?

    Is there a correlation between ptsd and pmdd? Does anyone notice their disorder, meaning depression or anxiety gets worse? I notice this b4 my period
  • e4shannon

    anxiety and pms someone help

    I have really bad anxiety so I always think the worst. for the last 8days I have felt so bloated and it starts above my belly button so miserable. has anyone ever felt this
  • julieauthor

    PPMD is ruining my life

    Hi everyone :) The smiley face feels so stupid, but I don't want to seem like Eyore RIGHT off the bat. I'm 40 and PPMD has had me do everything from call suicide hotlines, suffer debilitating panic attacks, sobbing in public.... there's nothing that I can do it seems to help the utter hopelessness, and the worst of it is the isolation I feel and yet at the same time I push my loved ones away...
  • Fly304

    Hmm anyone listening??? Out of whack hormones

    Havent seen many responses on this board lately..where is everyone?? Anyone have resources on hormone testing?
  • Kfox102

    Hey, Im a Newbie

    Hi there, SoI suffer with PMS... I am 30 years old and I am a Kindergarten teacher in China! It has been up and down over the years, I was on on the pill for almost 10 yrs, i tried 2 different types thinking it made me better when infact it made me worse! I finally came off it a few years ago and I got WAY better! I went travelling around south east asia ad had such minimal PMS it was amazing! I...
  • dwar

    Introducing myself

    Hi All, I'm new here as well and would like to introduce myself. I'm here because my fiancé is so aggravated with my PMS I'm afraid he's nearly ready to break off the engagement. I see a therapist, however I'm still not in control of myself when I'm suffering through this. I have been very mean and irrational. I need better tools to cope, but I've tried so many things from meditation to...
  • Bean17

    First time here

    I don`t really know how where to start or how this really works. A little about me I have been diagnosed as depressive and later Bi-polar. I have been prescribed  everything from antidepressants to lithium and nothing seemed to control my mood swings . Some one suggested it could be severe PMS but the psychiatrist I was seeing told me there was no such thing as PMS. I continued to medicate...
  • callmeHoneyBee

    Is something wrong with me?

    I'm new to the site. i haven't formally be diagnosed with pmdd but after doing some research I'm beginning to wonder if I truly suffer from it. A few weeks ago I had an episode where I was anxious, depressed, very sensitive, suspicious, and couldn't sleep or eat. I started my period that week and after a week I felt like myself again. But I ruined a relationship in the process. I'm going to go to...
  • wild_and_free

    Feel like I'm crazy!!

    Ahh!!I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 12-ironically the same year I started my period. I have always had major mood swings before my period: depressed, irritable, cranky, even suicidal thoughts. This past week has been HORRIBLE! Period should be starting in two days. Hubby thinks I might be pregnant. I took two tests already both came back negative. Im starting to wonder if my...
  • Mrs.Newton2012

    PMS or pregnant?

    How can I tell if it's pregnancy or endometriosis?How do pregnancy symptoms with endometriosis differ from pregnancy symptoms without endometriosis? Also, I had a laparoscopy done last month on the 17th.. am I still going to have a lot of the same symptoms? Or are these symptoms all supposed to be gone? The reason I'm asking is be I'm cramping like crazy and it's 4 days until my period is...
  • Michelle44

    Need some advice

    I just turned 44 last month and let me tell you it's been crazy since.  I started my period on the 6th of December lasted til the 14th .then again on the 27th I started again it hasn't been heavy I've had cramps through out this one normally I only cramp a few days. As of today January the 5th I am still on this period . I have notice I'm a little moody I've woke up once sweaty . This morning my...
  • Kitty915

    My period

    I have not yet gotten my period this month and I am depressed and irritable as can be.
  • hauntedgirl25

    Found something that helps

    Hi I've been struggling with pre-period to the extreme 2 weeks prior to my period. I was in pain nearly 24/7 for 2 weeks with severe cramps and bloating and very irritated. I found a natural product called Harmony Balance,it helps with all PMS symptoms,took it about 5 hours ago and seems to be helping all my period today and am interested to see what happens....will let...
  • dannisofa

    All natural remidy with essential oils

    Hi I found this article with a remidy using essential oils   I would rather buy something but I am willing to try anything  any other ideas
  • WNB125

    Little rant of mine

    I was diagnosed with bipolar depression. Well when ever i get my period now i suffer from PMS majorly. It's like my brain goes crazy and my emotions can't figure out what they wanna do and my thoughts don't stop. It's just constant thinking of random things. I can't barley sleep because of the constant thinking. I've tried listening to relaxing music, getting off all electronic devices an hour...