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Polycythemia is a condition in which there is a net increase in the total circulating erythrocyte (red blood cell) mass of the body. Primary polycythemia occurs when excess erythrocytes are produced as a result of a proliferative abnormality of the bone marrow. Secondary polycythemia is caused by increases of erythropoietin that result in an increased production of erythrocytes.

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  • steph248


    To whom this may concern, I am a current year 11 student at Harvest Christian College in Kadina, South Australia. For my research project I am researching Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My research question is "What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and how does this define a person's life and affect their own life and the lives of the people around them?".Would it be apprpriate for me to interview...
  • LMal4


    Hey ladies!So, I was diagnosed about 7 years ago with PCOS and at the time I was 16 and terrified. Not scared anymore, but just wondering if anyone else overweight and trying to lose? I've been going to the gym now for almost 8 weeks and I've lost 20 lbs now. I've just been watching what I eat and kicking butt at the gym almost every day. Has anyone seen a dietician? Is it worth it to try?
  • klfx92

    Trying to conceive with PCOS

    Just posting on here to let women like myself with PCOS know that their not alone. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was diagnosed with this and felt lost. I'm not sure about everybody else, but I had VERY little support and advice from doctors, I had to basically help myself from day 1 of getting diagnosed (I was diagnosed properly in march and put on 100mg of metformin a day). It was last...
  • Blossoming

    PLEASE HELP, I'm so worried

    hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago. However, I have had a VERY irregular period. Maybe 1 or 2 in a year. Now I have been prescribed provera 10mg for 7 days, however I finished the course 5 days ago and still have no sign of a period. Is this normal? Please help. I am so worried. Thank u x 
  • Lisha_louu143

    I can't help but feel alone

    Hi, I am Alisha I'm 20 years old and was just diagnosed with PCOS and ever since I got on this birth control called Kelnor I dont feel normal, I cant find myself to eat for days on end and once i do have the erge to eat i want to throw it all up. My depression has gotten beyond worse where there are some days i dont want to get out of bed i dont want to talk to anyone and just left alone in my...
  • ashleyk1017


    Hi everyone! So I was recently diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago even though my symptoms show that I've had it for years now and I've been taking Metformin for about 3 weeks. I don't see a difference in my skin (which has gotten so painful and bad) or much else, the only thing I've noticed was a slight curb in appetite and some weight loss which is great lol. My gynocologist just prescribed...
  • Sofea96

    Pcos but underweight

    Hi all! Im sofea,currently 21 yrs old.  I was diagnosed with pcos 2 yrs ago.  My period has been regular but heavy since i was 13. I was given the birth control pill shortly after diagnosed by the dr.  I ate it for like 5 months and then i stopped because my period was less than 15 days which is considered normal in our society. However, now,  after a year of not eating the pills, my period...
  • crzybouthim17

    Need help

    So I was on the birth control pill to try to get my period under control but it didn't work so my doctor switched me to the depo shot, my bleeding stopped for a month then it started again, first it was just spot and light and now its heavy. I'm just wondering how long I'll be on my period... thanks in advance!
  • JaffacakesandHalos99


    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014 when I was 14/15 years old. I was suffering with migraines and upon visiting my doctor he sat me down and discussed with me his thought about a hormone inbalance what with my lack of periods, excessive growtg of thick dark hair over most of my body, and weight fluctuations. From here I had multiple blood tests which all pointed to polycystic ovaries but due to my...
  • bandgeek1991


    hello, I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 18. I had issues with my periods when I was younger. After I got married I gained 50lbs, I now have issues with excess hair growth. I don't know anyone who has it. The hair growth sucks and I have had weight issues for years. :-/ :-(
  • xXxHopefulxXx


    Hello, I found out I had PCOS about 2 years ago after my better half and I had been trying over a year with no luck. Since finding out I found blame myself, break down, even hated myself. I was alone and felt alone. My doctor had no information about PCOS and a lot ways seem like she wouldn't even try to help me. So left her. Reason we found out I had PCOS was I had gone to walk in over 10 times...
  • jessxx94


    Hi I was diagnosedwith pocs 3years ago. Me and my partner been trying to conceive for 5years now. We on waiting list for ovary drilling. I joined here to get to know people with pcos as it feels like I'm the only one sometimes. Would be nice to have a friend/friends that are going through the same situation or have been through the same. Would love to hear from you all. 
  • mia1129

    Its frustrating

    Im 27yo, i was diagnosed with pcos just 5years ago, weird thing is never had issue with my monthly period, till i got checked find out i have pcos. Now my period is on Off the past 4 years,the 5th year was non stop bleeding,i was in a long distance relationship with now my husband,before so it didnt bother me if i bleed, but now that im with him it's frustrating.can anyone recommend a doctor, i...
  • Greenegirl23


    So I've recently been diagnosed with PCOD but I know I've had it since I was teen. I'm 26 and I have had my tubes tied. I have two children. OK so I didn't have a period in April,may, June of 2016. I knew something was wrong because my periods never have just stopped. I wasn't pregnant because I took 5 tests. So I went to the doc to find out my left ovary was 3 times the size it was supposed to...

    Skin Issue

    Hase anyone else had issues with hidradenitis suppurativa? I haven't been diagnosised with this by a doctor but I have had some of these cysts on my thighs and I believe this is what it is since it is realted to PCOS. I also wanted to know if anyone has figured out ways to help with this. Thanks in advance!