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Polycythemia is a condition in which there is a net increase in the total circulating erythrocyte (red blood cell) mass of the body. Primary polycythemia occurs when excess erythrocytes are produced as a result of a proliferative abnormality of the bone marrow. Secondary polycythemia is caused by increases of erythropoietin that result in an increased production of erythrocytes.

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  • nikkitaw

    PCOS seminar

    There is a big pcos seminar in Atlanta next month and I was wondering has anyone been to one? It seems they hold one every year but this is the first time of me hearing about it.
  • Sarayeh


    can someone please help.I was recently diagnosed with pcos.I get my periods regularly all my life. My ovaries are fine no cyst regular size.The only issue is acne which happenwd after getting off the birth control, it hasn't been the same.My cortisol levels are low and under the required range, and my insulin and testosterone levels are slightly elevated. Being that my cortisol levels are low how...
  • Stellar0ctopus

    So embarrassed

    I heard a few of my Co workers talking with each other saying I have a lot of facial hair... it's not something I can control especially having PCOS, I don't even have anyone to talk to about this. Anyone else ever had the same situation?
  • mjk34044


    Has anyone out there had a hysterectomy due to PCOS? My doctor has brought this up and I'm only 24 so the thought scares me.
  • angeleyes92

    High Insulin Levels

    I just had my insulin levels checked...yep...came back as high levels due to the PCOS. I'm on Metformin and it has helped keep my weight about the same but I haven't lost any. I'm not diabetic which is a good thing.Has anyone else been told they have high insulin levels? If so, what do you do to help with it?
  • I have been lobbying my gyno for hormonal testing for almost two years and have been largely dismissed. I am in my third year of cystic acne that has devastated me socially and deeply aggravated the anxiety and depression I was diagnosed with at 19 (I am now 31). I also have suffered from migraines since age 17. My moods have recently become much more volatile; my anxiety continues to worsen even...
  • Kayceejojo


    I just found out I have PCOS last month. My husband & I were hoping to get pregnant, which is how I found out there were issues. I was prescribed 5mg of provera for 5 days. After 5 days off the medication I had 3 days of light spotting. My doctor put me on another round, this time 10mg. I have been spotting once again for 3 days. Very similar to the last round except this time more cramping. We...
  • sazzyb


    hey I'm new to this. Just wanted to say I was diagnosed with pcos nearly 2 years ago, my moods are so bad especially when I wake up in the mornings. I've also noticed my hands/ fingers sometimes have a tingly feeling/ pins and needles and sometimes like a burny sensation in them just wondering if this is anything to do with pcos related? Sarah X
  • Greenegirl23


    So I've recently been diagnosed with PCOD but I know I've had it since I was teen. I'm 26 and I have had my tubes tied. I have two children. OK so I didn't have a period in April,may, June of 2016. I knew something was wrong because my periods never have just stopped. I wasn't pregnant because I took 5 tests. So I went to the doc to find out my left ovary was 3 times the size it was supposed to...
  • aprilmillett88

    pcos and pregancy

    hi im trying to get pregnant and have pcos any ideas help on getting pregnant?
  • flowerandthebee

    PCOS & Metformin

    I was diagnosed about a year ago and I was given Metformin, which is supposed to help and I know that is also supposed to help with fertility (which is not a concern of mine as I am not planning on children), but my question is, did it really help anyone, non fertility? I stopped taking it because I just hate taking medicine. I know that's not a valid excuse, but it's the truth. When i was taking...
  • After a concerning set of symptoms sent me into a tailspin, my doctors concluded that I have PCOS. I noticed a sudden weight gain, increase of scalp hair loss, increased growth of facial and body hair (although I've always been hairy and thought it was because of my hertiage); I had cystic acne since I was 10, and my periods have always been abnormal but I had begun to miss months, along with...
  • Have any of you had cysts pop when trying to lose weight? I've been having cysts pop very often and it hurts so much. I'm not sure what to do.
  • ajgray84

    My body is a wreck

    Prior to having my beautiful little girl, now 2, I was diagnosed with POS and endo. We tried for 8 long years to get prego. After meds and surgery we finally did it. I have always suffered from irregular and painful menses. Pregnancy was a breeze, labor was 40 hours long, no epidural followed by an emergency c-section. She would nurse due to terrible colic so I exclusively pumped for 16 months. I...
  • I have had pcos since age 13 and im 21 now, ive had every symptom in the book. I have a severe case and it's in both ovaries. Until recently birth control helped manage my pain and even before birth control I only got my period maybe once a year but recently I got a pulmanary embolism (2 small clots in my right lung) and needed to be put on blood thinners (xarelto) the day after I stopped birth...