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This community is focused on the joys, challenges and concerns faced by parents of preschoolers (3 to 5 year olds). The major areas of child development include: physical development, perception and sensory development, communication and language development, cognitive development, emotional development and social development. Join to share your stories and get advice.

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  • Kellum10

    Temper Tantrums

    When my almost 4 year old gets REALLY mad she screams, grunts, kicks, hits, and throws things.  I am hoping this is a typical temper tantrum but sometimes its seems to be never-ending.  The tantrums have lasted up to 30 minutes before.  I have tried to ignore the behaviors & walk away.  Because disciplining her makes to make it 10x worse until she is able to calm down. She has quite the...
  • ritkat

    My son told me an abuse story

    My 4 year old son was playing with my husband over the weekend and they were playing with his Disney stuffed toys. He told us Red Minnie's Dada punched her. When we asked if this really happened to someone at school he said no after. I'm sort of freaked. We couldn't get straight answers out of him. He seemed completely confused and he was crying so hard. I just emailed the teacher and told her...
  • mommy3209

    My 4 yr old

    my son is a very smart boy he is a quick leaner which is cool. But I think he's too quick of a learner. When I do get after him he tells me to calm down or well I'm done with the game you can watch tv or I need your help you can do what you're doing later. Then when I call for him to come here he tells me what in an irritated tone. I don't know what to do anymore yelling clearly doesn't help. I'm...
  • AlohaLife77

    Sassy 4 year old

    My daughter has recently begun to "talk back" or be sassy to me and other adults (grandparents and aunts) after she is asked to do some thing. I discipline her but I feel like she is doing it without realizing and not really meaning to be rude. Also I don't think she understands that the way in which she says things is not the appropriate response, it sounds more like she is copying the way...
  • klh278

    3yr old

    hiI am currently pregnant with my second child, my first daughter is 3yrs old and seems really excited about the baby but she often tells me that the baby won't love me she will only love her and daddy.i am currently going through separation after my husband left and I don't know if she blames me for her dad not being around (they are very close but so are we). I really don't know what to say to...
  • ritkat

    When someone lets the kids down

    I'm having a problem with someone who was a mother's helper/nanny for us who has been sitting for us since. She has known my youngest almost his entire life. She keeps cancelling last minute - twice last week. She's also been a lifesaver in other situations. Now though, my kids are devastated if we tell them she's coming over (even that day because who would expect someone to cancel only 2 hours...
  • ritkat

    Intro - question

    Hi. I have 2 children, a toddler that turns 2 on the 17th and a son that turned 4 on Feb. 20th. My 4 year old has an expressive speech delay in the area of speech sound production. I couldn't find a group for speech sound production issues so I was wonder if anyone else here had children with a speech sound issue that makes it very difficult to understand their children? For example, we've been...
  • mooreblessed

    Bedtime Blues

    I am having a hard time getting my children to go to bed around the same time each day. I have them prepped and ready for bed close to 9 (because I work a later shift and that is the soonest I can have them ready for bed). However they will keep getting up, asking for something to drink or going back and forth from room to room if they see that I am still up. Which usually I am up doing...
  • PaleOxymoron

    I just joined.

    I'm a 26 year old single mom to a five year old boy.  I homeschool him.  He's in Kindergarten.
  • KimberDobbs

    Sleeping alone

    My three year old hates to sleep alone. He was slept with me since he was 2 and now that he is getting ready to start preschool I am trying to break that habit. It's hard because I hate to hear his cries for me (it breaks my heart). I sometimes give in and rub his head or back until he falls asleep, but feel like this is just another bad habit starting. I welcome any suggestions on how to get...
  • Darkprince

    Good Diet

    I notice this Board is pretty Dead but I'll post this anyway for those Interested. Here is a Heart Healthy and ideal Diet for your Toddler: This is for my 4 Year Old so some amounts may have to be adjusted. Calories per Day: 1200Fat per Day: 25-35%Milk/Dairy: 2 CupsMeat: 3ozs Fruits: 1.5 CupsVeggies: 1 CupsWhole Grains: 4 ozs60 mins. Exercise per Day. Limit Juice to 2 Servings a Day and give...
  • Jaceyrae2016


    We just lost my boyfriends daughter to juvenile diabetes. She wasn't ever diagnosed. Please click on the link below &  SHARE my post to spread the word of Juvenile Diabetes. Educate you & your loved ones now. It could save a child's life. RIP Summer.
  • ardua

    3 year old won't #2 on potty

    I have a 3 year old little boy. He turned 3 in December. He has no interest in pooping on the potty. If you even mention it he freaks out. He will pee on the potty but will go #2 in his pull up. How long does this phase last. Any tips?
  • andi0828

    3 year old out of control!!!

    My son is 3 he will be 4 in april i also have a one year old and i am struggling!! My 3 year old is off the wall crazy all the time i don't know how to cal or discipline him nothing works. taking things away not letting him have set things time out soap in his mouth( his father has wide vocabulary) he dose not learn he will get hurt doing something and get right back up and do it again. I don't...
  • Youngmother1

    Almost 5 - Not Potty Trained HELP!

    I'm definitely freaking out! My daughter will soon be five years old, beginning Kindergarden and still refuses to poop in the toilet! She wets in the toilet just fine and goes when she needs to about 95% of the time with just an occasional accident when too preoccupied.She went from diapers, to pull-ups, and now she wears underwear all the time. We hoped that pooping in her underwear would feel...