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This community is focused on the joys, challenges and concerns faced by parents of big kids (5 to 8 year olds). The major areas of child development include: physical development, perception and sensory development, communication and language development, cognitive development, emotional development and social development. Join to share your stories and get advice.

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  • blueyedjax

    Just saying hi

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi for right now. I haven't seen any recent post and wondering if there are any current participants in this group. I am a mother of one boy who is about to turn 6 years old. He is quite the active boy and recently was diagnosed with ADHD. We were not quick to let it be diagnosed but it was also true to form. The behaviors and the struggles were very apparent. He...
  • worriedmommy86

    all advice is welcome

    hi i am the mother to three little boys my oldest has several issues however my  six year old is very  different i guess you could say odd even. like he has no emotional response like he should for example ( if you tell him a joke he will blankly stare at you unless somone else around him laughs then he will he does not cry and never has he does not get mad nor excited) now the problem i that...
  • c0611

    Angry at 6!

    i've noticed lately my son has become very angry or upset over the littles things! He will stomp, scream, and yell! he has never acted in such a way until this past year! he was in kindergarten and the teachers said he didn't show that behavior to them! my husband works offshore 14/14! so when he is home our routine changes! i've tried to tske toys away, grounding, time out chair, nothing seems...
  • tulipsinbloom

    7yo getting emotional about small things

    Hi fellow parents,My 7yo daughter has been getting very emotional about small things; she cries and is not able to move on. The most recent example is that she lost a special pencil at school yesterday and got every upset about it -- cried at school, cried at bedtime, and cried again this morning and didn't want to go to school. Her teacher emailed me about it and she said she was trying to...
  • beachbumz

    How to Promote Self-Confidence

    My daughter is almost 7 years old.  She is extremely self-conscious about the hair on her arms and legs.  It all started on the bus to Kindergarten last year when her seat buddy pointed at her legs and asked her why she had so much dark hair on her legs.  In actuality, she doesn't have that much hair on either her arms or her legs, but it is dark, so it's more noticeable.  At that point, she...
  • Anonymous112211

    Anger and no confidence

    My daughter is in 1st grade. She refuses to work on her work with out help. When she doesnt get it she yells at the teacher. When other kids ask to play with the toys she is playing with she gets angry at them, even if she is done with the object will even throw it. We have her in counseling for anger, its only been a month and the anger persists. I am to blame. I have taken a hard look at...
  • northernmother

    6 year old daughter almost 7 started bedwetting!

    Hello, I'm not sure how to approch this but I need advice! About a month and a half ago my oldest child started wetting her bed for the first time since she was potty trained. For the first two weeks it wasnt a huge deal and wasnt every night about the thied week in it became more constaint. The doctors say she has a small bladder but other than that shes healthy and this should pass eventually....
  • FamilyReff


    My step-daughter just turned 7 and has started lying. I have tried talking to her about the importance of telling the truth and how it makes me feel when she lies. I have tried time-outs in her room. Nothing is working and she is doing it more frequently. Any advice?
  • deleted_user

    repeat k or move on to 1st grade

    Need advice with my daughter repeating k or moving on to 1stgrade. Heres the situation....... my daughters bday is 9/12 and in actuality based on the cutoff in my state of 9/1, she actually should be going into k this new coming school year 2013-2014. However, opposite to how many parents actually do, I put her in k ahead of time at a private school that did not have an age requirement. I did...
  • Anyone only ? woudl you like to chat ?
  • Momof3indiapers

    Anyone only ? woudl you like to chat ?

    Anyone only ? woudl you like to chat ?
  • toshi

    My child

    she is 6 years old and is fighting me like crazy she will throw a fit is I ask her to do something that she does every day if not every other day I've tried asking her nicely I've yelled at her to do it what could I do to not have a fit every time?
  • PaleOxymoron

    I just joined.

    I'm a 26 year old single mom to a five year old boy.  I homeschool him.  He is in Kindergarten.
  • kimbochi2

    help with a very strong willed 6 year old

    My daughter has always been strong willed. She's an angel in school. Every time we say NO or she doesn't get her way, a full on fit. Everything is a battle. We've tried positive charts, a money system, a prize system. Nothing sticks. At this point, we are taking away toys every time...and I have even spanked her a few times- which I did not want to resort to. Any Adivce is super appreciated!!
  • KerriMom

    Six Year Old - Trouble with Friends

    Here is my problem… my six year old, who is in first grade is loving, energetic and very kind.  All she wants to do is make friends and play, but for some reason she has trouble making friends that stick.  She is very outgoing and doesn’t have any problems going up to a group of kids and trying to start a game, but when the game is over, all the kids seem to gravitate away from her and...