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Paranoia is a disturbed thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. It is often associated with psychotic illnesses, sometimes schizophrenia, although attenuated features may be present in other primarily non-psychotic diagnoses, such as paranoid personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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  • xxcrystalxx

    Scared of food

    I have managed to convince myself that i am allergic to so many foods all because i havent eaten them for a long period of time . I cant bring myself to eat nuts or any type of fish due to this. Its ruining my life and i can not bring myself to try them due to increased fear and anxiety !!!!
  • Is it possible for your paranoia to be an obsession rather than actual paranoia? What if you make yourself paranoid just because it's in your routine and not because you're paranoid?For example, everytime I wash my hands in the washroom, I think to myself "What if there's a camera behind the wall and everyone can see what I'm doing?" and proceed to make a funny face because someone might be...
  • What are some of the most ridiculous things to have hijacked your mind for any period of time?Given our lack of knowledge of a large part of how the physical universe works and also given the strange and inexplicable phenomena in some of the known dimensions in physics, and allot of other phenomena that have yet to be explained and a wide range of beliefs which have intersecting components, it...
  • Some days, I question why it is that I don't want to leave the house unless I absolutely have to (examples: doctor appointments, runs because they're around a tot lot a block from home, to my current part-time job). This comes up because I'm in the process of looking for a better job than I have now, but I pretty much do everything wrong. I treat networking events like they're dynamite sticks...
  • ladyofwhispers

    Scared they know

    I know it makes no sense and that its not possible but i feel like the strangers around me can hear my thoughts or read my mind. I always have this uneasy feeling like i can feel them in my head. It makes me queasy. At times i feel like people are going to hurt me or worse. I feel this especially on the train. I got groped one day 2 years ago and ever since i can't bare to be on a crowded...
  • I guess I'm always wrong... Every time I have a problem, the other person automatically assumes I didn't even try to examine every possible cause... Ivan's the bad guy! I guess it's my fault for every problem I encounter. The fact that everyone is so quick to point the finger at me is moving me ever so much closer to the tipping point. I constantly feel like no matter what I do, I'm bombarded on...
  • I have been with my partner for 3 months and i am constantly getting paranoid and thinking that she is gonna cheat on me as she chats to blokes behind my back.I also live with her which makes it difficult but i want to get over this or learn how to deal with it so i don't lose her.
  • I constantly have the feeling someone or something is watching me, but that someone/something changes a lot. Some days I feel like there's cameras everywhere and tons of people are watching everything I do, like my life is a TV show (sort of like the Truman Show delusion).Some days I feel like my friends are watching me via webcam or random cameras around my house.Some days I feel like God is...
  • Minimouse2012

    When did your paranoia start?

    Hello everyone:Now that I am older I realize a lot more about myself such as when my paranoia began. It started when I was very young, I believe. Maybe 9 or 10 years old. I remember being that age and thinking 'all people are liars and no one can be trusted'....... it grew from there. I realize now my paranoia grew up with me and cost me a lot of jobs and friendships.It's accompanied by anxiety...
  • My dad started out a long time ago with meth induced paranoia, but over the last five years it has become steadily worse. He believes that local law enforcement have had him under surveillance for a long time. He thinks all of the house phones, and cell phones are bugged, that they are secretly videotaping him, are blocking his internet access, and are basically torturing him with...
  • Razor91

    Help, What Is This??

    Yesterday when I was listening to music I could hear muffled voices trying to talk over the music, I had to keep pausing the songs because of it, all different music. When I heard them I was terrified. It happened again today but quieter. Also I woke up and had 6 spots on my face and realised it must have been the devil because of his well known 666, then I got confused because I don't think it...
  • LoveAlice

    When you get paraniod

    When you get paranoid does it make you feel like you just want to die? It's like, if you were dead than non of those bad things would happen. Sometimes I get paranoid of dying though so the thoughts contradict themselves.
  • pinksparkles7

    Don't know how to cope with this

    I get anxious and fearful around others and feel like they're "out to get me." I have been on antipsychotics but the harsh side effects were terrible to deal with. I spend most of the time just by myself. It's such a hellish situation.Don't want to go back to those meds but then I feel I won't find be able to be stable enough for a relationship...kinda sucks
  • deleted_user

    Constant Paranoia

    I have been suffering from extreme paranoia since I was about 6 years old. I am 26 years old now and it had been getting better but now I am noticing it is getting worse again. I just wanted to share my form of paranoia in the hopes that someone out there feels something similar. Everyday from the second I open my eyes until the moment I go to sleep I feel eyes on me. I feel like I am being...
  • Lhomer

    Paranoia really screws with you

    I usually spend a routine week seeing friends and going out to socialise, but as soon as they have something come up or they're busy or something breaks that routine, I instantly get those thoughts that they hate me or I've done something wrong. I even get it into my head that I'm reason why everyone ignores me. I tend to suffer from depression and loneliness an awful lot but its this part that...