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Chronic pancreatitis can present as episodes of acute inflammation in a previously injured pancreas, or as chronic damage with persistent pain or malabsorption. Patients with chronic pancreatitis can present with persistent abdominal pain or steatorrhea, as well as severe nausea. Some patients with chronic pancreatitis often look very sick, while others don't appear to be unhealthy at all.

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  • Lou-lou

    Chronic panc, pain meds

    Hi all, I have been suffering for 5 years and just had diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, I have been put on paracetamol, ibuprofen, lansaprisol,gabapentin and oromorph, and Creon.I am hoping to get back to work in a few weeks but the gabapentin has just been increased and I am struggling with side effects, I feel so spaced out and it it is not settling. My question to everyone is what long term...
  • Pmull

    Tooth loss

    I have had cronic pancreatitis since 2003, 3 major surgeries, 4or5 minor ones and now I have 2 new pseudocysts to deal with. My problem and question is this... I am loosing my teeth (all of them) and I wanted to know if anyone else is suffering from this. 
  • Tamera


    Hi all, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis back in 2005. I struggled with it for a couple years and then my symptoms kinda disappeared until recently. I have no pain but my amylase levels are high. I'm really tired all the time and I bloat crazy big after I eat. Does anyone else bloat like this after you eat? Are there certain foods, other than greasy, that you stay away from? Is there any...
  • Rylee

    Will the pain go away

    i was admitted to the hospital on July 7. Severe pain and vomiting.  Diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. I was released 11 days later. Still in severe pain my primary care physician ordered a Ct scan and discovered a very large pseudo cyst. I had a drain installed and still have it. It stopped draining but they won't remove because of hole between pancreas and duodenum. They use this to inject...
  • OriginalKiwibird

    Foods that Irritate Pancreatitis.

    Firstly I just want to say that most of you probably already know this, but as no doctor has ever given me any helpful advice regarding pancreatitis and I had to work it out for myself, I just thought I'd pass this on. Foods that I have found that really irritate my pancreas are as follows:OnionsTomatoesSpices, especially hot spices like pepper, curries etc.Vitamin C supplementsChilli peppersAlso...
  • Illinoisme

    Worried amount ct scan - please help

    i've been having abodominal pain on the right side off and on for a couple of years now. I have changed primary doctors and my new doctor sent me for a ct scan. It cam back there is a hypoechoic solid mass in thehead of the pancreas measuring 9/7/9mm the pancreatic duct is not dilated. What does this mean? The doctors office called me this morning telling me they have an appoointment set up with...
  • nikkihoots

    First attack - extremely high lapase level

    Hi thereCurrently laying in Emerg trying to fall asleep however not much luck. I'm hoping some people can share some info on what to expect next. My background..... Since October 2015 I have been having a few stomach attacks. Real intense pain that dissipates after 3 or 4 hours. In late 2015 I had 3 or for episodes. In 2016 I had a few more. I finally saw my doctor and she thought...
  • deleted_user

    Over weight with chronic pancreatitis

    Am I the only lonely over weight person with chronic pancreatitis?I dont fit the typical norm with anything in life it seems.I am very very insulin resistant which is one of the main reasons why Im fat. People who are insulin resistant easily gain weight with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates makes one be even more insulin resistant. It is a catch 22.Well due to the CP causing nausea and the...
  • AntiPancreatitis

    Acute Pancreatitis, Creon and Protonix

    Last week I was admitted to the hospital for Acute Pancreatitis, resulting from binge drinking. I do not drink that much but I guess one evening is enough to cause some serious damage.Anyways, I am recovering and the pain is gone. What sucks is that I have to take this piggy enzyme called Creon everytime I eat. I have been prescribed to take 2 tablets of the enzyme with breakfast, lunch and...
  • bluebubble

    New - Advice Please

    Hi, have just joined this group and would love some advice.  I am recovering from acute pancreatitis which was caused by a medical error during a procedure to deal with gallstones called a ERCP.  I was in hospital for nearly 3 weeks and have been home for 3 weeks and am still in a lot of discomfort.  Stomach and back really hurt unless I take painkillers all the time and finding it hard to eat...
  • Sondra


    My recent post was not completed. I wondered if any of you had your gastro doctor tell you to drink Boost to gain some weight back.
  • Panc777

    Is this Pancreatitis

    Dear All,Symptoms:Abdominal pain, mainly leftAbdominal swelling (by Left ribcage)Back painRed, itching and burning hands and feetGreasy stoolStiff jointsVisually I look awful. Slightly yellow tint.Bloodwork always ok, scans all clearDoctors and speacialist say it's nit CP but I have all teh symptoms.......I can't function properly.Please can someone react to this post, I need advise. Thanks!
  • OnlyTheGoodDieYoung

    Chronic Pancreatitis with Normal EUS?

    I'm a 25 y/o male with diarrhea, upper left side abdominal pain, and back pain. I've had these symptoms for 2 years. I binge drank once a week (~8 drinks per occassion) for 4 years in college and once every few months from then until about a year ago. I've never been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and can't remember ever having experienced symptoms that sound like it (bad abdominal pain and...
  • rich2017

    Minimal change small duct cp

    hi everyone,I've been diagnosed with 'mild' chronic pancreatitis. It's funny because there isn't anything 'mild' about it at the moment. I'm still getting my head around this but am travelling up to see  another pancreatic consultant at the end of the month. It appears that the 'mild' part of my dx that my dr keeps referring to is actually minimal change or small duct, in as much as I have...
  • Louisville

    Too tired to work but must

    What an awful disease.  Had I only known, I would not have consumed so much alcohol on the weekends.  I've just recently been diagnosed with CP and wonder if anyone out there is still working daily with CP?  I'm a teacher and need to start back to work next month for the health insurance.  Anyone have a suggestion on how to pump oneself up enough, get out of bed, get dressed and go to work?...