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Chronic pancreatitis can present as episodes of acute inflammation in a previously injured pancreas, or as chronic damage with persistent pain or malabsorption. Patients with chronic pancreatitis can present with persistent abdominal pain or steatorrhea, as well as severe nausea. Some patients with chronic pancreatitis often look very sick, while others don't appear to be unhealthy at all.

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  • Mom2girls

    Also a newbie

    Hi. I am new to acute pancreatitis. I was just diagnosed this week. From some of my symptoms & some of your conversations, I think I have had this longer than I realize. I also have Hashimoto's Disease/hypothyroidism. Does anyone know if there is any correlation between the 2? 
  • pancresearch

    Idiopathic Pancreatitis Research

    Hello all,I am embarking on some amateur and cursory research to pursue the source of my idiopathic pancreatitis. I am seeking common factors in lifestyle and habits to find any correlation. I'd like your input, if you're willing to impart. Comment with answers to the following questions if you have idiopathic pancreatitis.1) At what elevation do you live?2) Do you have Celiac Disease/Gluten...
  • Tamera


    Hi all, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis back in 2005. I struggled with it for a couple years and then my symptoms kinda disappeared until recently. I have no pain but my amylase levels are high. I'm really tired all the time and I bloat crazy big after I eat. Does anyone else bloat like this after you eat? Are there certain foods, other than greasy, that you stay away from? Is there any...
  • janev825

    Pancreatic enzymes and pain

    Hi everyone I went to a GI doc yesterday and he said I'm going to have to go to Charleston for treatment. Anyway he put me on pancreatic enzymes for my pain. Has anyone else used enzymes for pain? Do they work? How long do they take to work? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks 
  • hernan0330

    Pain management

    has anyone come off of pain meds and stay off and find an alternative treatment for pain who has pancreatitis?????
  • NotCutePancre

    Gallbladder removal decision.......any opinions?

    I had an appointment today with a surgeon to discuss my gallbladder. The pancreatitis attack I had is believed to be a gall stone that has since passed.  My gallbladder ultrasound shows more stones or polyps in the gallbladder. The doctor wants to take the gallbladder out. I'm worried it will not solve the problem and also how it will effect my weight and lifestyle. there seems to be a lot of...
  • TrickyPancreas

    Coffee and Chronic pancreatitis

    Hi everyone,Allthough I may partially already know the answer to this one I still want to ask and clarify some of the point relating to this. Some say they can tolerate all the coffee they want with chronic pancreatitis and others say they cant even have a drop of it.I want to see if there is a corrolation of how your pancreatitis (type) is and whether it can be tolerated or not.I have 24/7 pain...
  • strongbeliever

    Nervous about a scan

    I am having an endocscopic ultrasound tomorrow.  I have one every year for early detection of Pancreatic Cancer.  This is my 3rd one.  I have a 4mm cyst on my pancreas that is being watched.  My GI has never been overly concerned about it - just wants to watch it.  I don't remember being this nervous last year.  This time around I just have a bad feeling that I can't shake.  I'm really...
  • janev825

    Exercise Hurts

    Hi 2 doctors told me to walk every day. However when I walk my pain gets worse. I don't know what to do. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks 
  • D.Crocket

    Chronic Pancreatitis

     I am a 51-year-old happily married man with two beautiful daughters and a beautiful granddaughter!  I'm a foreman for road construction company this is what I've done my whole life and anybody that really knows me they know I am on the go steady!  I've heard people say "that guys on the go hundred miles an hour all the time"  until one day while working on a city street I was in my truck the...
  • janev825

    CP and weight gain??

    Hi everyone I have a quick question. My mom read that in the early stages of CP you can gain weight. Is this true? Thanks 
  • Laurieg7048

    Newbie here

    Hi everyone my name is Laurie and i was diagnosed with pancreatis about a month ago. It waa one of the most painful things ive been through and my recovery haa been very slow. I was brought into the ER a few days before Christmas and think I was discharged too early due to the upcoming holiday weekend. When i was leaving. I was still out of it from being so sick (light headed and dizzy) and...
  • TrickyPancreas

    Chronic pancreatitis 24/7 pain + worsening

    Hello there,I am a 26 year old with chronic pancreatitis for 2 years. I have come to understand from reading many boards that most people with chronic pancreatitis experience intermittent severe pain from eating that either last days weeks or months and no mater how long these attacks occur they subside at some point during the day.I have come to beleive that im a rarer case because my pain is...
  • Casey65

    Recently diagnosed with Pancreatitis

    Hello AllI am a 51 year old women whom recently suffered a Pancreatic attack Sept 2016, it was a normal work day for me, when I arrived home I began to feel really nauseous and found my self vomitting to a point I had nothing else on my stomach. Shortly after the abdominal pain started. After a few hours the pain increased,  I went to the ER to receive the Acute Pancreatitis diagnosis. After 7...
  • NotCutePancre 02/05/2017  I was told I have pancreatitis after an ER visit in January 2017. I recently had a HIDA scan an have not seen my doctor yet to discuss the results. Last night I debated going back to the ER because of pain and shortness of breath and dizziness. I hesitate because my symptoms seem subtle most of the time and if they get acute it doesn't last long. My confusion is when...