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Chronic pancreatitis can present as episodes of acute inflammation in a previously injured pancreas, or as chronic damage with persistent pain or malabsorption. Patients with chronic pancreatitis can present with persistent abdominal pain or steatorrhea, as well as severe nausea. Some patients with chronic pancreatitis often look very sick, while others don't appear to be unhealthy at all.

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  • deleted_user

    Colonoscopy and Chronic Pancreatitis

    It seems like I asked this before but I cant find where I did, if I did, in the search bar. Sorry for repeating myself if I am. I blame my brain farts on my kids, husband, pets, diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. Im sure it is from a lack of chocolate too lol ;)Anyways I have to have a colonoscopy in June. My pancreatitis doctor says the drink for the prep work is likely to tear me up in my very...
  • nikkihoots

    First attack - extremely high lapase level

    Hi thereCurrently laying in Emerg trying to fall asleep however not much luck. I'm hoping some people can share some info on what to expect next. My background..... Since October 2015 I have been having a few stomach attacks. Real intense pain that dissipates after 3 or 4 hours. In late 2015 I had 3 or for episodes. In 2016 I had a few more. I finally saw my doctor and she thought...
  • nibbor

    Help! Icky-itis strikes me again. Very sad.

    Hey all,  This is my first post in a while but I need help and this group is most excellent at offering it.    My journey started on Dec 13, 2005 at 1pm when I had an ERCP for esphogeal spasms.  The dr went into my pancreatic duct by accident and released the dye into my pancreas.  Many surgeries, hopsital stays, problems, etc. later I'm still experiencing really awful pain.  My gastro doc...
  • Suech

    idiopathic chronic pancreatitis- questions

    HiAfter quite awhile of feeling bad, I just recently, finally, had a endoscopic ultrasound and was told i have chronic pancreatitis. Since I am alcohol intolerant and thus never drank, don't have this in my family, didn't take any new medications etc, and it doesn't seem to be autoimmune, they don't know why. I was having massive pain after eating which is much better, but not gone, since...
  • dani_nikki

    Self Love

    Hi everyone.  I've been struggling a ton the past two weeks.  With chronic pancreatitis comes the unwanted bloating.  I did not have the highest self-esteem before my diagnosis but now with the bloating it is awful.  I feel disgusting.  My self-esteem has almost hit rock bottom because I feel huge even though I probably have not gained any weight.  Any suggestions?  Any advice or help is...
  • jcamaya

    Acute pancreatitis ? Please help

    Hi everyone. Just last Sunday, 4/23/2017 I experienced awful pain 7/10 on my upper left abdominal area after a night of binge drinking. I believe I didnt eat enough that night. Throughout the day, the pain reduced and the next day I went to the doctor. By that time the pain was still there but very minimum. 1/10 or 2/10. She felt my stomach and she said it was fine. She concluded that I should...
  • ArielLondon

    Pancreas Issues...So Confused

    Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me joining the group, but after weeks of testing and testing I'm about to burst in to tears.A little background...6 weeks ago, after having lunch, I noticed I was unusually full. 8 hours later I was still full. I noticed under my lower left rib there was a pressure, like there was a ping pong ball inside me (I'd noticed it before over the past year, but the doc...
  • Erinpaige

    Hives ?

    Has anyone experienced hives from taking Creon ? I have been on Creon 3600 since the first week of February after being diagnosed with CP on Jan 30, 2017.. and about 2 weeks ago I just started getting hives on my torso and now up my neck! I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if so what did you do ?P.S - I'm not 100% sure it's the Creon that's causing my hives but I haven't...
  • MaddieMoo

    Chronic Pancreatitis w/ Genetic Mutations

    Hi Everyone, I have had flare ups of pancreatitis since I was 3 months old. I was confirmed chronic in January of this year. I have hereditary pancreatitis in the PSSR gene. I also suffer from a genetic mutation that causes all my draining to happen through the upper pancreatic duct versus the lower duct (the normal one). I am only 21 years old and have a 6 month old daughter and wonderful...
  • Woe_Be_Gone

    Exocrine Pancreatic Insuffiency?

    Has anyone been diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)? I am looking for advice and suggestions on medicines (prescription or over-the-counter) that help with symptoms. Also, I am curious what symptoms others experience with EPI. I have do have other GI conditions and have had several abdominal surgeries, but the EPI dx is new. So any advice, suggestions, or sharing of experiences...
  • MacV

    Gastritis,colitis and pancreatitis

    Since my childhood I've been suffering from nausea and vomiting but no one bothered to take me for checkups because elders thought I had fusses over what I ate. No one was willing to listen because I could not put my finger on what was causing it. As I grow I eliminated those food that I could not stand like tomatoes, watermelon, beef for 2years, avocado, garlic, spices, mint coffee, milk in tea...
  • deleted_user

    Pain worse at night

    I have had pancreatits since i was 14 years old which is now chronic pacreatits and i am 20 years old. Over the years i have found that my pain gets worse throughout the night and a little better during the day, some doctors have told me that does not make sense that it should hurt more during the day and other doctors say that the nighttime is when it will hurt the most. Does anyone else have...
  • D.Crocket

    Chronic Pancreatitis

     I am a 51-year-old happily married man with two beautiful daughters and a beautiful granddaughter!  I'm a foreman for road construction company this is what I've done my whole life and anybody that really knows me they know I am on the go steady!  I've heard people say "that guys on the go hundred miles an hour all the time"  until one day while working on a city street I was in my truck the...
  • janev825

    Pancreatic enzymes and pain

    Hi everyone I went to a GI doc yesterday and he said I'm going to have to go to Charleston for treatment. Anyway he put me on pancreatic enzymes for my pain. Has anyone else used enzymes for pain? Do they work? How long do they take to work? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks 
  • TrickyPancreas

    Chronic pancreatitis 24/7 pain + worsening

    Hello there,I am a 26 year old with chronic pancreatitis for 2 years. I have come to understand from reading many boards that most people with chronic pancreatitis experience intermittent severe pain from eating that either last days weeks or months and no mater how long these attacks occur they subside at some point during the day.I have come to beleive that im a rarer case because my pain is...