Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Support Group

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures that goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. When a child cannot seem to control his anger or frustration, even over what seems to be trivial or simple to others, the child will often react in violent or negative ways to his own feelings.

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  • ammodd

    Someone gets it, right?

    I'm new here. I haven't read enough posts to know everyone's story, nor do I have it in me to explain the breadth of mine at the moment. But, I could write a very long and extensive book on my experiences. My son is 17 and today I'm feeling the last 17 years of parenting him. He's in his senior year and I had to take away Homecoming today, he deserved that punishment ten times over, but still I...
  • RickL

    Looking for a school...

    Reading many of these posts I can relate and experienced many of these situations. My son is diagnosed with ODD and I've had to pull him out of school and leave many places because of his behavior. He shows no empathy, gets very angry and refuses to follow directions. My daughter, on the other hand, is much worse. She curses, she hits and throws things. She has a very hard time sleeping at night....
  • Sonny41

    When did you first recognize this?

    Hi there everyone. It is so nice to find a place that doesn't make me feel like a bad mother. In a nut shell my 14 year old daughter was diagnosed at age 10 with ADHD and has in the last year been diagnosed ODD with anxiety. It has been a LONG time in coming. I wish I would have found the correct diagnosis years ago, not  for lack of trying. We only just had her diagnosed, but we began seeking...
  • guachita

    Greatfull I'm not alone 8year old child with ODD

    So my kid is 8 now.  In retrospect I always new there was something wrong with him.  When he was a baby and the way he cried and the way he sooth himself I knew he was not easy.  His peduatrician said it was his central nervous system, she said is was immature, she said he could not calm down on his own.  Then the toddler years came and it all gets mixed up with "it is the terrible 2" dont...
  • lisa3384

    feel like im walking on eggshells

    my son gavin is 12 he had been diagnosed with aspergers, adhd, odd, depression, anxiety and mood disorder. everyday i just wait for an outburst about something, my daughter who is 4 and i tred very lightly around him, and yet we still piss off or anoy him. gavin is very short tempered and if he dosnt get his way or is told no he will hit anything in reach including me, my daughter or our dogs....
  • noelie78

    So completely frustrated...

    My soon to be 9 year old son was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with ODD. He is on 1mg of Tenex daily. For a couple weeks i noticed a huge change. But the past few days have been right back to "normal". He refuses to almost anything we ask. Even simple tasks such as showering. He absolutely will not go to school. He went 3 out of 4 days last week so i was hopeful. Unfortunately he has hated...
  • OwensMom


    I just really need a place where people GET IT.  Last night was just a horror show.  My 9 year old in the car, swearing his head off, basically verbally abusing me.  And just cannot get control of himself when he gets like that.  I went home and locked myself in the bathroom and just balled my eyes out.  I haven't done that at all since my son was diagnosed ADHD and ODD 1 year ago.  He is...
  • Singlemomdrowning

    Feeling overwhelmed

    I am a single mother of a 6yo that has been diagnosed ASD, ADHD, ODD, OCD and anxiety. The fits that ensue over every little thing that doesn't go his way are draining me. Knock down screaming, kicking, banging his head, scratching his face, hitting, kicking and pinching me (the only person he hits out at other than himself) over something as simple as being told he needs to wait a few minutes...
  • Kuhnca2

    Mommy at her last straw

    I a mom to a beautiful little six year boy, he has Sever ODD and ADHD and I feel as I am failing with him because I get so upset for it is so hard to make him understand, He has horriable impulisivity I did everything before medication did therapy with him and now we are at using medication, vyvance but when he get so uspet when he is told he can't do something he throws the biggest temper...
  • Chandos14

    Feel like I am being abused by 17 year old

    Hi - I am new to this site. My son is 17. He is not diagnosed but I have been pretty certain he is ODD since I found a checklist a few years ago. He has been difficult since age 2. The power even then to ruin a family day out, family holiday, dominate social occasions, stop me from visiting friends, but since he was 12 to also make my daughter so anxious that she has stomach aches and stress...
  • CKMom

    My son flooded our house tonight

    Hi I am new to this sight. My 10 year old son flooded his bathroom and bedroom tonight because he got so angry when I started reviewing and questioning him about his homework. He recently went to live with his father and since that time he seems to be doing worse. I worry that I made the wrong choice. I feel isolated and alone and tired of talking with family and friends as they all seem to be...
  • MomofDJ


    Since I am in a safe space I want to ask if and at what age institutionalization is an option for our child. He has long since been infatuated with matches (try not to have any around) and lighters, again we don't smoke but he seems to find them places outside our home. He is also facinated with knives and does VERY dangerous things without regard for safety like jump from a scond story window...
  • shortangel8604


    This last week has been extremely hard. I'm just so tired. My 3 year old has odd. Everything I do causes a tantrum. This morning he came in my room asked if he could have fruit snacks I said "let me get up and I can get you some breakfast" and he has a fit over it. He had 7 in an hour this morning, and was fighting with his 6 year old sister all morning long until I got her to school. Yesterday...
  • Andreas_mom

    Does it just get worse as time passes?

    I have a daughter who is 10. Her dad and I divorced when she was 4 going into preschool and that's when everything turned. For the last 5 going on 6 years we have struggled. For the last almost 2 years we have been dealing with skin picking. Now she's escalating to suspensions, physically hitting/kicking/slapping her father and myself. Most of her anger seems to be geared towards me. We have week...
  • staycalm

    Please Help!!!

    I'm drowning!!! My 10 year old daughter was just diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. We have just started her first round of medication and honestly, I think she's worse!!! The rage, the extremely emotional outburst which are uncontrollable are ripping our family apart!!!  I go to bed every single night hysterically bawling. And, I wake up every hour terrified of what tomorrow will bring. Our entire...