Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Support Group

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures that goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. When a child cannot seem to control his anger or frustration, even over what seems to be trivial or simple to others, the child will often react in violent or negative ways to his own feelings.

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  • Juliaclair

    please help me

    Hi, I'm new to this group and i really hope I can get some advice/support and actually be believed when say how bad things are. I've read quite a few posted and they are all basically saying the same thing, odd it's horrible and hard to deal with. I had a diagnosis of odd for my 12yr old son in April and im still waiting for someone who can help us. I've read everywhere that an odd specific...
  • pwhinder

    Foods to avoid

    HelloI am new here from Australia.I have been looking around for information on what foods to avoid for young children who may have mild ODD.Does anyone have a list of foods and additives that should be avoided?Or even a website that lists foods etc.I can find heaps of info sites but not many related to food intolerance's.Thanks in advanceCheers
  • My wife is 54 years old, has ADHD but she is suffering from more than that. She is compulsive liar, has has many affairs with men and women, lies about her were abouts. Hordes stuff, her room is one of the most untidy bedrooms I've ever seen. She goes to a therapist for over a year and a half now but is not getting better, the therapist will tell her one thing but she will difile her advice and...
  • dodge7

    Does it get better?

    Today I have reached the end of my rope.  My 7 year old son is obsessive about so many different things and when he loses it he can't recover.  Today he had a meltdown about moving his clip and was sent to the principals office which led to his suspension tomorrow.  I think he meds are not working and I am heartbroken.  I want to help him so badly!  Please tell me it gets easier?  
  • my son is 16 and was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD he is statemented from an early age but he is getting worse he is becoming controlling and violent his language is vulgar and he doesn't care no empathy at all I have been asking for help for years but until I say I am going to harm my child no one will help we are constantly arguing and it ends up with him damaging my home and my car I need help...
  • cp1986

    Heartbreaking to watch

    my son was diagnosed in Dec after 6 years of trying to get him help, he is now 10. He has both odd and ADHD, the pead felt he would benefit from being medicated due to the diagnosis being so late, since the 1st lot of meds he has been upped doses every 3 months and that's it! No offering support groups or counselling or any extra info or support, no help with his lack of sleep, or the fact he...
  • Parent_Zero

    Animal Cruelty

    Hi, I'm new here, and I feel so alone. My 10-yr-old stepson has ODD and ADHD, but he seems pretty atypical; he has a sunny nature, never raises his voice in anger, and he's extremely passive. BUT. . .he lies constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, and about things that don't even make sense, and he's horribly cruel to animals. I'm so ashamed to admit that, but it's true. We have kept our cats locked...
  • mkehoe

    What do I Do?

    I am a step father to a 13yr old with ADHD/ODD and I have no idea how to get through to him. He has busted holes in doors, destroyed lawn equipment, messes with his younger brother, is disrespectful, uses foul language, lies, blames others. If he is repremanded for anything especially by me its a staring match where I get the feeling he is waiting for me to make the first move. His real father...
  • im scared my 16 year old isn't going to make it in this world. Just diagnosed with ODD and narcissistic traits. Always in trouble, lying, drugs, bad grades......My son was arrested this year for getting in a fight with his dad. It was that bad that the cops took him and stayed in juvy for 2 weeks. My son always denies that he does anything wrong. It's never his fault. After years of dealing with...
  • stressedmom13

    At my wits end

    I have a 10yo son who was diagnosed in kindergarten with ADHD/ODD. Here lately he has become more aggressive. He has kicked giant holes in his walls, is breaking another door to his room and his anger and frsutration is off of the charts. He was in therapy, but his therapist left and trying to find a new one is challenging. He is on medication for his ADHD, but I don't think it is working...
  • Motherof6

    New today

    my son is 6 and has odd adhd sensory issues and anxiety . This odd stuff is kicking my trash. He still wets the bed-I don't see an end in sight to that . Is this a common thing with these kids and will he ever grow out if it ? Also- lately I've had some people tell me that puberty makes all of theses kids frustrations exaggerated . I'm scared to death about this possibility .... Is this true ? I...
  • Jent

    At the end of my rope

    Hi. Im new to this site. I have an 8 yr old son who is diagnosed ODD, ADHD AND DMDD.  I can deal with most of it but the ODD is the worst.  It's like living with your worst enemy. Hes basically abusing me evryday.  Then he will apologize and be nice.  It's a roller coaster ride.  How do you all deal with this? I am depressed and severely stressed.  
  • Susie


    I have a fairly new partner and I couldnt be more in love. However his son has ODD. He is at times a most unloveable kid. I am terrified, because from what I read about it, this only gets worse.I don't wanna go over to his house, becaue of the kid. But naturally, my amazing partner is a package deal. He comes with his kid, not on his own. But because this kids is such a handful, there is little...
  • MommyBetty

    Feeling hopeless

    I just want to say that ODD is really really hurting our family. My 13 year old has it and puberty makes it worse.The calls by the school regarding my son's behaviour is like a dating service phone line :( They keep coming! I really really really am struggling here. I am from a 3rd world country and therapist comes with a hefty price. It's not easy to get help.Please please share to me what you...
  • dieselchick57

    I dont want to give up

    My 11 year old step son I dont know what to do. He is mean to me, lies to me, disrespects me, goes behind my back to his dad. I have been in counseling. He also goes. He has ODD and his dad and i dont know what to do. I have trouble with his dad following through with things but i want to try to get on some sort routine and some good consequences that matter. But me being a step mom my opinion...