Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Support Group

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures that goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. When a child cannot seem to control his anger or frustration, even over what seems to be trivial or simple to others, the child will often react in violent or negative ways to his own feelings.

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  • Angiebean

    Lost & broken

    Hi I'm new to the group & could really use some advice. My son is almost seven & was diagnosed with ADHD & ODD when he was five. His ADHD seems to be pretty well controlled lately but his ODD seems to be getting worse. Every minute of everyday is a constant battle. If we ask him to do anything it turns into a complete meltdown that lasts an hour or more of him throwing, breaking, things, hitting,...
  • JFL0915

    I Don't Know What's Worse

    The constant arguingThe resistance to any help we offerBeing told how much we are hatedBeing told how she can't wait to leave our house The unappreciationThe entitlement Her short term memory Nothing ever being good enough, always wanting more regardless of how much we provide The manipulation The lies she tells us and her friendsknowing she thinks she has it "so bad"I am sorry she has...
  • NLH87

    Social isolation

    Im just wondering how you as caregivers deal with the social isolation that comes with raising a child with behavioural issues. I can’t seem to find the energy most days to tell my spouse about the day, let alone actually converse with someone on the outside of these 4 walls.  When I do go out, it’s heartbreaking. I listen them talk and brag about their children, I listen to their...
  • Yourenotmymom

    Advice please

    Does anyone have experience with an ODD child that threatens you, becomes violent, or just being resistant... and so for their safty, or yours you hold them to restrain them.... and then they tell EVERYONE that you strangled them, that you are hurting them, and that they are afraid of you. We are talking about taking him by the hand and trying to get him to go back to school (after he followed...
  • dmrush07

    "Stepmom at a total loss"

    First I'll say I am not a stepmom but Dad's gf of 6 years. I've been raising his daughter since she was 3 and just turned 9. Bio mom has always been in/out of the picture causing mass chaos in our lives. The child was dx with ADHD and ODD when she was 5 and about to be kicked out of school for misbehavior. Things have gotten so much worse. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with our son and im...
  • BrokenHearted22

    To What End?

    There are no easy answers when a child with ODD is going to do what they want to do. Try giving a 17 yr old consequences. You can take away anything and they will find other vices, transportation, cell phone etc. We are prisoners in our own lives. You, the parent are the bad guy even when they caused their problem by not listening in the first place. How do you get an ODD 17 year old to take...
  • jbriggs

    10 year old prevents me from keeping a job

    My son is 10 & has ADHD & ODD we see a Dr for it, but there is no help really. Everytime we go in the appt lasts 20 min or less, and all she does is screws around with his medicines, changing them EVERY time we go in. I am currently looking for a new psychiatrist for him. His main problems are at school. Blurting out, trying to be funny, getting angry over the littlest thing (subject change or...
  • Budzyblue

    She's back home - our adult daughter with ODD

    We use to think it was the Bipolar why we never got along with our daughter, the constant fights the arguing the yelling and screaming - and mostly over stupid stuff like asking her to wash her hands after using the bathroom or asking her to pick up after herself but now I understand it was the ODD all this time and NO - they do NOT outgrow it.  I use to be one of those parents counting down...
  • JustTired2

    A Nerved Out Mommy

    Where do I even start? I have a very loving and sweet little 5-year-old but then there is her evil twin. The person that she turns into when her ODD kicks in. She is angry, hostile, violent to herself mostly. She was diagnosed with Autism, ODD and ADHD. It does not matter what I ask her to do it’s a fight. She will cuss me out and throw things. I'm the bad guy because my husband just wants to...
  • witsend2

    tired mom

    I'm at my wits end with my 12 yr old who has ODD/ADHD; we are going to see a behavorial therapist today or I'm afraid BD in school is going to be the next step with him.  I don't understand why slowing down to process a good/bad decision is so hard for him to make.  And not having a supportive ex husband who says all he needs is an ass beating thinks that will work.  So lost right now.
  • brookewilliams02

    Had to pin son down :(

    I thought my 10yr son was finally outgrowing the fits of rage but I was wrong. He has done ok here lately. Well last night he lost it and was a danger to us all. So I had to pin him to the floor and use all 135lbs of me to keep him down. The little booger only ways 74lbs but he is strong and even stronger when he is mad. I didn’t have any other choice. Well pinning him down only mad him more...
  • Struggling14

    Step mom rant for a child with adhd

    I'm in a similar boat with being a step parent and having my step son with behavioral problems. He has not been diagnosed with anything officially yet but I'm sure he has adhd and odd he fits all the "symptoms". He is five and in kindergarten this year. My husband does not want him on medication but is also not looking for ways to help him. I however am so overwhelmed by his misbehavior...
  • Momof9

    feeling lost

    I am new to support groups. I have a 6 yr old son that I am just at a loss with. Things have to be his way or all war breaks loose. He’s a nightmare in school. Does exactly what you don’t want him too. Refuses to look at you when you try to talk to him. Lies about every little thing. Threatens you when mad. If his meds are working it’s like a total opposite kid. Sweet kind respectful and...
  • JSMom

    New to the Group

    I am new to the group and I have a 5 year old boy that I am really struggling with, in school especially. We started him in our district for Pre K because he was removed from three daycares for his behavior. He did okay in Pre Knwith a 504 behavior plan. Now he is in K and it is not going well. He constantly has to be removed from the classroom, when he is in the classroom he does not want to...
  • AuuntieMom

    I am afraid of my child

    What do you do when you're afraid of your child?  She appears perfect to others, but is a nightmare at home.  She is physically violent towards me and is much bigger and stronger than me.  I am not physically strong enough to defend myself.  Her attacks usually take me by complete surprise, when I'm at a disadvantage. The attacks are getting worse, and I am afraid  that she will go too far...