Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Support Group

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures that goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. When a child cannot seem to control his anger or frustration, even over what seems to be trivial or simple to others, the child will often react in violent or negative ways to his own feelings.

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  • Mom2016

    Looking for help

    I'm a foster mom getting ready to adopt an 8 year old boy who has ODD. I love him to death he is the sweetest boy when he wants to be. We adopted him in 18 day and he is so happy and excited. I'm not sure if what my husband and I r doing is the right thing when we  discipline him. Any help would be awesome. He is very bossy and loves to tell me and my husband what we will and will not do. Things...
  • TwinDad02

    Frustrated parent of 14yo with ADHD / ODD / ASD.

    Hi, everyone.My wife and I have three children.  An 11-year old neurotypical daughter (named C) and twin 14 (nearly 15)-year old fraternal twin boys, one of whom (named W) is neurotypical, and one of whom (named P) has ADHD/ODD/Depression and is on the Autism Spectrum (though high-functioning).  He takes Concerta and Effexor daily.  He has very few friends.  He goes to individual and group...
  • Swamped_mom2007

    New to group

    I have a 9 year old who is odd,adhd,anxiety, depression,and she has a two year learning delay. She has her good days but oh the bad ones i love my daughter but i also have an 8 and 5 year old daughters. She has hurt her 8 year old sister before and had to go to a hospital four hours from home, it was the hardest thing for me to do. She was gone for ten days after afew months back home she is...
  • TiredMom80

    I'm So Tired...Feeling a bit Hopeless

    A couple weeks ago my 15 yr old, who has been diagosed with ODD and ADHD, ran away and on his way out knocked me to the floor. I didn't go down gracefully. As I fell onto a wooden chair, I knocked my 7 yr od daughter to the floor with me, I ended up covered in bruises and he didn't even turn around to see if I was ok. He was gone. After searching for him we had to get the police involved. This is...
  • ammodd

    Someone gets it, right?

    I'm new here. I haven't read enough posts to know everyone's story, nor do I have it in me to explain the breadth of mine at the moment. But, I could write a very long and extensive book on my experiences. My son is 17 and today I'm feeling the last 17 years of parenting him. He's in his senior year and I had to take away Homecoming today, he deserved that punishment ten times over, but still I...
  • fedUpMom

    Had to put my son in a troubled teen ranch for boy

    im scared my 16 year old isn't going to make it in this world. Just diagnosed with ODD and narcissistic traits. Always in trouble, lying, drugs, bad grades......My son was arrested this year for getting in a fight with his dad. It was that bad that the cops took him and stayed in juvy for 2 weeks. My son always denies that he does anything wrong. It's never his fault. After years of dealing with...
  • JFL0915

    Best Type of DR?

    Our oldest daughter who is 15 has ADD Inattentive type as well as ODD.  Not a good combination.  Parenting her through school is a nightmare.  By the grace of God she's in 9th grade but it's going to take a miracle to successfully get through high school.  It's to the point that I can't even talk about with friends and family because they don't get it.  My mom keeps telling me to get a...
  • Meltymel

    Therapeutic Boarding School

    We have been through so much in my son's 12 years and we are at the point of considering a therapeutic residential program. I would love insight from others but please no haters. I can't handle the stress of judgement today. 
  • nikki2

    ODD 13 ur old boy ruining the family- need advise!

    my son who has always been a handful was just diagnosed - since his diagnosis he has been increasingly difficult and just  ran away to the police telling the police officer that my husband and I abuse and which can lead to social services coming to my house. While there has been plenty of yelling and arguing we have never abused him and social services  yelling and arguing we have never abused...
  • Zcantu


    My daughter is 8 she's been diagnose with odd about almost a year ago. We been trying everything the therapist tells us to try and trying to find the right medicine. Its getting so bad that we literally go into our bedroom to get away from her. She will explode out of no where because she doesn't get her way. We been trying to stick to our punishment but at times its so hard because of the...
  • deedeebee

    gene testing for meds?

    Has anyone tried genetic testing for medications? My son has been on Ritalin, Focalin, Zoloft, and Risperidone, and they all made him worse. His psychiatrist recommended a genetic test to find medications that will work for him. The results came back today. It categorizes medications into three columns: use as directed, moderate gene-drug interaction, and significant gene-drug interaction. The...
  • rallygirlz

    I'm lost for what to do.

    I have a 6 year old daughter whom was diagnosed with ODD several months ago. Things are getting progressively worse. I have tried everything that her therapists have suggested but nothing is working. Things are getting so bad I have contemplated having her committed. I have 2 other children in the home one older (9) and one younger (1.5).  She never acted this way 3 years ago, she was a...
  • shortangel8604

    New here

    I'm new here, my son is 3. I talk to his pediatrician because he is rude and throws temper tantrums all day long that last 10-15 min. and has a temper and is violent towards me his older sister and the dog. She told me to go to a child behavior Dr. So I did. He got diagnosed with odd. I'm not sure exactly what to expect or how to help him. (The dr we saw I don't connect with so I'm thinking of...
  • diemamad

    Struggling with homework

    Not sure what I should do in this case.  My 10-year old son has refused to work on an assignment that he had for two months.  It was a big research project into 5 different events or experiences from WWII.  Frankly, I dreaded it the moment that it came up because although I am thankful for the sacrifices of WWII and believe it to be a very important subject for everyone to learn about in a...
  • Susie


    I have a fairly new partner and I couldnt be more in love. However his son has ODD. He is at times a most unloveable kid. I am terrified, because from what I read about it, this only gets worse.I don't wanna go over to his house, becaue of the kid. But naturally, my amazing partner is a package deal. He comes with his kid, not on his own. But because this kids is such a handful, there is little...