Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Support Group

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures that goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. When a child cannot seem to control his anger or frustration, even over what seems to be trivial or simple to others, the child will often react in violent or negative ways to his own feelings.

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  • brookewilliams02

    School :(

    My son hasn’t been bringing his math homework, isn’t getting anything done in class and his math teacher told him he needs to stay in for recess but he doesn’t listen and goes out anyways. I don’t understand why she isn’t making him stay inside. The kid has severe ADHD and ODD. He doesn’t care about school work. If he isn’t made to stay in he won’t. Idk what to do, he use to just...
  • NLH87

    If this was a marriage, I’d ask for a divorce

    The constant yelling, the swearing, the threats of physical harm to me, my spouse, his siblings. If this was a marriage, I’d be asking for a divorce. But it’s not. And I feel so completely trapped in this life.  Somedays I consider residential schooling because I don’t know how much longer I can go on being so consistently abused by my son. And at the same time, I can’t do that. That...
  • ddayu

    6 yr old grandson with adhd and odd

    Hello, I have a 6 yr old grandson who lives with me and has been diagnosed with both adhd and odd. We are trying medications but have yet to find the right mix. He is in counseling and attends a special class at school. His behavior is extrememly exhausting as I am sure you all are aware of. Does anyone know of any type of services like a "big brother" program or programs for kids with same types...
  • Pixie3106

    Dont know what to do to help her!

    Hi, im new to the support group. My 13 year old daughter has not yet been diagnosed but dr and therapist believe that she has this a long with other disorders.  Still waiting on psychiatrict evaluation. Just wondering how other parents cope, its been a difficult struggle thus far and i feel horrible that i cant help her.
  • Beautywillrise

    New and need an outlet

    I have a daughter who is 10...was diagnosed ODD 1 year ago...we are in behavioral therapy.  Our ODD issues are only at home...not at school which is wonderful and makes me angry at the same time.  There are days I feel like a rockstar and days where I feel like.....Where do I even begin?  ODD….I HATE YOU!  I’m mad…no, I’m angry.  I’m angry that I can’t fix her.  I’m bitter...
  • CEaton5

    Which meds work best?

    I have 4 children from ages 10-20.  My younges son is diagnosed with Autism and ODD.  His oder brother age 11 is diagnosed with ODD, ADHD, and Aspergers.  It's this son that I have the most difficulty with.  I've had to have him baker acted and I've had to call the sheriff department to come out when he attacked me and tried to hurt our cat.  He goes to weekly therapy and is on different...
  • Majolu7

    how does one get ODD

    How does one get ODD?  What can we do?  He's only 8 years old... How can he say he wants to kill me ?    
  • Majolu7

    Any positive news for anyone

    I have an 8 year old who has been diagnosed with Bipolar, ADHD, ODD and PTSD.   I've had him since he was 5years old.  He's been on so many many different meds.  Latuda has been the best so far, however, he still has blowouts, just not so often.  Does anyone out in our group have any success stories?  We could use a good success story to help us feel positive.  I know, for me, i feel like...
  • blended1984


    Hello all! I'm Dawn and have a wonderfully blended family.  Our household consists of 4 children and two adults.  Jeremy and I aren't married but have been together about 9 years.  I came into the relationsip with a daughter Natalie who is 13 and Gabe who is 11.  Jeremy had Ty who is 11 and then we have a 6 yo, Breanna in common.  From the start, 9 years ago, there were behaviors that...
  • Angiebean

    Lost & broken

    Hi I'm new to the group & could really use some advice. My son is almost seven & was diagnosed with ADHD & ODD when he was five. His ADHD seems to be pretty well controlled lately but his ODD seems to be getting worse. Every minute of everyday is a constant battle. If we ask him to do anything it turns into a complete meltdown that lasts an hour or more of him throwing, breaking, things, hitting,...
  • mamabear11

    Go ahead and punch me buddy.

    The words "go ahead and punch me" flew out of my mouth last night.....as my 5 year old blonde hair blue eyed baby boy stood in front of me with clenched fist ready to explode with anger over having to put pajamas on.  This precious little boy is the light of my life and makes my heart explode with happiness and these terrible disorders change him, and turn him into a tiny hulk with no self...
  • Hurricaneiscoming

    What Treatment Do You Use for Your ODD Child?

    We are new to this world, our 11 y.o. was only diagnosed with ADHD back in May 2017 and the psychologist started mentioning ODD only in the last two months. I have gone through several threads, but have not seen one dedicated specifically to what general and/or specific treatments parents are using to address their child's ODD. (If a thread already exists, I'm nearly certain that it would,...
  • natesmom

    I'm tired of crying

    I am new... our family doctor has asked me to find a support group and since we live in a small community and when you mention ODD, most people are like what's odd? NO, ODD.My 7 year old son is tearing our family apart. Just today i have enrolled him into a behavioral school "that teaches academics". I have cried and cried over this little boy. He can be the most loving caring and kind boy, then...
  • Momof9

    feeling lost

    I am new to support groups. I have a 6 yr old son that I am just at a loss with. Things have to be his way or all war breaks loose. He’s a nightmare in school. Does exactly what you don’t want him too. Refuses to look at you when you try to talk to him. Lies about every little thing. Threatens you when mad. If his meds are working it’s like a total opposite kid. Sweet kind respectful and...
  • LindyG

    Feeling drained and helpless

    I am new to this group.  My 12.5 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD (he takes Focalin for this) when he was 7 years old and just 3 month ago we were told by the counselor we see that he has all the signs of ODD.  I am so heartbroken by his behavior, which seems to have overnight gotten horrible.  He was always a bit headstrong and defiant, but it has now become much more frequent, like...