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Childhood","Nutrition is a science which studies the relationship between diet and states of health and disease. Between the extremes of optimal health and death from starvation or malnutrition, there is an array of disease states that can be caused or alleviated by changes in diet. This community focuses on nutrition best practices for young children."

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  • johnnycake


    I assume that food cravings are often caused by nutritional deficiencies, and have been wondering since I started craving bananas and sushi a week ago, whether I have a problem.  I have started eating potato chips instead, mostly for the salt, and because I don't usually eat them, they have been sitting in the cupboard since forever.  Is it possible that I need potassium, or iodine, or...
  • songstress1

    Fave Healthy Foods

    Hello everyone,I wanted to start a topic to list our fave nutritious foods. Mine are:-salads-vegetable stir fry-salmon-almond milk-sweet potatoes-raspberries-avocadoes-strawberry-banana smoothiesWhat's on your list?

    vit d problems

    have very low levels of vit D and dr tried me on large amt of vitd . it made ,me really sick .... I also have IBS constipation . Now the 2 of those do not mix . what can I do to get my vit d . I have been sitting outside for 15 mns aday . any thing else I can do. thanks
  • Hi I am starting a new vitamin regime with the hope of aiding four major issues:1. Erectile dysfunction2. Shoulder/neck problems3. High incidence of clicking and popping in joints4. Dupuytren's diseaseFor 2) - 4) my aim is to use supplements with an anti-inflammatory effect.I am, of course, using this regime to accompany my general health - I am exercising everyday using specific exercises I've...
  • redregan

    How to cut off the Midnight snack

    Often I find myself up late due to homework, or just hanging out. When I walk past the fridge I cant help but to grab a snack which often turns into an unhealthy feast. Are there any tips to get past the fridge and go to bed without having a full belly? Or any healthy snacks that that taste good?
  • deleted_user

    Fasting for Health

    I'd like to share a very simple yet interesting blog on nutrition program. I used to be very thin in college. I joined in local beauty pageants and was quite popular in our campus back then. But when I started working and got exposed to a lot of stress, I gained weight to the point of obesity. The worst thing is that I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2012. It was abrupt for me, so I didn't...
  • oldcper

    Insight on Diet problem

    Hi, I'm new to this Board and just looking for some Insight. I've been around DS for 16 years so may know some of you.I have multiple serious medical issues, diseases and injuries. I take 22 medications, pills and injections per day. I have Severe Osteo Arthritis, Chronic Migraines, a Seizure Disorder (Grand Mal), Degenerative Cartilage Disease in knees, Chrondomylasia, Osteo Arthritis in all...
  • deleted_user

    healthy fats

    I'm not sure how manyy people realize that we do need to eat some healthy fats, and we do need a minimum of the good cholesteral (high density lipoprotein, or HDL). foods that have good amounts of HDL are, salmon, avocadoes, olive oil.
  • quietspring

    Hi there everyone.

    I am Quietspring. I am joining for nutrition and weight loss support. Look forward to interacting with everyone. :D
  • deleted_user

    lemon me please

    enjoy this very informative read please...
  • seasilver

    coconut oil

    I've been doing some research, and apparently, coconut oilis good for the skin, hair, and can be taken internally aswell. So, I've decided to try it.I got the organic extra virgin coldpressed refined(i think)oil. I've started using it as a moisturizer on my face dayand night for the past two days. I've also decided to take atablespoon a day for about a month. Yuck! It's sooo nasty.I'll have to...
  • Desigol1979

    Cooked Spinach for the first time today

    I got the instructions from WikiHow.I need to boost my iron levels, especially as we're in the Summer.
  • drougn

    Celiac Disease

    Celiac is a uncommon intestinal disorder where your body attacks itself when a certain protein is introduced, This protein is known as gluten. the easiest way to explain, your intestines have little taste bud like receptors that collect the vitamins and nutrients from the food, when gluten passes over them and an attempt is made to absorb, they retract stopping the process and killing the taste...
  • AloneNaturally


    Anyone here a Juicer? I am seriously considering it. I've been doing some research on this and the benefits are exactly what I am seeking. I'm tired of taking over the counter pain relievers for arthritis and the water pill my doctor has me on for swelling not only gives me gas, but it builds up inside me and my bowel movements are terrible also. I have started to make changes by consuming more...
  • jambaxt

    an excellent ' ted talk '

    I found this impressive all-purpose motivation talk. worth sending to friends that need a little help with smoking, or diet, or stress or .....;Recent what do you think ? - I watched it twice and feel more motivated than I have in a long time.