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Morgellons or Morgellons disease is a controversial name for an alleged polysymptomatic syndrome characterized by patients finding fibers on their skin, which they believe are related to other symptoms, including intense itching, skin lesions, as well as a wide range of other chronic symptoms. These symptoms are occasionally accompanied by the belief in an infestation by some unknown arthropod or parasite. The term Morgellons is not in accepted use by the medical community and the syndrome is widely held by the medical community to be a type of delusional parasitosis. There is no agreed-upon physical cause, etiology, diagnostic criteria or proven treatment... Pressure from patients, including doctors and nurses who claim to have a host...

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  • NoMoreMysteries

    I can't keep doing this

    I remember the moment my life changed forever vividly. Dec 27th 2016 I was cleaning my pantry and all of a sudden it felt like 100 metal shards impaled my hands. The next day a large soft bump (now hard and small) on my inside wrist that the drs brushed off as a ganglion cyst. It pulsates and there has been a tiny non healing scratch on it the whole time (finally meeting w/surgeon next week to...
  • hauntedgirl25

    Do I have it?

    I dont know if I have it or not but have had some weird experincess. I went out for dinner one time and ate pan fried chicken with salad and felt sick within an hour. I vomited a small amount and when i looked in the toilet there were 4 strange looking fiber was red another purrple,one green and the other half blue and red,they were bright,fluro and see through. They werent salad...
  • deleted_user

    Hair peroxide cream&makes the fibers come out

    I bleach my hair.I tried on a whim, because I was out of peroxide, hair peroxide cream 20 volume. Put it on in a thick coat and use a cotton ball and massage it around for a few minutes. You will see a lot of them come out. Change cotton balls. Then wash it off. If you follow up with aloe vera juice, then vitamin e capsules broken open and massaged in any lesions on skin heal really fast.Hope...
  • Larr619


    Can someone please tell me what works with this Morgellons my hair is so infested.  Spent soo much money and nothing kills them.  Help.  
  • debrn7

    Morgellons protocol

    Use MMS 3-7 drops once every hour for eight hours  daily with Benonite clay from volcanic ash-directions for clay on package.  Use Demodex shampoo or Opulent shampoo made in Michigan with apple cider vinegar rinses.  Eat a Gluten and sugar free Paleo diet.  As needed Vasoline head to toe and wrap self in plastic cheap shower curtain for 8 hours, add peppermint oil to vasoline to kill what...
  • noquitter

    Coping with this disease in my spouse

    As a 'Newbee' here, I am seeking a support network here in the Pacific NW (Oregon). (Please excuse my misprints) I have many questions that need answered. I have searched the internet and have found so little information. For the most part, the medical community, with few exceptions, dismiss the existance of Morgellon's Disease. Even the CDC and other top bodies are sceptical. Only under intense...
  • deleted_user

    Morgellons; Are you kidding me?

    Nobody knows for sure what Morgellons is or where it came from or what causes it. Talented people from across the globe have been working to figure this disease out for years and weve been on top of every word that has been published over the last 6 years.If you have Morgellons, Im afraid I cant give you answers about who, why, what or where without them being purely my opinion.I know that doesnt...
  • lilaqc

    Morgellons in New England

    Hello, my name is Lila I am working on a documentary on Morgellons and I am looking for people willing to talk about their experiences Morgellons who live in New England. If any one out there is willing to share their story, you can reach me at Thanks so much.Best wishes,LIla
  • Martha75


    I'm martha and I'm new. I'm seeking support and ideas on treatments.. I'm curious and appreciate any advice. .thank you
  • Helpmymomplease


    my mom has been suffering with disease for years now. I feel like nobody in her like can understand what she is going through. I want her to be able to talk to somebody that does know what she is going through so she doesn't feel like a such an outcast. And also maybe if you could share tips on how to help, if you have any. 
  • morgellonsalalon

    My mother may have Morgellons

    My mom has suffered from Morgellons-like symptoms for about 6 years. I have gone through my own emotional roller-coaster of believing her, doubting her, trying to find answers, etc. over the years. Since Joni Mitchell came out as a Morgellons sufferer, the disease sparked main-stream interest and I learned there was a community of sufferers. Until now, I thought my mom was the only one, which led...
  • nervball

    A Scientific Basis for Morgellons

    0 knowledge base about both Bartonella testing and treatment borders on the disastrous. Bartonella is one of the most common infections in the world. Calling it a "coinfection" is nonsense; if anything, Lyme is the "coinfection." It is found in vast numbers of common vectors, including dust mites, fleas, flea feces, pet saliva, and ticks....
  • camiga

    If You have Morgellons You must be happy!

    There is no sarcasm in those assertions. What looks like a skin condition is anything but not the disease (just an effect). Morgellons disease does not exist. Morgellons is a reaction of the body to some extremely dangerous factors. These factors can cause sterility and death. You are in danger! Doctors today do not see the reasons. They treat the effects. I'm an engineer, think logically and...
  • Misty111

    Connect with other's who have m in our area

    How can we find each other? I'm near San Antonio area. I know CEHF is in Austin; but I want to find friends in S.A Who have M if there are any. Heard of 2 guys. How connect ? Any ladies like me? Want to form a support group.
  • astear

    Possible experiment/cure for morgellons

    Just for an experiment try this. Watch this 10 minute video and finish it. Make special note if you feel anything weird. be loving and forgive others and yourself.