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Infectious mononucleosis (also known in North America as mono, the kissing disease or Pfeiffer's disease, and more commonly known as glandular fever in other English-speaking countries) is a disease seen most commonly in adolescents and young adults, characterized by fever, sore throat and fatigue. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or the cytomegalovirus (CMV). It is typically transmitted from asymptomatic individuals through saliva or blood, or by sharing a drinking glass, eating utensils, or needles. The disease is far less contagious than is commonly thought. Since the causative virus is also found in the mucus of the infected person, it can also spread through coughing or sneezing. It is estimated that 90% of adults in the...

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  • Fly304

    Mono weakening immune system, need help

    I tested positive 4 mono for at least 2 yrs. Had a terrible time building up system. Had flare ups monthly for years. 12 yrs later i still suffer from extreme fatigue, and i get sick pretty easy. Can this virus affect your sleep? Has anyone else had success with anything to help?
  • evag101

    Please help, any advice would be comforting

    Hi, I was diagnosed with mono five days ago, and so far these have been the worst five days ever. I cant even explain what im feeling. Im nauseous mose of the time, but then I have waves where I feel perfectly fine. Ive been battling a low grade fever on and off for five days now, but I think its just starting to go away. The worst part is I cant sleep. I suffer from bad anxiety and I am...
  • AlexTie

    Fear that I have something even worse. Coping?

    Hi. I was diagnosed with mono a few days ago, but I am so paranoid about this being my real condition. The darker sections of my brain are telling me that it was a false positive, or that I tested positive only bc I had mono years ago as well (I tested negative for it then but my doc thought it was a false negative. I was a minor and my mother never pressed the issue.) So I'm afraid that I have...
  • deleted_user

    Athletes crushed by mono?

    Hello. I'm 25 and suffer from chronic EBV. I've just joined this forum. Are there any other athletes out there that have suffered through a prolonged case of mono and managed to recover fully? Heres my story in brief: I used to be an athlete. I would run 6-10 miles per day, compete in half-marathons, and participate in extreme exercise programs like P90X. I had a six-pack and did sets of 12...
  • PRB

    Help with numbers please !

    I'm not sure what the numbers mean on my report. Is anyone else familiar with the meaning of the numbers?
  • deleted_user


    Please can somebody help me, I have been really ill for 12 months with a variety of symptoms and the drs have classed me a medical mystery. I have just looked back through my notes and would really like some help interpreting some results. I just don't understand what it means and the dr just told me I have probably just had glandular fever in the past. I have had erosive gastritis and my liver...
  • Hi:My goal is to get my Epstein Bar Virus blood count down please.In 29 days I got my count down from 367 to 187.My goal is to get count down to 18.Any suggestions please?I feel fortunate My mononucleosis is without complications.*Anyone try muscle testing with a nutritionist to boost immune system with dietary supplements? 
  • Cookiemonstaa8843

    Brand new mono

    Hello! I'm Katie and 17 years old. I was diagnosed with mono yesterday and I feel like my life is changing. I'm usually a very active person running on little sleep and I was fine that way. Now I have to drop everything I usually do for sleep. Any tips?
  • sunshineandseaweed

    How has your life changed?

    I had glandular fever for about 3 years from initial fever to lingering (chronic?) fatigue. I was a year free, feeling great when it came back after a particularly stressful term at university. Much more mildly this time but still all the symptoms and fatigue. I was just wondering what people do day to day to deal with this? Have people made major lifestyle changes? How much do you exercise/push...
  • loripletenik

    Mono/Epstein Barr Virus/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    hey everyone. my name is lori & i just joined group & webpagei had mono in jr high & been dealing with Epstein Barr Virus/ which i was told was adult mono for 20 years. now so many bouts wiped me out and i have chronic fatigue . anyone else s mono turned into CFS?
  • Artist

    natural supplements

    Is anyone taking natural supplements for mono? And what is your success with that?
  • tresfatigue

    Neck Tightness with Mono

    Hi Everyone!I had my first bout of mono in 2005 when I was 21. My symptoms were pretty standard - swollen lymph nodes, terrible sore throat, extreme fatigue. I recovered in a month.In December 2014 (age 31), I suddenly came down with this God-awful feeling in my neck and throat. I felt like someone was choking me or like the skin around my neck was too small for my body. After several doctors...
  • tesskristine

    When does this start getting better???

    I was diagnosed with mono November 28 1015. My mono spot was negative but my ebstein Barr came back positive and the dr says it was for sure mono. It came at a good time because I am a Professor and I got all of winter break. I went back to classes in January was feeling better and then all of the sudden in the beginning of February it was back. I am miserable my arms and legs feel weak my...
  • deleted_user

    Permanent Mono

    I am a relatively young person who was diagnosed a few months back with having this disease. The results the doctor got from my blood work said it was permanent and that I had already had it for a while without having a proper diagnosis. Now I've just been trying to deal with it but it seems like I just keep getting sicker and sicker. I feel completely exhausted all the time and weak like a baby...
  • WhiteDolphin


    anyone else have vomiting as a symptom of mono?