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Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstrual cycles associated with advancing age. It normally occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55, when the body begins to slow and stop the production of eggs, estrogen and progesterone production decreases, and menstruation diminishes, eventually stopping altogether.

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  • deleted_user

    Period returns after year and half???

    Hello Everyone,This is my first time starting a discussion so please bare with me.I was in what I thought was menopause, no period for a year and half, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, etc...About a month and half ago I started using Estroven Max Strength, actually I've only been taking half the tablet once a day. I have noticed that the hot flashes have basically gone away, no more...
  • morrj27

    Frustration with doctors and need HRT advice

    Hi all,I was reading a blog by a "famous" doctor who stated that there is no proven correlation between menopause and depression, but there is a link between menopause and "mood changes"  I don't see a major difference between the two.  When I come to this site and see so many peri and menopausal women suffering with depression, it is very hard for me to believe that there is no link.  If...
  • XCoach

    Help for belly fat and mood swings!

    I have been in menopause for about 18 months now. I put on about 30 pounds (mostly around my middle). I also had horrible mood swings. My poor husband and family. Wow! I honestly couldn't control it though. I tried every kind of diet program to lose weight, but nothing would keep the weight off. I was a human yo-yo. I watched some friends of mine use a system to lose their weight; their...
  • Isitover

    There's a first-time for everything!

    This is my first time ever on an Internet chatty type thing! I am 49 and am not handling whatever is going on with me very well. I am about two years into this freak show called perimenopause and I really have no outlet or support in my life. I have had insomnia, heart palpitations,  crazy itching skin, mood swings to the moon and back,  the worst brain fog and unpredictable weeping at THE most...
  • CrzyOnCrzy

    Making psychological disorders worse?

    I have bipolar, PTSD and a lot of issues I have had to work through and live with and this extra layer of crazy is difficult. Does anyone feel like a hormonal teenager at times? 
  • trishaannjam

    Like being pregnant but nothing to look forward to

    Ack!!! I feel just like I did when I was pregnant. Tonight, I was unable to take my kids to swim practice because I couldn't keep my eyes open and I was sooo nauseated.  I had terrible heartburn, too. I had to collapse on the bed, but I couldn't sleep because I was hot flashing so badly!!! Ack! Then, I feel guilty because it happens so frequently lately. I'm afraid people are thinking I'm a...
  • deleted_user

    Perimenopause and internal tremors

    After spending the last six months of my life thinking I was dying of some mysterious disease I learned that the " internal" tremors I was feeling were actually due to estrogen deficiencyand simply part of my perimenopause. In Jan 2009 I began to suffer severe heartburn, panic attacks, insomia, sweats etc. One day I thought I was having a heart attack and began a long journey of trying to figure...
  • casey1231

    Could use some support?

    Hi all...I'm 50 and having a rough time with hormones.  I had an endometrial ablation almost two years ago for heavy bleeding, so I'm not sure where I am at in the menopause journey, but I still cycle through being symptomatic on a pretty regular basis.  I have a history of anxiety/depression and have been relatively stable on 10mg of paxil for about 18 years.  I have tried to wean off the...
  • maui17


    Hello everyone! I am new to the group. I have been going through menopause since last april and have done a variety of things to calm the symptoms of hot flashes. Those are fairly under control, but the moods and crying are making me bonkers! . I am very much an empath so the crying is nothing to unusual, but its the thoughts that create the emotions that i do not understand. I have been seeing...
  • morrj27

    been away for awhile....

    Hi all,I am 52 and apparantly in menopause hell.  I have been having a rough week - extreme fatigue and low moods.  I am starting on Magnesium tomorrow.  Has anyone had luck with it?  Also, does anyone else suffer with itchy skin?  Thank you for the support!
  • Hello AllI am new here, just hoping to connect with some people that understand..... I had my ovaries removed so as from one year ago (at 46 years old) I technically had no hormones.  I started HRT a few months later.  Now it it is coming up to a year since my surgery and I am noticing some symptoms which I assume are due to menopause and/or lack of hormones.  Would be lovely to hear from...
  • Up-Down

    Feel Like I am going crazy

          I'm going throught menopause I'm having a very hard time with hot flashes, mood swings, depressionand cryingalmost every day. I have one sister and a mother that has Alzheimer"s { I'm dyslexic please bear with me} my point is I have no one I can take to about my this...I hope someone can help me through this difficult time in my life I do have one girlfriend { lost all of friends when...
  • Shme1941

    Digestive issues and menopause

    Hello ladies. I am going through one of the transition period in a woman's life - menopause. I find it very difficult to cope up with the change. I feel extremely hot and I keep on dehydrating a lot. I am having digestive issues also.Does the estrogen hormone level decline affect the digestion? I came across an article which says consuming yogurt, whole grains, ginger and bananas help in...
  • nutty

    Metagenics O-Lift

    Has anyone tried Metagenics O-Lift? I started taking the tablets about four days ago. I don't like to talk too soon but I think it is helping.
  • Misty_Blue

    Peering menopausal symptoms

     Has any one here experienced extreme vaginal dryness that's my main symptom and itchiness everywhere.