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Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstrual cycles associated with advancing age. It normally occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55, when the body begins to slow and stop the production of eggs, estrogen and progesterone production decreases, and menstruation diminishes, eventually stopping altogether.

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  • BouncyHouse

    Is It Healthy To Just Let the Tears Flow?

    Hey all, I'm brand new here, and I needed to reach out. I am convinced that I'm peri-menopausal because I feel like I'm losing my mind. I feel sad all the time, everything sets me off (very very oversensitive - I usually have a much thicker skin, even if I'm just being teased!), I'd be tearful all throughout the day if I didn't force myself to stop so I could function around other people. The...
  • busybeew


    I am comforted by the fact that there are other women in their late 40's who are experiencing what I am experiencing: mood swings, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, horrible night sweats, feeling like a heart attack is happening, horrible weight gain, loss of libido - need I go on???   I can list the positive things that I have found that have worked for me:1. Estroven - Weight Loss...
  • papelle

    Drs with no empathy

    Just needed to share my recent frustrating experience with yet another Dr.  I am 47 and in peri-menopause and am also suffering from severe stomach issues (GERD, gastritis), interstial cystitis and lichen schlerosis.  I recently waited 9 mos. to see a new gynocologist.  I was hoping she could help me with the IC issues (I've had cytoscopies and they are fine, so it is not a problem with my...
  • Hopeful48

    Losing It

    Where to start? I am 53. Symptoms are getting worse cannot stop crying all the time,no sleep,terrible nightsweats.  Not sure how much more can take. Trying breathing mediation tea even xanax. Every morning I wake up and hope will be better. I have always been the strong one. Now I need help and people think I am exaggerating my symptoms. Any advise? Not sure what to try. Thank you.
  • IRENEK11

    Please help

    I am 50 years & going through perimenopause. I have been suffering from intense heart palpitations, anxiety, fatigue & recently chronic pain on my back, shoulder, neck & head. Sometimes I feel nervous, trembling sensation & like I will pass out anytime. Are these normal symptoms of perimenopause? Or am I suffering from some  dieases? Has anyone been through such hell before? I feel like ending...
  • deleted_user

    Perimenopause and internal tremors

    After spending the last six months of my life thinking I was dying of some mysterious disease I learned that the " internal" tremors I was feeling were actually due to estrogen deficiencyand simply part of my perimenopause. In Jan 2009 I began to suffer severe heartburn, panic attacks, insomia, sweats etc. One day I thought I was having a heart attack and began a long journey of trying to figure...
  • Marieseymour

    Going crazy

    I just joined this group today. I am 55 going through menopause. Some days I can't even get out if bed. I feel like I'm going insane, and nobody understands. I can't sleep, I have feelings of doom, depression and my anxiety is through the roof. I do not know how to deal with this.
  • Willmo

    Joining the Club

    I've joined this group today after doing some research on menopause - which I'm sure we have all done. I've finally seen my GP and started HRT last week because I couldn't endure the rollercoaster mood swings (tears to anger), loss of libido, painful intercourse and  anxiety anymore.  I tried the natural route for 2 years and admit that Ashwaghanda and Shatavari helped but they are now not...
  • Krissygt

    New here looking for support

    Im 49 and still get my period, however it is irregular. I went through a period of night sweats about a year ago and that has stopped. Now Im struggling with what I think is anxiety. I get these episodes of sudden panic that wakes me up at night, my mind races, and I have stomach distress. I also feel like my heart is racing. Then it continues into the morning. It seems to be about a week or so...
  • SherryP

    Advice ....

    Hi! I am reading these posts and can't believe how many women feel the way I do.  I'm 48 and just starting to experience symptoms. However, the worst part for me is the mood swings and anger. I've always had issues with sadness and pms but my pms is really affecting my life. I become absolutely vicious. Is anyone else having such uncontrollable anger? Any suggestions for medication that may help?
  • Darlsfarm

    Painful Intercourse

    Hi ladies I am new to this group. I started first signs of peri - menopause at 39, 2yrs ago I had a Hysterectomy. I have experience painful Intercourse for the past few years just every now and than . I am now 50 and it's not painful every time but it seems to be happening more and becoming more painful. Does anyone else experience this?thanks
  • 1forall

    Not alone

    I am 51 with all the symptoms of menopause. Weight gain, night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety, helplessness, inability to sleep and depression. I have tried the conventional HRT.  I have had my thyroid checked.  I have seen psychiatrists.  I have tried the homeopathic route.  Nothing has helped.  I am always shocked to read about how many women suffer daily and we are unable to get the...
  • Koo

    Have just started Menopause

    At age 57, I am in menopause -- a lot of my friends have already been through it, at my age, and survived intact!  Over the past two years, anxiety and depression has been a major part of my life, and I have lost 30 kilograms due to lack of appetite.  Now, I've got the bad night sweats and hot flushes during the day.  Went to my doctor yesterday and he has put me on hormone replacement...
  • Severst

    Peri menopausal Anxiety and Nausea

    I am 47 and for the past year and a half I have suffered from anxiety that came out of no where. I figured out that it was around my periods (hormones). My periods are irregular and were very heavy/flooding. Which left me with very low iron stores 7(5-225) being a vegetarian has not helped me. I had an ablation in May but my periods continued just not as heavy, but lasting 7 days. For the past...
  • suze1965

    Having terrible time with Menopause.

    Hi Ladies. Im 52 and have been in this mess with menopause for one year now. Have tried 9 different HRT tablets and am now on my 10th medication which is also not going well.  The main problems for me are Anxiety, insomnia (waking early) and day long sweats with wet body and hair. Then chills are being wet. Im also very depressed unable to work as I try jobs but do not remember how to do what I...