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Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstrual cycles associated with advancing age. It normally occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55, when the body begins to slow and stop the production of eggs, estrogen and progesterone production decreases, and menstruation diminishes, eventually stopping altogether.

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  • Saramae215


    Hello, My name is Sara,  I am new to this but I needed a place where I could be heard by others who were dealing with the same issues.  I am young, 39, but my mom was this age when she started hormonal issues associated with Pre-menopause.  I feel like I am losing my mind and it is hard for others to understand because I seem fine on the outside.  I have always had bad PMS but it went away...
  • danjul


    Hi! i am new to post here. i am 53 and been on Perimenopause since i was 50. It started with severe panic attacks, insomnia, missed periods. Usually flooding periods for many days. Depression got worse later. i was on Mirtazapine but tapered down to almost negligent amounts. Since 3 1/2 months i have no periods. But i have started to have night sweats and my insomnia has gotten worse. i am...
  • salena01


    Hello everyone, I pray everyone is managing there perimenopause or menopause symptoms well. I'm still dealing with this ear ringing (Tinitus) it's the worst, I have to sleep with music playing throughout the night, during the day I try Night to focus on it.i pray that we all get through this and return back to ourselves. I know for me prayer works wonders
  • Sizzling

    sizzling with hot flashes

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the group. Hope you are looking forward to the weekend. Right now the worst of the symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, memory fogginess and not handling pressure as well as I used to. I was surprised to learn there are so many symptoms and yet glad that it meant there was a reason I felt this way
  • rosie1712


    I am new to the group, I am 48 year old and just had all the blood tests to confirm I am going through the menopause. Having all the symptoms - hot flushes, night sweats, confusion, loss of memory but finding it so difficult to cope with the feelings that I am losing my mind, the mood swings and tearfulness. I really am struggling to deal with it all and cannot even begin to think how I can deal...
  • fibonae

    was diagnosed with lichens sclerosis

    Hi,I was told that I had lichensclerosis two yrs ago.  Is there a group I can join?
  • Dominiquelizabeth


    Hi everyone.Im new to this. Im 29 and underwent three months of induced menapause. Ive now started a 6 month induced menapause until a decision is made regarding a hysterectomy.  Im very much struggling as even my mother isnt going through the menapause. Im having trouble sleeping and am constantly tired. Im hot flushing terrible and find it quite embarrassing. I have good days and bad days and...
  • boobear

    awful night sweats!!

    Hello Everyone, I have just joined. At the moment I am suffering with the dreaded menopause night sweats and hot flushes. the night sweats are really making me nauseous on waking up..just wondering if anyone else is suffering with the same thing?, and do you have any thing you could recommend (besides I suppose HRT), to help. Also feel a bit sick with the flushes, but the night sweats are MUCh...
  • yona222


    Perimenopausal symptoms are many and each woman can have different experiences. The symptoms include: hot flashes, hot flushes, night sweats and/or cold flashes, clammy feeling, irregular heart beat, irritability, mood swings, sudden tears, trouble sleeping through the night (with or without night sweats), irregular periods (shorter or lighter periods, heavier periods, flooding, phantom periods,...
  • yona222


    Anyone know how to get rid of the anxiety and overwhelming feeling caused by perimenopause?I feel really stressed at times.
  • Meelas80


    I am a new member and I hve been menopausal for 7 years althought I am luckier than most with my symptoms I have gained 2 stone in weight and suffer from insomnia and night sweat I would like to know if HRT helps or if I am better just suffering the sympoms for the duration any insights would be much appreciated.  look forward to some advice thank you in advance
  • Meeky

    Trying to Balance

    Hi,I just tun 43. I had my left ovary removed when I was 30. My gyn told me last year I ws going  through the early stages of menopause. I really thought nothing of it since Im no sexuallly acitive. I had my first host flash in 2013. This year, people have asked if I'm okay since Im not handling things how they use to. I was experiencing rage since swings were awful at work. Then I was having...
  • I just found out I have peri menopause and I am 42. I have only missed  1 period. I have hot flashes and feeling horrible. I am so confused whats my best option since I want to try to conceive. Anyone has been in this situation.
  • papelle

    Vaginal infections and IC with peri-menopause.

    Hello.  I am 46 and have been in peri-menopause for the last 6 years or so.  I never used to have a problem with vaginal infections but lately, I seem to have constant irritation (although often I test negative for yeast and BV).  I am at my wits end...I never feel "right" down there and seem to develop some sort of infection every time I have sex.  Over the counter treatments don't work....
  • yona222

    hi I am new here

    I have been going through peri f0r 4 years now. Some days i can barely function. i have many symptoms  dizziness,lightheadedness, feel faint, problems staying asleep,  wake up sweaty clotbes be damp, barely have periods anymore , I had 3 last year and 2 this year so far this last one I only spotted, headaches, tension,and stressed,memory sucks, sensitive to noise. I hate feeling this  way.