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Lupus is an auto-immune disease in which the immune system cannot distinguish between threats (like viruses and bacteria), and healthy cells and tissue. As a result, the body produces antibodies that inflict cell damage, most commonly targeting joints, skin, kidneys and the nervous system. Join the group and find support for coping with lupus.

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  • Syeera

    This CAN'T be all in my head!

    I'm not even sure I belong int his group anymore since so far, no one can tell me what's wrong with me. I just got the rest of my blood test results back. Here are all of them:RF:  
  • fallingleaves

    Sinus Inflamation

    Hello allI am miserable  with daily sinus swelling and pain causing headaches.My dr has me on antibiotics and i'm taking over the counter meds ,also netti pot rinses.I am not getting better.the inflamation is so bad and has been bad for 2 months now.i have no mucus in my nose.Just swelling and post nasal drip.Is anyone else here having their lupus attack their sinuses?
  • mysensitiveheart

    terrified and hopeless

    You can read my other post om this board for some backgound about me . Can someone telll me how they were 1st diagnosed ?. I have elevated ANS (?) levels found out through a specific blood screening . Would anyone be generous and kind enough to share your levels with me ? I zm terified since I have so many other medical issues that are draining every bit of my soul , am in constant chronic pain...
  • mysensitiveheart

    New & Terrified

    I have a shopping list of disorders that all cause me chronic pain . I fell flat on my back on a concrete floor in Nov . '15 fracturing my already messed up back . I had very simple surgery and am now somewhat fine in that area . The frax .left me with Spondylolisthesis at L4 & L5 and spinal stenosis . I have a rather advanced case of Scoliosis which Iam wondering is causing incredible spasms ,...
  • dagostinod

    Frustrated and Depressed

    Hi all, I was diagnosed with lupus about 4 years ago and have had relatively stable symptoms in that time; however, in the last 2 years, my symptoms have definitely increased and now include the usual generalized pain, fever, butterfly rash, and ulcers, as well as some new ones, like short-term memory problems. I've also developed pain under my right shoulder blade which is extremely sensitive...
  • hyperpgal

    tetanus vaccine and positive ana

    Hiya-Does anyone know if getting a tetanus booster can cause positive results on an ana??my new doc KNEW I was going to a rheumy on monday and she insisted I have a booster--now I am reading it can cause a false positive on these tests!! and if you know about it--how long should one wait after the booster to get an ana done so it will be accurate?? thanks for any info!
  • I am beginning to wonder if I have Sjogren's syndrome. I have been always sensitive to light but over the last 2 months, I have had pain in my eyes. Also, my eyes are watering a lot over the last year. I have always made excuses for it. but over the last 2 weeks, i have been having actual pain in my eyes. It doesn't really go away with closing them. Which is why I went to see the eye doctor...
  • deleted_user

    Lupus pain meds?

    Hello i have lupus along with 4 other autoimmune diseases and was wondering if there are any really good pain meds out there? I have tried so many and i just can't find the right one... any ideas? B/c i cant stand any more pain!
  • For those of you in SoCal, there's a big educational event on Saturday, October 15th at UCLA. I always find these events to be helpful.Details here:, a few details on support groups in the Los Angeles area:
  • lynds12


    I was just recently diagnosed with Lupus after 2 years of trying to figure out what was wrong... I have been having a burning sensation and pain in my lungs when I breath sneeze or cough. I was put on steroids but they aren't helping.. any recommendations to deal with this pain?? Thanks.
  • 5humpsk


    hi all. I'm new to the forum and diagnosed 3months ago. I'm on prednisone and  plasmaquine. The joint pain hasn't really improved and I've recently started getting headaches. I've also had bronchitis early in the winter (I live in the Southern Hemisphere) and recovered. How long after starting medication did you all start to feel normal?
  • Bon67


    Hi all, I have been on Plaquenil about 3 weeks now, it really does a number on my stomach for a couple hours after I take it. Does anyone experience this? and if so, does it go away? I don't know if it is helping my Lupus, I cant tell, but the stomach thing is no fun. I don't want to stop taking it though, because I refuse to take Prednisone. Hope everyone is doing well. ((hugs))
  • lazylegs

    Blood Tests

    I was diagnosed 11 years ago but I know now that I have had lupus since my teens.  I have constant pain and fatigue but my doctor tells me that my lupus is not active - she is reading my blood test results.  I have read somewhere that disease activity cannot be indicated by those tests.  Does anyone know anything about that?  I live in a remote area of Canada and we don't have a choice in...
  • For those in the surrounding area, you might not be aware of this excellent event.Living with Lupus: Education & Empowerment
  • lisamarie77

    Struggling with Lupus

    What is the best resource to learn about lupus? I am sick all the time. I have had a second opinion. I feel like I'm drowning.