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Selective immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficiency is a relatively mild genetic immunodeficiency. People with this deficiency lack immunoglobulin A (IgA), a type of antibody that protects against infections of the mucous membranes lining the mouth, airways, and digestive tract. It is the most common of the primary antibody deficiencies.

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  • Zapper

    IVIG infusions

    Do people really see a huge improvement post infusions? How long did it take to show a change?I am constantly ill with infections and unable to be placed on a low dose antibiotic for IgA deficiency due to recurrent cdiff.
  • This is an instructive post for those of you with an IGA deficiency that don't know what to do.  I'm an older guy, and all my life have had recurrent respiratory infections,  sore throat, virus, gram negative bacterial infections, swollen glands, and easily get sick with an average of four to six weeks between illnesses.  When I got sick -- it came on fast -- in a matter of hours -- and before...
  • Sheriann

    IVIG Infusions Afteraffects

    How long after Infusions do the affects take place?  I've only had five Infuions and with last few, two days later, I got a fever and terrible Migraines.  I don't know if it was coincidince or if it's the Treatment.  Anyone have a similar experience or know? 
  • 7864

    low IGA 19

    Hi it looks like I have low IGA been tested twice came out as a 19 and 21. Going to see The specialist  July 13th , I recently had surgery in February and the healling is a bit slow wondering if this would cause slow healing and maybe a change to your gastrointestinal system I can't seem to gain weight I maintain way but I can't seem to gain it although I don't eat as much junk as I used to The...
  • pizza


    My son has brutons.. No b cells.. Very uncommon.. Does any one else have this?  He has been on hizentra and now Hyquvia...
  • thesauce

    New to Diagnosis - Does anyone have these symptoms

    I'm 50 and was finally diagnosed with igg4 deficient. I have been sick for 2 years with daily nausea, can only eat bland food, stomach cramping, chronic sinus infections, asthma, I've lost 18 pounds, alopecia, extremely fatigued and hospitalized 2 times in the last year with pneumonia(in ICU). Is this common for an igg4 deficency?????thesauce
  • larz77

    Flu Shots

    How does flu shots work with IGA deficiency? Any affect?
  • msmechanic

    one year sick and not getting better. Help please!

    Hey everyone,Just wanted to see if anyone else has similar issues with being having selective IGA. I have been sick for a year now and in and out of hospitals and clinics, also been treated for everything under the sun and they still can't really figure out what is wrong. I am waiting on an immunologist appointment at the end of Janurary but with how bad it has become I need to find something to...
  • threephelps

    Anybody with autoimmune issues?

    I'm curious if anyone in this group has autoimmune issues in addition to the immune deficiency. I know this is common with CVID, but I'm wondering how the 2 interact with a selective IGA/IGG subclass deficiency. I also have hashimoto's which is an autoimmune thyroid disease. I find it's difficult to distinguish which health condition is responsible for the various symptoms I have.I'm trying to...
  • Bounty

    Iga, do you get too warm? Depression?

    I'm 35, male with iga level below .5, it's 30 degrees outside and whenever I do any physical activialy lately I'm sweating.  This is even if I remove my tee shirt.  It's better in the morning but worse around 12-2 in the afternoon, does anyone else experience this? I am overweight, and didn't experience any of this before hand.  Also is anyone with iga depressed?  I'm curious of both of these...
  • deleted_user

    Cows milk intolerances

    Hi. My girls both suffer from cows milk intolerances as young kids and I suspect still have issues. Is this common with IgA deficiency????
  • deleted_user

    IGA Deficiency

    Does anyone know what the different levels of IGA Deficiency means? My daughter is sitting at 0.1, i don't understand if this is on the good side of things or the bad. Can anyone explain it to me? Do yours levels change through out your life?
  • JessicaFischer

    Iga deficient then not defient?

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 2 years ago. I was ready to start making a change to my diet and was seeing a Naturopath and because of some abdomen pain she suggested I have testing done for Celiac. I had blood work done where they checked my IgA and IgG levels. IgA came back at .5U/mL and IgG came back at 50U/mL so one negative and one positive. The dr said I needed a biopsy to confirm if...
  • Shazzie

    My blood test showed IgA low

    Hi, Today I got my blood test results showing IgA 19, my Doctor mention something to do with bacterial infections and also mentioned bone marrow, my doctor said I must have had a virus in the past to cause my low IgA.  Could someone please give me some information on low IgA as I do not know what to think, I would be so grateful.
  • threephelps

    IGA and IGG subclass deficiency?

    Does anyone here also have an IGG subclass deficiency in addition to IGA? Is anyone receiving IVIG to treat it?I was orginally diagnosed with CVID because my total IGG and IGG subclasses were below normal in addition to IGA deficiency. I also have Hashimoto's (an autoimmune thyroid disease). My IGG went up, so my dx was changed to selective IGA with IGG subclass deficiency. My doctor is still...