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Hypochondria refers to excessive worry about having a serious illness. Hypochondria is often characterized by fears that minor bodily symptoms may indicate a serious illness, constant self-examination and self-diagnosis, and a preoccupation with one's body. Many individuals with hypochondriasis express doubt and disbelief in the doctors' diagnosis.

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  • Jade_May

    Knowing when your a hypochondriac

    We know when we tell our bodies to do something, it's amazing what our brains can do for us. Anyone struggling today I pray you find comfort... Stop looking up things too, that helped me tremendously! I tell myself I am a happy healthy 22 year old woman when I start thinking about stuff too much. 
  • arrows

    Health anixety

    feeling anxious about my health. My Eyes feel heavy. I'm worried I might have cancer.i get heartburn peridorically so I worry it may be a serious issue. I had hepatitis b threes ago. I took a lot of tests and blood work and everything is fine. I just always worry. Worry is pretty much centered at my health and fear of dying. I worry about getting old. Worry when I get up I feel light headed for a...
  • Time2livelife


    Hi im new to this group. I have been ill since september. Was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. But ive had fly, tonsilitus, vomiting bug and now another cold all since september. Im constantly at the doctors saying something is not right. My bloods came bk ok apart from one warning on a white blood count thing. This they never pointed out so im going to ask. It has the same result as bk in...
  • lafalot

    Hard to believe

    is it possible that I can be in a large amount of discomfort,Lower back. Crampy tired and overall aches ,and it be due to my hypochondria?  It's just so hard to believe
  • lafalot


    good morning!long time suffferer of hypochondria.  I find myself waking up feeling fantastic.  The second I get out of bed, the anxiety sets in.  Physically the areas of my Jody that I focus on the most just start to hurt!   It's very frustrated and makes me feel like I just want to stay in bed all day.  Anyone else share my story?
  • ozkhan

    Add your "Trick" or "Rule" to overcome it

    i will start with Mine 1. Do not Reserch it (no Google) (Go to Doctor Get The F*** tests once and only those what he wants and thats all. accept those results)2. Find a good listner (It helps)3. Admit it that you are a victom of Anexity and Depression 4. Label it ALL with one word Anexity 5. Keep Blaming Anexity Trust me every single twinkel blame it all to Anexity 6. Find a good Physcologist...
  • kay_bay12

    Hi, Any Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this group, but I'm hoping talking here can help me through it. I have yet to see a doctor about it (I will at my next appointment in 3 weeks), but I have accepted the fact that I am infact a hypochondriac. I am an 18 (will be 19 on Feb. 12th) year old femlale who has been extremely healthy all her life. However, last August (2016), I woke up with an extreme panic attack...
  • nikrodg

    It all started when...

    I've always had hypochondria.. when I was in second grade I watched a boy on my bus have a seizure. He was completely fine after, it was from the intense Florida heat and a hot bus. But I remember being scared to eat after that because I thought I would choke and die. Hypochondria went away for the most part in middle school/high school. As an adult I have had a few random episodes. A few months...
  • worry_wort

    New to this but would love some advice

    I'm 21 years old and I have let the fear of vomiting and that I have a stomach bug constantly overrun my life. I cant leave my house and when I do I feel like I'm going to vomit and almost nearly make myself I have before mae myself physically sick from worrying about it. I have had multiple check ups and they all come back clear. I can't even shower, leave my house, eat proper or anything as I...
  • theamycu


    Hello, I suffer from hypochondria and anxiety . I am 27 years old ,I am married and I am a med stud .First panic attack was one year ago when I was on the highway .I don't like to be alone at night. I hate night! Does anybody know a natural cure for lump in throat? Is anybody in this condition?  How does he/she manage the situation?
  • irene7g

    New on here, fear of cancer

    Been dealing with hypochondria for a few years. Started after having a skin exam a few years ago and having 2 moles removed. One came back as "pre-cancer" (which I know doesn't mean it would've ever turned and they shouldn't be allowed to say the "C-word" unless that's what it is) but it still freaked me out! So since then been so nervous about all of my moles and that I'll get Melanoma. Now, my...
  • hopefortheanxious

    Worst fear of death.....

    I am so terrified of dying. I think that is the root of all of this. I think it started with when I was a child. My mother is an atheist and had no problem telling us what that was and what she believed happened when we died. I don't think she was trying to scare me or hurt me, but she absolutely did. Now every bump, bruise, heart palpitation, ache or pain, I am convinced is something terminal. A...
  • Miamaddie

    I need help!

    Hi,I suffer from hypochondria and anxiety. I am 58 years old and have had OCD since I was a teenager. I dealt very well with that and was a very happy person. Almost 2 years ago I fell and broke my shoulder in 3 places. I didn't even miss work or go to the Dr. for 10 days, thinking it was hurt but not broken. That is just the kind of person 3used to be. I never worried about my health and was not...
  • SerenityNeeded

    So there are other people who think this way...

    I'm pretty sure I need professional help. My anxiety, which is generalized throughout every aspect of my life, but in the past year or so has really centered on health issues, is truly getting out of control. I have always been a very anxious person and when anything out of the ordinary happens, I assume the worst. It's been manageable for the most part until I had my first child 15 months...
  • nikrodg


    Im new here. Looking for a support group or friend I can talk to that understands hypochondria. I feel very alone. My friends and family don't understand and seem annoyed with me. I hear "you're fine, just stop worrying" from everyone and it doesn't help.