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Hypochondria refers to excessive worry about having a serious illness. Hypochondria is often characterized by fears that minor bodily symptoms may indicate a serious illness, constant self-examination and self-diagnosis, and a preoccupation with one's body. Many individuals with hypochondriasis express doubt and disbelief in the doctors' diagnosis.

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  • WBMccray94

    Hard Night.

    Hey guys. Just having a hard night. Ive been doing pretty good but the other night i was having some chest pain of course. Ive been checked quite a few times. With ecgs, xrays, blood tests. The works. I know its just more anxiety bullshit. But it sucks...tonight Ive been terrified of congestive heart failure. Im 23 years old for god sakes. It doesnt help when they say worrying can cause heart...
  • elleohelle

    Panic Attack

    hi all, I’m 26, healthy girl. I had a panic attack Monday night. Got through it but felt terrible anxious and scared the next few days. I started googling symptoms and ran to the ER Thursday night. I was afraid of heart attack. They did an ekg and uralysis and vitals. Dr came back and said all were normal except my heart rate was Hugh. They have me Ativan and monitored me for a few hours...
  • BrokenBridges

    Newbie here

    Hi, im new to this group.  I grew up with a hypchondric mother and its passed down to me:(  I had surgury last Nov and up until 2 weeks ago I was fine however I developed pelvic and back pain.  Went to dr and they did URINALYSIS and they both came back fine.  So now, Im just tryingto stay off the internet so I dont work myself up.  Its alot worse at night.  Going to local clinic to get...
  • kai5malik

    Bedtime Terror

    Im ok most of the day, and i mean just slightly above losing my marbles, but at night, right before bed, i get panicky.so i end up, sitting up till in a chair until im so tired i cant take it anymore!! I thought getting a new bed, changing things around would help, but nope-! its like ALL of my symptoms become so apparent at night. I cry most nights!! I have a weird cough ive had for years ,...
  • yeswayrozay

    so tired of feeling like this

    I feel so alone and this makes me want to die but at the same time I'm terrified of dying... people try to help make me feel better but my mind tells me that no matter what anyone says there is a chance they could be wrong and I could be ill with something. I try not to body check so I find myself avoiding my body because once I start looking at my body I can't stop for hours days weeks and then...
  • Sean1024

    My Worries

    Hello, im a 14 year old boy who lives in a humid climate and that causes allergy issues but a few weeks ago I went outside to mow the lawn. That day was a normal day and I felt perfectly fine afterwards. I decided to take a shower and when i got out there was some phlegm in my throat. When i got it out it was blood red. A few weeks of this going on caused me to have deep chest pains and a wheez...
  • lovelystarkid

    Severe hypochondria

    This summer I've been having hypochondria a lot worse than I usually do. It's literally consuming my life, I have ended up in urgent care and I am going back to my doctor soon because I'm so worried. I just sat in my room tonight sobbing because absolutely every small thing wrong terrifies me, and I'm so tired and don't know what to do, and I don't know anyone who deals with this so I feel very...
  • bwauzxo

    Memory loss?

    Does anyone experience memory issues or (so they think) because of how co dunes you are with worry and anxiety that something is wrong? And ofcourse in turn that makes you worry more. 
  • lovelystarkid

    Terrified of vision and brain problems

    I know other people can relate to worrying about brain tumors and stuff like that. Right now I'm super paranoid that I'm losing my vision and that I can't read well/concentrate on anything. I feel like My brain is detoriorating and I'm terrified I need some good support right now, because I can't get it out of my head that there's something wrong with my brain
  • ladybug95

    I don't know what to do

    Constantly feel like I'm dying and always put into a panic.
  • drs1


    Hi, everyone. I'm new to this group and have been dealing with health anxiety for a few years now, in fits and starts. I'm currently in a rough bout of it where every sensation is acute and worrying. As soon as one fades, another takes its place. I'm looking into beginning therapy soon to find some way to better control my thoughts because I feel fairly helpless at this point and my frustration...
  • owenoliver52

    New to the Group

    Hi, everyone. I decided to join this group tonight because I can't take living like this anymore. I've been dealing with anxiety and hypochondria since my early childhood, but it's been exacerbated recently by a surgery I had last week. After the surgery, I was put on Ciprofloxacin to prevent infection, but I've been reading all the warnings about how this drug can cause peripheral neuropathy,...
  • Lily09

    Soo scared of als

    I'm a normally healthy 26 year old female. I first started getting headaches about a month ago, now they went away. But for the last week I have been experiencing muscle weekness, muscle twitching all over, and a weird sensation going done my left arm. I feel like I have a tight belt wrapped around my ribs on and off. Also about a month ago I woke up choking on my spit in my sleep. I looked these...
  • deleted_user

    Supporting a Hypochondriac

    I am new to the board and have been looking for a place to get some advice on dealing with a loved one with hypochondria. I'm excited to see the active community that's here. My wife, whom I love dearly, has developed this disorder over the last few years. Her story is likely a familiar one. Our first child caught a staph infection in the hospital during birth (he's fine). That began the...
  • Val1122

    Panic Attacks

    I am having a difficult day.  Started on a new med.  20mg of Prozac added to my 60mg of Paxil.  The goal is to get me off the Paxil.   For some reason I started to wonder if my BP was rising due to the slight dizziness and funny feeling in my head, well that thought turned into being convinced that the addition of 20mg of Prozac was mixing badly with the Paxil and causing my BP to rise/...