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Hypochondria refers to excessive worry about having a serious illness. Hypochondria is often characterized by fears that minor bodily symptoms may indicate a serious illness, constant self-examination and self-diagnosis, and a preoccupation with one's body. Many individuals with hypochondriasis express doubt and disbelief in the doctors' diagnosis.

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  • Tdonel

    New here

    Good morningSorry glad that I have someone to share my feelings with. For the last 2 months I have been putting other people problems and symptoms on me. My father had a stroke last year and may made a year from his first stroke. Thankfully he survived. But around the anniversary of it I thought I was having a stroke. The more I thought about it. The more I felt the symptons. It was so bad that I...
  • Hello! We are researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King's College London located in Denmark Hill. Currently, we are looking for participants to take part in our study examining a new computer-based therapeutic procedure, "Cognitive Bias Modification for Paranoia" (CBM-pa), which encourages individuals to develop alternative ways of interpreting ambiguous...
  • Csturk

    Teen hypochondriac

    Lately I have been struggling with hypochondria. I am a 13 year old female. Everyone treats this as a joke but to me it's serious. Its like an addiction to search up diseases as soon as I feel a slight pain. They are usually cancers that I assume I have (sense that's the most deadly deseas in my head). I have no clue idea what triggered this. But I remember when I was in first grade I used to cry...
  • Hey all. This is my first time on an internet support forum. Just some background: my had a few sexual experiences with other males recently, but have ALWAYS been protected during sex. I felt this same anxiety about a week ago and got a rapid HIV test--it came back negative. I haven't had any sexual experiences after that. Three days ago I had a sore throat. The next day I went to an urgent care...
  • trevor

    Lifelong hypochondriac

    I am not new to hypochondria. It started when I was 15. Now I am 32. My latest worry is of HIV, as I recently perfomed oral sex on someone after some rough kissing. Exactly after 9 days, I developed cold-like symptoms, with sore throat and cough. It was gone in a week. I am convinced it's HIV but most tell me that my exposure was low risk and that HIV ARS tends to be flu-like, not cold-like. Here...
  • hi. I'm so happy I'm not alone. My husband and family think I'm crazy but I'm truly terrified. When my daughter was just three months old the doctor found a mass in my breast. After a biopsy and surgery the tumor was deemed benign. I should have been happy and I was but ever since I find "tumors" everywhere. It's been a year and nearly everyday I have a panic attack over a new cancer I'm...
  • I have anxiety, and it gets REALLY REALLY bad whenever one of my younger kids get sick. The stomach bugs, or puking is what freaks me out the worst. I constantly check them, ssk them if they feel ok, compulsively chek temperature. I am so scared that its the beginningof something very serious. My mom and family tell me to relax, that ots just a stomach bug... but i cant. I cant eat, sleep,...
  • i am going in for my pre-op physical today. I'm scared. I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection and it changed my numbers. I pray she doesn't makemecomeback again. I'm already dreading going back for my second surgery. I'm trying to stay logical, but it's hard. Prayers appreciated
  • Anik

    New to here not to anxiety

    New here. I do have trouble sharing how I feel. I am so tired of reserching symptoms. Currently helping and staying with mother in law who is fighting terminal cancer. I am 7 years cancer free. One benign mass removed before that. Possibly going through early menopause or something. Lost my dad about 6 years ago to an accident. And all the other life happenings. I thought I was handeling things...
  • anxiouse

    Panic attacks everyday

    On the 22nd, I am scheduled to have my knee replaced. On Friday this week is my pre-op physical. We did a trial run last month. Everything was fine, but because of my anxiety, pain and auto-immune disease, my white blood count runs a bit high. I'm on a course of antibiotic for sinuses, but I'm terrified if I tell the doctor, she'll make me come back next week and test me again, because...
  • I have been diagnosed with hypochondriasis/ Anxiety illness disorder for over 10 years now. I keep going back to the doctors because I feel something is seriously wrong. I have had the fear of schitzophrenia for about the past 10 years. I am 34 and have never has signs nor symptoms, no one in my family has it,. I have been told I have illness anxiety disorder and OCD. I am currently in therapy ....
  • anxiouse

    Full on panic attack

    im having my knee replaced on the 22nd this month. I had an appointment with the psych today - all going quite well. Once home, I saw a packet from the orthopedist that said I need additional tests and a urinalysis, my doctor and I already preformed all my tests except that! What if it comes back terrible? I can just see finding out I have kidney disease a week before surgery. My blood...
  • theedge33

    the waiting stinks..

    Hi all! its been a while since I posted on here. My anxiety and hypochondria are out of control. I recently found this bulge at the very top of my thigh. Of course, I freak out and automatically think the worst. I forced myself to go to the doctor last week. She knows how bad I am and after looking and examining it, she tells me its nothing, don't freak out, its not a tumor you don't have...
  • anxiouse

    Help Help Help

    Geezer46 I have been trying to respond to you message, but fails each time. I need help, prayer, encouragement.... I finally got approval to have a knee replacement - they knew 20 years ago I'd need them both replaced. I'm so excited about the surgery, but I am terrified of the pre-op physical and bloodwork. My anxiety is ft the charts. I just had a hysterectomy in March, but the doctor was...
  • geezer46

    the jitters

    Does anyone on here get the jitters,mine start as soon as i wake up,it is a horrid feeling inside and it scares me silly.I could not say it is anything specific but it makes me feel week and jumpy inside geezer46.