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Hypochondria refers to excessive worry about having a serious illness. Hypochondria is often characterized by fears that minor bodily symptoms may indicate a serious illness, constant self-examination and self-diagnosis, and a preoccupation with one's body. Many individuals with hypochondriasis express doubt and disbelief in the doctors' diagnosis.

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  • dannp

    Scared most of the time

    i am a 47 year old basically healthy woman. Wife and mother of 2. UC for 11 years and taking Humira for 6 years now. In complete remission for 2 years. My problem is that the Humira and the fact that I had three family members die in 9 months time (3 years ago) has turned me into a crazy person about my health. I am always stressed about health issues. Every feeling, lump, cough, or ache is...
  • misspriss

    I want to be 'normal' again

    hey everyone! I am a 22 year old female who is currently in graduate school, getting married, has a puppy, I have it all really..... I have it all and I am so blessed but I constantly ruin my happiness by this daily overwhelming fear of something physically being wrong w me every single day. I've noticed my hypochondria tendencies for the last several months now. It started w rib pain, tightness...
  • myrandacannell


    I'm extremely scared of getting and or having Meningitis. I went to three doctors already and everything seems to be fine. But I can't calm down. I keep telling myself I have it or I will get it. I've been experiencing tense neck and back pain and dizziness. That's why I'm so scared. My mind is absolutely going insane. I did not sleep last night as I am afraid of dying. Someone please help me. 
  • sumotherguy

    Panic got me

    I have spent most of the night in front of the bathroom mirror obsessively checking myself and google searching. I honestly feel so gross right now. Drained mentally and physically. How doninatipnthis cycle of needing to check things out?Im afraid to sleep because if I do something will happen.
  • kwisland

    I want to enjoy life again

    Hi all! I'm new here and am really struggling. I'm a 31 year old female, married with an 8 month old and 2 1/2 year old. For the past 2 months my hypochondria has been very obsessive. It's ruining my life. I can't concentrate on my family or any hobbies. It all started with back pain which I went to the doctor for, it went away and then abdomen pain in the right lower quadrant came on. After...
  • Hey fellasSo right now i have testicular cancer, a bump in my leg, high blood pressure ( never had it before, so I'm panicking). Plus I'm pretty positive i have a heart disease. All those are my imaginaries diseases. Because i dont have any clinical test that can prove them. So you can imagine how i feel. This is a mental disease and im convinced i need help. Right now i have overweight and this...
  • Kageyama

    Hypochondria is ruining my life

    I keep having weird feelings throughout my body and numbness and tingling. I'm so scared that I have a medical problem. I missed about a week of school already from throwing up and such. I'm not sure if I just have a virus or if something is seriously wrong. Anxiety isn't helping. My parents and everyone around me says I will not die, that I am okay. 
  • kwise

    New here

    Im 31 and have been a hypochondriac since I was 12. My father is one as well and I grew up watching and hearing him talk about fear over health concerns. I'm seeking our therapy to overcome this anxiety disorder but glad to know I'm not alone. 
  • Csturk

    Teen hypochondriac

    Lately I have been struggling with hypochondria. I am a 13 year old female. Everyone treats this as a joke but to me it's serious. Its like an addiction to search up diseases as soon as I feel a slight pain. They are usually cancers that I assume I have (sense that's the most deadly deseas in my head). I have no clue idea what triggered this. But I remember when I was in first grade I used to cry...
  • kai5malik

    Feeling lowsy

    Thought I was doing ok, than, stress hits which leads to anxiety, which leads to hypo, which leads to depression, which leads to stress, and the cycle continues. I am granted 1-2 or so of hypo free weeks every other month (on a good month), its horrible. I have swollen lymph nodes in my armpit (both) its been an ailignment I have been dealing with for some time, but it has gotten progressivly...
  • Hanson13

    Hypochondria: The end of me being happy

    I used to be a normal happy 13 year old boy. Now I'm plagued with Hypochondria. Hypochondria is waging war with my life and it's winning a landslide. I feel I have every single disease in the books. I'm constantly checking my symptoms and visiting medical websites. It's ruining my quality of life and it's starting to effect my school a little bit. Why did this happen to me? Why did I start...
  • Sweets71

    Illness phobia is ruining my life

    I have been in hell for almost 8 years now and that is exactly what hypochondria is, hell. Every unexpained lump, bump, ache and pain is surely cancer of some kind. Even as I type this,  I am sure I have breast cancer and God only knows which cancer is growing in my rib and abdomin. What's even worse is I have iatrophobia, the phobia of anything or anyone in the medical field. Talk about feeling...
  • nikki4133

    Self diagnosis on the regular

    Any slight variation in lab work would look normal to someone else, but to me, I feel like it's the end of the world and I do daily research on every medical thing I have self diagnosed. I hear self diagnosis is life destroying and I can see why. It's an awful feeling when you think everything is wrong with you. 
  • chordman

    new group member...

    Just found this group and had to join. Been facing this for a few years now...its good to have some people to "cope" with! I think we all learn from communication, so this is a perfect place!
  • Hello, everyone. I am young (16) but I have pretty crippling anxiety about health. My mom told me I should keep a journal first, so this is kind of the solution. It started like three months ago when one of my band friends got the flu. I've had really bad emetophobia since as far back as I can remember and I am still terrified to this day that everything that happens in my stomach is the stomach...