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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is defined as chronic symptoms or mucosal damage produced by the abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus. This is commonly due to transient or permanent changes in the barrier between the esophagus and the stomach. If you are afflicted with GERD or heartburn, join the group and find support.

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  • sapphirose

    Newbie here

    Hi everyoneam new to this group was diagnosed with gerd 5 years ago am currently taking lansoprazole and gavisconHate this condition I go so long with the symptoms under control and then bang the acid is back and makes me miserable really wish there was a cure for this not simply treating the symptoms Has anyone experienced the feeling of something in there throat sat her with what feels like a...
  • 707

    My doctor told me he thinks i have gerd

    The doctor gave me some pills called omeprazole. When I asked him what I should stay away from he didn't really give me a specific answer. Just no fried foods.I don't know much about it and I'm looking for some help on how to control it or get rid of it if possible.It used to give me many anxiety/panic attacks during like the entire month of May. I went to the hospital at least six times because...
  • KatProblems


    I was put on atenolol about seven months ago because when I did the treadmill test my blood pressure went way up.My reflux has gotten worse lately. I read reviews about atenolol and read I wasn't alone. I am having hiatal hernia pain I never had before.i can't even eat yogurt now or anything without acid mouth I am going to get off of it. Headed to dr this afternoon will ask if I need to wean...
  • beatle

    Burning pain

    I just drank some hot miso soup and my upper abdomen is burning really bad. Been suffering from post infectious ibs for 6 weeks which gave me diverticulitis. Had to take strong antibiotics that started this burning and gave me thrush. Did colo/endo and doc said I have a lot of acid. Duh! This is a nightmare! I just want to wake up already. Cant barely eat, sleep or poop! Just took mom. He wants...
  • rossvic

    Metallic taste

    I was doing super good with my diet, I eliminated sugar, dairy and wheat for about 40 day + but thinking I could have them again because I was feeling well, I started eating again, these foods.  Since, then I started to have this terrible sour/metalic taste in my mouth, I think it my be related with this change, I just need to know some feedback if this could be related me falling off the wagon?...
  • jazzncats

    Need heartburn relief

    Wow! I have had gastritis and esophagitis off and on for a long time as well as IBS,  but this is the worst heartburn I can remember having. I think what I have is acid reflux that's turned into heartburn. Even water feels like it burns. I've been on meds for years and for the past few pantoprazole. What medication have some of you been taking?
  • jazzncats

    Nexium OTC vs. generic esomeprazole.

    I have been taking pantoprazole for acid reflux for a long time and I feel it hasn't been doing anything in the past few months. My doc wanted to switch me to Nexium (esomeprazole) 40mg. It is astromically expensive especially since I don't have prescription insurance. Do you think I can take the Nexium OTC 20 mg. twice in the AM to equal the Nexium 40mg. prescription. Prescription medication is...
  • jazzncats

    Does dexilant have a generic alternative?

    My primary prescribed dexilant as an alternative to pantoprazole which has been doing nothing  for me. Is there a less expensive generic alternative to Dexilant It is quite costly.
  • Sotonowl

    Hi everyone

    I hope those people with the later posts on here are feeling better now. What a depressing condition this is. I've only just joined the forum so I can maybe pick a few pointers up from other people.The person at 104 lbs must be so distraught. I think most people on here probably live in the US, would that be a fair assumption? I live in the UK so maybe, if we share a few things we might be able...
  • papelle

    can't stand the pain anymore

    I can't stand the pain anymore.  I have done all that I am supposed to do with diet and medication and nothing helped and am in constant discomfort and pain.  I don't know how to get from one minute to the next.  I don't know what to do.  I don't know why I am posting this except that I am so tired.  I can barely sleep or eat and my next specialist appointment isn't for a month.  I don't...
  • shan4

    Please help me

    Hi, for years I've been having symptoms of acid reflux but I'm not sure if it is anymore. I've suffer with depression and anxiety which sometimes causes me to over eat. I've been eating a lot of sweet foods and ate around 10 doughnuts in one day just a couple of days ago. I then notice a strong sweet taste in my mouth which then I got a pounding headache. I thought it was acid reflux but I wasnt...
  • sapienzagrace

    Help me!

    I have probably the worst heartburn/reflux in my family history. This all started about a few months ago and the doctor told us that we should check for Celliac's disease and do an endoscopy. Me being only 17, my mom did not want me doing the procedure so we just did the bloodwork. It came back negative so she diagnosed me with reflux/GERD. I have flare ups about 4-5 times a week, maybe even...
  • Hello,  this is my first post.  I am at my wits end with GERD...honestly don't know what to do anymore.  Nothing works.  Anyway, one of my main issues for the last month is throat irritation.  My throat feels bumpy, like I have little sores or a coating on it...spreads to the sides of my tongue too.  Also a fair amount of phlegm.  And is often itchy.  Does anyone else have these...
  • kate85


    i feel like my GERD has taken over my life and has decided not to give it back. How does every one else deal with it?
  • Pollybizz


    Good Morning,Has anyone ever had a hernia that is causing GERD? Mine has been on a flare for so long they want to do a scope (already checked for pilori) to see it it's a herniaI don't see the connection but they seem to feel that's what it is. Surgery required?Thanks for any help you can give