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Gay parenting has been an important issue over the past few years. Over 34% of lesbian mothers have at least one child residing in their home and 22% of gay men have at least one child living with them. Together there are 6 to 10 million gay parents that are caring for between 6 and 14 million children.

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  • Happyness

    Next step

    Me and my girlfriend been together 7 years and she has a 7 in a half daughter I look at as my own issues was not in the picture when she had her we met when she was a toddler. My girlfriend and baby father have they own issues with each other but her daughter looked at me as her parent also. But now there has become some issues in our relationship with my girlfriend that may split us up and I...
  • I was recently outted to my parents as being a lesbian. I had previously been in a relationship with a man for over 7 years and we have a son together who is now 7 years old. We broke up almost 2 years ago and during that time I met my girlfriend. My parents are upset about my sexual identity. Im hoping with time they can be understanding (I just came out to them less than a week ago). One of...
  • supportseeking

    Am I wrong?

    I have been with my partner on and off for 12 years and very 100% for the last 4 years. She has an 8 year old son that I have been like a mother to him since I found out she was pregnant. I have never seen myself as a step mother even though he does have a mother and father. I have always seen him as my own son, however when it comes to feeling like I am a mother it is not there. I am worried he...
  • fridanyc

    Reaching a breaking point

    I am at my wits end and so tired of dealing with the same things. My partner returned from a trip out of town yesterday and her mother threw her a welcome back bbq. I attended along with my son. My sons father became enraged after learning I had taken my son to the to my partners house especially because it was fathers day. Just to be clear he expressed wanting to see our son on fathers day,...
  • mammag24

    Telling toddler there is no daddy

    I need help. I have a 3 y/o granddaughter and my daughter didn't tell the father she was pregnant. My daughter is gay. She is now in a relationship with another woman ( we don't get along because of her drinking- not the gay factor) and they just moved in together w/ my gd and she calls the gf mommy also. I told me daughter she should have another name like Mimi or something because I never...
  • deleted_user

    How do I approach my child?

    My daughter, who just turned 12, has always been scruffy tomboy. Both of her closest friends are female, one a girly girl and one a tomboy. They happen to be sisters. Because they have been friends for nearly 5 years, they are extremely close, and have been known to hold hands and cuddle in bed together, etc... We have always teased them about being gay . I am bisexual, my brother and 2 cousins...
  • Greetings!! My partner and I are the parents of a beautiful, 10 1/2 month old baby girl and want us both to have "equal" parental rights. We live in TN and once consulted a lawyer who basically told us the likelihood of a judge approving a second-parent adoption was pretty slim. We are in the process of beginning to write our wills and such but want something in writing that can legally bind me...
  • itsasecreteyet

    im the child

    hi, i would really aprecciate some advice of what thing i could tell to my parents, im 14, im bisexual but im not confused, its not a phase i am who i am and who ive always been, so, as this is a group of Gay parenting, and i do not have my parents support i would be glad to hear(read) some advice from you..thank you very much for your time
  • newtothis4

    Insensitive ex

    A little background...I was married to a man, ( I am female) when I realized I was a lesbian. I hurt him and I know I did. But I knew I could no longer love him like he deserved to be loved and he never loved me the way I wanted/needed to be loved. So I left. We have a daughter together. Flash forward to this past weekend. He called me and said that he and his new wife want to take her son and...
  • I have recorded this Santa video on this Christmas, I am sure your kid will love it,
  • I would like to hear about others experience and get advice on the issues of coming out to the kids. My kids both are very aware of my sexuality and are okay with it. We have a very open communication between us. My concern is that of other parents, how they react and show their children. If I were have my partner with me, kiss her, or whatever. Or my kids say something like my mom and her...
  • Itzjustme

    how did you tell ur kid(s)?

    hi name is writting a book. the things i write about are inspired by my lfie. and in high school i had these two female teachers who were best friends and i loved them alot that i would pretend they were parents. in the book im reading. the main character's parents divorced. mutual decision and the mom starts dating a women and later on it gets serious and that when i...
  • borikenuno

    Looking for Support

    I'm engaged to a wonderful man. He's a final year law student and I'm a choir director among other things.We desperately desire to be dads and have a friend willing to carry for us, but first we need financial stability. It's a bit nervewrecking because I feel my biological clock ticking like a time bomb. The desire to be a dad is so strong, but several things need to happen before we're ready....
  • deleted_user

    Stepmom difficulties

    My partner and I have been together for five years and bought a home together three years ago. We can not marry in our state or else we would be. I have two children from a previous marriage who are now age 11 (female) and age 13 (male). My male child is very confrontational and often blames his stepmom for all of his problems. I am uncertain if she should be in a disciplinary role since she...
  • Does anyone have any experience staying or not staying on anti-depressants while being pregnant or trying to get pregnant? I need all the advice I can get. My wife and I are trying to start a family and her moods are severely going up and down and I have no idea how to help her, but she is wanting to go completely off her medication while trying to get pregnant and while she when she becomes...