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Epilepsy (often referred to as a seizure disorder) is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. It is commonly controlled with medication, although surgical methods are used as well. Seizures (or convulsions) are temporary abnormal electrophysiologic phenomena of the brain, resulting in abnormal synchronization of electrical neuronal activity.

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  • TAMH

    Multiple disabilities/Can’t Drive

    Over the last several years (25+) I have developed multiple disabilities starting with panic attacks in college. Eventually I developed several mental illnesses such as crippling anxiety that started in college while I was pursuing my degree in law. My OCD started developing before the age of 6.  After too much on my plate (Student body President in college, and many more activities), I began to...
  • andibassett

    I am the Mother of a 36 year old Son

    Who has Epilepsy from a Traumatic Brain Injury when he was 7.
  • yoshi_girl


    i was diagnosed with epilepsy at 9 months when I had my first seizure. I take everyday one step at a time and I see what happens. I have come to peace with it and I don’t let it effect who I am. 
  • decmacjac

    my son and seizures

    since my 3 year old was 1, he has been dealing with seizures and we as a family have done all we can to help him on his journey. At such a young age it is so hard since he can't tell us how he's feeling or what he's thinking. He's had countless visits to the ER, doctors offices, cat scans. Mris, medications, etc.Help my little fighter overcome his seizures...
  • js0343

    My Epilepsy

    Hi friends,I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was around 2 or 3 years old. I was put on medication and was taking them up until I was 13 because my nerologist slowly took me off of them. Throughout my childhood I did suffer quite a few seizers, ranging from grand mal to general seizures. After I stopped taking medications I did not have seiozures for a long time. I was happy because finally no...
  • AngelBuds

    Grand Mal Seizures

    I just wanted to share that I suffered siezures until I began to study natural healing and Medical MJ.  I have been seizure free since I began my new way of life in 2015.  So, dont give up hope and look at your options.  I did all their tests, tried their drugs which only gave me another seizure.  They had no answers for the seizures so luckily I am my own advocate and healed myself
  • Wife2FM

    I am a wife of an epileptic

    Hi all, just joined the group and wanted to share. My husband of 5 yrs has had epilepsy since he was in his early 20's, so its been almost 15 years now since he was diagnosed. Sad to say he had seizures today, he is now sleeping beside me resting. I find that his triggers are mainly lack of sleep (he needs 10hrs a day minimum or more) and overthinking. Medical marijuana is not yet legal here in...
  • juliaacke

    I think I have epilepsy

    my brother has epilepsy and if he had a lack of sleep he would jump like he got shocked and then one day after doing an all nighter that night he had a seizure. When I get a lack of sleep I get the same jolts and I'm scared that I might have epilepsy. 
  • basil93

    Does anyone else have Jacksonian seizures?

    I haven't found anyone with my specific issue which was suddenly developing Jacksonian epilepsy but I have no other history of epilepsy/seizures. I think some people with other forms of epilepsy also experience Jacksonian seizures but I don't know anyone else who just has this. Does anyone have a similar experience to me?
  • deleted_user

    Husband having seizures in sleep

    My husband is 43 and had his first seizure about 6 weeks ago in his sleep. I woke up around 4am to this awful noise (he was biting his tongue) and his whole body was jerking. I was so terrified because this was the first time I had ever seen a seizure. This lasted for maybe around 5 minutes. Afterwards he was completely disoriented and didn't know what was going on which lasted for maybe another...
  • deleted_user

    i need to get out of abusive situation

    I've been abused by my half-brother and his family for many years.I've been abused physically, sexually, and emotionally, and sometime last week, one of them hacked into my facebook account and made up false profiles in my name. Then yesterday one of them sent me a threatening email. I've been sick for many years with asthma, copd, epilepsy, and fibro. These people have been intimidating and...
  • hauntedgirl25

    It's like Iv'e been drugged

    Anyone else out there with epliepsy who feels extremly tired before a seizure hits? I had a seizure the other night and felt like I'd been drugged, struggled to keep my eyes open, could hardly turn my laptop off and could hardly move to get into bed. I end up in paralysed state and cant even talk,had  a few convulsions then had horrible aching in my arms and legs. I have been diognosed with...
  • TheEpilepticPrincess18


    Hi , I have seizures and it's very hard for me to do the things that i enjoy the most . I used to be ale to go to school everyday but then I noticed that I was starting to seize more often , my doctor tried changing my meds and that didn't work it made them worse . So now I've stopped taking my meds and I just feel like I can do anything . But I'm also scared for my own life and I've even stopped...
  • ruthgrps

    Does anyone have this kind of seizure.

    My daughter has had what I think maybe a different type of seizure, she was asleep in bed, and started making a gurgling noise in her throat and then she vomited, she has no recollection of vomiting, or sitting up, I am told that this could be a type of seizure is this right?
  • ruthgrps

    is this site used anymore?

    Is this site used anymore