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Epilepsy (often referred to as a seizure disorder) is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. It is commonly controlled with medication, although surgical methods are used as well. Seizures (or convulsions) are temporary abnormal electrophysiologic phenomena of the brain, resulting in abnormal synchronization of electrical neuronal activity.

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  • Does anyone get physical pain before or during their seizure? I always get this horrible tingling kind of pins and needles sensation throughout most of my body and then this aching deep in my muscles.Its so painful i end up in tears trying not to scream,i have to take codeine for it. Is emotional distress or outbursts normal before a seizure? I seem to get very depressed,cry about anything,...
  • Cowboy100

    Vagus nerve stimulater

    The doctor is going to put a vagus nerve stimulated in me. But he's running it thru insurance RightNow. It's suppose to prevent seizures but I don't know that much about it yet.
  • sanray

    New and afraid

    I had my first bad seizure at work this past Friday. Luckily I work in a medical facility and our nurses said it was a very bad one and lasted a long time. I don't remember anything until I came to in the hospital. It is now Tuesday, four days later and I am still fuzzy headed and confused. I have severe pain under my right eye up into my forehead. I moved to Florida last April and have no...
  • ruthgrps

    is this site used anymore?

    Is this site used anymore
  • IrishAngel81

    cbd please HELP

    My fiancé has epilepsy and since turning 31 has been having more seizures he had gone 13 years without a seizure and recently had two in a month I'm very worried about him and he is scared as well he absolutely detested the medication when he was younger his mother actually took him off of it because it turned him into a zombie he would not be able to work if he was on that medicine I have...
  • LillyPotter

    had a 72 hour EEG

    I had it put on last Tues. and taken off Fri. morning. They wrapped my head all up tightly and I looked like maybe i'd had brain surgery; that's what the driver said, who picked me up to take me home after : ) anyway, there was a gadget attached to a belt and then attached to another belt that went around my shoulder that had to stay on for the whole time - fairly uncomfortable but I think we...
  • Hello, let me start with the introductions. I am a 35 year old woman with Lupus, joint disease, and depression. My seizures started after my psychiatrist started me on Lithium. Obviously after the first 3 seizures in one day we stopped the Lithium but that was nearly 3 months ago and I have had 9 seizures to date. I never feel them coming, and was partially aware through one of them. I was told...
  • ruthgrps

    Does anyone take no meds?

    My daughter has tried all the usual ones, and have had an allergy reaction to every single one, we are now on older ones she is onlacrosomide know this is making her nauseas badly, I just wondered does anyone on here take no medication, as we are coming to the end of the medication the NHS prescribe, so we've been told.
  • Would be interested to know if anyone has experience with this or insight.
  • rrosinski10

    Epilepsy and Depression

    I have noticed lately that I have become more down about my life even though things are going good. I am almost 4 years seizure free, I graduated college and I finally got a job, so there is nothing really to be upset about. It seems to be the little things that get me down and keep me down. I am in constant fear that my seizures will pick up again. They are so unpredictable. I don't know why I...
  • ruthgrps

    New here - new diagnosis epilepsy

    My daughter emma is newly diagnosed with epilepsy, previously she had non epileptic seizures, but, after seeing the consultant today and the way the seizures now are he said they were epilepsy. And after 5 long years of being told its psychological, we are told its epilepsy, I'm in shock, and so is Emma, she is 20 years old, has a lot medical problems including a heart transplant, which...
  • Razor91

    MRI Scan

    So, my doctor is sending me for a scan I think to cancel out the possibility of Epilepsy but I was just wondering on how doctors can tell whether or not from I'm guessing the shading, I'm confused about how they can tell?
  • deleted_user


    Do any of you suffer freom or have you even heard of pyscological non epileptic seizures? I was diagnosed with epilepsy thirty years ago and had complex partial then after surgery had partial. For the past three have been seizure free. Well just recently the non epileptic ones started. They are similar to grandmal at times but usually I just move the mouth legs and hands. I guess it is all an...
  • cindy100

    New here

    I'm new to this group. I have epilepsy since 5yrs. Old
  • terinhibl

    Possible seizures and dizzyness

    Hello Everyone my name is Terin I have had epilepsy since I was two months old my seizures have been controlled since I was 9 they removed an astrocytoma brain tumor that was causing most of my seizures I haven't had any til now the things I'm experiencing is I would get dizzyness on my left side for almost and 1hr and when this would happen I would have no control of my left side as to being...