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Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • newAce

    Fatter Than You

    My boyfriend wants me to reactivate my facebook for him because that's the only way we can talk when we're not around each other. I deactivated it in the first place because it makes me miserable seeing all my friends who are more successful than me, prettier than me and skinner than me. I hated how I would compare myself to these people I "loved". I know that if I reactivate it I will just spend...
  • searchingforbalance

    In a Bad Place

    Today is one of those days where I'm completely regretting the decision to recover. I can't fit into clothes I bought a month ago. I hate looking into the mirror. Looking at my classmates in person and on social media makes me want to cry because they all look happy, beautiful, and thin. And I know outward beauty "doesn't matter" but it's really hard to believe that when the rest of the world is...
  • Audere

    Repetitive thoughts

    Hello!  Thanks in advance for the support.So my anxiety often has to do with repetitive thoughts.  I frequently think about what I ate, how much I ate, calories I've consumed, what my weight is, how often I've exercised, etc.  I remind myself that society has brainwashed me by teaching me there is only one definition of beauty - I know this to not be true and I don't judge anyone else this...
  • Naj1111

    Don't feel like I fit here either.

    I have never posted in a forum/ support group before. I have an eating disorders/obsessive compulsive disorder that revolves around food, I have been struggling with being over weight since my early 20's, five pregnancies in 7 years and never lost any of the weight but gained steadily over the next 20 years, in 2011 I had bariatric surgery for weight loss, I struggle every day with the...
  • HoneyConeCake


    I need some tips.I have been 10-15kg over my normal weight.I have depression,anxiety,DID.The main reasons for my overeating.Well my weight can for others be considered normal,70kg and my height is 173cm ,but that is too much for me.This has been going on for 4-5 years,right when it all really kicked in.How can I stop overeating?I can somewhat not eat bread,but after not eating for hours I...
  • Tshields


    I am new to this support group, or any support group really.  I have never saught out support of my eating disorder, most people in my life don't en=ven know how much I struggle every day.  I recieved treatment as a teen and have batteled every day with my wieght, the image of myself, and the constant intrusional throughts about food. I find myself looking forward to times when my significant...
  • tothebone

    support please

    I ate, I had something this morning, 200 calories and I can feel it sitting in my stomach and the number just continues to repeat in my head. 200, 200, 200, 200, 200, over and over. I want to go run and work it off but I know I shouldnt, I've been incredibly faint lately and I'm afraid of passing out in the heat of the day. Looking for support that I havent just made a huge mistake.. 
  • tothebone

    My Struggle

    I'm relatively new to this and I've decided that I need help, so I joined this support group in hopes of meeting people that struggle with the same things that I do and learning as much as I can from them on how to overcome. I won't let myself eat and it's torture, but every time I think of it I feel like the world will come crashing down on me.. any words of wisdom? 
  • Laya

    Feeling low and feel like binge eating.

    For the last week I have had the feeling to binge eat. And fighting with my sister doesn't help when she wants to say hurtful things to me. But it doesn't matter. I have been pretending to be happy when I'm not, and my family, friends and when I am at work. But they are starting to notice that something is wrong with me. I can't make this feeling go away and I haven't talked about it until now....
  • hopeful27


    It's my birthday and I wish I could just enjoy the day, but I'm dreading it. I'm so worried about all of the treats people are going to give me and all the food I'll be surrounded by. I'm praying I can get through this day and try to enjoy it a little bit
  • searchingforbalance


    Why do I think food will make me happy? Or that being think will make me happy? I know that these things won't actually make me happy, but my irrational side has been coming out a lot lately and I'm just trying to understand my thinking. 
  • red47640


    I came home and binged... I feel terrible about it. I was exhausted and starving and my feet were/are throbbing with pain. I seriously disgust myself sometimes. I'm trying to regroup, trying to drink lots of water (because I am seriously dehydrated) and rest/ice my feet... But I feel so ashamed of what I just did. I'm sorry.
  • hopeful27


    No matter how far I come, I always emphasize my failures. I had such a good week. I was eating so healthy (and real portions!!) and was on the right track, but today I caved. I don't know what triggered me, but I couldn't help myself and ended up binging and purging. I spent the next hour putting myself down event though I know that just makes things worse. I just want to be healthy again. I'm...
  • searchingforbalance

    Frustrated with Family Circumstances

    I'm feeling very frustrated and out of control. I've recently been on vacation, which came with some serious jet lag. Needless to say, my schedule has been very messed up, and I've had MANY unplanned sweets. I have figured out how to give myself permission for occasional splurges, but after a few weeks full of them, I felt disgusted with myself. After another binge, frustration, and forgiveness,...
  • jadzzz

    I'm fat.

    I hate being told I'm fat. I used to look in the mirror and see a beautiful girl. Now I see everything that's wrong with me. I feel embarrassed to eat in public because I feel like everyone is staring at me. The "dear fat people" video on youtube destroyed me. After that I made myself throw up. I don't know what to do. I just feel fat.