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Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • fluterify

    (TRIGGER) 63 lbs

    I deserve to fade away.
  • sonnycamehome

    Emotional Eating

    I did some emotional eating today....I feel terrible and huge, but I know it's better if I accept what happened as a slip and resume my normal eating schedule, and not go into starvation mode.  This battle with food, body image, acceptance, health, nutrition, is not easy, and often means doing the opposite of what my instincts say, but what my Dr's and therapist have told me is healthy.  Not my...
  • fluterify

    Hungry but...

    I wander the kitchen over and over and can not take a thing. :'(
  • Darkprince

    Just Wanted to Share

    Im back on the Wagon! After Months of Starving myself every Day I Feel like I've turned a corner. I got Healthy Food on my MS Diet I can also Feel Good about Eating because its Salads and kombucha with chia seeds, stuff like that. Nothing that starts an ED binge Guilt cycle or anything. I Think being here on DS and all the Support its really Helped. Thanks to everyone. 
  • well first of all I am new here..I have had bulimia for about 7 years..but I can say I am now a lot better, thanks to the help of my in-laws who have eduacted me alot on how to eat. I am a healthy weight now, and I eat like a normal person now for the most part too (which is scary to stick to, but i do) Okay, now that is out of the way here is my senario: I am pregnant (which a great motivation...
  • iambutterfly


    i am new and i have anorexia. i 43 years old female that is just trying not to die because this has a strong hold of me and i am wild to what normal is..
  • RobynW


    Hey everyone! If you have a facebook there is an organization called Project Heal that I liked months ago. They post inspirational quotes, personal stories, and helpful tips that are all about eating disorder recovery from people who have lived this disease and BEAT IT! It has really benefitted me and I feel like it is something I should share with all of you. Project Heal!! Here is the link:...
  • Darkprince


    I get these New Infusions every Month for my MS but that Requires my Doctor to Weigh me. I don't keep a Scale or Weigh myself because it causes a Monster in me...Well, now I keep track again because I can't Help but Know the Number. No, he doesn't Know my psychiatry no One does and Im not comfortable Sharing. So I noticed the New Infusion Med that is Helping me Walk again is also causing me to...
  • artistfightingana

    tell me your story part 2

    Hi everyone! I noticed there's a lot of new people to this group, so welcome :) i'm new here as well. I've been fighting anorexia and bulimia since I was 13 (now 21). I've been in various stages of recovery and relapse throughout the years. I had a really bad relapse into anorexia this past January. Now I'm floating inbetween recovery and yet another relapse :( I joined this community in hopes...
  • geauxgeaux

    Severe Bulimia & Wanting to Recover

    Hi everyone! I'm new to support groups and recovery in general so please bear with me. I've been bulimic since 16 years of age.  I lie about what I'm doing, and I stay up after my boyfriend goes to bed so I can binge and purge at nighttime.  I hoard food and if I'm having a bad day I will tear through my entire pantry.  My appetite seems completely unstoppable.  I use laxatives and vomit and...
  • RobynW

    Needing support

    Hi everyone,I am brand new to this online group support system and am really struggling with feeling in control of my ED. Like many people's ED's I have really isolated myself over the last few years. Now that I am in a better state of recovery I finally feel this energy to meet people and have a desire to make friends. This ED really made me lose myself, and now that I am finding who I am in...
  • emilie2016

    Bulimia- Long Term Recovery Tool

    Hi all! I'm a college senior and have been on the road to recover from Bulimia and I suppose other disordered eating patterns for 2 years now. Recovery is easy for me to forget about or let linger in the distance of my brain. I'm hoping joining this group will allow me to engage in a recovery dialogue, and help prevent future slip ups. I would say I'm about 80% recovered (if you could quantify...
  • MandyG

    New to Group

    Hi, I'm new to this support group.  I've been on dailystrength for awhile now, and this new format has me thrown for a loop.  Anyway, I was just recently diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder.  The last time I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, I was 18 and it was EDNOS.  I thought I finally got over it, but it morphed into something else.  I'm just destroying myself in a different way...
  • forestfreek

    Check in........

    How's everyone doing?   This group has become so quiet since the new format was implemented so I find myself wondering how people are making out.   Check in and let us know - what's working for you lately, what isn't?   What's been going well in your life, what not so much so?   Any successes that you want to share as far as your struggle with your ED (or anything else is your life:) or...
  • kateanth

    New and Relapsing

    Hi all. I'm new around here and was looking for people to talk to. I am currently in a relapse of ED. I have been dealing with Binge Eating since I was in middle school and now as a senior in high school it seems ED has taken a steep downward turn. I have relapsed before, yet not like this. Before, my relapses would just contain bad binges where I felt out of control. Now, I find myself being...