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Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • usernamezero

    i don't know what to do

    hi everyone, i'm new here. my girlfriend (lgbt) is in recovery from anorexia which she suffered through last year. she went into hospital september 2015 and came out of hospital april 2016, thoughout all this time (june 2015 - june 2016), i didn't see her and didn't meet up with her until late june 2016 due to her confidence issues and the fact that she didn't want to see anyone. basically, her...
  • kai_lundy

    I need help

    Hello Everyone,I have some questions. I would appreciate any advice. I'm 25 years old and for the last 3 years I have been dealing with some sort of eating disorder. I've spoken to my counselor a few times but never seriously about it, partly out of embarrassment. I usually binge eat excessively, and recently I've been purging. It happens 3-5 times a month, which I know doesnt seem like much but...
  • Hello all- I am new to this group and desperately needing the comraderie of others in my same boat. The secret shame surrounding EDs is stiffling. It is the purpose of the ED, what fuels it. Isolate us and we can't talk to others, we cant admit our fears, we can't desire to get better. I want to fight back. Ok truthfully I don't want to every day. And today I am really on the fence.  A part of...
  • BluFinn07

    Not sure now

    I have really started to change my ways. It has been three weeks since I have last beinged and purged my food which is the longest I have ever gone since my habit began. I am happy that I have gone so long without doing it but when I see the numbers on the scale rise and see my clothes getting tight I feel so stressed and upset. I want to be healthy but I am having a really hard time accepting...
  • artistfightingana

    tell me your story

    hi everyone! i'm new to this community, so not really sure how this works. i'm a college art student caught somewhere between recovery and relapse with anorexia. i've struggled with anorexia, bulimia, exercise addiction, and orthorexia since i was 12 (not all at the same time.) this past year i relapsed pretty badly into anorexia. i reached my lowest weight, slashed calories, pushed myself...
  • red47640

    That Number

    I went to a walk-in clinic yesterday, and the nurse asked me to get on the scale-- I refused, so she said that was okay, she would use the weight they had taken last time. And she said it aloud. And I freaked. I began hurting myself right then and there. I began sobbing uncontrollably. To be fair, she hadnt known when she said that about my EDs. But the number is all I can think about now. It's...
  • red47640


    A guy offered to pay for my Diet Coke the other day, a guy I'd never met... Another guy held the door open for me... Neither would have done those things when I was 240 lbs. I know it. I hate hate hate this obnoxious double standard that people feel justified in having. I just met a fantastic guy with whom I have SO MUCH in common, not our upbringing exactly but most definitely a lot of our...
  • First of all, I want everyone here to know that you are so much more than the circumstance you're in, and with the right support, you can accomplish anything.  I struggled with disordered eating (never tried to get diagnosed with an eating disorder) for 5 years, binging in secret, feeling so much shame, being embarrassed if a stranger saw me with my binge food.  I purged from time to time, and...
  • red47640

    Why Does Nobody GET It?

    Pardon my language, but it is dirty, skanky, filthy bitch having pre-diabetes AND eating disorders. NOBODY in the Type 2 Diabetes group fucking gets it. I tell them I have both pre-diabetes and eating disorders, and all they seem to be able to do is tell me about diets and weight loss. I literally just snapped at one of them and I am not sorry. I feel disgusting. I feel tired. I have headaches. I...
  • autumnmarie97


    I'm struggling so much right now. I can feel myself relasping. I've just begun going to college and I don't feel in control. I'm scared of living. I don't know how to be happy. I'm so tired of being alone, having no one. If I do eat I just feel sick and depressed. I can't be happy in this skin. I keep telling myself if I lose a little more weight or if I skip this meal that i'll be happy.
  • Pauline212


    Ive had a goal weight in mind for a year but I cant seem to get there. I always over eat and then want to throw it up. Help me. I want to be healthy but I also want to look a certain way. 
  • I got myself a new wedge yesterday, hoping it was tall enough to keep any stomach acid away from my hernia on the day I skip my proton pump inhibitor. This one has an inch of memory foam. totally worth the forty dollars. I was so tired I went to sleep at 8:30. Until I woke up at 12:30, probably roused by some notification. screw that thing im gonna have it on silent every time I go to sleep....
  • I have developed binge eating disorder. I always restricted my diet since I was 15 years old, because I was pretty darn chubby. I lost my extra weight, but I was careless with my newfound health. I learned how to work out, and cook healthy food, but I never broke the sugar addiction, and the cravings  have gotten worse, so much worse. I overeat every other day. sometimes two days in a row. The...
  • Lost_Angel

    Tired and alone

    hello every one, I'm new here and first time to try supporting groups so I don't really know how it works, I'm from a country there no such a thing called supporting groups or food disorder or that you are simply sick!!  NOOOO!!  you just love to eat, you are nothing but  a pic who loves eating and eating.. and so on!! The most famous line: "close your mouth and you will lose...
  • fluterify