Eating Disorders Support Group

Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • mikii613

    Skipping Meals

    I've done it again. I just can't sit for a meal. I napped instead. I wouldn't eat. I couldn't eat. I saw no reason. I made excuses like there's nothing to eat. Or that you want to eat. The problem is I'm not even upset that I didn't eat. Like I'm perfectly okay with not eating. But I can't get better thinking like that.
  • cdeniso

    Why cant I stop eating?

    so frustrated with myself as I keeping eating. It is embarrassing and I am gaining weight. It's like the pantry calls for me! Just want to reassert control!!!!!!
  • cedarbrooke

    Why is there no bottomless pit?

    I've been binging all day, can't stop, but I'm not full , why?
  • Amie_28

    There is Hope! It's time to punch ED in the Face!

    Hi, my name is Amie!I was part of this group a long time ago and enjoyed the community and people that I could relate to. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to come back here and say that I'm fully recovered from my eating disorder. Anyways, I want to give hope to people who are struggling with ED and that is why I joined this group again.I talk about my own journey of...
  • mikii613

    Getting Through a Meal

    I can hardly ever eat a full meal anymore. Anything as much as a Turkey Burger can make me sick. Even when I do eat it doesn't sit well. I always look at myself after and think about how fat I look. And because of that I try restricting my food but then I just end up binge eating because of how fatigued I am. It's like a vicious cycle. 
  • Velma42


    Why is it that there is bias and a lack of support, depending on how long you have had your ed, what ed you have, and how you look? If we all feel pain and feel helpless, we should give a hand to anyone, because we know how it feels. I feel that problems are overshadowed by other problems and so many people never felt heard because of this. As if there is a popularity and norm for how fucked up...

    I'm scared...

    I'm really scared.  I've hated my body since middle school, but I've usually been able to maintain healthy behaviors through that.  But this year, things all the sudden are getting really, really bad.  Two days ago and yesterday, I ate a lot less that I needed to feel full, and I'm scared of how much I enjoyed feeling hungry.  Today, all I had until dinner was a protein bar, frackers, and a...
  • kristen1107

    eating disorder or not?

    i used to binge and purge several years ago, and it wasnt that bad. I was able to stop for a while, in fact i stopped binging and purging and got to a healthy weight. Then i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and i was put on a medication that made me gain quite a bit of weight. I got myself back down to a healthy weight last year but yet again was put on another medication and all the weight...
  • tj08


    I am currently in recovery, but finding myself wanting to relapse. I had 1800 calories today but feel like that is so much, but I still feel hungry :( is 1800 too much? I'm moderately active because I go to school and play volleyball. I'm seventeen also. 
  • red47640

    I Just Swallowed Half a Bottle of Diet Pills

    Yeah. I'm sick of it. Sick of everything. I'll never love myself. I'll never be free. No one where I live understands. I can't call a crisis center, they'll lock me up if I tell them what I've done. I've got bills. I've got rent. I can't be locked up. This is all I have. I'm ugly and fat and stupid and if I were someone else I'd shove me down the stairs already. And punch me in the face for good...
  • transgenderawareness


    i really need to stop, but i don't know how... almost a year ago, i stepped on the scale and saw my weight. i was disgusted. ever since then ive been bingeing then purposely gagging myself to throw it all back up
  • cassichase

    Eating through Hurricane Irma

    Irma came to the west coast of Florida where I live. People came and went from staying with me before the storm, during and after. I have some roof damage, but other than that everyone around here is ok. Some people have no electricity. I have been blessed to have that luxury.Here is the point. In times like this we collect food items that do not need to be refigerated. Unfortunately, a lot of...
  • A_Whole_New_Me_2017

    Something is wrong....

    I'm anorexic I've had my entire body go tingly and numb, pain in my left arm, dizziness, shortness of breath, sweat, extreme fatigue, can barely stand, my heart was at a exremly low rate, freezing cold and shaking very hard, nausea and hard time swallowing my saliva... I'm dizzy right now... I have been relapsing BIIIIIIIIIIIIG time and lost SOOOO much weight. Can anyone tell me what is wrong...
  • citruslu


    I have been struggling with binge eating for years, it has been getting stedily worse over the last 8 months. Does anyone have tips on how to beat the urges of eating food when you dont need it? 
  • unweildinganchor


    Is it possible to get out of a relapse that has been steadily getting worse for 6 months without any extreme kind of intervention? I am eating. But I have thoughts and give into urges and deprssion and anxiety are bad. any advice?