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Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • thekilledkitten

    TW bad night

    I was bad... I binged and purged. It always feels bad after but before I'm fine. I don't like it and I know I shouldn't but it feels better than cutting, it kinda feels like a high
  • Hello I'm Katie I am 26 years old with 3 children. I used to weigh 145-150lbs at 5" 10 when I was in high school. I would fast for 3 days or take exlax to lose weight quickly. I stayed skinny and looked good although at the time I still thought I was fat. I got pregnant with my son at 17 and at 4 months in the Dr was worried BC I wasn't gaining weight. I had been very sick with morning sickness...
  • red47640


    That's how I'm feeling tonight. I feel like a monster. I can't enjoy things anymore. I should be sleeping, but I'm wide awake. I'm wearing a belt around my waist locked as tight as it can go. It hurts. It's digging into my skin and it really hurts. I don't care. I'm disgusted with myself for eating at night, every night. I feel like no one can love me or accept me. No one will love me or accept...
  • Dusani7

    Binger, comfort eater

    I used to think it was a female thing. Until I realized 60lbs overweight that it was my thing. I get mad or anxiety and I eat. Then I diet, and eat again. I failed again tonight.I am happy I stopped at 205lbs. 5'6. I'm down to 185lbs. I want to spend the next month going to the gym and running. I'm about to come off Lipitor. I found this group in desperation because I finally came to the truth...
  • betcrow1


    So I got out of the hospital yesterday, and it actually turned me around this time so Ican start eating again! aaaaannnnddd the doc prescribed protonics for me yay
  • Vickichu

    Seeking some guidance

    Hello. My name is Victoria and I am currently in full recovery for my eating disorder. I started full recovery in this May. I went from the lower end of a healthy BMI to I have no clue! My main motivation is to get my period back and stop obsessing about calories. I feel as if I have mentally recovered but the feelings I have towards getting rid of my old clothes has been the hardest. I'm trying...
  • clarissa

    my story

    all began since I was in eight grade(2014) I really want to lose some weight; I was over weighted. So I stared seeing a dietitian, at first I follow my food plan. Tho I was losing weight but it wasn't enough for me so I met Ana and Mia. Wow that help me lose weight and I was happy. I lived like that until beginnings of 2016 and then realize I was in hell. I was destroying me; I have amenorrea,...
  • red47640

    This Week

    So, I got a new job recently-- it's full time, which I'm really excited about (no more living paycheck to paycheck, hopefully) and it's also really interesting. The thing is, I started last Monday and my connections are STILL not set up. So I can't do anything on my own. It's really frustrating. I want to be able to start getting assignments on my own, instead of bugging my supervisor for them,...
  • erinpalm

    Leaving Treatment

    I had my last day of a partial hospitalization program for my eating disorder. I have been in a lot of treatment including inpatient, residential, partial, and intensive outpatient. I am worried because I am not totally committed. I also have stomach issues, which I take Reglan before lunch and dinner, Protonix before breakfast and dinner, and Zofram as needed. I am always full and am rarely...
  • tuxedomck

    FB Private Group

    Hi all,I just wanted to let you know that I have opened a FB group called "TheTruthOfEd Postive Recovery Group" if anyone is interested in joining. It's a closed group, so I get to maintain the members. It's a positive group where you can post things that you have done well, or if your struggling you can post too. I try to respond to everyone's comments on a daily basis. So please take a look...
  • philly89


    Good morning everyone,I have struggled with BED for many years, did not even realize it was a real disorder. I have seemed out help from a primary Doctor, although it took some time to find the right one. Anyone out there suffering with this ED or something similar please add me on here as a friend. I was thinking of starting an accountability support group via social media. Wanted to hear...
  • Hi my name is Victoria and here is my story (TW numbers mentioned)I was always on the chubbier side in high school. Around 200 lbs. or so. I was inspired by my gym teacher to loose weight and I just cut out junk food and drinking my caliries. I went to a size 12 and almost cried I was so happy. The summer after before college I lost more weight and ended up being around 140 lbs. During my time...
  • Lexigary0801

    Binge Eating

    Hello everyone,I'm new to this and I have a serious problem of binge eating. I hide in my room and eat large amounts of food and make myself so painfully sick from the amount that I eat. No one knows and I can't stop. I need help.
  • I've gone form the lower end of the BMI charts to the highest end of the BMI charts in the 2 months. I thought that if I gained weight I would get my period back and I kind of binged. I'm not back at my starting weight and trying to accpet myself now. I stopped binging and I'm trying to eat regularly and healthfuly as possible. Overall I just want to be healthy again and get my period back....
  • Samm710

    Constant worry

    I restrict all food intake, exercise constantly and obsess over calorie intake. I usually try to fast all day and then have a light meal at dinner. I don't do this because I want to. I do it because of the anxiety I get when I eat food. I'm scared to death of gaining weight. I lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months and I am currently 104 pounds. I just want to talk to someone who understands the...