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Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • baytown87

    How do I make myself eat?

    i have had disordered eating and problems since I was a kid. It has never developed into a full blown disorder until recently. I have cptsd and ptsd from childhood trauma. 6 months ago I uncovered a lot of this at the same time. A month later I totaled a car. I walked away from the accident banged up, but I thought fine. No head injuries or bleeding, etci guess I didn't really feel in pain until...
  • strugglingbulimic

    im scared im relapsing

    for the past week or so ive been thinking about my eating disorder a lot more, and ive been growing more anxious and uncomfortable around food. as well, ive been going several hours without food and then bingeing on up to three meals worth of food. ive been dealing with bulimia for five years now, and while i mostly have been doing good these past couple years im worried things are going to go...
  • red47640


    I'm overwrought with guilt these days... I feel guilty that for the past two days, I haven't exercised. The reason is that since Sunday morning, I've been in severe pain, to the point where walking, sitting/lying down and standing up have all been very painful. In retrospect, doing a kickboxing workout on Saturday morning and then painting shelves outside in the blazing sun and heat all that...
  • red47640

    Conflicting Messages?

    I'm wondering if anyone else on here has eating disorders and diabetes or pre-diabetes; because if you do, you know how much it sucks. Absolutely no one gets how conflicting some of the messages can be-- the lay public, doctors, nutritionists, even ED counselors. When dealing with EDs, it's about body acceptance and listening to your body, rather than monitoring every meal you have. When dealing...
  • Alexia22

    Need advice

    I have an appointment in less then a week with a treatment center to get me started on my inpatient treatment program but honestly I don't think inpatient is what I need anymore. At one point I was really struggling to eat and keep weight on but at the same point I was struggling in life with a lot of shitty situations and my eating reflects a lot on my mood. Things are getting better in my...
  • food4lessgotme

    New to the group! Would love to chat!

    Hello! I have been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for 5 years now.  I'm 24 years old.  Most of the time the shame is so overwhelming I don't even want to be alive.  I've been in therapy since I was twelve, but nothing really seems to help.  My eating disorder even opened up the horrifying window of kleptomania- as if the shame from binging and purging wasn't enough. Anyone else relate?...
  • searchingforbalance

    What is Balance?

    What does eating balanced look like? I can't get out of the all or nothing attitude. For example, maybe the day starts out with someone bringing in donuts and then I'll think "there's no point in trying to eat healthy now" and have junk food the rest of the day. Then I'll think "tomorrow I'll only eat 'healthy' foods" but then if I mess up, it's starts all over again. I also live with my parents,...
  • lostone10


    I used to be anorexic, but lately I've noticed my habits coming back. I've lost 17 pounds in a week and a half, and it still doesn't make me happy. I feel like I'm going to relapse completely and I don't know what to do. 
  • bookwork

    I want to be skinny

    I have anorexia and i was actually in a hosptial for it. I hate how fat i am and how much i weigh. i want to lose weight. so Im not eating for 10+ days. I will do anyting to lose weight
  • aspiringballerina

    I cried

    I did it. I hit 130 pounds. And then I cried. I cried because I hadn't weighed that much in 6 months. I cried because I felt so guilty for gaining weight. I cried because I felt ugly. I cried because I HATE who I am. I cried because they told me I would be happier if I gained weight and I'm not. I cried because I thought I had it under control but the thoughts came rushing back. I cried because I...
  • Alexia22


    I've had an eating disorder since 7th grade. I'm going into my senior year and it's the worst it ever been. My parents up until now have been semi supportive and forced me to eat. They don't care anymore, my mom even said "die, see if I care" the other day when we were fighting about my eating. I am 5 foot 6 inches and I weigh 122 pounds. I know it's not underweight but I weighed 135 pounds a...
  • AdAstraPerAspera27


    i hate the way my ED has control over my life. It's made me hate my body, it's destroyed my self confidence and my self esteem it's made me hide things from my friends, I feel like I have to conceal who I am because I'm so embarrassed of how much I eat and the way my body looks. It has made me despise myself and now I hate looking in the mirror and being in photos with friends and family because...
  • AdAstraPerAspera27


    i hate the way I look my body my stretch marks Andy I know it's my fault but I can't stop it I just can't control myself and my friends say I'm not fat but I know I am I can see it I hate myself so much I hate who I am I just want out of this body I don't want to be me anymore
  • lichhi


    Hello! I'm new to this website so I thought I should just make my prescense known. I have suffered from eating disorders (mainly anorexia) for about 4 years now and I am currently trying to put on the last few pounds to make me a healthy weight. I have gotten to this part of recovery a few times before but never managed to maintain without relapsing when the anxiety of giving up control finally...
  • Laya

    Why do I stress and worry?

    Why do I stress and worry? With today being Father's Day, my mom bought a dozen cupcakes for us. And I thought that was so much and I was stressed out and thought that I was going to binge eat with everything going on. So around 3:00pm I had a half cupcake and I was ok and the other half after dinner. I only had one cupcake, why do I stress and worry so much. I don't know why I do this.