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Eating disorders are marked by an obsessive need to control the intake and/or purging of food. This community is dedicated to those struggling on the road to recovery. Join to discuss your experience with others and find support. Get advice, ask questions, and meet others who are going through similar struggles.

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  • _fine_is_definitely_a_word_


    Hi, so I posted here a while ago and I was at the brink of downfall. Now... everything's going terribly. I count my calories, but only end up eating 300-400 calories per day, a lot of the time less than that. I'm now in the hospital for this, and they don't believe in me. They think I'm pretty much doomed and I don't know how to take it. I think I should just give up on the whole "getting better"...
  • SophiaElise246


    I'm a sophomore in high school and I've had self image problems since I was 8. My classmate called me fat and since then I've hated myself. I'm a average weight I guess but I don't see it. Everyone says I'm skinny but I don't see. I don't eat breakfast much anymore and I rarely have lunch. Only when someone yells at me. I have self harmed before but I'm trying not to. When it happens I don't...
  • bubblybubble


    My mom keeps threatening to send me to hospital for losing so much weight in little time and for not eating. I don't want to go.....I don't want to be forced. I'm really scared. I just want to lose weight not gain it back. I worked so hard to lose this weight.
  • bubblybubble


    im new here.... I'm normal weight but I don't want to gain any more. I'm scared to. And I want to lose weight. I exercise every day. 
  • Gigi16


    Just joined today.  I have been dealing with Bulimia for 23 years (more than half my life).  I want to break free from this.  I am tired of all of it.  I am looking here for inspiration, motivation to stop and to be among people that understand and know the pain I live with. 
  • madhatter___

    new here..

    I'm new here and I am not comfortable with my body... I weigh too much and people tell me that everyday... I keep trying to lose weight but I can't.
  • prettybig

    Been a while

    i haven't logged in for maybe three weeksbiggest mistake everive been eating non stop and I'm in pain my stomach hurts and my digestive system isn't working properlyany advice on quick fixes to gut health and also foods that are filling but low carb 
  • mariahrachelle


    Hi everyone,I am new to daily strength and to this group. I joined daily strength group primarily so that I could join an eating disorder group. I don't think that I have an eating disorder, but I do have a disordered relationship with food. I have always struggled with body image issues, but over the last six-seven months I have started to eat less and less, to the point where I was eating only...
  • Bipolardisaster

    New and need help

    I'm new here... I've been avoiding the hospital for a while now though my doctors have been urging me to go. I thought I had things under control but my weight has become so low my therapist is threatening to drop me and get the hospital involved. I am terrified I just went 3 days without eating a single thing and I felt so good and my stomach pains went away today I felt I should eat because I...
  • CharlieR

    Well what is it?

    I would like to talk to my doctor about this also but I thought some side mind would help me. I don't sleep well so all ready I'd say how i eat is messed up. I am morbidly obese and weigh damn nearly 400 pounds. This june I will be getting the gastric sleeve in hopes to help. The problem here is I think I have an eating problem, I don't want to call it an eating disorder because I don't know if...
  • charleenglaun

    My sister is anorexic

    My sister is anorexic and even after having a heart attack will not admit to her problem.  Besides her being my sister she is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her if G-D forbid she died.  Tried an intervention, begging her to eat, sending e-mails to her co-workers, CEO - nothing.  She is smart and beautiful with so much to offer.  Her husband has given up, my brother...
  • joneszyy

    New to group

    hey guys *waving hand* I'm new to this group, but not new to daily strength. When I was in high school (graduated in 2012) I had anorexia for a while but then I eventually recovered from it. Lately I've developed binge eating and gaining a lot of weight from it. I've started smoking pot because of some other medical reasons and have noticed that when I get the munchies I binge more, but even when...
  • lolineedhelp

    Can't control my mind

    I don't know if what I "have" is an eating disorder. I go through phases of hating myself and then I restrict my calories and then I eat a lot of food when I'm alone or with family, but whenever I'm with anyone but my family I don't eat. Anyways I feel really bad after and just keep eating more. Then I go through it again where I restrict, and sometimes I get relly motivated and try to be...
  • Life_Is_A_Gift8297


    On Friday night, at around 10:00pm I started to have the stomach flu... BAD. I didnt get ANY sleep, threw up ALL NIGHT and sweat with a sky rockiting fever, and havent ate more than one thing in a day... unententionally... Today i am feeling a bit better... Friday was horrific, Saturday was the worst, Sunday was bad and today i am okBUT I've lost weight because of it!!!! And the issue is... I am...
  • Laya

    Today is 21 days :)

    So I am not really sure how I have done this but it has been 21 days and I have not binge one time:) YEA!!! I can not believe that I have just made three weeks and not been binge eating. I will tell you that it was not easy and I was stressed and I was getting upset with my sister or at work and I wanted to give into the binge and I did not. I am so glad that I did not. I have never gone this...