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Dizziness is the sensation of instability. Vertigo refers to dizziness with a sensation of motion. Vertigo is more likely than other types of dizziness to be associated with nausea, vomiting, or double vision, to occur even when lying down, and to feel better with the eyes closed. If you are a frequent sufferer of dizziness or vertigo, join the group and find support.

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  • 1006

    Morning headaches and daily light headedness

    Hello to all,  I am writing her in desperation. I have been for the past 6 months waking up almost every day with headaches and continuous light headedness throughout the day. From time to time my ears hurt me but the pain doesn’t last much. I have gone to doctors, Ent’s which mentioned i have labyrinthitis. I have to take pain killers to kill the pain. It has really conditioned my life and...
  • gramybear

    Hi everyone

    I am brand new to this site and praying I can get some input on what is going on. I get attacks of dizziness and have fainted on numerous occasions. The other night I fainted 3 times before I could make it to my bed and after that I had to hold onto the walls to get around the house. It's horrible and it's been going on for years. Another group told me to look up POTS> I did and I had all the...
  • EricZ

    Chronic dizziness on our podcast

    Hi there, I hope it's appropriate for me to post such a thing (and if it's not, let me know), but I work with a non-profit podcast about various personal and social issues ("The Humanist Experience"). One of the hosts is a sufferer of a chronic dizziness disorder, unilateral vestibular hypofunction. She recently opened up in some detail about her condition in our last episode, and wanted me to...
  • Keithgray

    Eyes wobbling shaking fixation problem

    Hi, I believe i suffered severe CO poisoning in 2016 and was wondering if any light could be shed on this debilitating problem i have.My eyes won't fixate, when I look at objects especially in the distance greater than a couple of feet, they seem to wobble...like I can't fixate on them!I had an MRI and it showed asymmetric optic nerve sheaths although the doctor say that's not an issue??? Will...
  • Jcar

    Wont give up

    Hello, I cannot see certain patterns without my vision going nuts! Well...I've had three major vertigo attacks since my first in July of this year.  Like many, I was rushed to the ER, had tons of tests done and they found 0. As many of you know, vertigo attacks can be extremely scary, and now I can to add aura-visual migraines to the list.  Three days ago I suffered from my first visual...
  • What I once had back in 2007, diagnosed as an inner ear infection, prescribed meclizine, went away and only came back once or twice a year since then.  Starting around the holiday season 2016 it came back with a vengeance.  Weather here in Louisiana has been really strange, no winter at all, had me wondering if that had anything to do with it.  I feel for everyone posting.  It wakes me up...
  • jaok113

    Vertigo is the worst

    Hi! I'm new here. I didn't know there was an online support group for this which is amazing because no one I know suffers from vertigo. They cannot understand or relate what I'm going through. I've suffered from it for 3 almost 4 years now. It's paralyzing. It's almost one am now and I can't sleep because I don't know how to sleep when everything feels like it's spinning. I feel like I'm drowning...
  • dizzyinisanti

    New to group

    Hi I joined this group tonight in order to talk to people who understand what its like trying to live with BVVP.  I have had the condition for 15yrs now.  It was good for many years but I have had two severe attacks in the last month.  Went to ER both times.  I've had everything tested (blood sugar, MRI, labs, EKG) and everything is normal.  Its BVVP but that doesn't help day to day living....
  • Mousse

    Xanax works for me

    Hi Fellow Sufferers, I have had vertigo symptoms for 7 years now. Jumped through all the neurology hoops and finally found 1 mg. of Xanax works for me within 15 minutes. My symptoms start with dizziness, imbalance, double vision, rotational vertigo, then 10-12 hours of sleep after taking the Xanax. Sometimes .5 mg will get me through the day.I read something interesting recently, vertigo is not...
  • Korbee2016

    Seeing if someone can help

     Hi I'm new to this group and didn't know there was support out there for vertigo it started with me years ago in bouts in 29 and up until recently it's come back really bad It staerted again wen I was 19 weeks pregnant and it was OK after I give birth my sons now nine months old and it's really bad I can't do anything I'm bed ridden I can't read I've been given loads of different medication...
  • UpperCervicalSpecificDoctor

    Cervicogenic Dizziness

    Hi everyone,As I read your posts I can't even begin to imagine what many of you are going through. I can imagine however that some of you feel frustrated, scared, helpless even angry. If through this I can bring even just one person hope, relief, answers, an improved quality of life, it will have been worth it.You may or may not have heard of the term Cervicogenic Dizziness/Vertigo, as it is...
  • TG2002

    Feeling shitty

    Hi everyone I'm new to this group. My story started 8 yrs ago I was 36 wks pregnant and I had contracted swine flu. After the birth of my baby I started having dizzy spells thought it was just the stresses of a new baby until I started getting that dizzy that I would throw up then not long after the blacking out started. By this time a few months had pasted Doctors couldn't find anything and I...
  • Manda


    hi everyone.ive finally had a recent diagnosis after 4/5 years of worsening symptoms. I'm not sure that I agree with my Dr and was hoping someone here might have had something similar?i was originally diagnosed with BPPV after a sudden chronic onset around five years ago. It's cleared up after three days, but it reoccurred ( although not as severe as the original bout) every couple of months. I...
  • Lxc

    Hi I'm new here

    I have chronic vertigo for almost 20 years.  It literally has been a roller coaster ride.  I have been diagnosed multiple times with a variation of bppv. Unfortunately I can no longer due vrt or head positioning moves.  I can't handle carpet or tile with a pattern, busy stores or offices and cannot read books or many things on computers because the words hopping or disappear.  There are a lot...
  • gymnast123

    Undiagnosed chronic dizziness

    Hi I'm a female and 22 years old. I have had chronic dizziness for the past year and 8 months. I would describe it as a very unsteady feeling that is there 24/7. I have an extremely difficult time doing anything that requires being still and want to always be in motion. I also have a constant MAJOR heavy headed feeling, a sensitive scalp that starts burning when I brush my hair, and frequent...