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Dizziness is the sensation of instability. Vertigo refers to dizziness with a sensation of motion. Vertigo is more likely than other types of dizziness to be associated with nausea, vomiting, or double vision, to occur even when lying down, and to feel better with the eyes closed. If you are a frequent sufferer of dizziness or vertigo, join the group and find support.

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  • ashasobe

    PPPD diagnosis

    Has anyone else been diagnosed with persistent postural perceptual dizziness with an unknown cause? Ive had imbalance all my life and its beggining to affect my work. Been reading about vestibular migraines as possible cause. Does anyone have that and what medicines work for you? 
  • stevebo

    Trouble seeing the Ent tomorrow

    Well i went to the ENT yesterday and they cleaned my ear out had impacted ear wax.  I also had several other tests to see if hearing loss.  I dont hear the high pitch tones well.  I am scheduled for a vestibular function test tomorrow morning at 930.  I played golf today didnt feel that comfortable with body movement and head.  I went home after that stopped to shop at grocery store that...
  • stevebo

    balance head feeling and clumsy walk

    Well here i am i am 71 feel like i am in pretty good shape however i feel off i can walk and i do play golf but don't feel that great i feel like i could fall but i never do and feel down in the head and my head is not spinning but i feel off dizzy type I have no idea what to do about it and would like some comments from the members of this site.  I do have Hashimotos thyroid and i do take...
  • AnnC

    What I have found out so far...

    Hi All - started reading your comments the other day and wanted to share what I have found out so far just in case it helps. After all, that's usually why we're all going to this website, either for support, trying to figure out more of what's up and/or how to help ourselves, right? We are solution oriented ppl that are determined to find an answer! ;) .  The first thing that comes to mind is...
  • My name is Steve and i dont know what i have my sugar is ok body and blood tests come up ok i do have Hashimotos Thyroidiitis and i had an ablation for Afib.  However i feel at times when i walk or do things i feel off on walk i seem to list.  I just completed a 2.5 mile walk and did well but did not feel great.  It does not happen all the time but does happen.  I do also suffer from some...
  • RobertMcNeil

    My vertigo relief journal

    Hi my name is Robert McNeil and I joined to share with anyone that cares to read my journal how I accidentally found total relief from vertigo attacks almost 6 years ago. Not a joke not selling anything. Just I guy who was lucky enough to find something that took it away .... And yes I should of done this a long time ago but I am now.
  • Ginger3

    Anxiety may be causing your vertigo!

    hey all, Ive been struggling with mild- severe vertigo since 2012. I saw so many specialists, had so much blood work done and different tests that I can't even count them all! It would go through waves where I could work part time and go on somewhat normally to it being so severe I couldn't get out of bed by myself let alone leave my house to go to work.It wasn't until I saw an occupational...
  • beatle

    Is my vertigo weather related

    HelloI woke up spinning and sick Saturday. Went to doc. He tipped my head back on table and it got worse. So bad I couldnt get up for 2 hours. Finally manged to sit in wheel chair to car where hubby drove me home. Went to er. Ct and blood ok but blood pressure high do sent home with meclizine. Its hard to sleep.  Stomach sick. Laying flat makes me spin. Yesterday not too bad. Today worse....
  • stevebo

    walking turning head to right and left

    i take walks in the morning today i was walking and i looked to the right while walking for a couple minutes and then turned head to the left for a couple of minutes and then continued but my head felt heavy and felt a little off not dizzy where i am spinning but just felt off not good does anyone have an answer to this feeling I continued on but i hate the feeling is it inner ear or what thanks...
  • Donna-S

    BPPV spin direction

    Hi AllOccasionally I get BPPV. I know how to do the epley but sometimes I'm not entirely sure which ear is problematic. I've noticed that when I think it's my right ear I spin (my perspective) clockwise and when it's the left ear I spin anticlockwise. My Physio thinks I have this correct, can anyone confirm please.
  • angi

    vertigo and back pain

    Hi thank you for adding me.I was diagnosed with vertigo 18 months ago after surreing  a very severe attack combined with crippling back ache - so was unable to move around for 3 weeks - it finally went away without any treatment because by the time I was seen at the NHS it had gone.   Later discovered my vertig was probably caused by falling off a Segway and smashing the back of my head (was...
  • reneep31

    Eppley maneuver and ocular migraine--help!!

    Hello,i have severe anxiety.  I've had vertigo for about two months, and have to get an eppley maneuver tomorrow.  I'm so scared.  I also had a squiggly line in my right eye today.  I had this occur in 2004 and 2015, and went to the eye dr each time.  They said it was an ocular migraine, but nothing to worry about.has anybody had any experience with an eppley or ocular migraine? I'm...
  • reneep31

    Please help! VNG??

    Hi,I was diagnosed with Benign positional vertigo, my attack was on July 7th.  I continue to have very short attacks at night, only in bed, when I flip around.I called the ENT that I saw a week ago.  His nurse called back and said I need to have a VNG at the hospital, which is some kind of balance test.  Does anybody know what that is or has had one?  I asked about a MRI, and  my primary doc...
  • can anyone help? Nausea, dizzy etc plus walk like a drunk person. 4 months and no help from our great health care system.
  • reneep31

    Freaking out

    Hello,I posted two and a half weeks ago that I had vertigo.  The first time I had it was in 2009.  Since the episode this last time, I have had it two or three times while I was in bed.  I saw my doctor for a follow up yesterday, he said to start taking the meclizine again and go to the ent.  He assured me it's not my brain, just an inner ear issue.I called this morning and made an appt. with...