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Diverticulitis is a common disease of the bowel, in particular the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, which involves the formation of pouches on the outside of the colon. Diverticulitis results if one of these diverticula becomes inflamed. Diverticulitis most often affects middle-aged and elderly persons, though it can strike younger patients as well.

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  • Jerrysangel

    So confused...

    I am 38 year old female that was diagnosed with this horrible disease bout 6 months ago. I was just told no nuts, seeds, or popcorn. I have stuck religiously to that and I still have accidents. It all started in March of this year I had diarrhea with horrible pain. When started passing blood I went to ER was admitted and told my colon was inflamed. I already had appt with GI couple days later. He...
  • Davefairclough


    About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with diverticular disease. I am now 69 years old and I normally have to go to the loo at least 4 times in the mornings (about every 30 minutes, sometimes more.  For about the last 3 months I have had the feeling of needing to go to the loo more often but often just pass wind, this is happening mainly in the evenings and throughout the night causing me to only...
  • Truewinds

    Drinking spritzers

    Since alcohol causes our community problems does any one drink spritzers and if so did it irratate your diverticulitis.
  • Truewinds

    The conversation

    So good to be able to talk about this disease which truely changes your life, it's not cancer but in its own right changes your everyday being if you will...hope everyone is having a decent day...even though you may be exp experiencing some pain or bloating...
  • KernowGirl

    Partner newly diagnosed and we need advice

    Hi. My partner has recently been diagnosed with diverticulitis after being admitted to hospital and having a CT scan. The doctors advised it was a mild attack and he didnt need surgery. However nobody has given him any advice on how to deal with this. He has been bedridden for 2 weeks plus, cannot work, and is getting very low. He is bloated, has severe stomach pain each time he eats and is...
  • childofGod26


    Just started a new job and my first week training out of state, had intense pain which after CT turned out to be Diverticulosis. Urgent care Physician said no infection so nothing they could do but refer me to GI doc. Should it hurt this bad? I would hate to see what the infected version is like! Its been really rough physically trying to train for my new position and don't want them to think...
  • Ceilriada

    surgery for diverticulitis

    Hi, I am new to this group.  Have been suffering with this disease for years!  Have had 3 hospitalizations withing this past year (2017).  My latest was yesterday, 11/11/17.  Since I have had so many and my sigmoid colon is shot, doc wants to do surgery to remove the diseased part.  Has anyone had the surgery?  I was told by my surgeon that it would be laproscopic, in the hospital for 3-4...
  • Madcow7

    Eating healthy with diverticulitis

    Hi all, Iam so glad I found this group. I had my first flair up about three years ago. I landed in the hospital for one week, nothing by mouth, on IV fluids, and miserable. Since this flair up I have learned to eat fiber when my gut is not acting up, and non-fiber foods when it is. The issue I am currently having is; every time I start eating healthy and trying to lose weight, my diverticulitis...
  • Lindkaye3

    So confused

    Sorry this is so long. Let me first explain I have 4 autoimmune diseases, including MS, so I'm used to having lots of health issues but the following is the worst so far.  I'm having bad lower abdominal cramping (like a real bad period, but hysterectomy 15 yrs ago) and pain that has gradually gotten worse over a couple months, with it now 24/7. No fever, but nauseated, low back pain and one side...
  • Tova

    Diverticulosis diverticulitis!

    I'm finding I'm having a severe flare with diverticulosis and I've been to my gastroenterologist you kind of blew me off over the whole thing so I fired him! I found another caring gastro guy and within a week he had me in for a colonoscopy . Now I find out that I have quite a bit of scarring in my intestinal tract from diverticulosis I guess I have to continue with Test and see him again next...
  • CDubya


    Hi, I'm 44 and was diagnosed and hospitalised 3 weeks ago. I bounced back really quickly in hospital but then the pain returned on my 3rd night in there. I had a fairly good week at home but I cannot sleep and i'm so tired and my attention span is all over the place. I seem to have a throat infection now so I can't tell what the hell is making me feel rough. I tried acupuncture last night, does...
  • HGville

    New to Diverticulitis

    Hello I am a 47 year old male that was just diagnosed with diverticulitis with a small perforation (until 2 weeks ago I had no idea what diverticulitis was...).  I went to ER with stomach pain and they did a CT scan.  The trauma sergeon told me I had a small amount of air in my abdomen due to a perforation.  The residents wanted to do surgery right away but the attending overruled them stating...
  • Flower1963

    Today I'm fed up

    Hello I'm new here and today I am so fed up with the aftermath of my Dirverticulitus. I found out I had DD in 2012 after being rushed into hospital with servere stomach pains , within six hours I had my first operation, within 24 hours pains came back and I had to have second operation, but this time I awoke on a ventilator in intensive and with a colostomy bag. I recovered and was told I would...
  • Kittypusskins

    Sigmoid colectomy

    Hi. I am booked for sigmoid colectomy on January 31st. This is following 3 major haemorrhage caused by DD. I also have recently developed many other symptoms. Feeling a bit apprehensive and would welcome some advice/support.Thanks 
  • glucosinolate

    First diverticulitis attack

    hi. I was  diagnosed with diverticular disease bout a year ago now.  Also had to have gall bladder out too. I get so much diarrhoea it's unreal.  Just had my first diverticulitis attack. How often do people get these attacks. Anyone got ideas to stop the diarrhoea.