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Diverticulitis is a common disease of the bowel, in particular the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, which involves the formation of pouches on the outside of the colon. Diverticulitis results if one of these diverticula becomes inflamed. Diverticulitis most often affects middle-aged and elderly persons, though it can strike younger patients as well.

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  • PTSuchasaser

    Thoughts from others.........

    Folks, love hearing thoughts from others about diver and such.   I had first abscess/attack in June, 2016, then another in October following.  Both landed me in the hospital for days with ABX and taking for weeks after being discharged.   Six weeks of ABX, then ended up with MRSA on chin and then another two weeks of ABX.  So, asking.   The weeks of ABX (six different over eight weeks)...
  • deleted_user

    Quick Recovery from an Attack

    Hi there. I've had diverticulitis since December 2011, but I'm sure I had signs of it much earlier. I'm 40 and female. When I have caffeine, brown liquors, brown soda, junk food, processed food, hamburgers (waaah), or sausage, I am asking for trouble. So I've eliminated most of these contributors to attacks, though when I don't...I think I can cheat a little. Like oooh,that Culver's burger went...
  • mjv


    I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis in my forties and have had several bouts of it one being admitted to hospital for an absess.  I had vomiting and diarrhea. I was given a ct scan to confirm it.  I was given fluids and intervenious IV.  In a few days I was better but still week.I am seventy and usually get an attack once a year(given antibiotics) and the pain usually goes away in a few days.I...
  • Apollonia

    "complicated" diverticulitis and upcoming surgery

    Hello:  Just joined this forum and have read through many posts but found none with my situation.  Was diagnosed 3 years ago. After completely changing my diet, did not have an attack for a year and a half but then have been averaging every 3 to 4 months. Always treated with the Cypro and Flagyl....Since June, the attacks were every other month and the antibiotics were barely touching it. Went...
  • turtles6594

    Pain after first attack of diverticulitis

    Hi! So here's a question. I was treated for an acute attack back towards the beginning of December. No fever, some diarrhea, loss of appetite.  Oral antibiotics and liquid diet at home. After two days, my doc moved me up to a low fiber diet (attack started on a Tuesday, moved to low fiber diet on Thursday.) By Friday most of my pain had subsided except for a achey, pulling sensation off and on...
  • Ambs77

    New Here/Recent Diverticulitis Diagnosis

    Hi Everyone.I was in the hospital last week with my first bout/diagnosis of diverticulitis. I have had diarrhea for months and went to Urgent Care with severe pain in my right lower abdomen. I was sent to the ER to have an appendectomy but with further testing (blood work and CT scan), they diagnosed me with diverticulitis. 3 days in the hospital with no food/water and then clear liquids. It's...
  • yorkiegirl

    Does anyone have Diverticulitis with diarrhea ?

    I had diarrhea almost daily since starting on a 10-day antibiotic regime along with stomach (upper) pain that radiated into my back.  I wanted to finish the course of pills the doctor gave me so I beared with it.  Now that I am off the medication, and am following a very bland diet, yet I still am getting daily loose stools and/or diarrhea?  I even began probiotics.  Anyone else experience...
  • Miltmilt12

    Newly diagnosed

    Hey guys. I'm a 22 year old man and I recently was diagnosed. I am trying to learn to live with it but I can't seem to find any right food. Any help will be welcomed.
  • keyop4ever

    Advice please

    HiI am a 45 year old male diagnosed with diverticulitis last November. I had a sudden onset whilst away from home on a work trip in November 2016 and was admitted to hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Last weekend I felt the pain returning and within a day was floored again by it. I quickly saw my doctor and am on antibiotics again which have just (today) started to ease the pain slightly....
  • Jeremiahball

    Diverticulitis flare up

    I went to the e.r. 2 days ago, and a week prior. I had pressure going up into my chest, and was bloated. I had a ekg, x-rays and my blood work. Everything came back fine, but they went back to my CT scan I had a month to two month's prior or so, and the Dr said I'm experiencing diverticulitis, and gave me antibiotics. I been taking byntal, gas pills, and tylenol and just started my antibiotics. I...
  • sik22

    Flare up

    I started having a diverticulitis flare up but my WBC shows to be normal. Does this mean I don't need to go back on antibiotics yet or is there a chance of infection even though blood count is not elevated. I'm going to go back to liquid diet for now and see what happens I guess. 
  • Kittypusskins

    Sigmoid colectomy

    Hi. I am booked for sigmoid colectomy on January 31st. This is following 3 major haemorrhage caused by DD. I also have recently developed many other symptoms. Feeling a bit apprehensive and would welcome some advice/support.Thanks 
  • LottaPain

    Diverticulitis and shingles.

    I was diagnosed with diverticulitis 2 weeks ago.  Now I also have shingles. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel miserable 
  • sik22

    Skin issues

    Has anyone experienced urticaria/hives or any other skin rash or irritation that seems to be associated with diverticulitis flare up?  Thanks in advance for any comments or advice. 
  • JendelieO

    Some info on flare-ups

    Hi Folks,I was hospitalized for diverticulitis 7 years ago, but with adhering to dietary guidelines, have since only had minor problems. Then boom, suddenly a major flare up! In researching to try and find out what could have caused it, I ran across a study that concluded that taking ibuprofen or aspirin 4 or more times a week, is a risk factor for developing diverticulitis. Lo and behold, I...