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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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  • deraming

    Everybody is taking medicines?

    My doctor told me I have diabetes 2, but no medicines,  she told me watch what I eat.How? I eat very little as it is, mostly fruits, suffer from chronic pain and lately food is not atractive to me.I also showed protein in my tests, with high blood pressure that is controlled with medicine, and high cholesterol.Everybody takes medicines?
  • billwfriend

    Seeing the MD on Thursday...first time since being

    put on Levimar Pen....I started at 15units and now am pretty good but it is moved to 63units now....I am not sure where she will head with this but right now she told me that things are looking good and keep doing what I am doing....I am sure other things will be discussed because I want my meds in 90day supplies and I need to get some more Norco...I have just 2pills of that left and my knee...
  • Tired

    Went for A-1c test today

    Also got cholesterol test.  Husband had dentist appointment them went to get blood drawn.  So I wanted to get my blooddrawn at same time.  But I forgot I ate a sandwich a couple of hours before blood drawn.  Wonder how that will affect mytest results.  I had whole wheat bread, and two slices of ham.  A little salad dressing on the bread.
  • blackcrow


    I was looking at the stress posts. I love to do some meditations. Ifthese will help me to reduce the stress of not having a job, you think itwill help my sugar. It seems that I can't break the 200 level. I am eatingmostly proteins and vegetables. Its like the metaformin is not doing anything. What about walking each day, does that help bring down thelevels. If these do, how much do I need to...
  • LivingWater

    Treating Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes with Diet

    Hi, my fasting blood sugar has been around 106 or 107. Doc considers me pre-diabetic. I am attempting to avoid becoming a full-blown diabetic through eating low-carb and being mindful of the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. Since the beginning of 2015 I have lost over 50 lbs. Recently I hit a plateau where I couldn't lose any more. I need to lose at least 30 more lbs. I decided to try an Atkins...
  • Tired

    Teddy Soft Bakes

    Sort of like soft cookie.  18 carbs per cookie.  Not a lot of fat.  I think they are pretty good.  Guess I shouldn'tbe promoting sweets, but I can't stay away from them.  I like oranges, and strawberries, ripe bananas but still not sweet enough for me.
  • Tired

    Diabetic Retinopathy

    Does anyone have it?  What is your experience with it?  My eye doctor appointment was yesterday.  He said I havea small bleed but not enough for laser treatment.  Had laser treatment once before.  Does keeping diabetes undercontrol really help control retinopathy?
  • billwfriend

    my fasting blood sugars have been in 200 range

    this morning however they were at 95....there had been couple days where it was in 88-89 range....my doctor knows my numbers as I call them in regularly as she has been adjusting my Levimar Pen Insulin levels....last night I used end of one pen which was 56 and then another pen to get the additional needed but I took 30 not 29 to make 85 I took 86....but that should not have caused the drop so...
  • Kimmyg25

    Just found out

    Just found out I'm diabetic type 2 yesterday its a lot to handle it stresses me out meds r making me sick
  • soulp

    Niagen reduces insulin resistance?

    Has anyone try to take NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) aka Niagen to try to reduce insulin resistance and reduce blood glucose level? It was reported it works great in mice, but not sure in humans. Anyone takig NR now? Can you share your finding, either positive or negative.
  • polarbare

    What to eat?

    I know eating salads and veggies are recommended ... Low carbs... I have type 2.  I want my Chinese but what I like is taboo... I am on a budget and I'm just tired of the same ol same ol....   I thought I'd ask you guys what do you eat ?  Thanks ((hugs )) polar
  • flnts001

    Janumet Anybody?

    Hi,Do any of you take Janumet? 
  • billwfriend

    AA sweets are killing me...

    I am always at AA meetings and there are so many people bringing sweets into the meeting and I try but cannot resist....bad on my part but I donno how to say no.....ugggh
  • Atpeacemary

    what am I doing wrong/right

    Okay, I had  2 packets of apple - cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast about 40 carbs with a large cup of coffee/milk.  Half of a large wrap with veggies for snack about 20 carbs, for lunch I had a thick slice of black forest ham, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of rye bread about 45 carbs and my every present large cup of coffee with milk. I felt funny, so I checked my blood and it was low, really low....
  • want2Bgranny

    Really messed up

    Just joined this group.  Found out yesterday I have gone from pre diabetes to the lowest number on the chart for full blown diabetes.  Did this myself by eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.  Completely disgusted with me.  Had Dr appointment the day before and I brought up weight loss surgery.  Called insurance and am covered for lap band surgery.  Going to try so hard to do this...