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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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  • njgjbj

    This sucks!

    Yesterday I went to the doctors and found out I have type 2 Diabetes.  It is sudden and unexpected as 5 months ago I was in the normal range and not even at the high end. The only thing that has changed is that I went off Cymbalta a month ago and was going off slowly for the last 4 months. I have heard that this happens a lot with people going off Cymbalta. The doctor put me on Metformin but my...
  • TomFL3

    Diagnosed Today

    I went to the doctor today about a sudden yeast infection and the first thing he did was check my blood sugar levels.  I'd never had a yeast infection before (I did not realize men could get them).  I last visited the doctor last April and my blood sugar level was 122.  Today, it was 410!  I freaked out a bit. A couple of hours later, it was down to 363.  I am terrified. I got Janumet...
  • scandalousbeauty

    Newly Diagnosed

    I was officially diagnosed with Diabetes yesterday. I am really freaked out. I am very obese and that is going to change soon. I was calm when my doctor told me but now I am kinda terrified. How did you guys come to terms?
  • missniconyc


    HELLO EVERYONE. I am so grateful to be apart of this group. I had searched online and this web portal came up. I am a 23 year old design and business student in New York City. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family and I am at high risk to contract this condition. In 2012 I weighed 255 pounds and dropped out of my design business univeristy. I went back home to my family to regroup and start a new...
  • polarbare

    nerve pain

    i have type 2 diabetes and nerve pain in my feet right now really bad... I was prescribed gabapentin by doc but I have bipolar and I reacted badly to lyrica and he said not to try gabapentin if I can as its in same family of drugs.   do any of you know of another drug or cream I can try ?  thanks ((hugs)) polar
  • hammerlittle

    Type 2 feedback needed

    Hi everyone, I'm curious what is your a1c level if you don't mind sharing. This is to help me and possibly everyone to get a better grip at where they're standing. Thanks a bunch if you commented!
  • jimpoe


    Hi everyone,I've been on lantus for about 2yrs and I'm up to 95 units a day and what I want to know is if anyone else is taking a similar dose or even higher and if anyone was having or have had any side effects 
  • Punk


    Hello to all i have a newer meter that tracks my average bs level this sight i have attached here will show your A1C maybe it will be of some help to reach a goal for instance a bs of 125 on average would give you a A1C of 5.98 i wish all the best of luck.accu-chek.com/us/glucose-monitoring/a1c-calculator.html#  
  • MJbixby

    Metabolic Syndrome

    The good news is that my PCP finally believes something more is going on with me after checking out my meter and weight.  The bad news is that I'll be completing labs soon to determine if I have Metabolic Syndrome.  I'm also now taking meds for high blood pressure.  I'm relieved that my two readings today were both normal for the first time in four weeks!  Anybody in the same boat with...
  • BondJH

    Jon H. here introduction

    My name is Jon H. and I am a type 2 diabetic. I have been for 20 + years. My  A!C hit the single digits on my last blood work. Rest assured when it is too high I can't focus on my computer. I know more intellectually about T2 and diet than I want to know. The doctor is suprised I do not have more complications. I have none.  My schedule and diet are so off with each other. My brain knows what I...
  • fibrIC2

    Cymbalta causes diabetes??

    Does anyone out there have the experience of taking Cymbalta for 18 months (or till you couldn't stand it any longer), and then having your blood sugars gradually increase while on it? Mine did.I would not recommend Cymbalta for anyone.
  • Punk

    My Story

    ok here it is im newbi here and type 2 diabetic with neuropathy i have my sugar under comtrol i also have depression but i have that under control i also have anxiety everytime i go somplace with a lot of people i freak out and leave im on meds for that and the others im in a bad marraige that i cant escape she has medical problems with no place to go and no freinds ir family except for me i had...
  • LesAgs69


    Hi. I am newly diagnosed and freaking out just a little. I'm way overweight and will be working on that immediately. My blood sugar is between 188-267. Lower in the morning and it was lower after a walk last night. My doctor, who is an internal medicine/rheumatologist, has be logging my blood sugar 3x a day for about 5days and then seeing him. What are some go to items to eat that actually...
  • art4life19

    it's mango season who can resist ?

    I love mangoes but they are also high in natural sugar and can send your blood sugar soaring if you know what I mean. I eat a whole mango not a huge mango but a whole mango and drink plenty of water. If it is a large mango I share it with my mom. Is anyone else endulging in mango season and keeping their sugar where it should be? Are there any other mango lovers on board? I live in South Florida...
  • art4life19

    Tasty Recipes

    Hi I'm art and i would like to start sharing some tasty recipes with you. There are some posted by me and other fellow DS members on my post about mango season already thought it was time to have a post just about recipes. I made a wonderful omlet this morning with 2 eggs some chopped green pepper , onions, diced ham and shredded melted monterey jack cheese and chedder cheese. salt and pepper to...