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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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  • deraming

    Everybody is taking medicines?

    My doctor told me I have diabetes 2, but no medicines,  she told me watch what I eat.How? I eat very little as it is, mostly fruits, suffer from chronic pain and lately food is not atractive to me.I also showed protein in my tests, with high blood pressure that is controlled with medicine, and high cholesterol.Everybody takes medicines?
  • want2Bgranny

    Really messed up

    Just joined this group.  Found out yesterday I have gone from pre diabetes to the lowest number on the chart for full blown diabetes.  Did this myself by eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.  Completely disgusted with me.  Had Dr appointment the day before and I brought up weight loss surgery.  Called insurance and am covered for lap band surgery.  Going to try so hard to do this...
  • jvoisin26

    My grandfather has type 2 diabetes

    hello my grandfather has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I am in the process of moving in to start taking care of him, whats the biggest challenges when dealing with type 2 diabetes?
  • Kimmyg25

    Just found out

    Just found out I'm diabetic type 2 yesterday its a lot to handle it stresses me out meds r making me sick
  • jody0385

    After being on this site for over 9 years...

    I'm out. The change to this site is not user friendly at all, not easy to navigate and the regulars have already left. I have patience so I waited it out a bit longer than most. It doesn't seem the people in charge care much about the complaints at all. I have complained thru the dailystrength facebook page and even though they answer back nothing has changed. I know several others have done this...
  • Holiday

    new to this but not diabetes

    Hello,i was diagnosised over 13 years ago.  In that time I have found out that I am allergic to every tablet made and the additive to long acting insulin.  Also in that time i have gone from 180 to 300 lbs.  I am allergic to alot of things other than the ones mentioned here. Does anyone else have this problem?I just would like to have someone that I can talk to and that...
  • Goldielocks5

    Dietary help with metformin

    Hi.  I was diagnosed last year with insulin resistance/idiopathic hypoglycemia.  I went no carbs/sugar for alost a year and never felt as great in years because of the no hypos. (Had to cut out fruit)  Had to stop because my cholesterol went through the roof and just completely fatigued all the time.  (I could have napped on a park bench and not care)  Now I'm metformin to help tolerate some...
  • red47640


    Since my pre-diabetes came out of remission last year, a lot of people (including my doctor) have been asking me if type 2 diabetes runs in my family. I can't honestly answer that-- no one in my family's ever been tested for it, and I doubt it's even something that's ever crossed their minds. I can tell you that heart problems, high cholesterol, and hypothyroidism (including Hashimoto's disease,...
  • polarbare

    What to eat?

    I know eating salads and veggies are recommended ... Low carbs... I have type 2.  I want my Chinese but what I like is taboo... I am on a budget and I'm just tired of the same ol same ol....   I thought I'd ask you guys what do you eat ?  Thanks ((hugs )) polar
  • grammagus70

    Keeping my diabetes under control

    At the moment my diabetes is under control with no medications, but it is so hard not to slip.  I was on insulin for a long time, but I got tired of the shots.I am living with my daughter and her husband now and the way she cooks is not for a diabetic although her husband is a severe diabetic and on dialysis.My problem is will power as she is a good cook and makes wonderful desserts with sugar...
  • mkeri

    Diabetes app for smart phones

    Hi everyone,I wanted to ask for suggestions about diabetes apps for smart phones. I am thinking about programing an app to help monitor blood sugars and medications. But I thought that there were probably other things that people would like an app like that to do. So my questions are this: What would you want an app for monitoring your diabetes to actually do? What would be useful enough to make...
  • topazmoon1968

    Freaking out a bit...

    My 6 month doctor's appt. is this week, going for bloodwork tomorrow.  I know my A1C is probably going to be much higher than it has been for a few reasons.  I was on prednisone, which really increase my numbers, I have not been careful about eating, and have not been exercising as much mostly because my schedule has changed.  I have been under a lot of stress and I also believe I am starting...
  • ECZP

    Hello Everyone

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 25 year old male from Wisconsin that was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a little over 3 years ago. I've recently started looking for support groups because I have a hard time controlling my blood sugar levels and eating right. I've also been depressed because I feel like this illness ruined my life after I was diagnosed and I'm still trying to recover...
  • billwfriend

    doctor visit today....

    I am staying on 63 units of Levimer insulin and she checked my liver enzymes because they were elevated 3months ago and she has done a Hep C test without me knowing about it but that is ok because I was asking for one today just to be safe....she said things are improving my A1C was down from up in the 9s to 8.7 she said it should continue to come down unless my sugars are going high when I eat...
  • MamaH

    Carb Binge

    I am on a carb binge and need help to break the habit, I have not been able to eat much in the last 7 year due to Gluten Allergies but since being put on Metformin and actos I can eat gluten again. I have been going crazy any advice?