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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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  • jgv2

    Eating right

    ive had diabetes2 for 15 years and have yet to be able to control my eating to keep carbs under 120 or lower. I love food, especially carbs, and am “good” for only two days or so without indulging in sweets or pasta in fairly large amounts. I feel powerless against this and am almost ready to give up entirely.  Does anyone, especially someone with long experience have any suggestions?
  • bookmaven

    MiniMed Reservoirs

    I have several boxes of Minimed Reservoirs available. PM me for details. Save and live healthy!
  • ArleneS

    Good afternoon all

    I am allergic to Metformin, I got so sick I ended up in ER dehydrated. I don't see my Endo until the 7th of November. (She's away til then) my numbers range 140's to 150's. I check am and pm. I was just diagnosed in August so I am kind of nervous about this. Hopefully, I won't have to go on insulin.
  • Ramrod

    Buy insulin

    Does anyone know of any agencies that will help by insulin for type 2 diabetes I am on Social Security and now in the donut hole and insulin is very expensive in my income it's just a little too high to get any help from the drug companies but the cost of insulin is over $500 and in some cases higher I'm on Humulin 70/30 mix 65 units 2 times a day would appreciate any help
  • njgjbj

    This sucks!

    Yesterday I went to the doctors and found out I have type 2 Diabetes.  It is sudden and unexpected as 5 months ago I was in the normal range and not even at the high end. The only thing that has changed is that I went off Cymbalta a month ago and was going off slowly for the last 4 months. I have heard that this happens a lot with people going off Cymbalta. The doctor put me on Metformin but my...
  • stevebo

    Help don't know what to do Blood sugar drops

    i ate a good breakfast and then did some errands until about 1230 and had Tomato Soup and a roll at 415 i was at 93 however later at 6 iwas at 74 felt jittery shaky that is why i took my sugar i dont have diabetes but i do see my endo on the 23rd this month  but have been having these drops  also had migraine aura which affect my eyes.  I need help on what to do what is going on thanks steve
  • stevebo

    Sugar drops can't understand why

    I will just explain like today i went and had breakfast half waffle with strawberries and syrup and two eggs scrabbled.  Then i went and played 18 holes of golf with cart.   Went over to outback Steakhouse and had lunch around 230 and then went home.  I would say at 430 i felt a little off just didnt feel right so i checked my sugar and it was 81 i am normally up around 98 100 I am not...
  • Mara22

    Recently Diagnosed

    Hello all,This is new to me!  I was recently diagnosed with an A1C level of 10. Doc immediately prescribed 2000 mils of metformin, 1000 in the morning and 1000 at dinner.  Tomorrow will be two weeks on the meds and I feel horrible. Low energy, nauseated, dizziness to name a few. Has anyone has these side affects?  Also, my glucose levels are ranging between 140 and 170. Seems too high to me...
  • Atpeacemary


    Today, I took one, just one and those pesky numbers shot up to 25 or 450 American. I have told that quack but she does not believe me. For breakfast one English muffin with one egg and a large coffee with milk. About 35 carbs. Around 9 AM I had one slice of bread, 13 carbs with a tablespoon of hummus 4 carbs.  For lunch I had 3/4 cup of pasta with home made tomato sauce. I munched on one square...
  • billwfriend

    Thought I wouldn’t check my sugars this morning

    very glad I did this morning as I was at 70. Thats too low although I didn’t really notice it much. No shakes really but just general feeling of uneasy.I immediately ate half bowl of cherrios and had soft Werthers carmel candy. Made coffee and two pieces of toast w sugar free jelly. Feel better now and still drinking coffee.
  • djchurn

    Diabetes 2 & anxiety/depression

    Have asked both GP & Pdoc to tell me if there is any relation to the blood glucose levels (I read every AM) and anxiety depression. Would like to here from other diabetics on there feelings in this matter. Resumed going to gym to work on cycling machine at least 3 times weekly and my levels show it. Just would be great to gain direct insight on what benefits might be gaining in helping my mental...
  • TomFL3

    Diagnosed Today

    I went to the doctor today about a sudden yeast infection and the first thing he did was check my blood sugar levels.  I'd never had a yeast infection before (I did not realize men could get them).  I last visited the doctor last April and my blood sugar level was 122.  Today, it was 410!  I freaked out a bit. A couple of hours later, it was down to 363.  I am terrified. I got Janumet...
  • scandalousbeauty

    Newly Diagnosed

    I was officially diagnosed with Diabetes yesterday. I am really freaked out. I am very obese and that is going to change soon. I was calm when my doctor told me but now I am kinda terrified. How did you guys come to terms?
  • missniconyc


    HELLO EVERYONE. I am so grateful to be apart of this group. I had searched online and this web portal came up. I am a 23 year old design and business student in New York City. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family and I am at high risk to contract this condition. In 2012 I weighed 255 pounds and dropped out of my design business univeristy. I went back home to my family to regroup and start a new...
  • polarbare

    nerve pain

    i have type 2 diabetes and nerve pain in my feet right now really bad... I was prescribed gabapentin by doc but I have bipolar and I reacted badly to lyrica and he said not to try gabapentin if I can as its in same family of drugs.   do any of you know of another drug or cream I can try ?  thanks ((hugs)) polar