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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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  • LesAgs69


    Hi. I am newly diagnosed and freaking out just a little. I'm way overweight and will be working on that immediately. My blood sugar is between 188-267. Lower in the morning and it was lower after a walk last night. My doctor, who is an internal medicine/rheumatologist, has be logging my blood sugar 3x a day for about 5days and then seeing him. What are some go to items to eat that actually...
  • billwfriend

    PCP appoint 10am today june 14

    the diabetes eating habits I bet are on her agenda. My numbers still running high 150-250 and thats 57units of Levimar morning and same nightly.I almost want her to go to meal time insulin. But that would be tougher for me to impliment I suppose.plan on her really being concerned about my trends in numbers fasting
  • cmichal

    TRying to start up ftf group

    I am trying to start a monthly face to face meeting group for diabetics, pre diabetics and hypoglycemics in Gainesville florida, purpose is exchange of info re recipes and remedies and social activities too inc diet-friendly holiday parties. Please show interest dont let this idea die--contact Corinna        cmichal427@yahoo.com or 352-888-0568
  • cmichal

    prediabetic being proactive

    I went to doc and discussed inability to lose weight tho Tg I havent been spiralling gaining. We found high  blod glucose levels. Eons ago, i was twice found to be hypoglycemic  but at that time my mother was paying my medical bills and  she  just made me go on a calories in calories out type of diet, I lost some weight but there was no attention paid to insulin resistance and carb...
  • ddasilva101

    Just really scared...:(

    Hello,My name is Diana and I am 45 years old, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1999 although I believe I had diabetes during my third pregnancy with my son.  I have never taken this diagnosis serious and have played with my health, first I don't test regularly and the dr had me on oral medications and about 10 years ago I began to take insulin on and off, when I say on and off its because...
  • fibrIC2

    Cymbalta causes diabetes??

    Does anyone out there have the experience of taking Cymbalta for 18 months (or till you couldn't stand it any longer), and then having your blood sugars gradually increase while on it? Mine did.I would not recommend Cymbalta for anyone.
  • jimpoe

    Been away awhile

    I've been on metformin for a very long time and was wondering has anyone else been on it for a long time and suffered stomach and bowl problems like bleeding and such
  • jvoisin26

    My grandfather has type 2 diabetes

    hello my grandfather has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I am in the process of moving in to start taking care of him, whats the biggest challenges when dealing with type 2 diabetes?
  • Tired

    Teddy Soft Bakes

    Sort of like soft cookie.  18 carbs per cookie.  Not a lot of fat.  I think they are pretty good.  Guess I shouldn'tbe promoting sweets, but I can't stay away from them.  I like oranges, and strawberries, ripe bananas but still not sweet enough for me.
  • Tired

    Went for A-1c test today

    Also got cholesterol test.  Husband had dentist appointment them went to get blood drawn.  So I wanted to get my blooddrawn at same time.  But I forgot I ate a sandwich a couple of hours before blood drawn.  Wonder how that will affect mytest results.  I had whole wheat bread, and two slices of ham.  A little salad dressing on the bread.
  • Skyla818

    My Current Struggles

    Ok, so I'm new here. I was officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in february of 2016. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I've only recently gotten an answer as to why. My diabetes is a symptom of a larger issue that connects several different issues with my body. My weight, my hair falling out, skin problems, sleep disturbances, and my weakend immune system are all part of a...
  • PeachesLove89

    Trulicity: Has anybody used this drug before??

    Has anyone been put on Trulicity and what is your experience with it? I filled my prescription but have not taken it yet. I don't like the side effects I've been hearing about and I just want to know someone who has had it before. Thanks
  • flnts001

    Where to start?

    I have so many things going on and its hard to know where to start...I was put back on diabetes medication back in October, it has been changed several times. The meds that work at lowering the blood sugar cause major abdominal problems. Diarrhea, light colored stool and cramping. The ones that I tolerate well do nothing to help the blood sugar. I have now been on Janumet since December and still...
  • deraming

    Everybody is taking medicines?

    My doctor told me I have diabetes 2, but no medicines,  she told me watch what I eat.How? I eat very little as it is, mostly fruits, suffer from chronic pain and lately food is not atractive to me.I also showed protein in my tests, with high blood pressure that is controlled with medicine, and high cholesterol.Everybody takes medicines?
  • billwfriend

    Seeing the MD on Thursday...first time since being

    put on Levimar Pen....I started at 15units and now am pretty good but it is moved to 63units now....I am not sure where she will head with this but right now she told me that things are looking good and keep doing what I am doing....I am sure other things will be discussed because I want my meds in 90day supplies and I need to get some more Norco...I have just 2pills of that left and my knee...