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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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  • Jylliebean

    New diabetic

    so around a month ago I started feeling symptoms of diabetes I was loosing weight and needed glasses sweat a lot my dad has diabetes so I figured let me check my sugar it was 300 before breakfast so I took the first doctor I could get which turned out to be a nightmare he sent me on my way with 1000mg of metformin without even giving me a basic check up I ate a low carb meal for dinner and took...
  • HI I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in feb 2016. I was hospitalized before this with a very large ulcer and diverticulitus. it has taken until 2 weeks ago to find a diabetic medicine i could tolerate. finally im on lantus at night and novalog insulin at meals. This has made me gain weight. I try to watch what i eat. This is hard. Im all alone(51) and was never a cook. getting right med seemed...
  • mzizgayle

    Groups are moving

    Many groups are jumping ship, so to speak and I have started a new group also in the same forum area - http://managingdiabetes.freeforums.net, so if you would like do come and join. It is easy to learn much more friendly user. click on the link and in upper right corner register to join, I am checking it each day and coming here.Hugs mzizgayle
  • red47640

    Bad Bad Girl

    I feel horrible these days, both physically and emotionally... I am running on very little sleep, working as much as I can to get enough hours to make ends meet, stressed and tired and trying to be good. But I'm very bad in reality-- I try to eat right, I restrict and throw up at least once a day but then I eat at night. BAD. I try to exercise 180-210 minutes a week, only did 150 minutes this...
  • I am terrified. Let me start to say i am a 31 year old widow, and my late husband had type 1 brittle diabetes, so i know what it can do to you. I am terrified i will find out tomorrow how it is going to be treated. I dont know where to start. Yes i cared for my late husband and his, but this is ME, this is also type 2 not 1, and who knows whats changed in teh past 3 1/2 years. Every person is...
  • I am so frustated with this style for the group, it is not user friendly, you can't read all the posts as before, it made over 1/2 of my friends online go away and has me as a member of groups I never joined. I found a new area where I am going to set up a group called "Managing Your Diabetes" in the proforms site, hopefully they won't remove this post. If you want to join please email me and I...
  • bigsamsoon

    Metformin and Nausea

    I have been taking metformin for over a decade. My AIC has averaged 6.6 which has always been acceptable in the past. However, I had to switch doctors and now I am classified as uncontrolled. The problem is I can only tolerate 500mg of metformin. When I take 1,000mg I get nausea so bad that I only can eat saltine crackers all day. I tried to extended release and that wasn't any better.This new...
  • 1. What should I be watching for concerning my eyes/? I just learned that when BG gets too high, the lens on your eyes can swell. that makes your vision get blurry. 2.What should my AC1 goal be? I do not have an AC1 goal.3. How often should I test and are there times I should test more often? My doctor told me to test once a day. Nothing was said about more often when under stress(like before...
  • I have been on metformin for over 1 year. diarrhea is part of it. I already have IBS. now added on trulicity for 4 months. The diarrhea is even worse now. I am guessing its the meds. never been this bad as to not make it to the bathroom. Anyone else with these issues. I think i am stopping these meds. My diabetes is borderline. The trulicity was suppose to help me lose weight, but in their...
  • so i was told that i was diabetic back in February and i went straight to google. i searched meal planning and food to eat and how much and when and i went over board. i was counting carbohydrates and eating right and eating only at certain times, i did that for about 2 months and slowly started to fall off the wagon. now i am eatting like crap and not watching what i eat and not working out, i...
  • I have been trying my best to lower my blood sugar for the past year and my blood sugar is still going up to 250 from regular meals. I cut out all sugar, all sweets (cept when I go hypo) and a lot of other foods, but there is only so far I can go. My last A1C was 6.6 and that is not acceptable to me even though it seemed to make my doctor happy. I can't take many of the SOLFA drugs because they...
  • lissa12

    Diabetes and urination

    Hi all. We live here in Hamilton. My husband has diabetes and is having problems like continuous urination. He has to go to the bathroom around 15 times a day ie, in complete 24 hours. He is very much disturbed with this, whether this will affect our quality life or not. Doctors have however, suggested to use adult diapers and its coming around 8- 10 diapers per day. The problem that we are...
  • teeks92

    Erratic blood levels!!

    I've only been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for about 6 weeks so very new and confusing. I was started on metformin 500g and increased to 1000mg after 2 weeks and my blood sugars were fine and perfectly steady (after changing my diet and losing a stone in weight in a month also). my HbA1c went from 89 right down to 59 in 4 weeks. Then they put me on another 500mg of meds and my blood levels...
  • mal66


    Blood Sugar was 40; felt dizzy, disoriented, sweated profusely, heard heart beating...any long term brain effects?
  • mzizgayle

    notice: group changes

    To all. The site will be making changes to the sites and you will be getting an email, at the bottom it will say "view your profile" or "I'm good" DO NOT CLICK on I'm good. The link will take you to unsubscribe