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Dementia is the progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain beyond what might be expected from normal aging. Particularly affected areas may be memory, attention, language and problem solving, although particularly in the later stages of the condition, affected persons may be disoriented in time, place and person (not knowing who they are).

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  • tired66

    Lewy Body

    my husband age 62 was diagnosed a few years ago with LBD. It hasnt been good, but the last 3 weeks a rapid decline cognitively.  Afternoons are the worst.  Today he ran from door to door screaming help and trying to escape!  This went on for over an hour, I tried everything to calm him down.  Any suggestions on calming him?  Went to Dr, no help on what to do.
  • pacots


    I recently had an MRI done & also a neurocognitive test, both came back abnormal. Have been on benzos about 10 yrs now. Have some problems with my memory but not a lot. Dr. wants me to have another test done in 6 months thinks memory loss may be from benzo use. If not may be dementia. I am a 65 yr. old female & scared to death over this. Looking for some advice please or info.
  • mamaalana

    Father recently diagnosed

    Hello,Not sure where to start..... My father who is 81 had a stroke the beginning of Nov. and was doing very very well progressing with his physical therapy. Now all of a sudden on Wed. (12/16) he just went nuts. He was talking about the nurses killing residents and throwing them off the roofs and the doctors chopping off feet and putting them in the food. He was in this state the entire night...
  • sckkey

    husband with dementia

    I have received several wonderful messages of support. However, whenever I go to the support group it seems that most of the posts are about parents. I seem to think that the dynamics of having a parent versus a spouse must be a little different. If there is anyone out there who is dealing with a spouse with dementia I would be interested in hearing from them and how they are coping with the...
  • teesha43

    Younger Dementia Loved ones

    Hi thereI have been reading a lot of the discussions and I was wondering if anyone has younger family diagnosed with Dementia, mum is 68 ( Diagnosed at 64) and it would be wonderful to be able to chat to others who have younger parents with Dementia :)
  • PinkJen

    Dementia and "the truth" revealed...

    My Dad, a long time diabetic, went into renal failure and had immediate onset of dementia.  This is in addition to my Mom having early onset, advanced dementia, so I have a big clue what I'm dealing with.  I've known most of my younger sisters life that she is the preferred child, but now that Dad isn't in "his right mind" he says things to me that are very hurtful because, to me, they reveal...
  • teesha43

    MY MUM

    I've come to the conclusion that no matter how angry, frustrated, sad, lost or forgetful she get's, she is my mum, and she loves me just as much as I love her. Dementia is such a cruel, hurtful disease, it's not fair and it hurts not only the patient, but families and friends. I look at my mum and it breaks my heart knowing there is nothing I can do to make her better, but I promise I will love...
  • deleted_user


    I would like to communicate with other dementia patients below the age of 60. I have read alot of discussions from caregivers of dementia patients in their later years. It would be so nice to discuss issues with other people my age who have been diagnosed with dementia. I live alone and so it is up to me to evaluate myself on a daily basis and the progression of my disease.
  • rbd58

    AT MY WITS END!!!!!

    My Mom & I had a decent relationship up until about a year & ago Her problems started with not remembering the rules of the road when driving. Luckily she got scared when she made several mistakes & turned the driving over to me with no argument. She has gone downhill ever since. I finally got her to go see a neuropsychologist for testing & she has a appointment with her PCP in a week to go...
  • marior

    dementia worse

    my dementia has gotten worse and worse.  mine is more situational.  im sleeping on the street and driving around without a car.  my dad lied to me again and he wont fix my van   he made me waste soo much money and tricked me as usual.the dementia is more schizophrenia and fear and paranoia.  I dont know how to fill that up with something good so that I can survive a little bit longer.  it...
  • rbd58

    Mom's new RX Donepezil

    Mom's PCP gave us a diagnosis of moderate Alzheimer's today. She has been prescribed the generic for Aricept called Donepezil. She will take the dosage of 5mg for two months. Anyone else's loved ones given this drug? What were the results?
  • minpinluvr65

    Just another day with mom.

    I ran into mom in the bathroom. She had to go, so I said fine, cuz I was gunna get a shower. She was kinda upset with me cuz I was gettin a shower & she didn't wanna be late to somethin she thought she was goin to. She said she had to be somewhere & drop stuff off for someone. She couldn't tell me what the stuff was or who she was givin it to. She talks a lot about goin home to my gram's...
  • traceywilson

    How to handle.

    Hello, after my mom died I moved into my patents home to tend to my 90yo gma whom has dementia.I don't know how tip handle some things that come up. She gets scared of her self. She believes the reflection in the mirror are other people.
  • minpinluvr65

    Early stages of Dementia.

    Hi. My mom is showin early stages of Dementia. Her biggest problem is she packs clothes & gets ready to go home. She is home. The home she is talkin about is where she was born & raised. She tells us she has to take stuff home & bring stuff back. When we ask her what the stuff is, she gets upset. She says it's stuff she left at my gram's house. My gram passed away in 03 & her house was...
  • SandHarbor3

    Beautiful Dementia Poem

    A poem that some may have read elsewhere but which, I believe, is worth re-rereading and sharing with others...Do not ask me to remember. Don't try to make me understand. Let me rest and know you're with me. Kiss my cheek and hold my hand. I'm confused beyond your concept. I am sad and sick and lost. All I know is that I need you To be with me at all cost.Do not lose your patience with me. Do not...