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Dementia is the progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain beyond what might be expected from normal aging. Particularly affected areas may be memory, attention, language and problem solving, although particularly in the later stages of the condition, affected persons may be disoriented in time, place and person (not knowing who they are).

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  • MaryC-SLPstudent

    Questions about dementia

    Hello. My name is Mary and I am a graduate student of speech-language Pathology. I am currently working at a rehabiliation center where I have some clients on my caseload diagnosed with dementia. I was hoping to ask a few questions to either individuals living with dementia or family members or caregivers of individuals with dementia. I would greatly appreciate any input if anyone felt...
  • Dani610

    51 and afraid.

    Hi.  I have recently completed all the testing, and guven the dx of dementia.  My symptoms atarted 3 yrs ago but excused by former injuries.  But things got worse and Dementia is the minion.  I have always been the go to,  one in control, caretaker of many.  Now i dont remember what i ate for lunch.  I therefore have not one single friend to discuss this with.  They have taken it hard and...
  • Daniella1945

    Husband with dementia

    HiNew to this group am I in the right group
  • teesha43

    Younger Dementia Loved ones

    Hi thereI have been reading a lot of the discussions and I was wondering if anyone has younger family diagnosed with Dementia, mum is 68 ( Diagnosed at 64) and it would be wonderful to be able to chat to others who have younger parents with Dementia :)
  • yd70

    Husband with memory problems

    Hi.. my husband is 50. He'll be 51 in December. A few years ago the kids and I started noticing DH was forgetting things. Small things like forgetting he told a kid he'd fix a bike, or forgetting to stop at the store on his way home, forgetting my favorite color, random things like that. It's ongoing. A year ago he started having trouble at work. He's a database programmer and he told me that...
  • pringle

    New to this

    My husband was diagnosed in May with the onset of Dementia, deep down I knew this was coming but didn't want to admit it. Now have to learn to deal with this. No actual "support group" in my area where you can go to talk to someone else dealing with this. Hoping to find others who have a spouse dealing with this.
  • sckkey

    husband with dementia

    I have received several wonderful messages of support. However, whenever I go to the support group it seems that most of the posts are about parents. I seem to think that the dynamics of having a parent versus a spouse must be a little different. If there is anyone out there who is dealing with a spouse with dementia I would be interested in hearing from them and how they are coping with the...
  • Festas

    I am new member in desperate need of support

    hi my Dad, my best friend, has experienced cognitive changes slowly in past year. He was caregiver to his girlfriend for four years who had Alzheimer's. She passed and then I saw decline. This November we lost a few family friends which I thought put him over edge. We thought it was his meds but after seeing doctor and neurologist, they think it's depression endured dementia.he took meds for two...
  • Thumperbumper

    I don't know what to do

    My grandmother has just been diagnosed with early dementia and I'm unsure of what I need to do to help her. My dad is already trying to make sure she's on a strict routine because she has already been forgetting to take her pills, but as her granddaughter I don't know how to proceed to making sure she keeps having good days. 
  • geo70

    Please Advise

    History;My mom is in a nursing home with dementia. I am starting to have more memory problems but have always had poor memory. My daughter that displays more of my genetics than her moms is a "dizzy blond." (I don't mean that disrespectfully, simply for ease of description.)I am convinced that I and my daughter have whatever degenerative disorder my mom has. What specialists should I seek out...
  • daisy52

    Help me learn about what to do!

    My mom, age 90, has been exhibiting the symptoms of vascular dementia from several small strokes over the years for at least 5 years, but my father was her caregiver in their home, and what I know now is that he was also her enabler.  Dad died 6 weeks ago, and Mom has been "unmasked" to my sister and me.  She often cannot differentiate dreams/imagination from reality.  She often forgets that...
  • tired66

    Lewy Body

    my husband age 62 was diagnosed a few years ago with LBD. It hasnt been good, but the last 3 weeks a rapid decline cognitively.  Afternoons are the worst.  Today he ran from door to door screaming help and trying to escape!  This went on for over an hour, I tried everything to calm him down.  Any suggestions on calming him?  Went to Dr, no help on what to do.
  • pacots


    I recently had an MRI done & also a neurocognitive test, both came back abnormal. Have been on benzos about 10 yrs now. Have some problems with my memory but not a lot. Dr. wants me to have another test done in 6 months thinks memory loss may be from benzo use. If not may be dementia. I am a 65 yr. old female & scared to death over this. Looking for some advice please or info.
  • mamaalana

    Father recently diagnosed

    Hello,Not sure where to start..... My father who is 81 had a stroke the beginning of Nov. and was doing very very well progressing with his physical therapy. Now all of a sudden on Wed. (12/16) he just went nuts. He was talking about the nurses killing residents and throwing them off the roofs and the doctors chopping off feet and putting them in the food. He was in this state the entire night...
  • PinkJen

    Dementia and "the truth" revealed...

    My Dad, a long time diabetic, went into renal failure and had immediate onset of dementia.  This is in addition to my Mom having early onset, advanced dementia, so I have a big clue what I'm dealing with.  I've known most of my younger sisters life that she is the preferred child, but now that Dad isn't in "his right mind" he says things to me that are very hurtful because, to me, they reveal...