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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition in which low-grade inflammation results in pain in the joints, caused by wearing of the cartilage that covers and acts as a cushion inside joints. Due to decreased movement because of the pain, regional muscles may atrophy, and ligaments may become more lax. OA is the most common form of arthritis.

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  • pamdidi

    Total shoulder replacement

    Has anyone on here had total shoulder replacement?  I had both my shoulders replaced in 2009.  Now the left shoulder has worn away and I am in pain again.  My Dr. says try resting it more - I overdid the swimming this summer- and we will watch it.  He said if he has to fix it it will be an even bigger surgery - reversey shoulder replacement.  I don't want that.
  • whalefromtarget

    Knee pain

    Hello, I'm new here. I'm 17 and have been having knee pains for about 4 years now. It started in my left knee, just a shooting pain. Then it stated lasting longer. I used to apply cooling gel but that doesn't work anymore. A knee brace does help a lot, but now its in both knees so wearing two knee braces just draws more attention to me than I'd like. When going down stairs, my knees will feel...
  • ann54

    knee replacement

    I am having a knee replacement surgery soon and I also having an eating disorder and it scares me to no end that my restriction will start up again because of my fear of gaining. does anyone have a similar issue ad how do they handle it?
  • MajesticallyAwkotaco


    Hi! I'm 15, sister to 7 brothers and I have a cat. I also have MS and osteoporosis. I was diagnosed this year after an injury to my left knee. I have had bone marrow transplants and bone transplants to fix some of the really bad spots on the bones of my legs, but I was told recently that I'm going to lose my legs. I just want people to talk to about what its like living with bone disease, because...
  • I've a number of the compression sleeves: Tommie Copper, Zensah, Nike ... and was wondering if any of you fellow knee sufferers have a product that's specifically advertised as a knee brace. I've seen several brands: DonJoy, Bort Genu, Breg, et al. and they recommend specific models depending on the type of impairment such as arthritis, ligament tear, chrondromalacia ... one even has models for...
  • puffy1976

    Can lumbar spondylosis cause hip pain?

    Hello,I was first diagnosed with this when I was 18 and now I am 38. The pain went away for years, but now I am experiencing horrible back AND hip pain. Is that from lumbar spondylosis? When I rest it is somewhat better but when I am standing or walking I only have about five minutes until it feels as though I am going to collapse. Thank you for your advice on this matter.
  • Nanayaya

    Knee, Hip & Back Pain

    Disc degeneration, dessication, chronic knee & back pain, bone spurs, CPPD, herniated & bulging discs. It isn't any wonder I'm in constant chronic pain. I stopped working February 27, 2014 due to my inability to perform basic job duties. I had Knee surgery back in 2011 to repair a torn meniscus in my left knee. My Orthopedic Surgeon said he had to trim away more meniscus than he had originally...
  • pinkgnomie13

    Knee replacement - HELP!!!

    My mother is in her mid-fifties and having her knees replaced this year - one in December and the other in June. I understand the toll this will place on her as an individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. I want to help her, but she is convinced that I will be her slave throughout her recovery time. She tried to talk Dad into getting a ramp set up for the three back steps, a...
  • jnh77

    Torn meniscus with paramencial cyst

    Hi all, I had a car accident, both knees slammed into dashboard and left hip into middle console. I had MRIs done due to pain and weakness in my knees - right knee just gives out sometimes and sharps pains when climbing or going down the stairs. I've learned I tore my meniscus lateral anterior horn and have a 1.2cm paramencial cyst. I'm currently in physical therapy. The Chiropractor has yet to...
  • christymun

    Hi. I'm new here.

    I've been suffering with DJD, chronic cervical pain, spondylosis with bone loss, and pressed nerves resulting in dozens of painful trigger points. I have bad insurance, making it difficult to find good doctors. I used to be very active, attended culinary school and loved to cook all day long- something I'm lucky to do once a week now. I have lost the ability to do almost everything I loved. have...
  • ann54

    what to do

    I have known for years that a knee replacement is what I need and I have one scheduled for oct. 6th. I am wavering on if I should have it done now or wait till spring. I can still get around, I work, walk etc.. but I pay for it later. I also feel very bad about leaving work and being out dring a busy time the holidays and all that. with the type of job I have I will be out at least 2 months. I...
  • CrazyCanuk

    new here Osteoarthritis ?

    I am desperate for a some help and answers! I got diagnosed with OA in my right knee, but was told it was only minor. The rheumatologist gave me a shot of cortisone and told me she did not need to follow me or have me check back. She told me I was fat and to lose weight and I would be fine. I am not meds that cause weight gain, and yes I do have about 80lbs extra on me. Anyway, She...
  • Shakota6

    Phyical therapist & knee osteo

    I have new diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis and I asked for some PT to help strengthen my leg muscles around my knees.My PT office was a factory with everyone out in the open and the care was less than personalized. My PT droned on how I should keep doing what I liked to do in the past, that I shouldn't let the diagnosis impede my life. Like hiking hills. Right.My doc said don't go downhill, no...
  • ann54

    new here

    I need to get a knee replacement and I am afraid of many things, yet I know my quality of life will improve so much. I am afraid of losing my job, I am the only one who does this particular job and it is a necessity everyday and one knows you are never irreplaceable. I also have an eating disorder and the fear of weight gain is huge. how does one know when is theright time to d this? I am afraid...
  • ann54

    hip pain

    I had a knee replacement in the fall, all went well but I have what he says is bursitis in my hip on the same side. it is awful so painfiul I walk like I did before the knee replacement. it is also hurting in the back area of my hip, just achy all around it. I ice 2 times a day and take alleve but it is not helping. any suggestions?