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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition in which low-grade inflammation results in pain in the joints, caused by wearing of the cartilage that covers and acts as a cushion inside joints. Due to decreased movement because of the pain, regional muscles may atrophy, and ligaments may become more lax. OA is the most common form of arthritis.

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  • ann54

    knee replacement

    I am having a knee replacement surgery soon and I also having an eating disorder and it scares me to no end that my restriction will start up again because of my fear of gaining. does anyone have a similar issue ad how do they handle it?
  • MajesticallyAwkotaco


    Hi! I'm 15, sister to 7 brothers and I have a cat. I also have MS and osteoporosis. I was diagnosed this year after an injury to my left knee. I have had bone marrow transplants and bone transplants to fix some of the really bad spots on the bones of my legs, but I was told recently that I'm going to lose my legs. I just want people to talk to about what its like living with bone disease, because...
  • I've a number of the compression sleeves: Tommie Copper, Zensah, Nike ... and was wondering if any of you fellow knee sufferers have a product that's specifically advertised as a knee brace. I've seen several brands: DonJoy, Bort Genu, Breg, et al. and they recommend specific models depending on the type of impairment such as arthritis, ligament tear, chrondromalacia ... one even has models for...
  • puffy1976

    Can lumbar spondylosis cause hip pain?

    Hello,I was first diagnosed with this when I was 18 and now I am 38. The pain went away for years, but now I am experiencing horrible back AND hip pain. Is that from lumbar spondylosis? When I rest it is somewhat better but when I am standing or walking I only have about five minutes until it feels as though I am going to collapse. Thank you for your advice on this matter.
  • Nanayaya

    Knee, Hip & Back Pain

    Disc degeneration, dessication, chronic knee & back pain, bone spurs, CPPD, herniated & bulging discs. It isn't any wonder I'm in constant chronic pain. I stopped working February 27, 2014 due to my inability to perform basic job duties. I had Knee surgery back in 2011 to repair a torn meniscus in my left knee. My Orthopedic Surgeon said he had to trim away more meniscus than he had originally...
  • pinkgnomie13

    Knee replacement - HELP!!!

    My mother is in her mid-fifties and having her knees replaced this year - one in December and the other in June. I understand the toll this will place on her as an individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. I want to help her, but she is convinced that I will be her slave throughout her recovery time. She tried to talk Dad into getting a ramp set up for the three back steps, a...
  • jnh77

    Torn meniscus with paramencial cyst

    Hi all, I had a car accident, both knees slammed into dashboard and left hip into middle console. I had MRIs done due to pain and weakness in my knees - right knee just gives out sometimes and sharps pains when climbing or going down the stairs. I've learned I tore my meniscus lateral anterior horn and have a 1.2cm paramencial cyst. I'm currently in physical therapy. The Chiropractor has yet to...
  • christymun

    Hi. I'm new here.

    I've been suffering with DJD, chronic cervical pain, spondylosis with bone loss, and pressed nerves resulting in dozens of painful trigger points. I have bad insurance, making it difficult to find good doctors. I used to be very active, attended culinary school and loved to cook all day long- something I'm lucky to do once a week now. I have lost the ability to do almost everything I loved. have...
  • ann54

    what to do

    I have known for years that a knee replacement is what I need and I have one scheduled for oct. 6th. I am wavering on if I should have it done now or wait till spring. I can still get around, I work, walk etc.. but I pay for it later. I also feel very bad about leaving work and being out dring a busy time the holidays and all that. with the type of job I have I will be out at least 2 months. I...
  • CrazyCanuk

    new here Osteoarthritis ?

    I am desperate for a some help and answers! I got diagnosed with OA in my right knee, but was told it was only minor. The rheumatologist gave me a shot of cortisone and told me she did not need to follow me or have me check back. She told me I was fat and to lose weight and I would be fine. I am not meds that cause weight gain, and yes I do have about 80lbs extra on me. Anyway, She...
  • Shakota6

    Phyical therapist & knee osteo

    I have new diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis and I asked for some PT to help strengthen my leg muscles around my knees.My PT office was a factory with everyone out in the open and the care was less than personalized. My PT droned on how I should keep doing what I liked to do in the past, that I shouldn't let the diagnosis impede my life. Like hiking hills. Right.My doc said don't go downhill, no...
  • ann54

    new here

    I need to get a knee replacement and I am afraid of many things, yet I know my quality of life will improve so much. I am afraid of losing my job, I am the only one who does this particular job and it is a necessity everyday and one knows you are never irreplaceable. I also have an eating disorder and the fear of weight gain is huge. how does one know when is theright time to d this? I am afraid...
  • ann54

    hip pain

    I had a knee replacement in the fall, all went well but I have what he says is bursitis in my hip on the same side. it is awful so painfiul I walk like I did before the knee replacement. it is also hurting in the back area of my hip, just achy all around it. I ice 2 times a day and take alleve but it is not helping. any suggestions?
  • cdfrance26

    Arthroscopic surgery on hip

    Has anyone had arthroscopic surgery done on hip for labral tears? The doctors found tears on both hips but we are doing the left hip first since it's the worst. The surgery is next month on the 16th. I'm just wondering if anyone has had this and if it worked to relief the pain. Thanks in advance for answers.
  • ann54

    3 1/2 weeks in

    that is how long it has been since my total knee replacement and I was wondering a couple of things. anyone that has had one have you felt at this point that you want to do more, at times have done and regret it? how do you keep your sanity and not go crazy with boredom, as at this point one still cant do all that much activity besides there PT exercises, which are so hard, walking, light...