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Celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder of the digestive system that occurs in genetically-predisposed individuals. It is characterised by damage or flattening to all or part of the villi lining the small intestine, which interferes with the absorption of nutrients. This damage is caused by eating anything with gluten (gliadin), a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley (as hordein).

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  • deleted_user

    Diagnosing Celiac and gluten sensitivity

    I just wanted to share a post on correctly diagnosing Gluten problems. I know many have been accurately diagnosed with blood tests, but honestly, if you look at all the medical sites devoted to Celiac/Gluten sensitivity, they will tell you that blood tests can prove inaccurate depending on the person and situation of their symptoms or family members of Celiacs with no symptoms. So here is where...
  • hJules

    Struggling to stay gluten free

    I've been diagnosed with celiac disease/leaky gut syndrome for 2 years now, along with being lactose intolerant and I'm still struggling with staying away from all of these foods. I thought it would get easier over time, but recently it's just gotten exhausting feeling different from everyone else around me shoving their faces with any food they want without a care in the world. I miss gluten and...
  • lcm3673

    High Fiber diet with Celiac, Lactose intolerance

    I am currently recovering from a very bad bout of diverticulitis.  I have Celiac and Lactose intolerance as well as MCAS (multiple food allergies, primarily to nightshades).  So I am wondering how I can get high fiber in my diet as directed by my doctor when most of the things that are high fiber I either can't eat or they set off my diverticulitis pain.  I tried nuts and they make my stomach...
  • stitch

    celiac possibility or not?

    i have been having pain up under my left rib that goes through the back. seems back sometimes bothers me more than the front. at times it also travels to the right side. I have seen several doctors with several diagnosis..fribro, gerd, bile reflux, gastritis, splenic flexor syndrom. I have had plenty of blood tests, ultrasound, ct scan and upper gi. The last doctor I saw was a gastrointerologist....
  • mollieblue

    First time getting "glutened"

    Hi, my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January, and has been gluten free since then.  It took about 11 weeks for him to show improvement on the diet.  He has still had occasional stomach pain and headaches, and has slightly low stamina, but has been pretty much back to normal.  9 days ago we attened a family event and I feared that there had been some cross contamination of food he...
  • CrazyGirl

    Screaming for help please!!!

    Please read!! Not sure whatelse to do!My life all started to change about 3 years ago this time, I was 135-140lbs girl that worked my ass off out side doing a job most people thought i couldnt do untill everything started to change one day. I had know for alittle over 3 years that i had IBS but one day i started feel off my stomach wasnt right. I could be hungry and wantting something to eat go...
  • Ally9190

    Lack of Support

    Hello all! I have been gluten free since early January of 2017 and have been trouble with it due to not having enough support at home. I still struggle with being gluten free so if anyone has any tips or advice or is willing to just talk that would be nice to. Thank you in advance.
  • deleted_user

    Sun allergy

    I am just wondering, how many here have sun allergy?This is going into the sun and coming out in hives and welts, that drive you crazy with itch and last for a number of weeks. I have accidentally discovered that this could be related to my celiac, and was wondering if others have this same problem?Doctors told me they don't know why this happens..and they hadn't seen it before.Well the other day...
  • J2789

    Gluten Sensitivity

    So it turns out that even though my blood work did not reveal an allergy to Gluten, I am still Gluten sensitive. I'm going to share my experience in hopes that it can help you with your Gluten journey, if any.For many years, after ingesting anything white and/or wheat flour based (e.g. pasta, pastries, bread even whole grain bread, snack bars etc) I would feel very tired soon after, sluggish,...
  • peachdahlia

    Dental Problems

    Anyone here have major dental problems and what did you do? My situation; very late diagnosis but too young to lose all my teeth but I will soon if I don't find a a lot of money and a very good empathetic dentist. Trying to decide what to do where to go. Full dentures or save what I can or?
  • slsimpson

    Super sensitive

    I've been gluten-free for 3 weeks now. I know they say you're really sensitive for the first little while but I can't eat ANYTHING without getting sick. Did this happen to anyone else and if so how long does it last???? 
  • slsimpson

    Celiac or not Celiac? This is my question...

    Im 28 and been sick most of my life i was always told it was just IBS dont worry about it. Even after having my gallbladder out at 15 they still said no big thing. Two years ago I became severley ill and spent a good part of that year going to and from hospital. I was finally diagnosed with Idiopathic Intercrannial Hypertension when i began to lose my vision. My neurologist said that this is what...
  • kmoore959706

    In need of help please !!!

    I was told 2 years ago by my Dr i had a rare food disease that would be hard to test for, the next said i displayed all the symtoms of Celiacs.  I have been so sick the past two years when i eat anything containing gluten, from severe stomach pain to severe flu symtoms. I have managed to keep playing the guessing games on what safe with trial and error.  But its not working anymore,  my...
  • kmac22

    Severe itching

    HelloI am a very fit and active healthy 49 yr old. I have been having off and on for about 6-7 years now severe instense itching in legs or arms, stomach-that burns sometimes. Not normal itching... I literally go out of my mind. I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. In researching the disease I decided to remove gluten from my diet.. However I have had a it a few times and noticed I...
  • oliviarose8

    Mono triggering Celiac?

    Can mono trigger Celiac?? I am a teen and got mono. I've seen suffering with mono for about 4 months now, not even going to school because I feel so sick, and I've been to so many doctors and I had a MRI of my head, sonograms of my heart and liver, spleen, almost all of my organs because mono can enlarge the spleen. Anyways the doctors think it's the mono still but I always get headaches and...