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Breast cancer is a cancer that usually originates in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Symptoms of breast cancer can include a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, and meet others going through the same. Fight on!

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  • thinkpink

    Just diagnosed

    Biopsy on Wednesday, doctor called Thursday with the words “YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER”, Friday saw the Breast Surgeon. Lumpectomy and Sentinel lymph node biopsy should be done. Can’t breathe. Feel like I have a hamster spinning his wheels in my head. 
  • Dinker

    Tough Decision To Make

    Hello everyone....this is my first post.  I was diagnosed a month ago with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma.  This was found through a routine mammogram.  I had no lumps or any other symptoms.  I have been to the oncologist and the surgeon and now am faced with the decision of whether to have a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, or a double mastectomy.  I was assured that I would have good results...
  • dyint82

    New comer

    hi, i am a new member and was diagnosed with triple positive invasive ductal carcinoma stage 1 in January 2017 at the age of 34 on my left breast. I chose to do a bilateral mastectomy with immediate Reconstruction in February. In march I started chemo TCH every 3 weeks for 6 treatments and am now currently doing just herceptin. Chemo definitely had its ups and downs with side effects. So far...
  • Jamoccio

    What was your double mastectomy like?

    I haven't posted since the end of May when I found out I had breast cancer. My little daughter is now 6 months old and I've been on treatment since the end of June.My double mastectomy is scheduled for next month. I'm scared out of my mind about recovery and not being able to pick my daughter up for 6 weeks.Has anyone had a double mastectomy?can you tell me what to expect? Do you like your new...
  • AndreaM182

    New member

    Hello everyone,I've been living with breast cancer for quite awhile and was doing really well with it until I had surgery a few weeks ago and because people around me don't know me as a person who cries I feel like I need more of a support system which is why I decided to join.  Up until the surgery, I cried once, on the day I got the call saying the biopsy was positive.  That was in January. ...
  • ilovemy2boys

    looking for help?

    Sorry for writing this on here but I really don't know where to start xxHi everyone I'm new here and just wanted to share my story to see of anyone can help me to understand. I'm 27 us old.I had my first ever smear test 2 weeks ago and the nurse mentioned that I bled during it. As I got home I started with period like pains and lower back ache (which I still have now and then?) A few days later...
  • sharaninmd


    Hello everyone.  I am new to this group.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.  After the biopsy, my surgeon removed a lump from my right breast.  The Enocologist said that I had stage one breast cancer.  I then saw a surgeon who removed the lump and two lymph nodes.  A month later I began chemo for once a week for four weeks.  About a month after that I begain...
  • stephanie40

    new member

    Hello everyone im new here. I had a mamogramthat came back showing two places.then i did a ultrasound and another mamogram.My biopsy is sheduled for scared.Can you please tell me what to expect.they told me i have a 50% chance of having cancer.
  • samantha1972

    new member

    I was just diagnosed with breast cancer have a tumor in my right breast. Have not been told stage yet. I go tomorrow for CT scan and nuclear bone scan plus chest x-ray am pretty scared was told have to have surgery and 6 weeks of radiation for sure. Not sure about chemo yet until other test are done. Doctor said if the gene test comes back positive they want to remove both my breast. I am...
  • bikermama


    I had mamo in Feb . thought they saw something . went back for mamo - inconclusive - so had ultrasound . they couldnt find something specific to biopsy so said come back in 6 months . I am terrified , my cousin died of BC when she was 37. I have OCD so literally cant stop worrting about what they will find in 4 weeks
  • deleted_user

    The 3 Day 2007

    Hi Ladies, I just wanted to wish you all well in your treatments! I am praying for all of you. I am walking in the Boston 3 Day walk this year (my third straight walk) and I will be walking with all of you in mind and heart.If any of you would like to donate to my Breast Cancer walk I would greatly appreciate the support. My 3 day page is want to let you know...
  • loyr

    Liposuction ?

    Hi all, Wanted to let all know that I am 5 wks after double masectomy and I am doing alot better. Thank You all for all the help. I am now sleeping in my bed, trying to do some stretches but am ok. A quick question, I have these fatty tissue under my arms which I have learned alot of people have these after a mascectomy. My doctor said that he can do liposuction and my ques. has anyone had...
  • Xolomomma


    Any one on Tamoxifen?  
  • AndreaM182

    Frustrated with this site

    It is really frustrating that there is no activity on this site.  I guess I need to look for a more active group.
  • mlr0853

    Wobble's Life Message

    Saying goodbyeWeeble messaged me to send this journal out to all the sites which I asked for  help and prayers...Thank you for your prayers and lite candles...Mary LouiseOne of the hardest thing to do is letting go of what you would of hope would last a lifetime. That is what I have to do tonight. To watch the love of your life suffering is not right. I know Wobble she would fight and fight...