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Breast cancer is a cancer that usually originates in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Symptoms of breast cancer can include a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, and meet others going through the same. Fight on!

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  • My name is Ilene andI've been participating onD.S. for a long time in adifferent group.  I'm heretoday with a question aboutthe above procedure, whichI had done  a long time ago.(Maybe it's done differentlynow.) I was an out patient, havinga calcification biopsied.  Theytold me they'd be "marking"the spot but no one preparedme for what that wouldinvolve.Has anyone had aneedle localization...
  • Koyu


    HI Group,I just needed to share that I am scared with my annual check up coming up. I have a  blood test, cervical exam, mammogram, Ct and bone scan on Thanksgiving since Japan does not celebrate Thanksgiving.I completed taking tamoxifen last year and scared that the cancer may have come back or gone somewhere else especially because the past month, I haven't been feeling well and my back was...
  • DeniseHB

    Options for Breast Reconstruction

    Hi All:I just met with my Plastic Surgeon and he covered two options for breast reconstruction, Autologous Reconstruction and Breast Implants.Can anyone tell me which one they had and what is your experience and recovery?Any information will be most helpful.Thank you,Denise
  • deraming

    Do not like the new format.

    I am not answering as much I did before to give my support because I do not get the emails of new messages, this new format I do not find it people friendly, seems colder.Hope all in the group are doing well. a hug to all.
  • magienoire

    neulasta shots

    Hello, I am going to help a friend with her neulasta shots. I have no problem giving the shot, just wondering whether anyone can tell me how she will feel/side effects to watch for?
  • ritkat

    Mammogram - What to expect?

    I have never had a mammogram before. My doctor typically starts at 40, but I am having one sooner because of the lump I found (and the second one the doctor found) along with nipple discharge. What should I expect? I know that they will squish my boob. Will they get images on both breasts or just the one with the lump? I know it is setup as diagnostic left breast.
  • ritkat

    Testing for diagnosis

    I'm not sure if I belong here. I found a lump Wednesday night in my left breast. I have discharge from my nipple. I saw the doctor Friday who found another 1 at 2 o'clock position. She thought it was hormonal, but scheduled a diagnostic mammogram in addition to the blood work.The blood work came back and ruled out a prolactinoma which is what she strongly felt what was going on. Now, I have to...
  • JayDee


    Hello all. I am new to the forum and appreciate reading everyone's posts. I finished radiation last week and have an appointment with oncologist to begin hormone therapy. I am looking for anyone who has taken Tamoxifen and the effects it had on you. I am nervous about taking it, but know that it is really important.
  • i am new to everything including this website.  I have three children 10 (boy),13 (girl), 16(boy) and my specific quandary at the moment is how do I explain a mastectomy to my kids. I want to be as honest as possible but keep it as simple as possible.  I can explain the cancer but I'm struggling with how to explain that I will look different ( having reconstructive but that takes time and I am...
  • terinhibl

    Possible Cancer Recurrance

    I've been six years out from Breast Cancer I had in 2010 , And on Friday June 17th I found a mass in my left side of my chest where my cancer started I went into my cancer doctor and rather then running tests they are sending me to the surgeon to get it removed and to get it sent off to see if it's Cancer or not and I'm so afraid my cancer back because of the pain , I have it's exactly like it...
  • loralp

    Really scared

    Hi all! So I am a 51 year old mom of two beautiful daughters. They are of course they light of my life.They do not know however my latest issue. I have a LOT of health issues (which I won't go into unless it correlates to this) which started about 3 1)2 years ago starting with unknown weight loss since the start I have gone from 135lbs to 98 lbs. Reason unknown. Severe nausea, body pain, fatigue,...
  • need advice. and support. i have my pathology reports if some can help.stephie
  • Koyu


    Hello Group,I am a six year breast cancer survivor and a part of this group for a while. I just had my six month breast cancer check and blood work done. I am hoping for good results. I asked my breast cancer specialist about chiropractic procedures because it was recommended to by another health care professional that I am out of balanced.My breast cancer specialist didn't know anything about...
  • Hi all. Many mixed emotions here.Since being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in August of last year I'm now facing a Diagnostic Mammogram.All I keep thinking about is what if ?What if I have a tumor in my other breast ?What is going to be prognosis again ?It's driving me crazy !Just needed to vent......
  • charlize111

    Breast changes...

    This is not really a cancer thing, pretty sure. BUT, over the last week, there has been a weird thing going on with my breast. I'll get this sensation of an itch at the areola and when I scratch it, it sends a kind of pain below the surface. This pain is weird too, I can't figure out how to describe it, but it lasts for quite a while. I can't feel any reason for it, no lumps no heat no rash,...