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Breast cancer is a cancer that usually originates in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Symptoms of breast cancer can include a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, and meet others going through the same. Fight on!

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  • turtle74

    Just Diagnosed

    I just found out last Wednesday that I have breast cancer.  I actually go to meet the surgeon today and hopefully we will get a plan of what the next steps are.  I believe that surgery will be the first step.I am so scared through all of this and expecially today I am finding dealing with everythind really difficult.  I am stressed about finances and whether I will need to have time off or if...
  • Koyu

    Pet Peeve

    Dear Group,I am so grateful for this group and all the survivors. Breast cancer is hard. So many many prayers to all of you.I have a pet peeve. I am not sure if anyone can relate but I recently had a conversation where we talked about cancer. Whether I like it or not, a fear of spread or reoccurance is in the back of my mind. This person said in her round about way that to stop blaming cancer. I...
  • divshirsat12

    Too much soda will result in Breast cancer?

    Teenagers who consume a diet low in vegetables and high in sugar-sweetened and diet soft drinks may be at increased risk for premenopausal breast cancer, warns a study.Women who consumed a diet as adolescents or young adults associated with chronic inflammation had a higher risk for premenopausal breast cancer compared with those whose adolescent and early adulthood diet was not associated...
  • deraming

    Do not like the new format.

    I am not answering as much I did before to give my support because I do not get the emails of new messages, this new format I do not find it people friendly, seems colder.Hope all in the group are doing well. a hug to all.
  • Kashmier

    Newly Diagnosed

    Hello to you. I found out Tuesday that I have Breast Cancer. I've run a gamut of emotions, but am currently at peace with it. Which may not last. Depends on what I find out Wednesday when I talk to the Cancer Specialist. It's early, small, and non aggressive. So I consider it the Best Case Scenario of A Really Bad Situation. It's clear to me that since I did not choose this path, it must be God's...
  • sunnygirl123

    How to tell children about a mastectomy?

    i am new to everything including this website.  I have three children 10 (boy),13 (girl), 16(boy) and my specific quandary at the moment is how do I explain a mastectomy to my kids. I want to be as honest as possible but keep it as simple as possible.  I can explain the cancer but I'm struggling with how to explain that I will look different ( having reconstructive but that takes time and I am...
  • Joy2911

    Diagnosed 2 weeks ago

    Greetings to you all! Like so many others, I am dealing w/ a recent breast cancer diagnosis. Good news is, it was found very early, not so great news is I will have to have a mastectomy (unilateral). Even so, I consider myself very fortunate. So many others out there are dealing with an even tougher diagnosis or a tougher treatment. God really offers peace when a tough time hits, so I'm good!...
  • DeniseHB

    Options for Breast Reconstruction

    Hi All:I just met with my Plastic Surgeon and he covered two options for breast reconstruction, Autologous Reconstruction and Breast Implants.Can anyone tell me which one they had and what is your experience and recovery?Any information will be most helpful.Thank you,Denise
  • seoakland5

    Very scared

    sorry to post without actual diagnosis, but I am very scared and I believe that I have breast cancer. Long story short, I have been in and out of doctors not knowing why I'm having chest pain back pain and now with all of the changes and pain in my breasts and redness and burning I am very scared as I have a 2 yr old little guy. I know sounds weird but I just wish someone could look at them and...
  • divshirsat12

    Exercise to reduce side effects of drugs

    A combination of weight training and moderate aerobic exercise - such as brisk walking or jogging - may mitigate the side effects of drugs used to reduce breast cancer recurrence risk, a new study has found. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) or hormone-therapy drugs reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence, but they often lead to bone loss or severe joint pain, known as arthralgia. Hence, many...
  • A natural compound found in broccoli, thyme and parsley, could improve treatment of a particularly deadly type of breast cancer, a new study has claimed. Triple-negative breast cancers, which comprise 15 to 20 per cent of all breast tumours, are a deadly type of breast disease that often metastasise to distant sites. Researchers from University of Missouri in the US have found that luteolin, a...
  • Kashmier

    Feelings of Aversion

    Hi All,    This morning on my way to the MRI, I was filled with feelings of aversion, toward anyone within my range, toward everything inanimate or not, toward myself, and toward all I must do to get rid of this cancer. It was quite a surprise to me. It was so strong. I am wondering, is this a me thing, or a normal thing for those experiencing cancer? I am searching for a Support Group I can...
  • Koyu


    HI Group,I just needed to share that I am scared with my annual check up coming up. I have a  blood test, cervical exam, mammogram, Ct and bone scan on Thanksgiving since Japan does not celebrate Thanksgiving.I completed taking tamoxifen last year and scared that the cancer may have come back or gone somewhere else especially because the past month, I haven't been feeling well and my back was...
  • h.e.a.l.

    a question about needle localization

    My name is Ilene andI've been participating onD.S. for a long time in adifferent group.  I'm heretoday with a question aboutthe above procedure, whichI had done  a long time ago.(Maybe it's done differentlynow.) I was an out patient, havinga calcification biopsied.  Theytold me they'd be "marking"the spot but no one preparedme for what that wouldinvolve.Has anyone had aneedle localization...
  • magienoire

    neulasta shots

    Hello, I am going to help a friend with her neulasta shots. I have no problem giving the shot, just wondering whether anyone can tell me how she will feel/side effects to watch for?